shelled elbows

Shelled elbows? It's really very unpleasant phenomenon. Besides being shelled elbows not look very aesthetically pleasing, deliver a lot of discomfort to man, they are often also indicate that the body goes through certain violations. That is why people in any case should not be ignored peeling elbows. What do you do in this case?

The first thing that all - is still necessary - is to consult a doctor - dermatologist. He will be able to find a professional cause of the problem, assign the appropriate treatment and, if necessary, and sent for consultation to a specialist. The most common cause of skin peeling are the following reasons:

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis can lead to defeat the entire area of ​​the skin, including the skin of the elbows, whereby they start to flake. For the doctor - a dermatologist in this case will not be difficult to diagnose the disease, since it is even a range of typical symptoms of psoriasis. Treatment in this case sufficiently long and specificity. Tragically, today medicine can not fully cope with psoriasis. The maximum that can be achieved - is to reduce the symptoms of the disease to a minimum. The treatment of this disease has been the doctor - dermatologist.

  • Violation of the endocrine system

Violation of the endocrine system in all cases leads to destabilization hormonal status. And as a result of violations of hormonal problems with the skin - a very common phenomenon including scaly elbows. Therefore, the doctor - a dermatologist, not finding problems with his hand, can send a sick person to the doctor - endocrinologist. The doctor - an endocrinologist examine a sick person, prescribe blood tests to determine levels of the various hormones. If necessary, the sick person will be assigned to a course of treatment.

  • The lack of vitamins

In the case in humans lacking vitamins E and A, the skin on the elbows can not only start to peel off, but even strong enough to burst. To resolve the problem in this case, you should immediately start taking multivitamin complexes, including in its composition of vitamins A and D. And doctors do not recommend spending money on vitamins super expensive - is very effective most ordinary "Aevitum" and "Undevit." Also, remember that to get rid of a lack of vitamins can be quite fast, easy - simply adjusting your diet. Include in your daily menu, onion, parsley, dill and other herbs, vegetable oil and butter.

 scaly skin on the elbow

Proper care of the hands of the elbows

However, sometimes the elbows can be shelled and without any - any violations on the part of the body, just as a result of improper care of them. But care elbows requires neither particularly long nor very high material costs. Suffice it to pay very little attention to this procedure, and you no longer have to hide your elbows under the long sleeves.

  • Cleansing elbow

If you peel off the skin on the elbows, the first thing to do - is to thoroughly clean the elbow by removing from the surface dead skin cells. For this very effective method is: before going to the bathroom for about 10 minutes, carefully rub them with half a potato or a slice of lemon. And while showering hard sponge thoroughly rub elbows.

  • Soften the skin elbow

After taking a bath or shower during which cleans the skin of elbows, it is necessary to soften. After water procedures skin is most susceptible to the effects of emollients. And you can use not only special moisturizers, and various improvised means: any vegetable oil - olive, mustard, sunflower oil, or animal fats. Choose the means necessary to put on the skin of the elbows with a thick layer, on top of the bandage of the soft tissue, cover with plastic wrap and secure with a bandage. This poultice should be left on all night.

  • Soda baths

If you peel off the skin on the elbow, well help hot soda baths. For this solution to one liter of water five tablespoons of baking soda with a slide. The water should be as hot as sustain your skin. Place in bowl of water elbow for about 30 minutes, adding water as it cools. After that, you must also use the scrub.

Discoloration elbow

However, the problem may be not only that shelled elbows. Sometimes, the skin on the elbows just simply change their color, getting darker shade. On the one hand, no particular inconvenience person does not deliver. However, dark skin elbow often looks sloppy.

But whiten it is not so difficult. Firstly, it is possible to use for this purpose designed whitening cosmetics. And you can use make-shifts: morning and evening, then polish the skin of the elbows or lemon juice, or half an apple or a cucumber. As a rule, only a few weeks your elbows acquire pristine color.

 On elbows scaly skin? Getting rid of the problem

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 Human Papilloma Virus Treatment


  • Modes of transmission of HPV
  • What happens in the body?
  • Complications of the disease
  • A little more about the features of the disease
  • Methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Removal of papillomas
  • Destruction of virus in humans

Human papillomavirus in recent years become increasingly common and more often. However, not all people know exactly what the disease is manifested and, most importantly, how it is treated. This is what will be discussed below - readers will know when to worry and consult your doctor to begin treatment of the disease.

What is a papilloma? Doctors call this term a tumor of the skin, which is the connective tissue and blood vessels. This tumor in all cases is benign. Connective tissue, covered by a layer of epithelium, grows up, towering above the skin. Such entities can be very much. Most often in appearance papilloma it is very much like a cauliflower. In severe cases, when human skin is a large number of papillomas, doctors say about the phenomenon of papillomatosis.

