how to drink without getting drunk

Despite the fact that information about how great harm alcoholic beverage, it is an inevitable phenomenon of human life. People consume alcohol on a family holiday, at a party, a corporate party, a meeting with friends. Some people drink eliminates the feelings of shyness or just relax. And in some cases, people just have to drink alcohol, not to stand out.

However, alcohol - a very tricky thing. As a result, inevitably arise intoxicated people often lose control of their words and actions. And these behavioral costs - not the most pleasant feature of alcohol. Why so many people concerned about the issue of how to drink without getting drunk. Yes, and the subsequent hangover and a little for someone appears bright prospects.

And as far as possible it really? It turns out - yes, today known not so little variety of means, which greatly reduces the effect of ethanol. And there are both pharmaceutical preparations, and folk remedies. However, it should pay attention to the fact that chemically synthesized drugs very negatively affect the human body in general - have a lot of side effects.

That is why in this article describes is popular recipes weakening effects of alcohol, which will have no harm to human health. These people may be used without fear for their health, but the result of these funds will be pronounced - he really will be able to drink, getting drunk while significantly less. But still stupid enough to expect that no matter what - any means will be able to completely prevent drunkenness - probably just reduce its intensity.

Variety of ways

Despite all its diversity, virtually all tools designed to reduce the level of intoxication of man as a result of drinking, divided into two fundamentally different groups on the basis of the action. The first group is a kind of intensive therapy, and the second - extensive.

How quickly people drunk, and how much is expressed in the degree of intoxication, it is largely dependent on how much a person's blood contains blood enzymes that are able to recycle ethanol - alcohol. Once the human organism falls alcohol levels of these agents dramatically increases the process starts processing alcohol, neutralization and clearance from the body.

Precisely on this feature, and it founded the first group of methods that allow a person to drink a lot of alcohol without getting drunk too much. Man makes a kind of "vaccination", triggering the mechanism of withdrawal of alcohol from the body in advance.

The essence of the effect of these methods is as follows - in about five - six hours before the alleged event a person must drink a small amount of alcohol, for example, a hundred grams of vodka or wine. A person should feel a slight intoxication, which will take place fairly quickly - within a maximum of one hour. After that you need to very tight bite. Thus, you start splitting mechanism of alcohol - you can drink a lot, and almost at the same time be intoxicated.

There are many different ways to make the most similar to alcoholic "vaccination." For example, many people advise about two - three hours before drinking alcohol to drink 50 grams of tincture Eleuterakokka. And the effect will be the same - alcohol intoxication occur much later and less pronounced than usual degree.

The second group of tools to avoid intoxication - an introduction to the human body of certain substances that impede absorption into the human blood ethanol, and thus slows the effects of alcohol. However, please note - a similar group practices rather slows the effects of alcohol, delaying its action, but does not completely eliminate it. So:

  • Admission charcoal

Very many people slow down the effects of alcohol the most efficient way helps ordinary charcoal. And you can use as tablets and powder - the result will be the same. It is used in the following way - half an hour before the beginning of the consumption of alcoholic beverages is necessary to take activated charcoal per 10 grams per 10 kg of body weight.

In order to facilitate the work of the gastro - intestinal tract in a high load to simultaneously activated charcoal drink one ordinary tablet of acetylsalicylic acid and Festalum. Acceptance of these drugs does not entail negative consequences for the human body.

  • Acceptance of fatty substances

One of the oldest and most proven ways to slow decades effects of alcohol consumption is very fatty foods. For example, pre-eaten before drinking alcoholic beverages a piece of butter or fat, or, for example, a sandwich with eggs and butter, allow to delay the onset of intoxication about an hour, while in normal cases, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream in ten minutes.

In this case pre-eaten fat quickly envelops the gastric mucosa, to form a kind of film that prevents the rapid absorption into the blood ethanol. However, taking note this way of dealing with alcohol intoxication, in any case we must not forget that in this case the alcohol does not further split. So, its impact on the human body will be felt, just a little later than usual. So be sure to consider this fact when planning the use of alcohol.

And note that repeated intake of fat will not give the same effect as the first time - extending the delayed action of an alcoholic beverage has already been achieved not succeed. Therefore, it is advisable to use it only when the delay effect of ethanol does not need to slow down for a long time.

  • Strong tea or coffee

You can also try to neutralize the effect of ethyl alcohol by drinking a strong cup of hot tea, coffee and even better, with a slice of lemon. That substance, which is produced by a chemical reaction of lemon and drink very well to neutralize the effect of alcohol - even the strongest intoxication after about ten minutes of retreats by half.

Have a drink at the beginning of such a feast, and then approximately every hour during the whole time drinking alcohol. The greatest effect of this method is combined with the preceding - the use of fats. Man is able to drink enough large amounts of alcohol before they get the feeling of intoxication. And this intoxication is not an example of less than without these methods.

 how not to get drunk when you need to drink a lot

Terms of alcoholic drinks

Also, in order to avoid extreme intoxication and the subsequent painful hangover, you need to know the rules are quite simple drinking. Of course, it is much wiser to do not drink, but if it is impossible to avoid this, follow a few simple rules on how not to get drunk when you need to drink a lot:

  • What to drink?

The most annoying thing in the intoxication that scares most people - is the loss of control over their behavior and surroundings. And the culprits are contained in alcoholic beverages fusel oil. Therefore, care must be taken so that the human body has got as little as possible of these oils. Do it can be used only if the concentration in the beverage is minimal. Pay attention to the content of fusel oils in those drinks that you are going to use.

  • Do not mix different drinks

Try in any case not to drink at the same time several different alcoholic beverages, even the most exclusive and high quality. For example, if you drink vodka and champagne, you get a strong drink, which has a tremendous destructive force. And the vodka martini - hardly the most successful combination - either your liver or your kidneys do not tell you thank you for it.

If you still have to mix different drinks, then at least follow the simple unwritten, but long and well-known rule - the so-called rule of "roller coaster." All drinks must be employed on the content of degrees in them to grow, but not vice versa. For example, you can drink beer, and wash it down with vodka. But, in any case, do not do the reverse way - do not drink vodka, beer. Otherwise, a feeling of intoxication is too strong, and the condition of the person in the next few days will leave much to be desired.

  • Remember snack

In no case do not forget about such an important aspect, as an appetizer. And the snacks should be of high quality and good - the risk of extreme intoxication decrease significantly. The most optimal snack for alcoholic beverages are meat and fish dishes, especially hot. Do not get too keen on drinking - do not forget to have a snack. For every 100 grams of vodka should eat 200 grams of food.

There is a little secret - if you do not want the morning to you smelled strongly of stale, while drinking together with a snack, eat a few slices of lemon, dill or parsley.

  • Alcoholic drinks

In the event that you have to consume alcoholic beverages, remember that alcohol begins to suck not in the stomach, but much earlier - in the mouth. Moreover, if, once in the stomach, the alcohol starts immediately neutralized, then absorbed through the oral mucosa, ethyl alcohol into the bloodstream intact. That is why using a cocktail stick, do not hold your drink in your mouth for a long time.

Of course, all these methods are rather conventional, and can only help to reduce the degree of intoxication. Therefore, the most correct answer to the question - how to drink vodka and get drunk: do not drink at all.

 How not to get drunk when you need to drink a lot?

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