find out the sex of the child's date of birth of parents


  • Known world techniques that determine the sex of the child
  • Law of Harmony

The eternal theme of all time - a mystery of conception and determine the sex of an unborn child. The possibilities of modern medicine make it possible to determine the baby's sex at a sufficiently early stage of pregnancy, but moms and dads still want to plan it. Recently, one of the most popular ways that lets you know the child's sex is a method that defines it dates of birth of both parents. This is not a myth but a reality and the date you actually can find such important information for you.

Perhaps at first glance this technique may seem absurd to anyone, but, nevertheless, it "works". The basis of this technique is cyclical upgrade of blood parents of the child, which is in direct proportion to it from their date of birth. The cycles of the so-called refresh the blood is different, that is, men are different from women. In more accessible language, will win the blood that will be the moment of conception "stronger" - and thus be due to one or the other sex of the child.

It is believed that the blood of women is updated more frequently - namely, once in three years. In men, the update occurs only 1 time, but in 4 years. In the update process affects and Rh factor, since women with Rh-negative update process is shifted to 1 every 4 years.

This procedure does not apply to the category of high-precision to determine the sex of the child, but its popularity did not fall, because it is on it is possible to calculate the floor almost none since the early days of conception. It is human nature to know all the unknown and mysterious - this explains the popularity of this technique, despite the fact that the percentage of matches is only half the cases.

It should be noted that in the world there are several variants of this kind of techniques that allow you to find out the sex of the child is on parental dates of birth. We shall touch upon in greater detail each of them.

 how to find out the sex of the child's date of birth of parents

Known world techniques that determine the sex of the child

Genuine interest in information about what sex the baby will be - a mass phenomenon: it suggests a technique created in different countries of the world. Each of you will also get an opportunity not only to read them in detail, and if necessary, select and apply your favorite.

European methodology

It is the most widely used and is based on the theory of the so-called upgrade blood. If we talk in terms of medicine, the term "update" does not exist in relation to the blood - it is abstract and exists to more clearly convey the meaning of this methodology. The semantic load of the concept of "renewal of blood" is, in reality men and women's blood varies, with women it occurs once in three years, but the men are four times. Accordingly, the blood of one of the parents, which at the moment of conception itself is younger, will be the determining factors for a child of a particular sex.

Coming from a mathematical point of view to this question, you need the real age of the mother of the future baby divided into three and the age of the father divided into four. Do any of the future parents to get an integer division, from the logic of the blood is more young and, therefore, the child's sex will be immediately clarified.

Note that there are certain nuances concerning the updating of the blood - for example, if you have any injuries with blood loss, surgery or childbirth, the blood refreshed automatically. In this case, the calculation is made on the date of the last blood loss.

Chinese technique

This technique in the world is classified as the most reliable, but it is more complicated in terms of calculation, since many factors are taken into consideration. If we describe it in general terms, it is necessary to make the ratio of the age of the expectant mother with the month in which the generations can occur. The best option for such calculations is a special table that you wish to purchase at a small publication.

Japanese technique

This kind of technique also involves the use of special tables with data, and the Japanese calendar. The table itself is horizontal and vertical columns, in which there are data on the month of birth and the number of men and women - the future parents of the child. The intersection of these parameters results in a number that will have to be substituted directly in the Japanese calendar. The resulting number, and the date would be most favorable for conceiving a child of the desired sex.

According to the Japanese themselves, the creators of this technique, it refers more to the folk ways than practical, but its demand is not reduced, because the accuracy of the result comes sometimes up to 98%.

 find out the sex of the child's date of birth parents tips

Law of Harmony

In parallel with the global methods of sex determination of the child's date of birth parents boldly striding Law of Harmony. The essence of this law is based on the existence of the so-called dual energy systems. The concept of duality is duality, the man also applies to the dual system as its external manifestations and energopokazatelyami its principles - male and female. Plus - is the presence of each of us his energy field, which also has a direct impact on different processes in this case, the choice of the child's sex.

As is well known life arises from the cells, which at first glance superficially indistinguishable from each other, but later develops a person of a particular sex with a set of individual characteristics. Law of Harmony is the answer to the question of the affiliation of the child to a particular floor.

