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  • The physiological differences between the sexes
  • Psychological differences between men and women
  • Understanding the difference between the sexes facilitates understanding

For centuries, the psychology of men and women through the prism of sexism when knowingly assumed superiority of men over women and his dominance over her. Modern society is a firm step towards the goal to establish full equality between strong and weaker sex; but the more we equalized in their rights, the more we lose awareness of the important differences between us. Striving for equality of people of different sexes has narrowed the possibilities for understanding what really is the essence of masculine and feminine. But the world gets boring if everything equal ...

The physiological differences between the sexes

Of course, it's nice anyway. But we still remain different! When we talk about equality we mean that all are entitled to equal opportunities and protection under the law. But this equality does not negate the fact that men and women are very different from each other physiologically and psychologically. None of us dares to argue with that. Physical differences are obvious, and most of them can be seen and even measure. Weight, body shape, anatomical differences, in contrast to, for example, political opinion, are material and, therefore, visible to the naked eye. These physical differences between men and women for centuries provide us with functional benefits and had survival value.

Men are usually stronger upper body, easy to build muscle mass and more fat than we have skin, which is why the guys almost never bruises (in any case, much less than we do) and they underestimated the threshold of awareness limb injuries. Men generally are adapted to physical confrontation and use of force. Their joints are well suited for throwing objects. Men's skull is almost always much thicker and stronger than the female. As you can see, the assertion that our gentlemen, almost all on the selection of "thick-skinned" and "stubborn" is not far-fetched! And these structural features of the body resulted from the need of constant clashes and fighting multiple opponents.

A female four times more cells of the brain that communicate the right and left hemispheres. This is a relatively recent discovery that easily explains why men "rely" primarily in the left hemisphere, because of what for them is characteristic of a sequence of actions, at a time when one problem is solved. Beautiful ladies have much more access to both sides of the brain, and thus can more efficiently use their right hemisphere. Therefore, it is easier to focus on several issues, and we prefer to solve problems using several simultaneous actions.

If you still remember like a teenager, you probably have not forgotten how we felt boring conversations boys. Guys are too confusing, in our opinion, to express their thoughts, and preferred to drive better football than to engage in a conversation of four or five girls who discussed three issues at once!

Psychological differences in men and women are less obvious, so sometimes they can be difficult to describe. However, these differences can have the most profound impact on the formation of relationships between people of different sexes, and this applies to all kinds of relationships - friendship, business cooperation, marriage, parenting, and more.

 the psychology of men and women

Psychological differences between men and women

Most often the main causes of relationship problems arise because of the fact that the partners are not always aware of the difference in the psychology of each other. But if there was an understanding that we are a two completely different perception of reality, it would be able to understand and to each other. So, what are the basic psychological differences between us?

  1. Communication skills through body language (non-verbal means of communication) have developed much better than our boys

    Our brains tend to have greater opportunities than men, for the analysis of the information obtained with the help of hearing and vision. We know how to read "between the lines", paying much more attention to the words, facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, and other sources of information of interest to us.

  2. Most of the problem creates a difference in approach to solving problems

    Usually men are more independent in this matter than we do. They even prefer to solve their problems alone, no one voicing them. If a problem arises, the guy immediately adopted for its decision. We are all different. We just find ourselves in distress, if lose the ability to share concerns with your loved ones or friends, even if they are known to us are not able to provide a solution to have risen before us.

    This is the most common reason, which provokes many conflicts. For example, the wife tells her husband about the situation that is causing her embarrassment, and she does it only for the purpose of exchange of information and the desire for emotional support. But the main purpose of man - to provide problem-solving! Naturally, he immediately issue an unequivocal answer: it is necessary to do so and so. And his wife is seeing several solutions, and it is strange why her partner so categorical. And poneslos.Imenno why we love to latch with a friend, sister, mother or daughter somewhere in the kitchen or in the bathroom and away from the man's ears to talk about everything that had to endure over the past day. Woman after woman always understand!

