seal in the chest

The beauty of a woman's breast is celebrated in poems and songs. In fact, a woman's breast - one of the main strengths and a source of pride owner. And much excitement and worries about a sudden discovered the lump.

Is it always found the touch knobble or lump should be a sign of serious illness? Should I panic and think terrible things? Of course, if there was a seal in the chest, you need to see a doctor mammologu. But not always in the presence of various seals of the occurrence of breast cancer indicate that most frightens our females.

Possible causes of the seals in the chest


This benign tumor of the breast. Fibroadenoma may appear on any part of the breast completely, but most of the lump found in this disease over the nipples. Under the influence of hormones (if a woman takes hormonal contraceptives or during pregnancy) the tumor may be modified, such a seal in the chest can increase dramatically or disappear altogether. Fibroadenoma happens and leaf-node.

  • Nodal

When the feeling in the seal in the chest, you feel well limited round shape and painless nodule measuring 1 cm. Fibroadenomas can be felt while lying on his back.

  • Leaflike

Such a lump in her breast and has clearly Palpable border, but this is a fibroadenoma oval uneven sizes. Leaf-fibroadenoma have a tendency to grow rapidly in size, it changes the shape of the breast.

All kinds of fibroadenomas should be removed surgically, because the presence of seals in the chest often lead to precancerous states, and in the worst case, and to the emergence of cancer.

Fibrocystic breast disease or breast

Cystic disease is a hormonal disorder. Thus there is a proliferation of connective tissue and appear cysts (sacs of clear liquid). Fibrocystic breast disease may be diffuse (a large number of seals in the chest, they apply to the entire area of ​​the breast) and the hub (this is the most dangerous disease, as nodular breast often degenerates into cancer). In a study of lying on his back, node Fibrocystic breast disease is not detectable.

Various infections, hormonal changes

But fortunately in most cases the presence of different seals in the breast, especially in young women, is quite normal. This is due to the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Hormones can affect the formation of a variety of seals in the chest.

During breastfeeding breast milk overflow. The stagnation of milk leads to seals in the chest. Sometimes, through the baby's mouth during feeding nipples can penetrate various infections. This raises the breast redness and inflammation, fever. Such a seal in the breast called mastitis.

Chest injury

Sometimes in the course of employment or active sports after a bad fall, you can hurt the breast. Bruise and a small lump in her breast. This phenomenon is harmless and special harm not causes. Physically seal caused chest resorbed within a few days.


The reasons for this serious condition is the appearance of a malignant tumor of the breast tissue. Cancers themselves in the lump firm to the touch and are not strictly pronounced form. If you see at the following common features:

  • The presence of seals in the chest multiple small nodules
  • A pronounced change in shape of a breast as compared to other
  • The appearance of dimples on the skin when a show of hands
  • Modification of the nipple is retracted, the presence of bleeding
  • Persistent severe pain in the chest seals
  • Swollen lymph glands under the armpits

Urgently go to the oncologist if you are very concerned about your breasts. To seal in the breast must be treated very carefully. In time seen the cancer is cured. It is not dangerous in the early stages.


  1. I am sure that all women after the age of 35 years need to be surveyed once a year at the mammalogy, who knows everything about the lump in her breast.
  2. Independently constantly lead his own observations of your breast. Be sure to regularly check your breasts yourself. How to do this, you show the doctor. If while probing the breast, you have found the area to seal in the chest, immediately go to the reception to mammologu. Time detection of different seals in the chest, doctors directly say "stop."

Your breasts should be beautiful, the beautiful has to be your life. Without mutilating the body of operations and chemotherapy. Watch out for your health! Life is given once and live it, we have a mind and love in the first place to their own health. Be happy and do not get sick!

 The seal in the chest - a reason for fear?

We recommend to check if the chest pain

 Evra patch

About this innovative contraceptive probably heard quite a few of our female. He appeared on the shelves of pharmacies in Russia and in the network of medical online stores as recently as a few years ago. In this article we want to talk in detail about this tool and tell in detail, what is the Evra patch.

What is a patch?

The patch evra - this is one of the most effective contraceptive methods. This invention is considered to be an advanced innovative products to protect against unexpected pregnancy. Developed his corporation Johnson & Johnson (one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry). The patent for the Evra patch was approved in 2002 and began his at the same time a large-scale release. Just a few years for this wonderful facility to occupy one of the leaders in sales among hormonal contraceptives.

Plaster refers to contraception having a minimum of hormones. It has all the advantages of hormonal tablets and at the same time the most safe to use. The degree of reliability of the statistics is 99, 6%.

Externally, the patch is a smooth, thin strip of adhesive and a nice pink color. The size of the patch 5 by 5 cm. These small strips are glued to the hair-free clean and dry area of ​​the skin (other than the chest). The most suitable areas of the body for sticking plaster - it is:

  • the abdomen and thighs
  • the outer surface of the shoulder
  • buttock area
  • blades

The patch consists of three layers:

  1. The protective layer is an elastic film beige, it helps to keep the original shape of the patch and protect the middle layer against external factors.
  2. The middle layer, which is composed of two hormones ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin. These active ingredients penetrate into the skin on a daily basis with blood flow and are distributed through the body by women.
  3. The third layer is a removable transparent film, which is removed prior to use of the patch.

