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"How ill anorexic? I really want it! "Tragically, every day hundreds of girls and women ask themselves this question. Doctors around the world are sounding very real concern - more and more women develop anorexia. But anorexia or as it is sometimes mistakenly called anareksiya - it harder complex disease, rather than a simple and harmless way to lose weight, according to many women.

Very often the question of how this very ill with anorexia, puzzled young girls who seek the most like their idols. However, many of them unaware that anorexia is not good. The only thing they see - is the outward manifestation of anorexia - excessively low body weight. However, this is not so.

Almost none of the people faced with the scourge of anorexia, in no way are not happy their disease and certainly not proud of their ideal figure. On the contrary, embarrassed her, feeling is still too thick. For example, an anorexic girl during the growth of the eighty-meter weighs 50 kilograms, but, nevertheless, still consider themselves too fat and unattractive. These concerns take the form of a really strong phobias, transforming the sick person lives a living hell.

Get rid of anorexia is not - simply because it is not a chronic runny nose, remind yourself several times a year. Patients with anorexia people unable to control their minds, thoughts and actions. All life and all the girls thought only about food and their weight: a kind of food, counting calories-seed imaginary folds on his body. And most of the disease does not leave a woman alone, even in a dream - it suffers the strongest nightmares related to his own body and food. Even in his sleep in the pursuit of the ideal figure of a woman forced to count calories and plan your diet. As a result, a woman avoids sleep, its nervous system is even more exhausted - it turns a kind of vicious circle.

The victim of anorexia can lead a full life - go on a visit, relax with friends. The disease is easy - simply pulls the woman from life, dooming her to loneliness and lack of understanding of those around her - family, friends, work colleagues. A woman may eventually start to consider at least strange.

Furthermore, anorexia is a real threat to the life of a woman, as a very high degree of probability can lead to death. It anorexia among all psychological disorders have the highest mortality rate. That's why if you, or your loved ones have developed symptoms of anorexia, you need as quickly as possible, without delay, consult a doctor.

To recognize anorexia, necessary to know at least the main features of the disease. Only in this way can be to recognize the disease and to take the necessary measures.


  • Dissatisfaction with their weight when normal parameters

The first sign of the disease anorexia - dissatisfaction with the sick person with their weight, often quite normal. The victim of anorexia are constantly seeking to lose weight, and for her the most terrible nightmare - to collect at least 10 grams. This fear is completely drowns out all other emotions and thoughts. By the way, in almost all cases, the root cause of anorexia is a low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with the girls in their appearance. That is why the girl's parents - a teenager is very important to all available means to maintain her self-esteem. And then the question: "Anorexia is sick? "Snaps in front of her.

  • Menstrual irregularities

Another very striking sign that a woman is suffering from anorexia is a persistent violation of the menstrual cycle - absence of three or more consecutive menstrual periods. Typically, a physician - gynecologist exposes woman diagnosed "amenorrhea" in the case cause menstruation is only possible by the introduction of specific hormones containing estrogen.

  • Excessive weight loss

Well, of course, it is impossible to talk about anorexia in the event that the weight of a sick woman is normal. A typical sign of this disease is critically low body weight. However, keep in mind that if the disease were able to determine at the outset, the critical weight reduction can be avoided by promptly seek medical attention. Even if the diseased girl categorically refused to seek the help of doctors, relatives should independently to visit a psychologist - he will definitely tell you what to do in this situation.

The types of behavior in anorexia nervosa

In many respects, the behavior of women with anorexia is very similar. And, however, physicians are two main types of human behavior:

  • Restrictive tactics

Women who have chosen this tactic behavior voluntarily and consciously limit themselves in the amount of food eaten. Some people never eat any more than grams. What they can afford on their own calculations. This woman will never allow myself to eat their fill, and always in the mode of extreme starvation.

  • Cleaning Tactics

In the same case, if a woman, anorexic, chose different tactics of behavior, it will proceed as follows: load up the full, not limiting themselves any amount of food, or in its form - it may be fatty and sweet and smoked dishes . However, immediately after eating a woman causes vomiting or abusing laxatives same or enemas. Typically, such patients explain their actions as follows: "I am afraid to be ill with anorexia," without realizing that they are already sick.

 how ill anorexia

Treatment of anorexia

Despite the fact that anorexia nervosa is a psychological disease, it is, in contrast to, for example, depression or anxiety attacks, it is extremely difficult to be treated. Universal cure for anorexia does not exist - it's not a headache, which is enough to eliminate the anesthetic to take a pill. Treatment of anorexia is very long, and most importantly, a complex process that requires a lot of effort and time.

First of all doctors appoint sick woman preparations have a tonic effect on the body and stimulates the immune system. In the event that the depletion is extremely strong, and the body of the sick woman is not able to eat, it will be assigned to an intravenous drip with glucose needed to maintain the life of the organism. Otherwise her life would be in real danger.

