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One of the most common cosmetic problems are genital warts - type warts, spontaneously appearing in intimate places in both men and women. They cause mental and psychological distress, are a source of discomfort and need to be removed by the physician. Many people found themselves suddenly appeared warts wonder and ask questions about what it is and how to cure this defect acquired beauty. This article just dedicated to the methods of getting rid of unsightly growths that prevent us to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Genital warts - a visible manifestation, or, in other words, the main symptom of such unpleasant diseases such as papilloma infection (HPV). In the past, doctors, virologists only recognized the only way to catch it - unprotected sexual contact with a carrier. Currently, however, increasingly began to talk about the fact that HPV is transmitted even in utero, that is from mother to infant, or during childbirth.

Do not rule out the possibility of infection through blood and even household by, for example, through clothing. But still the main mode of transmission - sexual. The virus is getting into our bodies, is embedded in the DNA of cells of the epithelium of genitals and perineum, thereby violating their proper functioning. They start the process of active growth and division, it is a result and leads to unaesthetic sprawl, familiar to most of us as genital warts.

Why some people are familiar problems associated with the appearance of warts on the body, while others do not even really hear what it is? The fact that human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes the appearance of this type of warts controlled immunity. When the immune system is weakened - for example, after a long illness or an operation - he wakes up, and the result of his "activity" are warts on mucous genitals, at the anus, or even in the mouth.

Because the virus is sexually transmitted, it is the bearer of a great number of people. However, only 1-2% of sick of all - as a rule, those with weakened immune system, as mentioned above. The manifestation of the virus may be of a single character (the appearance of a small wart) or multiple (several warts in the same or different locations).

 how to cure warts

Treatment of genital warts

As for ways of dealing with warts, the matter is decided by the attending physician and not by the patient. Since it is the expert, after thorough anamnesis and evaluation of test results, it can choose the therapy that would be in each particular case, the most effective. But the doctor will take into account the type of warts, their location and the number and listen to the patient's wishes. However, it is within the skill to offer the faithful, in his opinion, the method of getting rid of warts.

There are several ways of treating and removing warts. But none of them can cope with the virus itself definitively. Perhaps only symptomatic therapy and, if necessary, direct the removal of warts. Simply put, the aim is then to "put down" the virus, making it temporarily inactive. Sometimes it is only a consultation with a practitioner immunologist and receiving antiviral drugs and improve immunity. If drug therapy is ineffective, warts removed cryodestruction, electrocautery or laser. It is about them and about some of the common measures to effectively express themselves in the treatment of HPV, and will be discussed in this article.

  • Method cryoablation (freezing) with liquid nitrogen

    The basis of this method of getting rid of warts patient is focused on the impact on them using low temperatures. Advantages of this method of treatment is undeniable, as he well tolerated by man and, importantly, does not require the use of local anesthesia or other pain relief method. Moreover, after cryoablation scars are formed in very rare cases.

  • Removal by laser

    With this type of therapy should not be initiated to treat warts - it is rather a fallback. Laser removal requires anesthesia and is often accompanied by the appearance of scars. In addition, the process of this treatment is associated with the virus is in the air, so staff have to work in masks, and the room itself must be well ventilated.

  • By electrocoagulation

    In contrast to the cryoablation, in this case, the warts to high temperatures. Therefore, no anesthesia is necessary. As, however, often can not be avoided and scarring field warts. When the patient is treated by electrocoagulation, viruses released into the air, so the doctor and nearby personnel must be masked, and in the office, where the procedure is performed, you must have strong drawing.

  • Treatment podophyllotoxin

    This is a drug that is based on an extract from a special type of plant. It causes necrosis (necrosis) warts. Treat it by applying a special solution on the warts twice a day with a twelve-hour intervals. This should be done within three days. This is followed by a week break, then resume treatment and continue as long as the warts disappear, but no more than five weeks. The drug should be applied with great caution - it is toxic, so do not have to get on a healthy skin. Of the local reactions are often observed redness and an unpleasant burning sensation. This method provides for procedures at home, but he must appoint and monitor the treating physician.

    High toxicity of the drug does not allow its use in pregnant women or women planning pregnancy. And the rest of the fairer sex during the treatment of genital warts podophyllotoxin should use reliable methods of contraception, or even temporarily give up having sex.

  • The use of interferon

    These medications or cut away the warts, or inject it intramuscularly. This kind of struggle with the disease is accompanied by very unpleasant side effects, such as severe malaise, weakness, chills, fever, headache. And its effectiveness is not higher than the other methods used in the treatment of warts. Therefore, many experts do not recommend this method for the removal of warts due to the large number of pronounced side effects.

  • Treatment imiquimod

    The procedure consists of topically applied cream with five percent said the name on genital warts. This is done three times a week just before bedtime and in the morning the remains are washed away with soap and water. The duration of treatment should not exceed sixteen weeks. This preparation is especially effective in women when warts are few and small. In our country, imiquimod is still in the process of registration, therefore, is not currently available for wide use.

Sometimes it happens so that the warts disappear on their own without any treatment. But count on it is not: letting the situation to drift, you expose yourself to a risk. What happens if you do not treat warts? Over time, they will be injured and bleeding; intercourse and even rubbing the wart on the underwear will cause discomfort and discomfort. In any case, genital warts should be differentiated from other types of warts, as well as malignant neoplasms. And do it can only be a doctor, by visual examination and laboratory tests. Therefore, a visit to a specialist is not recommended to delay.

In addition, long-term lack of treatment can lead to a festering warts. Their damage leads to the formation of bleeding and very painful sores. In the absence of an effective amount of treatment of warts may grow steadily - sometimes they are able to cover all the skin in the genital area. Yes, and the virus, which is long and uncontrollably in the blood, leading to decreased immunity, and aggravation of existing chronic diseases, as well as to the emergence and development of inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs. To date, there are no clear parallels between genital warts and oncology, but there are several significant cases in which their place there were cancerous growths. Therefore, to treat papillomavirus with characteristic nonchalance most people can not.

I would like to remind once again that none of these ways of dealing with warts are not able to completely cure you of the disease and even more so to protect against relapse coming thirty percent of cases. But a comprehensive approach can significantly reduce the risk of resurgence of papillomavirus. Therefore, to achieve maximum effect, you have to combine with immunomodeliruyuschey wart removal treatment that a doctor must conduct an appropriate qualification. Since HPV - a common problem of all, is to find a specialist in this area not be easy.

Get rid of the aesthetic defect caused by warts, too, it is not difficult. Today, cosmetic services such as the removal of warts are widespread. They have not only the capital, but also in regional and district centers. Experts recommend both sexes in a timely manner to remove warts, as they may interfere with normal sexual intercourse, and women also serve as an obstacle leave. In addition, the removal of genital warts will help restore peace of mind and to increase confidence in their own attractiveness.

 How to treat warts: an effective fight against the insidious HPV

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