After that, when the patch is in contact with the skin, it begins work. Every day it releases the female hormones that inhibit ovulation and prevent the release of the egg. Also, the patch causes a change in the composition of cervical mucus, which causes difficulty of penetration of sperm to the uterus.

Recommendations for use

In the area where the patch can not be used by means of skin care products (lotions, gels, lotions, oils, etc.). The first strip of adhesive must stick to the first day of your menstrual cycle.

The validity of a strip patch for seven days. Then it must be replaced. The next strip to stick the patch to be in the same area of ​​the body, but in a different location (to the right or slightly to the left). Change the patch at any time convenient for you.

It is recommended to take a break after three weeks of wearing a patch (usually at this time menstruation begins). If you have forgotten to change the patch for up to 48 hours of additional funds for protection is not required.

Benefits evra patch

Using the patch ensures protection from unplanned pregnancy, also present at Evra and therapeutic effect. When it is used much less frequently appear menstrual pain, almost no bleeding is observed during the cycle. Women who used the patch regularly observed weakening of the development of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

The patch is very convenient and easy to use, reliable rests on the skin. He can take any water procedures and sunbathing, you can also use the sauna, solarium and engage in active sports. Absolutely no restrictions for a full life, to which you are accustomed. The patch is almost invisible on the skin and does not cause inconvenience to wear.

The hormones enter the body through the skin - it saves you the nausea that sometimes appears with conventional oral hormonal contraceptives.

You can now show forgetfulness. Evra patch is changed weekly, while the rigor and thoroughness of the time in the use of hormone pills course not everyone likes and everyone is happy.

Disadvantages patch

In our world there is nothing perfect, along with a number of advantages, the patch has its drawbacks:

  1. May occur peeling plaster, and you do not even notice it. According to statistics, in such a situation come about 4% of women who use the patch evra.
  2. Perhaps the emergence of allergies. Approximately 2% of women complained of a variety of allergic skin reactions, which provoked wearing the patch.
  3. There may be discomfort in the chest

Solving possible problems when using the patch:

  1. If your patch come off a bit - much press it and hold his hand so within 10 seconds, and then make sure the patch is firmly entrenched. Along the edges of the patch Swipe for more durable bonding. If the plaster coming off, change it.
  2. In the case where a strip of plaster moved completely - replace it with a new patch (if wearing old was less than one day). Additional protection is not required. Next patch stick to a regular scheduled day of replacement.
  3. If the patch withdrew completely after 24 hours of use, contraceptive efficacy is reduced many times over. Then you must wait for the first day of the next menstrual period, and begin to use the patch again. Until that time, use the extra (non-hormonal) condoms.

 Evra patch price

Contraindications to the use of the patch evra

  • Pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding)
  • Have problems with the veins (thrombosis)
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Woman weighing 90 kg (Evra in such cases is ineffective)
  • Cancerous condition
  • The presence of diabetes
  • The use of different drugs. If you are forced to use drugs,
  • check with your doctor before you start using the patch
  • Constant headaches (migraine)
  • Stroke or heart attack
  • Women aged 35 years, constantly smoking
  • Young girls under the age of 18 years

Be careful!

In no case do not throw away the used strip patch down the toilet. Note that even in the used patch contains hormones. Contact female hormones in the bodies of water can adversely affect the environment.

Please note that the patch evra, like other hormonal contraceptives do not safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases, so a prerequisite for the use of contraceptives is that you have a steady partner and a lack of both a variety of sexually transmitted infections.

Remember that the plaster - is a completely new hormonal contraceptives, as it should, he examined and passed the test of time more carefully, so do not get carried away with it for a very long time. Be sure to strictly follow the instructions of the drug. Do not stick the patch in other parts of the body. This not only saves you from unwanted pregnancy, but also may be hazardous to your health!

Before you will be using it, be sure to consult with your gynecologist and pass all necessary tests.

The price of this new-generation contraceptive quite acceptable and not much different from that of normal hormonal contraceptive pill. Buy Evra patch, the price of which varies in the region of 900-1200 rubles, can in large pharmacies of your city, or ordered through the online stores of medicines. The package contains three strips of adhesive, designed for use within a month.

Reviews of preparation

Although the patch most recently appeared in the free sale of our pharmacy with great speed, he is gaining popularity among our women and girls. According to statistics drawn Evra patch, which reviews most cases percent positive, we have a permanent armaments 90% of all women who have tried it.

Evra patch really is today considered one of the most modern and effective drugs in a series of hormonal contraceptive devises. Under stringent conditions to use it subject to the rules and recommendations, as prescribed in the instructions with minimal side effects and the use of simple and easy you are guaranteed to save yourself from unwanted conception.

The pace of development of medicine is increasing every year. There are new effective medicines and condoms. We will promptly inform you about all the news in this area and we hope that with our help, your life will be better and more interesting.

 Excellent helper - Evra patch, everything about it

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