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Do you still think that age-old question - is to be or not to be? You are sadly mistaken! Today, the age-old question - how to lose weight? Of course, this problem is particularly acute for the beautiful half of humanity. However, in fairness, it should be noted that it is not a miracle men. That is what we will talk today.

Today one can find thousands of ways that promise miraculous deliverance from the hated kilograms in the shortest possible time. However, all these promises and tips on how to lose weight in a week, more often, at best, ineffective. And at worst - cause irreparable harm to human health. That is why we will not make any promises, but just tell you about how to lose weight without harm to health and exhausting diets.

Normalization lifestyle

So, you're one fine morning - and perhaps not the morning - you look in the mirror and decide that you have a couple of extra kilos. And decides to get rid of them. Laudable solution - do not argue with this. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to work hard - because without labor, not only fish from the pond do not pull, but the weight is not in order bringest. So, how to lose weight fast?

For a start, you need to radically rethink their way of life. And not only to review and gather all the will in a fist and change it. Moreover, it is often necessary to change dramatically, which is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Ready?

  • Dream

First, normalize their mode of wakefulness and sleep. An adult should sleep at least 8 hours a day, and at night. Therefore, as it may sound tempting offer friends to go with them to a nightclub, and both would be tempting not flickering computer monitor, you'll have to go to bed no later than 23.00.

It would seem that what could be a link between sleep and overweight? It turns out that the most direct. The amount of sleep directly affects the normal metabolism. A metabolism, in turn, affects the weight of the human body. Yes, and the common good for the body full of sleep is almost impossible to overestimate.

  • Walking

Be sure to take enough time to walk in the fresh air. And excuses like that in the modern metropolis of fresh air during the day with fire will not find, can not be accepted. Any walking tour is much more useful than sitting in the room. Doctors recommend at least a walk before going to sleep for an hour. Near your home there is a park or public garden? It's just wonderful. No? Also it does not matter, the evening stroll along the streets.

And even if time is running out, do not give up walking. Traveling to or from work - leave a few stops early. Yes, and the nearest supermarket is to walk - let her husband in a car and then take you shopping.

  • Diet

Be sure to watch your diet. Of course, if all you need to get rid of a few extra kilos, just to review your diet - no special diets you do not need, just eat well. First, strictly exclude from the diet the following products: all meats, pickles, sausages, any foods containing preservatives and dyes.

All products must either boiled or steamed or baked in the oven, but without any fat. But all dairy products, fruits, vegetables and cereals, with the exception of the manna, we can have virtually unlimited quantities. In addition, you can eat lean meats and fish.

Secondly, it is important to monitor not only the menu but also the schedule of supply. Eat at least three times a day, preferably always at the same time. Do not be tempted and do not allow yourself any "snacks." In an extreme case, if the hunger becomes absolutely unbearable, you can drink a glass of kefir or eat a small apple.

It goes without saying that the usual trips to dinners and evening gatherings in cafes you also have to give up. In extreme cases, you should limit ourselves to any light vegetable and fish salads. Of course, this will not be easy, but the results will not keep itself waiting. Just a few weeks supply of this extra weight will melt like a castle in the sun. And such a diet is much better and safer than any possible diets.

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Diet for fast weight loss

Well, in that case, if more than five kilograms of excess and need to get rid of them as quickly as possible, you'll have to resort to more drastic measures. In particular, by means of various diets. However, remember that in any case can not sit on any diet without first talking to your doctor. And this applies to absolutely all men without exception, as well as any diet.

We suggest you try the following diet. It helps to get rid of extra kilos, at the same time not very detrimental effect on human health. However, you strictly adhere to the proposed menu - otherwise the results may be unpredictable. Doctors are regularly confronted with the effects of different diets. And we start a new life, as usual, on Monday. We offer you a menu for the week:

  • On Monday

Breakfast miss in any case impossible - that breakfast starts normal metabolic processes. At breakfast on Monday to eat half a grapefruit are medium in size and have a cup of hot tea. And in tea can even put half a teaspoon of sugar or honey.

For lunch relies boiled egg 1, 1 medium-sized tomato and half a cup of black coffee. In that case, if you are allergic to chicken eggs, they can be successfully replaced by the quail. Quail eggs do not cause allergic reactions. And for the diets they fit best.

Dinner consists of all of the same egg, half a grapefruit and cabbage salad. Prepared salad as follows: finely chop the cabbage (200 grams), a little salt - just a little - and leave for a couple of minutes. Then add a teaspoon of olive oil. Salad ready! Dinner should be no later than two hours before bedtime.

  • Tuesday

Tuesday breakfast will be exactly the same - 1 boiled egg and half a cup of hot tea. But today, sugar or honey will have to give. And dinner is identical - 1 boiled egg, 1 tomato and a cup of black coffee without sugar.

But for dinner today will be more plentiful - 200 grams of cabbage salad, 100 grams of boiled beef and a cup of tea without sugar. If you drink tea without sugar, you can not, you come to the aid sweetener. However, they should not be abused too.

