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What most strongly interested determined woman who loved a man? The answer is clear and obvious: it is interested in attracting his attention to his own person, his counter to his interest in building a strong love relationship with a particular representative of the strong half of mankind. To the goal has been achieved successfully, you need to have some knowledge to help understand this very fine things, like the psychology of men in relationships with women.

Our guys seem to us a closed book, a mystery that nevertheless charming young ladies are eager to open and read - because it affects their marital happiness. We, on the other hand, the experience as a sincere desire to help them with this intention, to share in our knowledge about men and their little secrets.

We are all dissimilar personalities, we have different temperaments, characters, habits. This is due to the very nature of which has given us these differences at birth, as well as those which we have received education, education, profession, other external factors. Of course, such details can be found only with the passage of time, it has more closely dealing with the subject of their overt and covert dreams. To understand how you can now make your society for him enjoyable and desirable, you should find out to what psychological type can be attributed to your knight.

 male psychology in relations

Psychological types of men

Audialy, visuals, kinesthetic - that simplified grading of men, based on how they are used to get information and share it with the world. As a pure bright representative to meet any of these personality types is not possible, the division is largely conditional, having quite blurred boundaries. All of us are a volatile mix of those or other qualities, but a closer look closely, you can see that we dominated, plays the most colorful role in our behavior - and from there to build a strategy to win the hearts of the elect.


If your man audial, the at honor, you got a great rarity. Among men, this personality type is less common of all, for some reason, the nature decreed so. You will immediately determine that before you is the representative of the stronger sex, on the following grounds:

  • he uses in his speech phrases such as "I'm listening ..." "Listen to me ..." "How noisy ...", "How quiet ..." "I do not want to hear";
  • He enjoys listening to music, he has all the collections of his favorite artists, and only in the excellent quality;
  • most likely, this man will have a good ear for music, and if his life is not associated with a creative profession, then it is quite finds use their musical talents to the hobby (for example, sings karaoke);
  • he remembers the best information at the hearing. After watching the film, he can easily quote you exactly like the phrase, surprisingly passing even heard the subtleties of intonation.

For such men the world is full of sounds: the soft and loud, melodic and sharp, pleasant and disgusting. Accidentally heard the melody can awaken in his subconscious a whole range of feelings, emotions and associations, and the phrase that word, too, can hurt, takes in dealing with such men the most clear and specific meaning.

You ocharuete it if:

  • possess the nature of a beautiful melodious voice and good diction. Best of all, if by nature you will not get great vocal, it is in your hands to improve on what you have, through various exercises;
  • You are generous with compliments. Here too there is an opportunity to catch two birds at the same time: there are few people who can calmly otnestisk approving said in his address, and if they are uttered enchanting female voice, the men captured the soul surrenders without a fight;
  • You begin to understand the music, the artists and will be able to distinguish the quality of sound in his car as compared to others;
  • dedicated a song or poem - even if it's not romantic at heart, hearing the word beautifully decorated sympathy and love, to remain indifferent, he clearly fails.

What is prohibited:

  • scream and declare a boycott equally useless and even can only hurt you. Psychology of any man in a relationship do not tolerate such actions quite categorical, but is especially important to remember this when you are dealing with a representative of the strong half of humanity that accepts information at the hearing;
  • Avoid profanity, actually, it's very little overlap with femininity, but in a situation with a man-audialom importance of each spoken word increases exponentially.

Muzhchina- visual

This is a very common type among men. Determine that you are dealing with such, possibly by the following features:

  • in his speech, you can often hear words such as "Look at me", "As long as I see with my own eyes - I will not believe", "Well see," "Wait - look", "It was ugly";
  • it is important how you look, how it looks, appearance plays for these men a great role
  • he simply stunning visual memory: he could remember once seen a person or a place, even after a long time
  • He loves to watch movies than listen to music and likes to surround himself with beautiful things for which he was pleased to admire

You went to his head, if:

  • you are attractive or able to properly present its external dignity and hide some flaws. Neat girl who monitors their appearance, has the potential to attract the attention of men of this type;
  • write letters to him, and to do it with fantasy, select unusual design for your messages and write in his own hand and not printed on the computer;
  • Try to always look great - these men are "like eyes" in the literal sense, and how much effort you put in your own appearance, so much of his attention to you, and will return a hundredfold;
  • you're depriving him of speech, once danced for him a lap dance, believe me, it will be at your feet immediately;
  • even when you're preparing a meal to please his eyes - beautifully served table, use beautiful cookware.

That should not do it:

  • forget that the world is a hairdressers, manicure and pedicure, cosmetology, fashion stores, clubs and other places to help women look charmingly. With this man should not be afraid to pay more attention to their appearance, he just approves of everything that you do to look your best - because you are trying for him, for a loved one.
  • criticize his appearance, communicate (even with the best intentions), that someone looks better, stylish, young, and so on. Explain why it should not do, probably not necessary.


Your man kinestetik if:

  • He knows the world through touch, comfort or lack of it beside her;
  • you realize it because he seeks himself to touch you and it obviously pleased if you touch it;
  • in his speeches you hear phrases such as "I was touched," "I do not care," "I feel", "From him through the cold," "I embrace you";
  • he likes to soak in the bath, a tasty meal, he likes to engage in sports and other physical activity.

This psychological type is most common among men, it is advised to better get accustomed to his handpicked successor - most likely, you will see a lot of signs that indicate that it belongs to the kinesthetic. Work out a strategy to win the representative of the stronger sex - psychologists say that these men are the most suitable for the role of head of the family.

How to charm him:

  • touching, kissing, fondling, hugging, and most importantly - a stunning sex: these are the tools that will help you win the heart of men kinestetika;
  • The way to a man's heart is through his stomach "- clearly refers to the men of the psychological type. Prepare him a delicious meal - it is like no one else will be able to evaluate your culinary talents of dignity;
  • use perfume. Let your fragrance firmly slam into his memory, causing the association with warmth, affection, comfort, for it is the most powerful emotions
  • often touch it, to massage, the man admiringly refers to a similar expression of feelings.

This needs to be done:

  • used as an argument in conflict situations, separation from the marital bed, as well as the manifestations of the natural care of her man, like cooking great food and clean clothes. Sooner or later, these manipulations will make a man-kinestetika seek warmth, comfort and understanding elsewhere. His male point of view is this: I was deprived of the most valuable, so I'm not here to court.
  • these men most pleasing manifestations of a woman of her age-old features such as softness, femininity, domesticity. Therefore, they will not be able to pay tribute to the achievements of your career, especially if it comes at the expense of the family. You either have to make every effort so that your man does not feel deprived of your attention, or something to sacrifice their own career heights.

 the psychology of men in a relationship


As we mentioned earlier, found a bright representative of a psychological type in its pure form is very difficult. The more time you spend with your man, the more opportunities you have to learn it. Men's soul seems so mysterious is only the first moments, and then you realize that if you have the desire to learn and to charm its not too difficult.

For each man may choose magic key that can open the shutters of his heart. Remember, dear reader, that the world is ruled by love. The psychology of men in a relationship governed by the same laws as the female. We all dream to find love, we want it to be mutual and happy.

We hope that reading this article will help you better look into the soul of her husband, to understand the psychology of men in a relationship not only with the outside world, but particularly in your relationship and help you improve them.

After all, women, unlike men, still more subtle psychologists, it is easier to hear a partner and catch him with a wave. So let's use this to us by nature for his own benefit, to always see, hear and feel the love coming from a man in love with you.

 Psychology of men in relationships: how to find the way to his heart

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