talc on his face

  • Causes wen
  • Surgical treatment
  • Recipes of traditional medicine

Do you think that the biggest attack of facial skin - is acne? You are very wrong! There is such a thing as talc - soft fat formation, arising from increased growth of fat cells. Most often on the face of talc have a diameter of about half a centimeter, but in some cases may be much larger size.

Wen equally common in both children and adults, both men and women. Most often, talc formed on the forehead, eyelids and cheeks and the neck. In the overwhelming number of cases the lipoma is not reborn in malignant and do not present any particular risk to human health. In fact, Wen is just a cosmetic defect. But, of course, finally it can only confirm the histological examination of lipomas (Wen).

Causes wen

But despite all of the above, we can not lose sight of the fact that in some cases wen is only a consequence of a disease of the internal organs. Most often it is following diseases:

  • Violation of metabolic processes

In that case, if a person suffers from a disruption of metabolism, the occurrence of Wen on his face - not a rarity. Indeed, the exchange is broken including adipose tissue.

  • Genetic predisposition

Sometimes the DNA itself lies a tendency to excessive development of fat cells. Typically, in such cases, the talc produced in parents and later in children. Most often, talc appear again and again.

  • Endocrine diseases, diabetes mellitus
  • Various diseases of the kidneys, liver,

As you can see, diseases that can cause the development of Wen, not too little. Therefore, you determine its own is unlikely. So it's worth to see a doctor - at least for their own reassurance. Though, most likely, would be a serious reason not to, but it's worth to make secure.

 Facial talc

Surgical treatment

If wen more than six centimeters, remove it only with the help of surgery. In almost all cases, the doctor removes fatty tumor under local anesthesia. But in some cases - the child, the elderly, increased anxiety - can be decided on the need of general anesthesia.

Despite the fact that the operation is very simple, in front of her holding a sick person will be assigned a number of studies - a general analysis of urine and blood, ultrasound, analyzes on hormones - all very individually in each situation. In addition, the anesthetist will talk with the sick person to choose the best type of anesthesia.

Recipes of traditional medicine

If fatty tumor (lipoma) is not too big, you can try to remove it with traditional medicine. All of these recipes are practically safe. The only thing to be feared - it is an allergic reaction to a substance, which is part of the chosen means. Also, do not be amiss to discuss selected treatment with your doctor.

  • Kalanchoe

Treatment of the oil lamp with the help of the leaves of Kalanchoe in most cases turns out to be very effective. To do this, you need to carefully remove the skin and attach to Wen. The sheet must be secured with adhesive tape and leave for 6 hours. This treatment should last at least three weeks. And the first results you will notice just a week.

  • Golden mustache

If talc is not only big, but also very tight, you can try to cure golden mustache. Even if you completely remove wen after the first course of treatment fails, it will be a fraction and softer, which is also important. The treatment itself is very simple.

Mash a couple of leaves of golden whiskers to mushy state, impose on Wen vowed plastic wrap and leave for 6 hours. The duration of treatment - not less than 10 days, and then disappear, and talc, as a rule, no longer appear.

  • Mutton fat

If you have a fat sheep, you can try the following treatment. Three tablespoons of mutton fat melt in a water bath, but do not bring to a boil. Then rub a lot in wen. Repeat such a procedure is not less than five times a day, for at least two weeks. As a rule, Wen begins to decrease in size is already on the fifth day.

  • Garlic

Chop the garlic cloves to a state of pulp and mix with equal quantity of any vegetable oil. Rub the mixture into wen at least three times a day for one week.

In the event that after two weeks you have chosen the treatment has not produced the expected results, it is necessary to consult a doctor. As you remember, the doctor will find out why there was wen, select appropriate treatment, if necessary, direct the surgery.

 Wen on the face is no longer a problem!

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 how to get rid of blackheads

  • Skin cleansing
  • Medical masks
  • Lotions
  • Diet

There is not a woman who would not strive for perfection. And one can hardly imagine a beautiful woman with a bad skin. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of acne, will not lose its relevance, probably never. Very often, the fair sex simply resign themselves to this trouble, and do not even try to fight acne. Maximum - is trying to disguise their tons of foundation and powder.