Also, almost all women who suffer from anorexia, doctors prescribe antidepressants. And it is not without reason - anorexia is almost always goes hand in hand with depression. However, some doctors believe that the use of antidepressants is pointless, and their side effects can only worsen the situation. The most correct will make a decision about the necessity of these drugs in each case individually, based on the state of health and psychological condition of the woman.

The same applies to tranquilizers. If the doctor deems it necessary, he will appoint them to the woman. These drugs help the sick woman to overcome the oppressive feeling of anxiety and worry. However, it should be borne in mind that tranquilizers cause very addictive, so they can not be used for a long time. And besides, they are in any case should not be administered to women who in the past suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, even.

In almost all cases, women with anorexia need to take drugs containing the hormone estrogen. After all, its absence leads to a lot of variety of complications, such as:

  • Osteoporosis. The absence or lack of the hormone estrogen greatly increases the risk of osteoporosis in women, regardless of age.
  • Early menopause. As mentioned above, anorexia almost all cases leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle - menstrual period almost completely disappear.

The introduction of the organism ill woman artificially synthesized hormone estrogen helps to significantly reduce the risk of such complications. And the earlier this treatment will be started, the higher the efficiency.

Myths about anorexia

Around anorexia there are many myths. It is the lack of reliable information and leads to the fact that a huge number of girls just dream about, to get sick with anorexia. It is these myths will be discussed below.

  • Anorexia nervosa - a disease of the gastro - intestinal tract

Many people faithfully sure that anorexia is a form of disease of the gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis or gastro-intestinal tract. But in fact, anorexia to gastro - intestinal tract is irrelevant.

While, at the same time, almost all women suffering from anorexia, diagnosed certain gastrointestinal disease. This is not surprising - after all, no one, even the most strong and healthy stomach, just simply will not sustain permanent starvation.

  • Anorexia does not affect the metabolism

Almost all of the women believe that anorexia does not affect the body's metabolism. However, in reality this is not so - because if the body is not getting the whole set of necessary substances imbalance simply inevitable.

  • Vitamins help prevent beriberi

There is also another very widespread opinion - multivitamin complex can prevent beriberi. But in fact, very different. Firstly, all multivitamin complexes are only a complement to the vitamins that a person gets from food. And secondly, the exhausted body loses its ability to fully absorb vitamins.

Features anorexia

It is important that people close to time noticed the problem and take the necessary measures. In that case, if the disease is seen in its early stages, there is high probability that the medication is required. Mode power is restored, the appetite will come back in full, and the body will again be getting all the nutrients. In that case, if the native people do not get to influence a woman, they should seek help from a psychologist. Very often unable to cope with the problem only by a specialist.

In the same case, if anorexia is not due to a desire to get rid of excess weight, and because of the strong stress - the death of a loved one, loss of a job, may need psychiatric help.

It is also necessary to remember that anorexia may face even children. And in all cases, when a child becomes ill with anorexia, blame adults. In no case is inadmissible forced encourage your child to have something - or that he does not want to, or try to "squeeze" it more than he can eat. Such a course of conduct of adults can lead to the fact that the child there mistrust of any food. And this rejection is formed on a subconscious level, the child can not control his unwillingness to eat.

 I want to be ill with anorexia

Anorexia = perfect figure?

A huge number of girls and women believe that to achieve the perfect figure can be used only if the ill anorexia. Here and there a pathological "I want". However, this is not so - because not all the women we see on the covers of many magazines, anorexic. It's enough to follow the simple rules.

Firstly, we should not forget that a healthy diet is very important in the fight for a beautiful figure. Replace high-calorie sweets on healthy fruits and vegetables, fried potatoes - on cereals, mayonnaise - on cream. Give up coffee in favor of juices and carbonated drinks from in favor of clean drinking water.

And, of course, do not forget that for the full and proper functioning of the body metabolism is very important getting enough exercise. Of course, not everyone will have the strength to get up an hour earlier and go to the nearest stadium, or the time to visit the gym. However, to get out of public transport a few stops early and take a walk or go out on one-hour walk under the force of any of the women.

Of course, many women find this way of good figure may seem too difficult, and they prefer to go the easier path - ill anorexia. However, remember that this ease is deceptive, and the price of success is too high - your health, and perhaps life.

And when you come to your senses, you will face quite a challenge:

  • Restoring normal operation gastro - intestinal tract
  • Normalization complete the work of the kidneys and urinary tract
  • The normalization of hormonal background of the organism
  • Normalization of metabolism
  • Restoring mental health

All you need is a lot of time, patience and effort. And there is not the slightest guarantee that doctors will be able to regain her health the woman in full. Tragically, in most cases it happens that the end to recover from anorexia woman simply can not. As a result, instead of beauty and universal admiration for a woman receives a huge number of health problems and sympathetic views of the surrounding people. But surely the woman, saying, "I want to have my anorexia was" meant not so. So is it worth it? No. Do not forget this, dear girls and women, think carefully before saying "I want". You are good just are what they are.

 Anorexia: How sick? Or a road to nowhere

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