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Plant pets, people rarely think about the consequences. They forget that domesticated pets require care and attention, too sick, they occur mood swings. All this can bring a lot of trouble in the future. And in some cases this is the case, that the beloved little creatures have to give in "good hands". Often, it solved the girl during pregnancy. After all, there are a lot of horror stories and in cases where the presence of cats in the house played a bad role and influenced the development of the fetus.

Should I start a cat during pregnancy

Sometimes the woman sitting in the decree, rather bored at home. And they decide to get a new friend purred. After all, this little bundle brings to life a lot. And when the baby is born and grows up, he will be able to play with your pet. But is it worth doing? The risks to the expectant mother? Does the cat pregnancy? Let's look at everything in order.

The more dangerous cat

Cat - vector toxoplasmosis. And, unfortunately, the time to notice that your pet is ill, it is practically impossible. The first symptoms of the owners blamed on pet fatigue, poor diet, lack of vitamins. As a result - all the members of your family at serious risk. Even worse is the case with pregnant women of the fair sex.

If a woman who is in a position infected, then the disease will complications to the fetus. Cases of CNS, brain, cardiovascular system, eyes. However bolevshim toxoplasmosis ladies such consequences do not threaten. Her body has had time to develop antibodies, so in most cases the pregnancy is proceeding normally.

Note: if you have been infected in the first trimester, the risk of infection of the fetus is not more than 20 per cent, while the second - a little more than 30. At the end of the term, ie in the third trimester, this figure rises to 60. This is why it is very important even before conception to conduct surveys and tests. Must be checked and your animals. Choose a really good veterinary clinic, where specialists will conduct all the necessary tests. If it turns out that the pet is sick, the whole family would have to be treated.

By the way, even completely healthy cat will need the following nine months. It is more difficult when it comes out into the yard. Then the risk of infection increases several times. But do not be afraid! A spokeswoman for the fair sex, cases in the last trimester, less risk than that previously pick up toxoplasmosis.

What is toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis - a serious disease that belongs to a class of parasitic. It is transmitted from mother to child, through food and contact with animals. If the expectant mother is infected during early pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). The body as if trying to be cleansed of unhealthy offspring. If the child still lived, he observed a variety of health problems. It may develop blindness, malformation of internal organs. There are many cases of mental retardation.

How could it get infected animal

Some families believe that the house cat just can not get sick, because he does not walk in the street. It argued that are most exposed to toxoplasmosis animals living in the yard. However, the catch can and those who use a lot of raw meat. It may contain bacteria that are not killed without heat treatment. And even then, you freeze his favorite treat, does not help.

Also, you can enter "present" with shoes. It is unlikely that you remove all the front of the apartment, immediately put on slippers and run to wash the soles of sandals or sneakers. Curious pet starts sniffing all around, learning new smells. Thus, he picks up the infection.

Symptoms of toxoplasmosis in an animal

How do you know that your favorite cat sick? Carefully inspect it. He was infected when he discovered enlarged lymph nodes from the nose and eyes flow separation, the proteins were red, plus, all this is accompanied by diarrhea. It may also be a temporary loss of appetite. Any of these symptoms - carts take pet to the vet, even if you're not planning to have children.

We go to be tested

Before making a decision about what to do with a cat, you will have to pass tests. First - PCR blood. Thanks to him, you can find out whether the infected pregnant representative of the fairer sex toxoplasmosis or not. If an infection is found, appoint the IFA-examination of blood. This will help determine when a woman is infected.

It should start to worry if the tests showed a high concentration and a complete lack LgM LgG. These results indicate that the girl was recently picked up the disease. In this case, doctors may suggest to conduct a survey of amniotic fluid. Frankly, this procedure is not the most pleasant and safe. A special needle inserted through the abdominal cavity, and then he pierced membranes. However, the only way you can determine whether infected or not the embryo itself.

If the analysis showed only the presence of LgG, then you have long been ill with toxoplasmosis. And at the moment there is no danger. Therefore, give your cat will not need to. Feel free to even let the animal out. Just do not forget to give a tablet from worms and do all immunizations on time.

When neither one nor the other immunoglobulin is detected, it should be more careful. You can become infected at any time. Therefore, it is recommended or contain cat in a sterile environment or the time to give another family. When you give birth, you will be able to pick up Fluffy back.

How to treat toxoplasmosis

The infected cat and pregnancy - are two completely incompatible things. Therefore, if you find the disease before conception have first cure purring, and then start a baby. Bad if the infection occurred during pregnancy. It is not necessary to delay the visit to the doctor! At home, get rid of the disease is impossible. In this case, the future mother lay in a hospital, where she was appointed special treatment.

Doctors can recommend to get rid of the cat, even if you are completely healthy. But we should not rashly addressed to such actions. First, let someone in your family will take pet to the veterinary clinic, where the animal will be taken a sample for the presence of infection. Perhaps you picked up toxoplasmosis when stroked someone else's cat, eating is not fully cooked meat, etc. Then try less contact with the animals, so as not to contaminate it.

In the case where the favorite is still delivered the diagnosis, and you are totally healthy have to remove the animal from the home. For the nine months later the new owners will have time to heal your pet. The main thing - do not let it go, hoping that self-will.