According to scientists, a determining factor in the child's sex is resonant energovibratsionnye ranges of cells parents. My mother and father of the child is present your bandwidth and your energy level and at conception is the distribution of these potentials, the whole process can be reflected on the example of the schedule for the entire period of prenatal development of the baby. Only in a certain time period and the sex of the child is formed. And from whose energy will prevail will depend on the floor baby.

In these calculations, as well as the settlement of the dates of birth of parents, must use a special schedule of the laws of harmony. Using the graphics capabilities of the Act allows a married couple to know the sex of the child even before its conception or immediately after it.

Law of Harmony has been known since the beginning of the 16-17 century, the last century, and in conjunction with the methods that help determine the sex of the baby even birth dates of birth of both parents. Then it was forgotten, and now gaining momentum in popularity and can easily compete with other methods and techniques.

Of course, given the level of technological development of modern medicine, to obtain data on belonging to a certain sex of the child is not difficult, but sometimes I want to do it yourself, with the assistance of proven techniques centuries and millennia!

 Explore sex of the child's date of birth of parents - myth or reality?

 missed abortion in the second trimester


  • What is missed abortion
  • How is the diagnosis of missed abortion
  • What to do when diagnosed as "missed abortion"
  • How is the treatment and the recovery period after a missed abortion
  • How to prevent the development of non-viable pregnancy in the future
  • What are the health risks of missed abortion

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the long-awaited pregnancy ends up sinking the fetus. And to do anything in this case is impossible. Typically, the fair sex are faced with this in the early stages, but it can happen in the second trimester. Statistics as follows: approximately 176 cases, there is only one pregnancy with the unfortunate outcome. The rest of the girls manage to carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

But there is the risk of this disease. Therefore, expectant mothers is very important to know all about that, because of what might happen stop the development of the fetus, as it identify, diagnose, and prevent. Thanks to the methods of modern medicine today can prevent missed abortion, if the time to be registered and to be alert. To do this, it is important to comply strictly with the treating gynecologist and monitor their own health status is still in the early planning stages of the pregnancy.

What is missed abortion

Very often, expectant mothers are not aware of what a missed abortion and do not know how dangerous it can be. So, to begin to understand that it is - a serious pathology, as a result of which the fetus is no longer develop and grow, which naturally leads to his death.

Such an adverse outcome could result in the development of inflammation in the body of the fair sex. Earlier emerged missed abortion can adversely affect the subsequent conception. There are cases when the girls then could not be pregnant and give birth normally. Therefore, to avoid such problems, it should quickly identify abnormal fetal development and seek medical advice.

Unfortunately, missed abortion in the second trimester may not manifest itself for quite a long period of time. Then comes the deterioration appear spotting may start contractions followed by abortion. To sort happened, you need time to go to the hospital. Do not neglect the delivery of analyzes and visiting specialists who are not self-medicate.

What reasons can lead to missed abortion

Proper development and fetal growth is equally dependent on both the external and internal factors. In the first case, a negative impact on the health of the fair sex affects the environment. If you want your child to be born healthy and develop normally, a change of scenery. Find a place where no harmful production, and the air is not able to weigh.

The important role played by the state of the fair sex (both physical and psychological). If a woman is constantly nervous, going through, it breaks her nervous system fails. This, in turn, affects the fetus. Also, fading can cause health problems as follows:

  • cardiovascular disease in pregnant women;
  • various kidney disease;
  • chromosomal disorder in the fetus;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • some fetal abnormalities that lead to his death;
  • hormonal disorders in the body of the pregnant woman;
  • diabetes;
  • excessive exercise;
  • Infectious diseases acute or chronic form.

Excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes and abuse of narcotic substances, as well as such common diseases as herpes, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, etc. - all of this has a negative effect on the development of the fetus. Of course, if a woman knows what causes this pathology and madly wanted to have children, it will try by all means to eliminate factors contributing to the emergence of this problem is still in the early stages. It is therefore very important to pay attention to even the most, as it seems at first glance, a slight change in the body.

Please note often fade fetus occurs in women before an abortion is done, faced with a history of ectopic pregnancy, having problems with the reproductive organs. Often these problems are observed at women who are over 35, especially if it is their first pregnancy.

