Borovoy of the uterus use

That person - a child of nature, heard, probably, without exception. And, of course, nature always take good care of us. And even today, when medicine and pharmacology have reached such heights, which, it would seem, before you could only dream of, people still constantly seeks the help of nature.

For example, upland uterus. This plant has received fairly widespread in folk medicine. This popularity is quite easily explained - the composition of upland uterus is extremely rich. It contains substances such as resins, hydroquinone, saponins, flavonoids, coumarins, hydroquinone, arbutin, vitamin C, titanium, zinc, copper, manganese. However, it should be mentioned that no matter how good upland uterus, use of this herb alone is unacceptable. A woman must visit your doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment. And the grass will be the only option.

It is believed that upland uterus is used only for the treatment of gynecological diseases. In fact, this herb has not less than a positive effect on the urinary system. Most often upland uterus is used in diseases such as:

  • All kinds of gynecological diseases with an inflammatory character.
  • Uterine bleeding, heavy menstruation.
  • Erosion of the cervix, uterine tumors of various etiologies origin.
  • Infantile uterus, infertility.
  • Adhesive process and a violation of the normal tubal patency.
  • Menstrual disorders, premenstrual syndrome.
  • Inflammation of the urethra and urinary bladder.
  • Acute and chronic pyelonephritis.
  • In men, this herb is used for prostatitis.
  • Aggravation of hemorrhoids.

In most cases, above all for the treatment of diseases of the uterus upland applied as alcoholic or aqueous solutions. Cooking these infusions it is recommended either in glass or in glass-lined tanks, but in any case no plastic or enamel.

 red brush and upland uterus use


So, here we will talk about how to apply Borovoy of the uterus for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Immediately necessary to draw the attention of our readers: in any case, do not change the proportions of the proposed funds - it may have a negative impact on the general condition of the woman's body. Also pay attention to the next point - the red brush and upland uterus have the same application, but in any case do not replace one another.

  • The agent for treating inflammation of the appendages

Inflammatory processes in the epididymis, occur in about one in three women. In order to quickly remove the inflammatory process, it is necessary to take the next course of treatment: half a cup of water with 10 drops of alcohol configuration upland uterus. Take it should be for five minutes before a meal, at least three times a day. The treatment must be at least three weeks, but not more than two months - it depends on the severity of the inflammatory process.

  • Douching with inflammation of the fallopian tubes

In that case, if the woman is suffering from inflammation of the fallopian tubes, traditional medicine recommends it to try douching decoction of chamomile and upland uterus. Preparing the broth as follows: place in a thermos two tablespoons of dried chamomile pharmacy and one teaspoon of upland uterus. This herbal mixture should pour half a liter of boiling water, tightly cover and infuse for an hour.

The infusion is necessary to filter using gauze cloth and douche them once a day - before going to bed. After douching woman should go to bed, and this day is no longer up. Within 12 hours after douching it is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse. The course of treatment should last at least three weeks, though, as a rule, the first results of treatment a woman will notice at the end of the first week.

  • Infertility Treatment

Also, very often upland uterus take those women who have despaired of getting pregnant. For the treatment of infertility, you can use the following recipe: tablespoon of dry upland uterus pour a glass of boiling water. Steep for about an hour, then strain using gauze fabric. Take this decoction is necessary one tablespoon before each meal - 4-5 times a day. Treatment should not last more than three months, after which, if the attempt will not be able to get pregnant, making a two-month break, the treatment can be continued.

  • Treatment of amenorrhea

Often, upland uterus is used to treat amenorrhea. To do this, you need to prepare the infusion follows upland uterus: one teaspoon of dry upland uterus must be placed in a thermos, and then fill it with two cups of hot water. The infusion should be left for a day, then strain using gauze cloth. Broth should take a hundred grams, half an hour before meals, three times a day. The treatment must take place as follows: five days of infusion, two days break, then another five days of infusion. Total course of treatment should last two months.

  • Treatment of uterine fibroids

Too many women personally convinced of the effectiveness of receiving infusions of upland uterus to treat fibroids. To do this, you must prepare itself tincture - Pour one tablespoon of upland uterus hundred grams of vodka. Note that capacitance must be strictly glass. The infusion should be placed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for about ten days. Take the infusion must be as follows: 5 drops in the morning on an empty stomach, 10 drops - in the afternoon, half an hour before a meal, 5 drops at bedtime. Treatment should continue for one month, after which you must do one month break.

  • Treatment of adhesions

Even doctors confirm that the use of upland uterus is very useful in case if a woman is suffering from adhesive processes occurring in the fallopian tubes. To do this, prepare alcohol tincture viburnum berries and upland uterus. To do this, place in a glass bowl two tablespoons of dry grass upland uterus and 10 Viburnum berries - can be used both fresh and dried. All this is necessary to fill two glasses of vodka and let stand for two days. Take necessary tincture three times a day, half a teaspoon, it pre-diluted in a glass of clean boiled water. The course of treatment should last for two months. You must then make at least a month's break.

In that case, if the inflammation and obstruction of the fallopian tubes are expressed very clearly, you can try to use the following regimen. To prepare the solution you need any natural honey, a tablespoon of dried chamomile pharmacy, Hypericum perforatum dry and two tablespoons of dry upland uterus. Pour all the herbs liter of boiling water, dissolve it in three tablespoons of honey. Then tightly cover and let stand a few minutes.

