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  • The most common skin disease
  • The causes of skin problems

Diseases of the skin occurs in approximately every third person and made him a lot of inconvenience and discomfort - primarily psychological. After all, skin diseases not look very aesthetically pleasing. And if the skin disease in adolescents has somehow justified violent age and hormonal changes, then an adult, it looks at least unnatural. That is why the issue of them is extremely important for many women, including in adulthood.

The most common skin disease

The facial skin - it is our business card. It was her state largely determines the impression that our appearance makes people. Unfortunately, there are a great many dermatological diseases, the full list of which is known only to doctors, and not for everyone. But many of them are rare for a normal person. Accordingly, you will be interested in only the most typical and common skin disease. What do they include?

  1. Acne (in common - pimples)

      Generally it is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which may occur due to the wide range of reasons. The greatest contribution to the development of this unpleasant disease makes seborrhea - the chemical composition of the fat released by the skin of the face. It occurs due to various hormonal storms, which can be a normal part of growing up, or disruption of the body. Oh, those acne! How spoiled visits to their account and unanswered loves! Sadly, this is the most common disease of the skin. Fortunately, many people, they are themselves a certain age.

  2. Rosacea, or acne rosacea

    Scientists talk about the different reasons that can cause the manifestation of the disease or worsening skin: mites, gastritis, endocrine and immune diseases, certain medications. Typical symptoms are a persistent redness of the skin (usually the center), skin rashes and seals, expansion of blood vessels and even eye damage. Some may confuse them with the usual spots, but it is not: Rosacea are saturated pink color.

  3. Another dermatological disease in our "hit parade" - it is rosacea

    So doctors call spider veins that appear on the face. This is due to the capillary walls loosening of skin, resulting in a stagnant blood vessels and the walls lose their elasticity. In the case of this disease need to pay particular attention to substances that affect it - vitamins and minerals, as well as to try to eliminate alcohol and cigarettes, hot tubs and saunas.

  4. Papilloma -Another one kind of skin diseases

    The reason for their appearance - a virus that is present in the body of eighty percent of the people. He activated more often in cases of trauma or reduce the immunity of a certain area of ​​the skin. The presence of papillomas carrier delivers a lot of inconvenience: they act on the skin and very unaesthetic, very easy touches clothing or anything else that causes discomfort. As a rule, the treatment takes place in two directions: the elimination of the internal causes of acute illness and the removal of warts using a laser, liquid nitrogen, or a cut-off of electric current.

Some people mistakenly attributed to allergic skin diseases. But this is not quite correct, because the allergy - it is nothing like the high sensitivity of the immune system to any substances (allergens) that causes a certain reaction. For skin allergy symptoms include a rash, redness, swelling and acne. The recipe for combating it very simple allergen avoidance actions; However, in cases where this is not possible (for example, flowering in the spring) must be competent treatment, the doctor chosen especially for you.

 skin disease

The causes of skin problems

Too many people are trying to solve the problem by means of special cosmetic products, sometimes very expensive, and disguise them by using different makeup: foundation, powder and all kinds of concealers. But in fact, such actions are unlikely to help solve the existing problem - the human skin is a direct indicator of its health. And in order to rectify the situation, it is necessary to find and eliminate the root cause of the poor condition of the skin. The same reason can cause various diseases, and in one disease may be very different reasons. Therefore, we offer them to the general list.

  • Improper skin care

Many people, faced with problem skin, it is believed that all the troubles associated with improper or inadequate care of her. However, this is not true in all cases, and about ten percent. Of course, proper skin care is very, very important. Try to pick up those cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. Usually, a few days after the start of any - any cosmetics you will know that they are suitable for you or not.

  • Problems with the functioning of the gastro - intestinal tract

Dermatologists say that the state of the skin is a kind of indicator of the various body systems. First and foremost, the state of the skin affected by various illnesses of gastro - intestinal tract: gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and goiter.

It is also very important to the proper diet and drinking regime. In the event that you are faced with certain disorders in the digestive tract, try to completely eliminate from the diet of fatty, salty and smoked dishes and sweets, especially chocolate. The most beneficial way to influence the state of the skin lacto-vegetarian diet.

  • Infesting

There is a huge number of different kinds of parasites. And their presence in the human body in the first place an effect on a skin she gets dirty gray shade becomes more friable, the pores expand and may cause black pustules and acne lesions.

  • Violation of the hormonal system

Any change in the normal hormonal levels in the body immediately leads to deterioration of the skin. A very striking example of this relationship is to change the skin during the menstrual cycle.

