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  • Verbal human relationships
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Perhaps you can not imagine life without communication with other people. The relationship between people - it is an integral part of life. In everyday life, people tend to be in contact with many people, and not always doing consciously, deliberately or planned. In every society, no micro and macro levels has its own rules of communication between people, due to internal or external circumstances. The relationship between people can be either formal - recognized, and informal - permissible among a specific group of people. All human communication can be divided into two types of communication: verbal and nonverbal.

Each of these types of communication requires certain rules of conduct, everyone should know the rules of communication between people. Communication skills can show the person as a good and bad side. People who are confident negotiating, friendly and helpful to others, always stand out, stored and capable of using their communication to influence others.

 the rules of communication in business meetings

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Verbal human relationships

Verbal relationship - it is just a person, the manner of its delivery, intonation, informative content of the speech, its emotional tone, all that people hear from other people and speaks. Depending on the situation, in which there are generally accepted rules of communication, they are called "rules of etiquette". They include greetings when they met, respectful tone, the ability to listen to the interlocutor, the ability to argue with someone on the same topic, and so on.

And intonation of human speech can place other people to communicate. It - it is a tool by which a person has positioned itself in the society. With only one speech, the person with mediocre external data and the low social status is able to stand out and show their strong side or desired.   Anyone who has daily contact with people, able to develop the oratory signs. An important feature of a good speaker is the belief of the speaker in the spoken and confident behavior in public. Communication must be carried out in a timely manner and to keep the attention of the interlocutor be interesting or popular at any given time.

 non-verbal ways of communicating
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Non-verbal human relationships

Nonverbal relationship - is body language, which is typical for a person in communicating. Such communication is always parallel with verbal and is an integral part of communication. Despite the fact that non-verbal communication "dumb", they are very important in a conversation between people. With signs and facial expressions can detect lies or flattery. Beautiful she must have no strict rules of verbal communication, but also to keep track of your non-verbal signs. Often when people lie, they give contradicting what was said gestures. In addition to the gestures and facial expressions, in a conversation as important pose in which a person is communicating.

So, if a person wants to be understood and heard, he should observe the following simple rules:

  1. Be friendly and welcoming.
  2. Believe in what was said.
  3. Wanting to be understood by people, to convey information.
  4. Make sure that as you say, you have to match their facial expressions, gestures and posture with the information that is presented.
  5. To be able to listen and keep the conversation going.

It is worth remembering that, depending on the situation, the rules of communication can change that any of them can be omitted altogether.

 Terms of verbal and nonverbal communication between people

 Psychology of men in 50 years


  • Psychology of Personality
  • Life tasks
  • Middle age crisis
  • Relationships with women

Modern men are becoming more and more infantile - it's a fact. That is why many women are increasingly choosing their partners in dialogue at the age of fifty years. However, their psychology is radically different from our own, and if you want the relationship was long and deep, it is important to understand this.

Psychology of Personality

What are the personality and psychology of men after fifty years? Of course, such a person is an adult - this is very difficult to argue. At this age, he has already learned to live within the social norms and rules, except in rare marginal. He has formed an idea of ​​how the world works. The man in the fifty years is able to make choices and take responsibility for it, and it will certainly attract. At the same time, he is able to create conditions for its development, thus have certain personal and social status.

A lot depends on how functional a man at that age. There are people who retire early, and then change their character and way of life are closely tied to it. Motivation for life, its intensity and eventful, human activity - all this causes certain emotions that are already formed character type. As a rule, fifty years, he composed in a rather rigid and stable structure.

Some people believe that at this age the peak of creative productivity passes. However, this very much depends on the profession man. Of course, military or athletes in fifty years - has deep retirees. But if a person is not available in other areas, such as business, management, politics, medicine or law, its year - an indicator of experience and performance. In addition, he has more opportunities to perform verification or advisory work, as well as the higher ability to organize their work.

Intellectual abilities and thinking of men's are highly dependent on how well he develops them (the same is with the figure, by the way). If a younger age could do a genetic good luck, but now this will not. Much more tenacious mind have men who loaded it. Specifically, scientists less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease than normal people. Of course, objective factors such as the state of health or the environment, is also affected. And you can not forget about the personal flexibility and willingness to learn: there are men who fifty years already behave like a very old, and there are those who surf and understand new technologies better than any young guy.

If a man has a family, it is in the region of fifty years, he is faced with the phenomenon of "empty nest" when the children leave the father's house and go to an independent life. As a rule, this stage is a crisis for the family, which exhibits all the problem areas in the relationship. A large percentage of divorces occur precisely at this time.

Although in general, a man of fifty years of dealing largely be accounted for by the household or work colleagues. Friends such as the time given less attention - because that's how life is. At the same time there is friendship, but at a higher level of quality: the actual communication becomes more important and valuable and is based usually on a rational understanding of each other. For example, on common interests or outlook.

