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Nature indulges us warm spring rays, causing an involuntary smile. After all, spring - the favorite time of the year all. It wakes from sleep, not only nature, but also to the human body. Spring activated many processes in the body. But sometimes he needs help - for example, to carry out a global spring cleaning of the body. If cleaning of the body carried out correctly, the result is simply amazing. This is what will be discussed in today's article.

Approach to the cleaning of the body must be very, very carefully and accurately - otherwise you can only harm the body. Therefore, if a person suffers from one or other chronic diseases, before the complex of spring cleaning the body he should seek medical advice from your doctor.

Although, strictly speaking, a healthy person should at least once a year undergo routine preventive care. So why not do it in the spring? Let it become your new useful tradition. The main study that will help determine the state of health of the person - a laboratory analysis of urine and blood tests, X-rays of the lungs and ultrasound of internal organs. And, of course, check-up - physician. Incidentally, it was he, and will give you all the necessary directions to the survey.

We should not forget the need to promptly see a doctor - dentist. And women are just as important preventive visits to the gynecologist. For human health - it is a complex concept. And there is no sense to be engaged in the purification of the body if there is a health problem or another.

What is the cleansing of the body?

First, let's understand what the cleansing of the body. Doctors refer to this definition, it is very skeptical. Very often, advocates of various methods of purification say that in the human body are toxins. However, doctors say that there are no toxins in the body is not, and by definition, can not be.

And that means - and clean the body essentially nothing. The only thing that can and should do - is to help the body's excretory system is fully functioning. However, it must be done properly - otherwise the desired effect will not wait for you. But for convenience we will use the term "treatment."

Washing the body

A very good method of cleaning the body is flushing. During cleaning the body should drink at least 3 - 3, 5 liters of liquid per day. Pay special attention to what you drink - just clean drinking water for this is not the best option. Doctors recommend drinking the following beverages:

  • Mineral water, saturated sodium salts, preferably non-carbonated.
  • Various juices - of course, preferably fresh, but not citrus.
  • Green teas and herbal teas. But make sure you do not suffer an allergic reaction to the separate components.
  • Approximately 200 grams per day of dry white wine. And only if you are healthy.

During the washing of the body is necessary to follow a diet. On it we will tell a little lower. Also, you need to remember some safety rules. If you like drinking regime kidneys are working in emergency mode, so this method is only suitable to those people whose kidneys are absolutely healthy. Also, remember that the body, in this case intensively washed out as calcium and all the vitamins of group B. Therefore, they need to be taken further.

 cleaning the body at home

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder

Washing the body is very helpful, but so are cleaned only kidney. But the gall bladder and liver remain unused. Yes and intestines cleaned only partially. Therefore, for their very efficient purification following recipe - butter and lemon. Please note - it is strictly contraindicated in those people who are allergic to citrus fruits. In addition, in any case not allowed to use this method of purification in the home for those who suffer from gastritis of the stomach, and even more so from inflammatory diseases of the liver.

Actually, the process is extremely simple - during the day a person can not eat anything. But every two hours is necessary to drink half a glass of mineral water in which dissolved two tablespoons of lemon juice. And every time you need to drink a teaspoon of olive oil. The course of purification - one day a week, for one month.

In the same case, if cleansing the liver and gall bladder lemon juice man does not fit, it can try milder recipes - medical tyubazh and breathing exercises. Immediately after waking up is necessary to drink 0, 5 liters of warm mineral water - non-carbonated. Then lie on your right side, and put a warm heating pad. In this position you must be about one hour.

After that comes the time of breathing exercises. Lie on your back and begin a deep inhale and exhale - per minute for about 10 breaths. These measures will improve the discharge of bile and improve the work of both the liver and gallbladder. Tyubazh should be carried out at least twice a week for a month.

This method virtually has no contraindications - except one. In no case do not spend tyubazh in if you have at least a small gallstones. They are with high probability may move. And not the fact that they just leave the body - stones can block the bile ducts.

Therapeutic diets

Since cleansing of the body, remember to observe a diet. As a rule, the diet of modern man includes a considerable amount of meat. A protein of animal origin in the digestion produces a large amount of toxic substances. So for a while is to abandon the eggs, milk and meat. A plant food is very good stimulates the digestive system: the intestines, liver and kidneys. And the intestinal microflora from it only wins.