Please note: even if the animals are completely healthy, try as little as possible into contact with them. During pregnancy and cats, and dogs, parrots, and should be kept away from you. Every time after you pat or feed the pet, wash your hands. And do not let them come to you in the bedroom. This place should be clean!

Preventing toxoplasmosis: how to avoid infection

As you can imagine, any disease is easier to prevent than to long, tedious and treat. But unfortunately, not all of the fair sex know how to do it correctly. As a result - toxoplasmosis. Therefore we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a few tips on how to avoid this unpleasant disease during pregnancy.

  • Resist the heat-treated meat

Thoroughly cook, fry, boil, bake meat dishes. It does not matter whether it's cooking for yourself, for guests to pets. Otherwise, during pregnancy and cats, and you and your family members become infected with toxoplasmosis. And if the animal is not so dangerous, in your case is fraught with sad consequences.

  • Feed your pet with gloves

If you wash the cat tray, pour the food into a bowl, make all this only with gloves. Or ask to do this business of someone from home. The fact that infection can enter the body through the microcracks your hands on. After Toxoplasma more are found in the feces, and saliva of the animals did not. Plus, as mentioned above, try as little as possible to iron pet, play with it.

 Pregnancy and cats

Reasons to have a cat

Although, as noted above, pregnancy and a cat in the home - a combination of the best do not, in some cases, it is still recommended to have a pet at home. But above all, this decision must be fully thought out. Plus, choosing a pet, future parents should take all precautions to avoid infecting themselves and infect the cat.

  • Cat calms

During pregnancy, women are constantly nervous, worry about nothing. Cats also subtly feel the mood of the hosts. When necessary, she lies quietly next to share its warmth. It soothes and relaxes. A quiet purr Fuzzy simply disarms.

  • Cat treats

As long ago noticed cats - great healers. If you have something hurts, your pet will fall on this place. A few minutes later it passes headache, migraine, low back pain, etc. Plus, people with pets live longer than 10-15 years.

  • Cats appease

Couples who decide to get a cat, it is easier to overcome all difficulties and twists and turns of fate. You can always talk to your pet if there are any troubles. He will listen to you as if your understand it. Reprimand, you will feel better.

Things to remember if you crank cat

Before you bring a humming in the house, weigh the pros and cons. Think about the reasons may force you to abandon this venture? And only discussed all this with his half and the doctor (general practitioner or gynecologist), feel free to bring an animal into the house. So that may affect your decision:

  • Allergies

The first thing you should pay attention - no allergies at all family members, including the future mother. During pregnancy and cats, and birds, and dogs can cause the onset of rash, breathlessness, cough, runny nose, tear. You can talk for a while with the neighbor's cat to make sure that everything is fine. Just do not forget to ask whether the sick pitomitsy toxoplasmosis.

  • Time veterinarian

The next thing you will need to take - to visit the vet. It will make all vaccinations will help you choose a tablet from worms, tell you how to properly care for a pet. And to do all this should be the husband, not the pregnant woman. Pick up a cat is possible only after making sure that everything is in order. Think about whether your other half at this time?

  • The financial side of the issue

An important role is played in this case is how much you plan to spend on a cat. Believe me, keep house pet - not a cheap pleasure. You have to spend money on food, filling the tray, toys, vet visit, etc. And ahead - the birth of a child. And it also takes the lion's share of your family budget.

  • What to do next

Here you will give birth to a baby all the time will be spent on it. Think about who will take care of the cat? Plus, sometimes aggressive animals behave in relation to young children. Freedom-loving pitomitsy hardly tolerate to be pulled by the tail, beaten or hurt. He can also lay down on the child and strangle him. All that you should consider. After all, the behavior of the cat, which had previously been only a favorite of the family, it is difficult to predict.

 cat and pregnancy

How to behave, if the cat lives for a long time

If your pet for many years, and you are soon to give birth, take all the precautions. If you do it right, the cat is not only normally perceive the appearance of a new family member, but will also help you to raise the baby, making sure that he has not got, where you should not.

The first thing (even during pregnancy) accustom the cat to the fact that the child can not go. Do not wait, when you give birth, and forbid it to do when the baby would have at home. Otherwise, the pet will feel rejected. And the evil cat, as you may remember, is very dangerous.

Things like strollers, cribs, toys will arouse the interest of the animal. Allow it to satisfy curiosity. In the future, the cat simply will not notice these things. If you start to drive away immediately, pet and try to drop further or, even worse, their mark.

Reduce contact with animals gradually rather than all at once. Play with your cat at the same time. You can ignore Fuzzy all day, but six in the evening be sure to pay attention to him. And then he gets used to the fact that you can not be bothered all day.

Feed your pet 2-3 times a day, while the mound portions such that the cat ate them at a time. Anything that has not been eating for 20 mine, must be removed. The fact that the food residue can attract different animals ranging from flies and ants, cockroaches and rats ending. And such hawkers of infection can harm both a pregnant the ladies and the unborn baby, whose body has not had time to get stronger.

But it does not touch the water, so the drink must be accessible 24 hours a day. Buy a special water bottle and place it in a place where only lacked animal. And, as you may recall, the expectant mother should not touch the cat's dish, not to catch.

So now you know what can be dangerous cat in the house, and what precautions should be taken during pregnancy and just before the birth. But if you still have any doubts, be sure to consult your doctor and veterinarian.

 Cats and pregnancy: what should be remembered expectant mother