How to quickly identify missed abortion

Of course, every expectant mother extremely difficult to survive such a terrible outcome of pregnancy in the second trimester because the child is big. A woman can even feel the stirring of the baby. She gives him a name, buy things, draw up a nursery. Then she realizes that it's all over. Not all are solved immediately turn to the clinic because they hope that the doctors were wrong. But, as mentioned above, on the development of diseases influenced by factors that can not only lead to the death of the fetus, but also be a real threat to the life of the expectant mother. That is why it is so important to know the main symptoms indicating that the fruit has ceased to develop.

Please note, each missed abortion in the second trimester is shown in different ways. Therefore, it is not necessary to conclude on the basis of their feelings. In any case, you need to go through a pre-ultrasound, get tested, visit a gynecologist. But do not delay the visit to a specialist if you experience the following symptoms:

  • The lack of movement (stirring) of the fetus

If a child must already have begun to move, or you feel movement earlier, and now - silence, not immediately to go to the survey.

  • Termination of toxicity, which until that time very clearly manifests itself

The first three months you have been very bad, and you sick of smells, food, etc., and now you can easily eat a herring with jam? Perhaps it is - a strong stomach. But, most likely, the fetus stopped. The sudden appearance of a sense of nausea, in the absence of earlier toxicity - also a bad sign.

  • Problems with breast

When the representative of the fairer sex becomes pregnant, she begins to grow and fill the chest. The first sign that something is wrong - the termination of the swelling, the emergence of cutting pain.

  • Stomach

If stomach hurts and pulls at the beginning of pregnancy, it is - the first signs of future miscarriage. The child in this period can be saved, since the fading of the fetus in the first trimester, these symptoms are not typical. But if the pain occurred in the second trimester, the problem may lie in it.

  • Change the basal temperature

It is not a major sign that you have - missed abortion. Yet on this symptom is worth paying attention.

  • The presence of brown vaginal discharge

There may be a meager selection, if you started menstruating. However, they do not stop for a long time. Therefore, if you find the laundry even one drop of blood, immediately contact your doctor. This is a signal that your body tries to get rid of the fetus.

What if time does not establish a pathology? The fruit begins to decompose in the womb, causing severe inflammation. These decomposition products can fall directly into the blood of women, because of what will serious intoxication. And if in the near future to make cleaning, a pregnant woman may die. This operation should be performed in a hospital, then a representative of a couple of days in the hospital under the supervision of medical staff.

 missed abortion in the second trimester symptoms

How is the diagnosis of missed abortion

So, diagnosing such pathology in the second trimester are three main ways: by analyzing hCG, ultrasound and by the examination of a gynecologist. Typically, doctors perform a bit of research to make sure that the girl missed abortion.

The size of the uterus must comply with the normal performance in the current pregnancy, so doctors at first conducts a regular inspection. Also measured basal temperature. If there is a discrepancy or a strong deviation, the woman sent for ultrasound (ultrasound examination). This will help determine whether the heart is beating a child or has not. By the way, the only way is revealed anembrioniya - a disorder in which the fertilized egg is empty and does not contain an embryo.

Due to hormonal blood test can also identify whether there was a fading of the fetus. At the fair sex pregnant indicators HCG is usually very high. If, however, it is much less than you need, then, a woman in serious trouble. Unfortunately, there are a couple of nuances. So, if the fetus has ceased to grow recently, hormone levels may be normal. The embryo is dead, but your body is still at it did not respond.

What to do when diagnosed as "missed abortion"

Unfortunately, in this case, the child has no way to save. If the fetus is stopped and deteriorated condition, you should immediately remove the fetus. Otherwise it may happen miscarriage, an inflammation and bleeding, which at home can not be stopped. Once an accurate diagnosis is delivered, can be chosen such way of treating missed abortion, such as:

  • Expectant

The doctor may take a wait and see attitude until there is a spontaneous miscarriage. This is the natural course of this disease is due to lowering of the placental hormones. A woman's body will try to purify yourself from the foreign body.

  • Medical

The gynecologist may recommend special medicated drugs that cause spontaneous miscarriage. The only condition for the appointment of these funds is the gestational age - it should not exceed 8 weeks. Otherwise, it will not help.