  • Violation of the central nervous system

Disruption of the normal functioning of the central nervous system and can lead to problems with the skin. Vascular dystonia, chronic fatigue syndrome, persistent stress conditions - all of which can lead to acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

  • Sleep disturbance

As we know, healthy sleep in adequate quantities is the key to beauty of the skin. It's no wonder the doctors say that every lost hour of sleep robs a person one day youth.

  • The unfavorable environmental conditions

Another common cause of deterioration of the skin - is unfavorable ecological situation. Generally, the larger the city the person lives, the greater the risk he faced problems with the skin.

  • Chronic infections

Sometimes a person suffering from acne and pustular rash on the skin, and the cause of the disease can not be identified. In this case, you need to think: whether it is connected with any chronic infection? Even prolonged sore throat or tooth decay may be the very same centers that will constantly provoke the emergence of problems with the skin.

In order to condition skin does not bother you, it is necessary to minimize the impact of risk factors. Do not forget about the simple rules of skin care. The skin should be cleaned at least twice a day. In the morning - to remove potozhirovye allocation, accumulated over night. This should be necessary - otherwise the selection will clog the pores. In the evening will be a useful cleansing the skin of dirt, dust and pieces of epidermis. Do not forget: you can wash your face with warm water, but always rinse with cool finishing, the pores narrowed.

Remember that this article - it is not a guide to the diagnosis and self-healing. The information contained in it is exploratory in nature. The nuances of your skin condition can be so subtle and unobtrusive for you that veroyanost wrong actions will be very high. Therefore, love and take care of your skin, and there is a suspicion - run to the doctor!

 Diseases of the skin: the female enemy number one

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 Contact lenses overnight

Unfortunately, vision problems today have become very widespread and commonplace. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism - this is just a small list of common diseases of the eye unit. And more and more people refuse points in favor of contact lenses.

In particular, many people are interested in contact lenses overnight. Before we talk about what it is and what the advantages and disadvantages have a night lens, it is necessary to clearly define what is meant by this definition.

Only overnight wear lenses

The last few years doctors - ophthalmologists offer those patients who suffer from myopia, an alternative method of treatment operation designed to improve the sight of the sick person about 7 diopters.

By the principle of its work, the eye is very much reminds principle of the film camera. In order for a person to see the picture items should be focused on the retina, as if on film. And if the person suffers from myopia, this is the focus on the image is not on the retina in healthy people and in front of it. And the very image of the retina gets already blurred, leaving a person sees a blurred image.

In the same case, if a sick person puts on a therapeutic night lenses, per night they change the shape of the cornea. As a result, in the morning, waking up, a person sees nearby objects clearly, as if he, and there is no short-sightedness. Unfortunately, this method of vision correction is very short - the therapeutic effect of missing only one day, after which the vision will once again rapidly to return to the previous level. However, if the person again the next night put on therapeutic lenses, vision will again be great.

Agree that this method of vision correction, in contrast to the ordinary contact lenses, has its advantages - the day you are almost completely healthy. You see the wonderful surrounding objects without glasses or contact lenses. And before the operational method of vision correction benefit is obvious - if something is in the process of treatment goes wrong, the output is simple - just to stop the use of contact lenses.

However, in any case, do not attempt to use such corrective lenses. They, like any other, must be chosen strictly individually, taking into account the characteristics of each individual. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite result - further deterioration of vision.

It is much wiser and safer to consult your doctor - an ophthalmologist, who will help choose the right corrective lenses overnight wear. In addition, the doctor will tell you how to care for contact lenses.

And if you have never used contact lenses, it is the physician should teach you how to put on and take them off. Believe yourself, without having the necessary skills, you are unlikely to get the right to wear contact lenses.

 Night lenses

Continuous wear lenses

And at times, saying "the night of the lens," people assume that type of corrective contact lenses that can be worn day and night, without taking the night. Similar night contact lenses differ significantly from the usual daily lenses.

If you go to bed without taking off for the night ordinary lenses, discomfort and dryness of the eyes in the morning you will surely be provided. Specialized same contact lenses designed to be worn around the clock, are made of a special material that does not lose water, but also, very well miss much needed oxygen eyes.

As a result, the person wakes up in the morning without any - any uncomfortable sensations, redness of the eyes, or even more so, with no signs of inflammation of the eye. Further, such contact lenses are made from a material that is not deposited typical contact lens protein deposits. However, this feature of continuous wear contact lenses in any case does not negate the general rules of contact lens care and the need to take precautions.

In any case, no matter what night of the lens you choose, before they purchase be sure to visit your doctor - an ophthalmologist!

 Contact lenses overnight. What to choose?

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