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  • Features recognizing sex of the child according to his heartbeat
  • The effectiveness of methods
  • Opinions of experts

Years go by, times are changing, but the most constant is the attitude and perception of the fact of pregnancy and a baby in the family. This event is on the emotional perception is unlikely to compare with anything else. The birth and development of a new life - an action that a Pocono centuries fascinated and enthralled even the most callous people. The period when your spouse is in itself a piece of your love, what could be more anxious and important event in my life.

Pregnancy - is not the easiest period in the life of any woman, but certainly the happiest. Happiness is filled with everything - atmosphere relationships, the people around you. It is safe to call the period of pregnancy, a period when a lot of questions, experiences and, of course, hope for a positive outcome - the birth of the baby.

While the parents are happy the long-awaited event, they do not leave the question of how to find out the sex of their unborn child. Many are concerned about this issue from the very first days of pregnancy, and want to get an answer as soon as possible. The most reliable and accurate method was and remains the ultrasound, but it is carried out only from the seventeenth week of pregnancy. Prospective parents are not always willing to wait for how long, so look for other options out of the situation.

In three of the most popular and commonly used methods for early child sex discernment method includes verifying the floor for baby's heartbeat about it and we'll talk in more detail.

Features recognizing sex of the child according to his heartbeat

This method allows you to learn the sex of a child, does not claim the title of a professional from a medical point of view, but rather with national practices, that does not prevent him to remain popular, many years.

Sex of the child according to his heartbeat you can find in several ways, taking into account some of the features. Let's start in order:

Elucidation of the floor by the number of beats per minute

Description of this method, you will not find in textbooks on medicine or on the official medical resources, but it is and it does not seem strange to her unofficially used by some doctors in their medical practice. There is an opinion that it is best to determine the sex of the child's heartbeat is a midwife, especially with a lot of experience and talent. For this reason, many have resorted to the help of midwives is because independently count the number of heartbeats kid with no specific skills and knowledge, it is practically impossible.

In this regard, there are some opinions that contradict each - other. Some argue that a more rapid heart beat the boys, while others say almost all the same, but the exact opposite, and on the opposite sex of the child. Who is right, argue it is difficult, because the technique lacked a specific medical reason.

Sex of the child to the rhythm of the heart

According to the existing versions of the method, to find out the baby's sex can be directly on the rhythm of the heartbeat. If the rhythm is measured, rhythmic, loud and largely coincides with the rhythm of the heartbeat of mother, then you will have a boy. If the rhythm agitated, chaotic and quiet, so your family will be born a girl.

Location fetal sex determination toddler

On location in utero fetal heartbeat is also possible to know the sex of the baby. It is noticed that the heartbeat heard from the left side indicates the development of a male child. Well, if the heartbeat is heard from the right side - it's a girl.

 how to know the baby's gender by heartbeat

The effectiveness of methods

Speaking about the effectiveness of this technique, it should be noted that like any other, it has its drawbacks. But sometimes the matter is not only in them, but that future parents really want to look to the future and learn the sex of their heir or heiress. They believe and trust in this national methods. But its effectiveness is 50 to 50 percent.

This method does not get on their performance and results on a par with the capabilities of modern ultrasound machine, but it gives hope and provides a dream of the future parents. Although as evidenced by medical statistics, ultrasound is sometimes wrong, too. The most accurate way to find out the sex of the child has been and remains an invasive diagnosis, but not all of it solved. This kind of diagnosis involves a sampling of the amniotic fluid or placenta pieces, however, this method is not the most humane and painless.

Relevance, relevance and future parents faith - these are the main indicators of the effectiveness of using this method to determine the sex of the baby. According to statistics tacit views of the future parents, the indicators that betrayed heart, coincided with the result.

 is it possible to know the sex of the baby heartbeat

Opinions of experts

According to doctors on the use of this technique to determine the sex of the child, of course, controversial. Doctors quite skeptical of national methods, signs and similar methods of forecasting. According to them, there are several methods that allow up to 98-99% to determine the sex of an unborn baby is:

  • Study on the ultrasonic unit;
  • Invasive diagnostics.

But as already mentioned, only invasive diagnosis gives 100% results, and accurately determine the sex, and the US has a margin of error. As for all versions of heartbeat, from the medical point of view there are a lot of differences with regards to the accuracy of forecasts and their accuracy. According to doctors, one heartbeat is impossible to determine the sex, because a lot depends on factors such as:

  • Gestational age;
  • At rest or sleep when the baby is taking the readings heartbeat;
  • Fetal posture baby;
  • The pose of the expectant mother when taking readings;
  • What time of day chosen for the collection of indicators of heart;
  • Are there any abnormalities in the development of a child's heart.

Despite all of the above, there are many who wish among doctors and midwives to shed light on the future sex of the child, even if it is projected it in his heartbeat. This forecast is harmless, not dangerous either for the child or for expectant mothers, and certainly not in any way harm the very heartbeat. Therefore or not to apply, and to believe or not to believe in this method, it's up to parents of the baby.