Color papillomavirus can be very different - from dark - brown to white. In case papilloma located on the skin of the face, it is often brightly - pink hue. Needless to say that this problem is a significant cosmetic defects, and that such education in the first place begin to heal the sick. And if papilloma located in mucous membranes of the throat, they are bright - pink color, and may interfere with normal breathing and speech process.

Modes of transmission of HPV

In order to minimize the risk of disease, which is not so easy to cure and you need to know how the way the virus enters the human body, and how to avoid infection. The most important condition for the infection occurred - is in direct contact with the mucous membranes of the virus itself. By the way, the presence of mucosal microtraumas greatly increases the risk of infection. There are several basic ways to papillomavirus infection:

  • Traditional sexual intercourse

The most common infection occurs during the traditional sexual intercourse, in which the partners have to forget about the need to protect. Moreover, note that in this case the only effective barrier contraception. All the rest is simple - simply ineffective. And do not forget the fact that you can not only get infected from a man who has seen signs of the disease, but also one who is simply a carrier of the virus, with no signs of disease.

  • Oral and anal sex

During these kinds of sex, contrary to popular belief, catch infections, sexually transmitted infections, including papilloma virus, may be highly likely, if not to use barrier contraception. And no wonder - because the mucous membranes are present in the rectum, and in the mouth. So, the human papilloma virus has the potential to penetrate the human body. And then you have to treat him.

  • Infection of the baby during delivery

Unfortunately, even small children are sometimes infected with the papillomavirus. Infection occurs at a time when the crumb passes through the mother's birth canal. However, sometimes there are cases when infected, even those kids who were born as a result of caesarean section. Therefore, doctors suggest that you can get the virus by the intrauterine infection.

  • Infection in contact with raw meat or fish

Often, the disease occurs even in people who are constantly in contact with any raw fish or, more often, with raw meat - are engaged in butchering. In people, this phenomenon is called "butcher's warts." Therefore, to treat papillomavirus have to treat sushi lovers and professional chefs.

 Treatment of human papillomavirus

What happens in the body?

Immediately after human papilloma virus penetrates into the body through the bloodstream it begins to spread throughout the body. Whether chosen by those other cells, the virus penetrates into them, hitting DNA. As a result of this process, the cell begins to function differently, not as healthy. The affected cell begins to divide very actively, because of what and there is so characteristic of this disease proliferation.

It is necessary to draw your attention to another important aspect - the length of the incubation period. It can be very different - from several weeks to several years. This criterion has a huge impact the immune system of a person. In the event that a good immune system, human papilloma virus can in no way to express themselves through a very, very long time. But as soon as the immune system a little bit loose, the virus is activated immediately. Approximately the same as when a herpes virus infection. And then you have to treat the disease for a long time.

That is why doctors - dermatologists immediately warn a sick person that in any case, do not blame your partner of being unfaithful. It is highly likely that you or he have been infected several years ago. And besides, we can not forget that this virus can occur completely asymptomatic, so that people do not even realize about the disease so far, has not yet learned about it during a routine examination. And allegedly doctors, these people about 65%. So, in other words, most of the adult population in the body has the virus and almost all of us in dire need of treatment.

Complications of the disease

Tragically, people often do not realize the seriousness of this disease, in the mistaken belief that there is absolutely no danger, and refuse to treat the virus. At first glance, it does seem so. It is possible to live with the disease, not starting treatment, and feel it is quite bearable. But what the doctors say about this? This will be discussed below.

So people are infected with the human papilloma virus. The disease can occur completely asymptomatic for a very long time. During this period, it is really safe because it does not have on the human body absolutely no negative effects. But sooner or later it makes itself felt, manifesting those same formations grouped papillomas. If a person went to a doctor and get started in a timely manner the necessary treatment, he is fast enough to get rid of HPV. But if a sick person, for some - any reason not started treatment of the virus and are not addressed to the doctor, there are two possible scenarios.

In the best case, if the infected person's immune system is very strong, possibly complete self-healing. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is very rare. Most often the disease if it is not cured in time, becomes chronic, with regular relapses. And the disease will recur as long as the sick man begins to treat the virus. However, this is not the worst-case scenario.

Located in the body of an infected human papilloma virus with a high probability can provoke development of various tumors. Moreover, tumors can be of two types - both benign and malignant (cancerous). For malignant tumors caused by the presence in the human papilloma virus, often include cancer of the uterus, cervix and vagina in women, and for men - a cancer of the penis. So is it worth such a risk to their health? After cure human papilloma virus can be much easier than getting rid of a malignant tumor. So if you recognize yourself in these lines, is not it time to start treatment?