However, choosing vegetables and fruits for medical diet, people should remember that the fruitarian is extremely dangerous - you risk earn gastritis. Therefore, doctors recommend to stock up on vegetables such as:

  • Cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.
  • Beet and all kinds of lettuce.
  • Radishes, radish.
  • Celery, dill, parsley and other herbs.

Doctors - Nutritionists recommend to eat all the vegetables boiled. And you must boil in two stages - to bring the vegetables to a boil, drain and pour fresh. And only after that they can already cook until tender. The volume of one portion should be about 250 grams. Food should be taken every three hours.

But we must not forget that such a vegetable diet can lead to deficiency in the body of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Therefore, during a diet sure to take a multivitamin complexes. The diet can be added legumes, beans, nuts and seeds - this will help to avoid the lack of protein.

 cleaning the body of folk remedies

Traditional methods of cleansing the body

At home, to cleanse the body, you can use a variety of herbal remedies. However, remember to be careful - some of which may cause an allergic reaction. Also, remember that the prolonged action of herbs - they need to take a few months before the effect becomes noticeable. Before using these herbs is very advisable to consult with your doctor - the body cleansing at home requires caution. You do not want to spend a few weeks in the spring of injections and tablets:

Cleaning the body of folk remedies can be made using the following recipe:

  1. The broth of corn stigmas. To make this broth you will need two tablespoons corn stigmas and 100 grams of dried nettle leaves. Place the raw material in an enamel pan, pour one liter of pure water and bring to a boil. Leave to infuse for about two hours, then strain it with the help of gauze fabric. Take a decoction requires four times a day, about 15 minutes before a meal. The duration of treatment - not less than 90 days. Note - treatment in a similar manner is strictly contraindicated for people who suffer from hypertension. Yes, and the elderly over 60 years and it should give preference to other herbs.
  2. The infusion of cumin seeds. 3 tablespoons of seeds to sprinkle in a thermos and pour one liter of boiling water. Close the thermos lid and leave for a day. The resulting infusion of strain and pour into a glass container. Keep cold infusion in a dark place - for example, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Take it should be two teaspoons before meals. The course of treatment should last exactly 90 days. This method of cleansing the body is very effective, but is contraindicated in those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. A decoction of the leaves barberry and parsley. This decoction greatly raises the tone of the gall bladder and stimulates the secretion of bile. To make it, you need to take two tablespoons of dry raw materials, put them in an enamel bowl and pour a liter of water. Boil the broth requires about 15 minutes, then leave to infuse for two hours. Take the broth must be on a half glass of an empty stomach before breakfast. The course of treatment - two months.

Bath and sauna

Another very effective way to clean the body, proven in hundreds of years - a bath. And, given current trends, - a sauna. Steam has a variety of useful properties - not only cleanse the body. About them we shall now explain:

  • The effective work of the kidneys

In the bath, any person going very intense sweating. And if at this time a man takes diuretic teas, the kidneys improved significantly. But I would like to reiterate - that if you have one or another kidney disease, pre-consult with your doctor.

  • Skin cleansing

The bath is very deep cleaning of the skin. By the way - women notice. If a visit to the steam room before you apply to the skin a thin layer of honey, then your skin will be very soft, clean and silky. Of course, this can be done only if a woman has never been observed in allergic reactions to honey.

  • Preventing blood clots

Sauna is very effective in preventing blood clots, and tone of vascular walls of the arteries and veins increases significantly. This happens due to the fact that blood vessels in the steam room very quickly and strongly expand, and then just as quickly narrowed. This is a wonderful exercise to vessels.

But be careful - it's a double edged sword. Bath is effective only for healthy people, but for those who suffer from cardio - vascular diseases, it is simply dangerous, because it adversely affects the heart and brain. In principle, even completely healthy people do not abuse guys - the duration of the session should not exceed 15 minutes. And go to the bath more often than three times a week, still not worth it.

  • Toxins

Bath and sauna very effectively removed from the body toxins accumulated. Very often the bath is used as an emergency in acute poisoning - both food and alcohol. Therefore, as cleaning the body of toxins accumulated during the winter, a bath is also very effective.


Remember that there are groups of women who are contraindicated cleansing of the body at all. In principle, these restrictions are not so much:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Put cleaning at a later date.
  • Acute diseases. It is impossible to carry out the complex treatment during any acute illness.

In any case, choosing the suitable recipes, try to pre-consult with your doctor. It is very important to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. In that case, if you manage to find the right set of cleaning the body, the result will not take long. And in the spring you will find beautiful and full of energy!

 Spring cleaning of the body

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