  • Environment

Breakfast - Hello again, half a grapefruit and a cup of hot tea, this time with a teaspoon of sugar or honey. At lunch you can indulge in one boiled egg and tomato, as well as 200 grams of spinach stew. No seasoning in any case can not be used - only spinach and water. In a pinch, you can add a half teaspoon of olive oil. For dinner, cook for a couple of veal chop one half cucumber and half a teaspoon of coffee.

  • Thursday

And again, the same "person" - for breakfast you can eat a grapefruit or an orange, drink a cup of unsweetened tea. Lunch offers a very unusual dish - baby canned meat. And you can buy any of what you will be thrilled - but you can not eat more than 200 grams. In addition to the canned food you can eat 100 grams of spinach stew and drink a cup of unsweetened coffee. For dinner, eat one boiled egg, 200 grams of fat-free yogurt. You can enjoy a cup of unsweetened tea or nonfat yogurt.

  • Fri

At breakfast - a banana and a cup of unsweetened tea. For lunch, eat 300 grams of spinach or cabbage stew, one boiled egg and a cup of black coffee. Dinner in honor of the end of the working week is almost royal - 200 grams of any lean fish, steamed, 100 grams of cabbage salad and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

  • Sat

Instead, you'll have to do a breakfast cup of unsweetened tea and lunch - fruit salad. Salad preparing very simple - cut by half an apple, grapefruit and orange, add three tablespoons of any low-fat yogurt and mix. The liquid can not be taken for lunch. At dinner - 200 grams of boiled beef, cucumber and a cup of hot tea unsweetened.

  • Sunday

At breakfast - 100 grams of fat-free yogurt and a cup of hot tea without sugar. Lunch - 100 grams of boiled chicken breast and a cup of hot coffee. For dinner, you can drink just one glass of low-fat yogurt.

Of course, such a diet is hard enough. However, it allows you to get rid of extra kilos quickly, in doing so, unlike other diets, a person does not feel particularly strong sense of hunger. Experience shows that such a diet for a week, you can remove from 5 to 7 extra kilos overweight.

However, do not repeat the very common mistake of many women - fans of various diets - do not try to improve the result and repeat this diet more than once every two months. Otherwise, the health consequences can be very negative. So grow thin correctly. You do not want to become a permanent patient of the doctor-gastroenterologist?

In very exceptional cases, you can resort to the most urgent measure - buckwheat - kefir diet. However, to sustain it very, very difficult. Therefore, if you do not have the willpower, you should not even try. This is not about you? So, prepare 500 grams of buckwheat and six liters of yogurt. Yes, these products and become your only food for a whole week.

Buckwheat is divided into seven equal parts - for seven days. Preparing buckwheat simple: fill in all of the daily volume of cereals clean cold water - one of the buckwheat will need three parts of water. Doing this just before going to sleep better to night buckwheat have absorbed the water. Buckwheat need to eat during the day. In addition, a day you can drink up to one liter of yogurt. Excluding weekends - Saturday and Sunday the number of yogurt should be reduced by half - to 0, 5 liters. In just seven days, you can get rid of 7 - 10 kg. And the more overweight originally, the more weight you will lose.

However, be prepared for the fact that the effects of such a diet can be very unpredictable. And full responsibility for their health you assume. Therefore, before you decide on such a diet, consider carefully whether it is worth the beauty of these victims?

 how quickly lose weight

Physical exercise

Of course, a diet - it is a very effective and a good way of getting rid of excess weight. However, without proper exercise to lose weight it is very difficult, even with the most stringent diets. And unlike all diets exercise brings only benefits the body. And one-time "raids" on the gym will not bring any success. So remember the main thing - a systematic. Only regular exercise will help get rid of excess weight.

And it does best in the gym with trainer. It will help you choose an individual training program that is appropriate for you. Many people believe that such services are too expensive. However, it does not - to date these individual sessions are available to almost everyone.

No less useful and swimming - it allows you to throw extra weight effortlessly. And especially good swimming removes fatty tissue from the sides and belly. In addition, swimming - employment, very useful for the overall condition of the body. You can not swim? Perhaps now is the time to learn. In a pinch, you can make an aqua aerobics - it is carried out at a shallow depth and threats drown you just will not.

In a pinch, you can practice and at home. As a rule, women at home are trying to download the press, trying to remove fat tissue from the abdomen. However, apart from a stomach sure there are other trouble spots, from which with the help of the usual exercise is quite difficult to get rid of. So grab a video course that will help to lose weight from all the problem areas without exception.

As you can see, the right to get rid of excess weight is possible. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Remember, how to lose weight? Correctly! Rational nutrition, healthy lifestyle, exercise. If you find it difficult to change their lifestyle alone, invite her friend to try together with you to fight for an ideal figure. After all, as you know, is always more fun together!

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