A little more about the features of the disease

As mentioned above, papilloma growths can be seen in the most diverse areas of the skin. There are several main places of localization:

  • In the armpits
  • In the neck, both the front and rear
  • Women - under the breasts, and in sufficiently large quantity, generally
  • On the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, nasopharynx, and even the vocal cords (such papillomavirus much more difficult to treat)
  • Bypasses virus attention and internal organs - the gastric cavity, the mucosa of the bladder, which treatment also problematic as in the previous case
  • Well, about the genitals and the anus, even not speak - there papilloma virus is localized mostly

It is widely believed that most of the papilloma virus affects women is (or they are just the first to begin treatment of the virus, in contrast to the indecisive in health stronger sex). However, doctors say that it is not so - and men and women are equally likely to become infected with the disease. The only factor that can affect the risk of infection with HPV - a state of the immune system, but not the sex of the person. Exactly as the virus can be cured, and men and women for an equal period of time.

 how to treat human papillomavirus

Methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases

More recently, even to diagnose human papilloma virus has been difficult, to say nothing about the fact that it effectively treated. However, in recent years there was a real breakthrough virology. For doctors have no difficulty not only diagnosis, but also its treatment. Moreover, there has specially developed a vaccine that prevents the development of papilloma virus in the human body. It is called Gardasil. It is due to the vaccine virus can be cured with little or no consequences for the organism.

We have already mentioned that the disease is often detected completely by chance during routine examinations. Unfortunately, however, such testing are not all people. To date, mandatory testing for the presence of human papillomavirus subject:

  • Diseases, sexually transmitted

Survey subject to all people, regardless of sex, who have found any infection, a sexually transmitted - whether syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV - infection, and others. Such people must be ready to treat not only discovered the disease, but also those that are not yet diagnosed.

  • The presence of pathological changes in the skin

Sometimes, human papillomavirus may be slightly modified to such an extent that the appearance will not be able to identify them even an experienced physician. That is why the analysis for the presence of human papilloma virus is necessary in case of any unexplained human skin tumors. Moreover, any rashes and spots on the skin should be treated.

  • Erosion and other diseases as the neck and body of the uterus

Human papillomavirus in women often leads to the development of diseases of the reproductive system of women, so if you neglect to treat yourself with respect will not only viruses, but the consequences of their activity. And in this case, treatment may be delayed.

Diagnosis of the presence in the human papillomavirus today virtually one hundred percent reliable. However, it may carry out doctors in several stages - because it's a bit more complicated than simply reveal, for example, iron deficiency anemia based on the levels of total blood analysis. To date, the following are commonly used methods of diagnosis:

  • Visual examination of pathological changes of the skin. As a rule, if the papilloma virus is not modified, it is easy enough to find a doctor
  • Colposcopy study
  • Cytology
  • Histological examination

In addition, during the examination to detect the presence of human papillomavirus doctor always take smears for microscopic and bacteriological examination of the cervix, urethra and vagina. In addition, as the method is very effective diagnostic PCR.

Once the doctor is satisfied that the human papilloma virus is indeed present, the sick person will be appointed the necessary treatment. And the need to treat human papillomavirus complex. It is important as removing themselves from skin papillomas of the sick person, and the destruction of the virus, a parasite in human cells. Therefore, treatment should not be independent, otherwise it is possible to heal the disease before the appearance of new diagnoses. The first appearance of warts should see a doctor.

Removal of papillomas

A person suffering from HPV, the virus shows the treatment by removing warts with skin. Doctors use several different methods: Remove with liquid nitrogen, laser treatment, moxibustion special pharmacological agents - the so-called chemical removal, surgical removal of very large groups of warts. The doctor in each individual case to decide how to treat the patient is standing, and a method of removal of warts can be selected for a given individual.

Destruction of virus in humans

Unfortunately, the treatment and removal of papillomas themselves not complete recovery denotes human. If cure papilloma still be able to, they will very quickly again. That is why it needs the next step of treatment of the virus - medical. Medications for the destruction of the virus must also appoint a doctor.

If all doctor's appointments after treatment HPV come full recovery rights. But forget about the precautions in any case impossible - because HPV is not chicken pox, and immunity to it the human body does not produce, so the disease should be treated more carefully than ordinary flu. Do not be amiss to note that treatment should be complex, and the man at this time is to give up all bad habits that can activate the effect of the virus.

 Human Papilloma Virus Treatment and Symptoms

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