Skin cleansing

If you decide to engage in combat with acne? So, first of all necessary to properly clean the skin. Cleaning - it is not just washing, is a complex procedure.

  • Purification of the sweat and dirt

Typically, skin cleansing is reduced to washing with soap and water. However, this should not be done - first, the soap very dry, even oily skin. Secondly, no simple soap to cleanse the skin pores, but only its surface. It makes more sense to buy a special tool to cleanse the skin.

And you can cook it yourself. Rub on a small grater one tablespoon of any children's soap. In enamel ware put three tablespoons of dry inflorescences pharmacy chamomile pour 100 grams of water and bring to a boil, let it brew for an hour. After that, strain the broth and pour soap flakes and bring to a boil over low heat, stirring constantly. Got a lot of cool and hop into a glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Use as a normal facial wash.

Note - you need not only to wash in the evening to wash away the dirt, but in the morning - for a night on the skin surface to collect large amounts of sebum. And it is also very clogs the skin pores. And the morning washing greatly reduces the number of acne.

  • Deep cleansing

Approximately twice a week is necessary to carry out deep cleansing of skin. This procedure can be carried out by a doctor-cosmetologist and independently at home. This is done as follows. You will need: two tablespoons of chopped in a coffee grinder oat flakes, one tablespoon of pharmacy chamomile, a tablespoon of yogurt or sour cream.

Boil one cup of water, put a daisy in a medium-sized bowl and cover with boiling water, allow to cool slightly. At this time, mix the oatmeal with sour cream or yogurt, and give a little brew. When steam chamomile infusion will cease to be scorching, lean over a bowl and cover your head with a towel. Tray should last at least 15 minutes. Remember that steam baths are contraindicated for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and asthma - in this case it is better to use a washcloth dipped in warm broth chamomile.

Once the skin to steam, put on her pre-prepared mixture and massage in circular motions for 5 minutes. After that, leave for 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of cool water, blot with a towel, but do not rub. Ideally, then lubricate the skin juice usual aloe.

 how to get rid of blackheads yourself

Medical masks

Proper cleansing of the skin, of course, very important. But one thing it to get rid of acne is not enough - you need to treat the rash. Again, you can go two ways - to buy beauty products or to use the popular recipes.

  • Cucumber-honey mask

They say women who have tried this remedy on himself, cucumber and honey mask - the best way to get rid of acne. You will need two tablespoons of grated on a fine grater cucumber and one teaspoon of honey every. Mix the ingredients together and apply on clean face. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then wash with water. Use this mask can be used only if you do not have an allergic reaction to honey.

  • The mask of aloe

If the acne tends to inflammation, you can try the following - very simple - the mask. Put three sprigs of aloe in the fridge and leave for a day. Then peel and chop with the help of a fork. The resulting mush apply to problem areas, cover with plastic wrap and leave for an hour. Then rinse with water and apply cream.


Becomes superfluous wiping skin throughout the day with one of the following lotions. They are prepared very simply, and the effect is simply amazing - the number of acne is reduced within a few days.

  • Cucumber Lotion

On a fine grater grate a small cucumber, put it in a glass bottle and pour half a glass of vodka. Put in the fridge and leave to infuse for at least a week. Clean skin lotion ready for the day as often as possible.

  • Calendula lotion

Place in a glass bowl one tablespoon of dried marigold and fill a hundred grams of vodka, insist at least a week. Then strain the lotion using a strainer or gauze cloth. Wipe your face twice a day - morning and evening.

 how to get rid of acne permanently


It is important to review your diet - many foods trigger acne. Of course, only if a person has such predisposition. Eliminate from your menu:

  • Sweets, especially chocolate
  • Starchy foods, especially pastries
  • Products containing artificial colorants and preservatives
  • Alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks

If all of the above means to get rid of acne do not help, consult a dermatologist. Very often, but still sometimes the cause of acne are certain diseases of internal organs. And only cure them, you can forget about acne.

 How to get rid of acne at home?

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