In search of a good gynecologist

A good gynecologist - the most important specialist in every woman's life, for the health of new and expectant mothers in need of constant attention and careful attitude.

Visit a gynecologist must be at least once every six months. Ideal - watching one specialist. Knowing the characteristics of the female organism, constant doctor monitors his condition in different situations: in diseases of pregnancy, after childbirth, abortion and so on.

Among the many women it is of the opinion that in general hospitals of professionals there, and the best doctors work in private hospitals. In fact, there are amateurs and there and there. Find a gynecologist that you will like, is not difficult. A good gynecologist should have a number of personal and professional qualities.


  • friendly and calm;
  • nesuetlivy and slow, does not distract from the communication and work with the patient;
  • He expresses his personal relationship to the intimate life of the patient, its lifestyles and character traits;
  • It does not express my personal attitude to other specialists and gynecologists.


  • It does not distribute information about health status and problems of the patient;
  • explains every action in the course of inspection, pre-letting of any sensations of the patient;
  • recommends and prescribes a contraceptive based on the results handed over analyzes on hormones;
  • not forced to accept any medication without explaining their purpose;
  • He says aloud and explains all records in the patient's card gives a detailed interpretation and advice on the diagnosis and treatment, responding to questions arising from the patient's unique and affordable.

Often, patients are referred to the grounds of his sex a good gynecologist. Many people have a fear of male gynecologists. However, most of the women from visited the reception at the gynecologist both sexes, unanimously agreed that men with the patients much more polite, attentive and considerate. In fact, no sex with professionalism, with no relation to the patient can not be binding because the doctor is a doctor, is a medical professional who does not need to be afraid and ashamed. The main factor to be his conscientious and responsible attitude to work.

The norm was to provide their gynecologist patient contact information, which he can always get answers to questions and clarifications. Business card or the phone may ask the patient herself.

 In search of a good gynecologist

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 delayed menstruation causes

Every woman at least once in his life faced with a term such as delayed menstruation. Sometimes women just dream of that month delay for a couple of days to get to a particular event. You have planned a trip to the sea or a romantic date, but the "red calendar days" violate everything your plans! Familiar, is not it? And when the month is really late, often panic starts. Of course, the first thing that makes almost every woman - it buys a pregnancy test.

If the test is positive, everything is clear. If the test is negative, while the women delay menstruation, the reasons may be different. Do not immediately panic - it may very well be that she simply made a mistake in their calculations. Recalculate again very vnimatelno- by the way, for this reason gynecologists do not recommend relying on your memory, and are advised to keep a special calendar.

A little about the anatomy

Before we talk about the reasons for the delay menstruation, should brush up on knowledge about what is a menstrual cycle. Knowing the features and details of the female physiology and anatomy, it is much easier to understand, which may be reasons for the delay menstrual irregularities. And remember this is the most mysterious physiology from top to bottom. Simply put, the primary prerequisites for the formation of the normal process of formation of the menstrual cycle begins in the cerebral cortex.

The most important glands responsible for the menstrual cycle, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland are - they lead to all sorts of disruptions of the menstrual cycle. These glands are directly connected to each other and work in sync. Violation of a cancer inevitably entails a violation of the other work. They secrete special substances that have a direct impact on the work of ovarian and uterine condition.

Under the influence of hormones in the first half of the menstrual cycle, the uterus and ovaries gradually preparing for fertilization and implantation of the ovum. Ovaries in the strong pace produce estrogen production, there is a maturing and subsequent release of an egg. Changes and the state of the mucous membrane of the uterus - a thickening of the endometrium (the inner layer).

Once ovulation has occurred, and left the egg follicles, the woman enters the second phase of the menstrual cycle, which is characterized by the following processes: the follicle is transformed into the corpus luteum, which begins to produce progesterone. In that case, if conception occurs, the corpus luteum does not function, there is rejection of the inner layer of the uterus and the woman begins menstruating.

The menstrual cycle - a complex process, and in addition, just oiled like a Swiss watch mechanism. And it can disrupt even the most minor faults and disturbances. Since the menstrual cycle delivers exactly the reproductive function in various stressful situations the body, aimed at survival, simply disable it.

What is a normal menstrual cycle? In the first place it is characterized regularity. Although, of course, the length of the menstrual cycle each woman is individual - normal limits range from 21 to 35 days. And going to talk about what could be the reasons for the delay menstruation, let's be clear what should be considered as a delay. As a rule, gynecologists believe that worry is only after five days of delay.