  • Treatment of mastitis

Also very effective alcoholate upland uterus for the treatment of mastitis. Pour one tablespoon of upland uterus a glass of vodka, cover tightly and place in the refrigerator for about one week. Take tincture is necessary every two hours, for drops, after dissolving it in half a glass of water. The course of treatment should last for 25 days, after which a five-day break is needed, then the treatment must be repeated. As a rule, full recovery must be two - three courses of such treatment.

  • Polycystic ovaries

Sometimes a woman is faced with this disease, as polycystic ovaries. For the treatment of this disease, it should be for six months to drink the broth prepared as follows upland uterus. Heat in a water bath half liter of water. In boiling water, put two teaspoons of dry upland uterus. Boil the broth about fifteen minutes, then cool and strain using a gauze cloth.

Take a decoction woman must every morning on an empty stomach. It is also useful in this disease Borovoy of the uterus and red brush, the use of which together increases the effectiveness of treatment. Recipe broth is exactly the same, but you need to add one teaspoon of red brush.

And after the treatment is very important to consult a doctor for a control examination!

 Borovoy of the uterus, used in gynecology

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 weak erection

Weak erections. For any of the stronger sex lack of erection at the very moment when it is needed the most, it is the real catastrophe, and, mind you, is almost universal scale disaster. The man begins to panic, despair, it seems to him that "the earth was slipping from under his feet."

And at this moment it is the support of the beloved plays a crucial role in the further sexual life of men. It will depend on the woman that if a man finds a weak erection is just a random phenomenon, or the feeling of insecurity is firmly entrenched, and the man the rest of his life will take you to a potential loser. But for the woman to understand and support her man, she must find out what factors affect the weakening of potency.

Lack of erection in medicine is called "impotence." However, a weak erection is not always a medical problem - that is what caused - or disease. The share of such cases is not more than 20% of all cases of weakening erection. However, in most cases, male impotence is psychological in nature, and it is after the elimination of the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction disappears. And, as a rule, to solve the psychological problems of the partner participation is not only desirable, but also a must. But to a woman really I could help, she needs to know exactly what caused the problem in each case, and how it should behave in order to rectify the situation.

Feeling guilty

According to the observation of doctors - psychologists and sexologists, the most common cause of the weakening of erection is felt by a man feeling guilty. Particularly high probability of such cases in those situations when a man has two friends, or a wife and a mistress. On the one hand, the man himself actively seeks intimacy. But very often, the most crucial moment, erection in men is simple - simply disappears.

And it happens because of the fact that the man feels a sense of guilt, and he is not always aware of this - it may be subconscious. In this situation it is difficult to advise something specific. For example, if you are a "legitimate" the second half a man, you should try and make every effort to keep her husband. Unless, of course, you're willing to forgive infidelity and never be reminded of it. Well, if you are a second, "illegal", a half, you will either put up with the existing situation, or to leave with this man.

Sex without love

There is a very widely held view that men are polygamous by nature, and sex for them almost nothing to do with feelings and emotions. However, it is not so - all men are capable of sufficiently strong and deep feelings. The vast majority of men prefer sex with women they love and respect. And, importantly, to those who love and respect them. But otherwise the man might get a strong feeling that it is only a means for a woman to satisfy sexual desires.

Poetomu- the view that only a woman can seem like a man it "uses" a mistake. Men also are actively protesting against such "exploitation". And more often unconscious evinces their protest as a weakening or even complete absence of erection. Therefore, the main, and the surest way to correct this situation - as often as possible to speak to the man that you love it. For men, these words mean nothing less than for women. Well, of course, your words are in any case should not be at odds with your actions. After false person feels very precisely. A false worse indifference.

 Weak erection during intercourse

Use of alcoholic beverages

And the leading position among the causes of erectile dysfunction covers the use of alcoholic beverages. As a rule, this problem is temporary and occurs only during intoxication. And by the way, alcohol is the most important good reason to justify man. Although remember that the regular use of alcohol can lead to persistent impotence - and this is a much bigger problem that requires quite a serious intervention.

In this situation it is very important the correct reaction of women. You should not blame the man in the failed sexual act, of course, if you do not want to issue firmly and permanently entrenched in his subconscious. Do not make a tragedy out of this, and it makes more sense does not pay attention to the failure. Just try to defuse the situation and put a man to sleep. Believe me, the next morning. Having sobered up, your sweetheart will appreciate your tact and patience. A weak erection during the act will go along with the remnants of alcoholic intoxication.

Housing problem

Of course, speaking about the psychological problems of impotence, not to mention about this aspect, as the housing problem. Very few men are capable of normal sexual intercourse, knowing that there are people behind the wall. Therefore, in this case, the erection can be largely eased.

In such cases, the woman should be understanding and not insist on sex. In this case, a weak erection does not indicate what - or a serious violation. It is much wiser to postpone the proximity to a more favorable moment than react badly to the slightest creak of a bed or an extra breath partner having sex turning into a kind of test of strength.

In all the above cases, in any case inadmissible focus on the arisen problem - neither at the time of its occurrence or after a whatsoever time. However, if all of the above methods did not help you, there is a possibility that a weak brief erection is the result of the presence of a man of certain diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis or BPH.

Of course, in order to resolve this issue, the man should as quickly as possible, without losing precious time, seek help from a doctor - urologist. However, very often a man refuses to go to the doctor because of embarrassment. And the main task of women - to convince him to do it.

 The husband has a weak erection - a reason for panic or ...?

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