Summarizing all the above we can say that the desire to know the baby's gender in advance, there is many parents, and therefore each of them use whichever method. But is it so important? For each parent born child - it's immense happiness and joy, and love it will not be because he's a boy or a girl, but for the fact that he was deathly pale, and their piece. The main value and importance is the health of the child, which directly depends on the expectant mother during pregnancy, it is necessary to take care of him since the early days.

 Learn heartbeat of the baby's sex - is it possible?

 how to know the baby's sex by date of conception


  • Paul unborn child - interest today, and many thousands of years ago
  • The magic date of conception
  • Ovulation Calendar - a step on the way of successful conception

Man - a creature that is constantly interested in something, trying to get information on all asked questions, learn something new unknown. Such impulses cause a person to be in a constant search for truth, the answers to vital questions. This category of information, it is safe to include the issue related to the definition of sex is still the birth of a child by means of a specific date of conception.

Paul unborn child - interest today, and many thousands of years ago

Children and all connected with them from the time of planning pregnancy until birth - that's all that interested future parents, as in past centuries, and now. Despite the fact that we live in a time of high end technology allows quick and painless to get answers to all questions of interest to plan the sex of a child through the use of data on the date of conception has not disappeared. Sex baby - that's what excites many expectant parents and their natural desire to know about it in advance, even for the magical date of conception.

The first appearance of interest in the subject according to the historical exhibits (ancient papyrus) have been observed in ancient Egypt during the reign of the famous Pharaoh Ramses II. It is a few thousand years ago, interest in sex of the child went into action. People tried by applying the so-called traditional methods to determine who they will be born - a boy or a girl. Popular was pouring grains of wheat and barley has urine of pregnant women. If before starting to grow barley, it is evidence of the birth of a boy, and if it starts to grow wheat, respectively, then the girls.

Although this method seems to us the primitive and unreliable, however, in 1933 a scientist J. Menger, it was proven otherwise, and stunning results have been obtained. Grain crops above were carefully poured the urine of pregnant women, and length measurements of germs. The figure of 80% - is the impact of this research, which confirmed a particular sex of the children were only wrong 20%.

As you can see, even in such seemingly meager data of people thousands of years ago and scientists of the last century can learn about the field of the future child. Our contemporaries howled same time when the floor can be found using the involvement of different ways, and, in particular, by the date of the direct conception. Now modern moms and dads can plan and control the sex of their heir or heiress.

 find out the sex of the child on the date of conception

The magic date of conception

Our time with you truly offers a huge selection of all sorts of techniques and methods that contribute to both the planning and definition of the desired sex of the child. All that remains - is to make a choice and to realize desired in reality. One of the most practical methods of this kind is the method of using the date of conception, that date, you will be able to obtain the necessary information.

This method can be referred as a method of planning a child of a particular sex, and clarification of the floor even in the presence of pregnancy. Despite the fact that he claims to be a method with minimal relation to science, its relevance is not lost for several centuries. As they say - all simply unique!

To use this method you need to know the exact date of ovulation and certainly date of intercourse, and then create a personalized pregnancy calendar. Recall that all the male sperm carry the Y-chromosome, they are bright enough, but unfortunately the least resilience. According to statistics, if conception occurred immediately after intercourse, the probability of the birth of a boy is significantly increased.

Reading these lines, many of you have a question that should be done so that the child was conceived of a particular sex. For this it is necessary to comply with certain conditions.

In order to successfully conceive a boy:

  1. Sexual intercourse should be immediately after ovulation, when the egg will be in the genital tract, which will accelerate the promotion of sperm to the ultimate goal - the womb;
  2. Selecting a pose and having orgasm in women are crucial for a more rapid penetration of the sperm;
  3. Planning sex considering the date of ovulation.

For successful conception of the girl:

  1. Try to conception does not occur immediately;
  2. Sexual intercourse should occur at a time that precedes the onset of ovulation. During this period the sperm that carry the "boys" are already inactive.

 how to know the baby's sex by date of conception tips

Ovulation Calendar - a step on the way of successful conception

If your primary desire is to determine the sex of the child with the assistance of the date of conception, then do without ovulation calendar you just do not get. Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, it will help you to plan their actions on the conception of the child, the floor of which you are interested. Do not worry that the deal with the calendar will be difficult, and therefore it is impossible to know the sex of the baby - this is absolutely not the case. To determine the exact date of conception boy or girl will need the following information:

  • Precise phase of your menstrual cycle;
  • Preliminary counting the right time of the menstrual cycle.

Everything else is a matter of technique. Knowing his time and phase of the menstrual cycle, you get a certain number of which will need to be divided into two - and this figure will be the most favorable date for the conception of a child.

To maintain a calendar of ovulation is useful to you the following information:

  1. Home ovulation may be accompanied by short-term pain in the lower abdomen;
  2. There are mucus;
  3. A sense of increased sexual attraction to the partner;
  4. In the absence of these symptoms start ovulation can be determined using ultrasound procedures.

With comprehensive information and a great desire to get information about what the floor will be your child, you are sure to get the long-awaited result, and such an invention as a calendar of ovulation will help in achieving this goal.

 How to know the sex of the child's date of conception - you ask and we answer!