And pay attention also to the fact that a delay monthly several times a year can have absolutely any even perfectly healthy women. However, if you notice a delay at more than three times a year, you should think about the need to visit the doctor - these failures may indicate the presence of a wide variety of problems in a fragile woman's body.

 reasons for the delay menstruation

The causes of menstrual disorders

Now, we come to the most important topic of today's conversation - the causes that may lead to the delay period. Such reasons are not so little - and each of them is worthy of attention. Below we describe in more detail each of them.

  • Different stressful situations

In the event that for whatever reason the woman is in a constant state of stress, the likelihood of a delay monthly increases significantly. The cause of such stress conditions may be a variety of factors - problems in the family or at work, exams, the death or serious illness of relatives and friends, and many other events. Therefore, if the delay occurs monthly on a similar psychological background, women have to tell your doctor - a gynecologist. Incidentally, in the same group can be attributed to the syndrome of chronic infections and persistent lack of sleep.

So do not complicate your life another problem in the form of a delay monthly - much more sensible to try as little as possible to get nervous, and if for one reason or another to deal with the problem alone does not work, consult your doctor - neurologist or psychologist. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe you a certain sedatives anti-anxiety drugs to help stabilize the emotional - psychological background woman.

  • Body weight women

Not the least role in the normal menstrual cycle and plays a woman's body weight. In that case, if it is too excessive or, on the contrary, low risk of disturbance of the normal menstrual cycle increases significantly. And this fact has a scientific explanation. Subcutaneous fat in the female body produces very active female hormone estrogen. A, respectively, in the regulation of the menstrual cycle adipose tissue plays a significant role.

That is why too overweight sooner or later, will inevitably lead to the fact that estrogen is produced too much, and thus fails in the menstrual cycle of women. Yes, and the overall health of a woman whose weight is too large, also suffers less.

Even so fashionable among women, particularly among young girls, the pursuit of the almost unattainable standard "90-60-90" can also turn very badly. Numerous scientific studies have reliably confirmed that the minimum weight of a healthy woman should be not less than 50 kilograms. In the same case, if the weight is less than this critical level, you can not face the fact that the delays, and at all to say goodbye to the menstrual cycle on a very long time.

Of course, this does not mean that the diet should be completely excluded. However, we must not forget that in any case the power must be carefully balanced - do not forget about the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. In addition, you need a full range of trace elements and vitamins.

  • Excessive exercise

Of course, the usual fitness classes or morning jog will not do any work to women's health. But the back-breaking, exhausting body load - Professional sports, heavy physical exertion, with a very high degree of probability can lead to delay menstruation.

  • Various diseases of the internal organs

As has been mentioned, the menstrual cycle depends on the general state of the organism. In that case, if a woman has certain chronic diseases, it also could face a delayed menses. The most common culprits of menstrual disorders are diseases such as endometriosis, endometriosis, salpingo, and appendages of the uterus, ovarian dysfunction.

  • Emergency contraception

About 10% of all cases of delayed menstrual cycle is a cause of emergency contraception - the use of such means as, for example, "Postinor." Of course, such a measure is much better than the interruption of unplanned pregnancy. However, we should not get carried away too much - otherwise, your health may be seriously harmed.

  • Medications

There are a number of pharmacological agents, the use of which can lead to such side effects as irregular menstruation. Antidepressants, diuretics, drugs to treat tuberculosis, anti-ulcer medicines - all of which can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle. If you are regularly taking any - any drugs, tell us about the problem your doctor.

  • A radical change of climate

In the event that woman suddenly changes climate, the risk that it will come delayed menstruation, grows about three times. That is why doctors - gynecologists so vehemently protesting holiday in hot countries in winter. Not only that, coming on vacation, a woman faces with acclimatization, so still and do not begin on time monthly. The woman begins to experience, even assuming that the absence of menstruation is a kind of payment for the holiday.

Unfortunately, too many women are very careless about their health. Cherished date: no monthly. A woman walks into a drugstore, buy one test, a second, a third - no pregnancy. The woman calmed down and did not seek medical attention. This delay is very expensive - the violation that led to the delay menstruation, continues to worsen. As a result, it may develop serious chronic disease. Therefore, the reasons for the delay menstruation, pregnancy, in addition, be sure to install.

 The reasons for the delay menstruation

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