  • Abortion

The specialist can also prescribe treatment of missed abortion surgically. In this case, a scraping of the uterus. This procedure is a surgical procedure, so after the conference shall be required antibiotic therapy. Two weeks later, the woman is assigned an ultrasound examination to assess her condition. Post-operative recovery period lasts on average one month.

Many women who are faced with a similar problem, wonder how long you can walk to the deserted fruit? Gynecologists can not accurately answer it because the figure of each of the fair sex - different. Someone could go a week, and someone and a month, without noticing the problem. But do not delay the visit to the doctor, because this will depend on your health and the possibility in the future to have children.

 missed abortion in the second trimester causes

How is the treatment and the recovery period after a missed abortion

First of all, a pregnancy after treatment begins with a full survey, and both mother and father in order to prevent a similar situation in the future. To do this, both spouses should be tested for determining the level of hormones. Also investigated the thyroid gland (a malfunction can lead to hormonal explosion).

After a full treatment of the fair sex again it passes inspection. If tests are normal, you can start planning for subsequent pregnancy. Prior to that, she has to use contraceptives. It is best suited in the case of condoms. OK can harm the body of women who have not yet fully recovered from a serious operation.

How to prevent the development of non-viable pregnancy in the future

About how to prevent missed abortion in the future, women who have had this disease, should consider the very first stages of planning the next pregnancy. Experts strongly recommend that surgery be sure to visit a doctor and undergo a special examination.

Diagnosis and treatment prescribed, taking into account the personal characteristics of the woman's body. However, the main methods of research that shows absolutely all the fair sex in the recovery period after a missed abortion, and during the planning of the next conception are:

  • Ultrasound diagnosis of pelvic organs;
  • strokes necessary to identify different urogenital diseases;
  • a blood test for the autoantibodies and homocysteine;
  • a blood test for levels of thyroid hormone and its examination by means of ultrasound;
  • ToRHC-complex (detection of various infections that pose a real threat to the health of the pregnant woman).

Such measures are essential, since the prevention of developing pregnancy helps reduce the risk of recurrence of disease and increase the chances of becoming a happy mother. It is important to both spouses, who are planning to have a baby, what have manifestations missed abortion, how to treat it and how to prevent its development in the future. This will enable timely eliminate the consequences of this disease and to identify the possible causes of its development. Only such an approach to the problem can guarantee success in the future when planning for the next child.

 missed abortion in the second trimester tips

What are the health risks of missed abortion

Most women survivors of such a shock, a reasonable question arises of what to do after developing pregnancy. Can I have children in the future? How long should wait before re-plan the birth of a child. What precautions should be taken to the problem is not repeated in the future. In fact, many cases of pregnancy fade early in its course remains a mystery even for health professionals.

To begin to understand that if you have in the past stopped the fruit in the future, you can still carry and give birth to a healthy baby. But, of course, it must first be to find out why there was this pathology. You should first undergo a full examination, cure disease or eliminate the cause.

So, first of pregnant the ladies take a smear, to determine if they have an infection. Diseases, sexually transmitted infections, can cause a variety of pathologies. And if a child is born, and then he had in any case there are any deviations. In such circumstances, missed abortion - is not the worst thing that could happen. If this reiterated in the survey should be sent to both partners.

Note undeveloped pregnancy seriously affects not only the physical health of the woman, but also her psychological state. Therefore, be sure to visit a psychologist or psychoanalyst. Even if the ladies think that she coped with the consequences, it will subconsciously afraid of repetition.

By the way, after proper treatment, a woman needs a certain period of time to recover. To think about planning for the next pregnancy is only after three months and better - after six. It is important to undergo a thorough diagnosis to identify possible disease and prevent recurrence of missed abortion.

During this period of time, both partners need to take care of their own health: do not drink alcohol, stop smoking and drugs. In some cases, a couple need to take vitamins and hormone injections. It is desirable that the husband and wife the day before went to rest at sea or in the mountains. Every night should walk at least half an hour in the open air.

And, of course, do not forget about good nutrition. It is necessary to exclude from the harmful products, fried, salted, smoked, jerked dishes. Fast food, fast food - all this has a negative impact on the female organism. As a result - the child simply nowhere to take nutrients and trace elements.

What to do if you become pregnant again? The answer is to get registered in the antenatal clinic.