Another line of relationships in the lives of fifty men - is the relationship with elderly parents. In our harsh reality often it turns out that at this point one of them is no longer alive. Because of this man after fifty years, already has experience of major losses, and sometimes more than one. It enriches the inner world of man and makes him stronger. With living parents are the relations of the type of mutual assistance: a grown man supports them, and they, if health permits, sit with younger children.

If a man, for whatever reason do not have a family, this is compensated by the entertainment with friends. This course of events actually signals the failure of the passage of a midlife crisis, but we'll discuss this later.

 Psychology 50 year old man

Life tasks

Psychology says that at each stage of development before the person there are certain tasks that he has to decide to go to the next level. And they do not stop until his old age. For fifty years at the forefront challenge that famous psychologist Erik Erikson called "work-stagnation." The man who safely pass through this crisis shows not indifferent to others and seeks to assist them. He is interesting to communicate and educate the youth, as it seeks to leave behind people who have something learned from him.

If a person is stopped in its development, then comes stagnation. It manifests itself in the fact that the man did not want to do and learn. The passivity and impotence rolled on him. As a rule, all this is manifested in chronic diseases, which are beginning to be perceived as the value and meaning of life, albeit unconsciously. It's - the only thing that brings to life the revival. That's how the human psychology.

That if we talk about the problems of life in general. But more particularly they are manifested in three main aspects:

  • It is quite natural that men of fifty years, cease to perceive physical strength as the main indicator of courage and consistency. She comes to replace the priority of wisdom, which is far more effective in finding a way out of difficult situations. Yes and health no longer allows you to be as hardy.
  • To overcome the crisis stage in a man must develop emotional flexibility, as opposed to emotional poverty. With age, each of us can become almost numb, because the world is very cruel, but in life anything may happen. But along with this there is a risk of losing the ability to love and be happy, so you need to be flexible and sensitive to the emotions.
  • Mental flexibility is also important for a man of fifty years, as well as emotional. At this age, it manifests itself in the form ready for new experiences and knowledge. If a person is open to information and facts strives every day to know and learn something new - so he copes with the problems of the period.

 Psychology man after 50 years

Middle age crisis

Psychology of adulthood raises the issue as one of the most important. It is not surprising, because many men faced with this crisis. Fifty years old - an age when most of life is lived. There is a desire to look back and see that all would be done correctly. For a man, it is important to link the youthful dreams with the harsh reality. And if in twenty years, he thought that by this time will be the master of the world, when it does not, there comes a psychological mistake. It is particularly strong if the total external achievements, internally, everything remains poor.

The man in the fifty years may begin to "go" with the mind, and even more than that after thirty-five. At first it seems that it has reached small. This may signal a vague inner anxiety attacks against family members, irritability, desire to divorce, changing jobs, a variety of extravagant behavior. In pursuit of a bygone young men can begin the "young": going to night clubs, "hang out" with the youth and even to buy a motorcycle.

But all this - the wrong way. Before a man opens the choices that he must make responsible, either go for that dream, that does not give him no rest, or learn to appreciate what he is - a normal family, the average salary, ordinary cottage, etc. ... To do this properly, you must renounce hatred and jealousy against those who live differently. If he succeeds, the crisis is considered to be successfully passed. It is important to eventually give a positive evaluation of the past life, otherwise all that awaits man - a longing and frustration.

Relationships with women

As we already wrote, after fifty years of a man somewhat differently builds relationships with women. It is not surprising, after all the baggage of experience and knowledge can not remain unnoticed. Of course, if such a man has a family, everything becomes more or less clear. Established relationship with my wife at this time normally are close and comfortable, as the behind - the mass lived with crises and difficulties of life. Of course, it is not all luck, and the world known many examples when the family - it is only an appearance, behind which lurk irritation and anger.

"Alone" in different ways to communicate with women. The correct behavior is considered to be when a man in the fifty years knows how to build relationships, not so closely tied to sex. He begins to understand and appreciate the value of communication as such. He is interesting psycho-emotional intimacy than sex. That is why intelligent man in his fifties with a great desire to communicate with adult women than young beauties.

Such, unfortunately, not so much. Still, the majority chooses the path of least resistance, which is often associated with hidden complexes. They shy genuine intimacy and choose the way of sexual exploits. To prove their own masculinity, these men meet hordes of young girls. You understand that the attitude toward women in this case accordingly - condescending consumer. Because this rhythm is not natural for the body fifty men taking Viagra or something like that.

This is the psychology of a man of fifty years. Like any other, this age is full of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. Contact with it or not - you decide. In any case, the more of your life to communicate with different people, the more interesting and amazing it becomes.

 Psychology of men 50 years: how to understand it?

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