  3. Meaning appeal to the representatives of different sexes and attitudes towards sex is also very different

    That area of ​​the brain that is responsible for sexual desire in men much more, and as a result the men first, think about sex more often than we do, and secondly, has the appearance of a woman for the guys is very important. If we appreciate mainly in the personal qualities of the person, they first of all evaluate the appearance.

    This is the reason that the guy easily attaches to a girl just because she looks very sexy. It was only later, becoming older, and having filled bumps, passing through a series of failed relationships, men are beginning to pay attention to the personal qualities of the partner. But even then, continue to idolize physical feminine beauty; they are able to sacrifice a lot, and a blind eye to the shortcomings of character, just to get on with the most attractive women.

  4. The aggression of men against women Diplomacy

    We are by nature itself "adjusted" so as to try to avoid possible conflicts. Boys also very aggressive in general. Scientific experiments have shown that men are quicker women distinguished among other angry person that from ancient times helped them easier to see enemies. A typical woman will try to avoid conflicts and will by all means to keep the peace, while the typical man is unlikely to back down, if someone threatens him or challenge.

  5. Another confrontation: logical thinking vs. thinking of emotional

    Guys are able to ignore the emotions and make decisions independently, while the weaker sex in general takes into account other factors that are associated with strong emotions and who does not see the floor.

Different approaches to solving problems

I would like to stay a little bit more on the differences, which are suitable to address emerging problems of men and women, it is in such situations often there are disagreements and conflicts. While some like and others can find enough effective solution to the problem, the process often has a very big difference.

For most women, the exchange of views and a discussion of the emerging difficulties gives the opportunity to study the problem, simultaneously deepening and strengthening relations with the partner. We tend to be more confused as to how the problem is solved. It is faced with any difficulty, any woman can feel less isolated, discussing the problem with your partner, or misunderstood and alone, if it does not want to listen. That is for her problem-solving process can strengthen or weaken the connection with your partner.

Men approach to solving problems in a completely different manner than we do. For most of these solutions allow to demonstrate their competence, relevance, strength and determination. How to solve the problem - for them it does not matter; the main thing that it was solved efficiently and with better results.

Therefore, men have a tendency to dominate in a problem situation. They are trying to "take power into their own hands" when it is necessary to seek a way out of the critical situation. However, they did not guided by feelings and emotions - for them there is only a problem, and its solution becomes a means of proof of his masculinity.

 the relationship between male and female psychology

Understanding the difference between the sexes facilitates understanding

Lack of understanding of the difference existing between us is inevitable and misunderstanding each other. Our inability to accept and appreciate these differences can be a lifetime to become a source of bitter disappointment, frustration, stress, and ultimately the collapse of the relationship. Such misunderstandings can destroy even the most initially prosperous and happy relationship.

In all of this can not be unequivocally declare that a harmonious relationship between man and woman is fundamentally impossible. Problems arise when the representatives of one sex to expect from the people of the opposite sex that they think, feel or act the same as they are. Although, of course, not to say that men and women live alone in a completely different reality. Rather, it is our ignorance of the characteristics of the psychology of each other and give rise to tensions between us.

So it turns out: in spite of the great progress in the universal pursuit of gender equality, modern society has made the relationship between men and women easier. We had hoped that we shall live together in harmony and understanding, but these expectations were unrealistic. In the end, while it turns out even worse: we constantly offend and hurt themselves partners do not find a common language with each other and bring some disappointment.

The challenge before us is to learn to accept our differences that arise because of differences in the perception of the world and to compromise whenever possible. We need to understand that everyone has the right to fully live their lives, and we should avoid trying to change others to meet their own needs. If we want to be happy, you should remember once and for all: the psychology of happy men and women based effort to give your loved one the partners the opportunity to be themselves and not become a source of suffering and frustration in the lives of people we love.

 How can we understand each other: the psychology of the relationship between man and woman

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