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"It smells like a barracks! "- We grimacing nose, smelling feet. And no wonder - is unlikely someone will like like smell. And what is our horror, when a "perfect" day, we realize that our legs start to smell too! What to do? Of course, you can go the path of least resistance and buy deodorant for shoes.

But, alas, it does not solve the problem - only mask the odor. So let's try to figure out whether there is a remedy for foot odor, could radically deal with this nuisance. Especially since there are so many recipes of traditional medicine that are no less effective than drugs and especially deodorants for the feet.

The only thing you need to remember - it's about the possibility of allergic reactions to one or another component of the funds. However, this is rare, but still worth a hedge. Before using, apply a small amount to a small area of ​​skin and observe for 10 minutes. If a burning sensation and redness will not, can use the selected tool.

Therapeutic baths

The first thing to try - therapeutic baths, which normalize the process of sweating and prevent the development of pathogenic organisms. Before any tray should be washed thoroughly with soap and legs - they must be clean:

  • Camomile bath

Ironically, chamomile is not only struggling with inflammatory processes, but also the unpleasant smell of feet perfectly eliminates. To begin, prepare a decoction of chamomile: Boil one liter of water, sprinkle in five tablespoons of dried chamomile pharmacy and simmer about 15 minutes. The broth should insist for an hour at least.

In the evening, before bedtime, pour into a bowl of five liters of hot water and add the broth chamomile. Do not forget to check the temperature to avoid burns. Put your feet in the tub for about 30 minutes, and then let them dry.

  • Lime bath

It has similar properties and lime color. To prepare the bath of lime you need to prepare the infusion: put in a thermos three tablespoons of lime blossom and pour liter of boiling water, leave to infuse for a day. Thereafter, the tub can be done.

Heat five liters of water, add the lime infusion and three tablespoons of any of honey. Carefully stir the water to dissolve the honey, check the water temperature. The duration of the bath should be not less than 30 minutes. If the water is cool, add the hot - otherwise the effect will be much weaker.

  • Oak bath

As you can guess, there is an unpleasant odor in the case, if the feet sweat too much. This means that you need to eliminate excessive sweating. And the best copes with this task oak bark, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Grind five tablespoons of oak bark, place a small enamel pot and fill with one liter of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer the broth for about an hour, then cool and strain. Before going to bed wash your feet and make foot spa - five liters of hot water, add the broth oak bark. The duration of the bath - 20 minutes.

 foot odor

Treatment packs

Baths, of course, are very useful, but it is best to combine them with medical compresses. All of the baths and compresses combined with each other, so choose for themselves the most liked.

  • Honey wrap

Honey - in general the universal medicine. He will help in the fight against unpleasant foot odor: after a bath, when the feet are completely dry, apply a thin layer on the skin of honey. Pay special attention to the skin between the toes! Wrap with plastic wrap, put on cotton socks and leave for two hours. Then rinse the honey cool water and thoroughly dry your feet.

  • Valerian wrap

Purchase at the pharmacy valerian root and chop three tablespoons. Mix the resulting powder with three spoons of any yogurt or sour cream. After the bath, apply the resulting mass in the skin of the feet, cover with plastic wrap and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse your feet with cool water.

 unpleasant foot odor

Hygiene Regulations

However, all of these measures to combat unpleasant smell will be completely useless if the person does not observe basic rules of hygiene. Unfortunately, the majority of people constantly forget.

  • Clean feet

Alas, but many people are in most cases limited to washing the feet before going to bed, and even then not every day. And a very good reason - you need to wash your feet not only in the evening, but every time you take off your shoes. It does not matter, it will be sandals or winter boots. Foot wash thoroughly, not forgetting the skin between the toes, and with soap and water.

  • Socks and tights

Of course, standing in the corner of socks - a very amusing spectacle. Perhaps even an element of decor can get. But the pleasant smell, they clearly do not contribute. So try to change socks after each washing of the feet. After the invention of washing machines washing certainly question has lost its relevance.

Also pay attention to the materials from which made socks - avoid synthetic materials. Cotton, linen, wool - natural materials to prevent excessive impression well absorb moisture and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant foot odor.

  • Shoes

All this is equally true for shoes. Clean shoes must shine not only outside, but also be clean inside. At least once a week to arrange his shoe bath day. Never wear wet shoes - always dry it. And indeed the shoes should ideally be made of natural materials. Yes, and deodorants for shoes will not be superfluous - in the sale of a huge number, so you can easily pick up the right tool for you.

Follow these simple rules and unpleasant foot odor will last! If, however, despite all your efforts to deal with the problem persists, consult a doctor - dermatologist. You may need more serious measures.

 The cure for foot odor. Down with the stench!

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 pimples on the face

  • Causes of Acne
  • Medical mask for acne
  • Anti-tonic
  • Scrubs Acne

Acne on the face ... How nerve cells lost their fault! Unfortunately, for many people acne are constant companions of life, to get rid of them is not so simple. But it is real, it should be noted. Of course, for that you have to work hard and spend a lot of time, but a clean and healthy skin is worth it, is not it?

Causes of Acne

First we need to recall the reasons for which may appear spots on the face - it is only by eliminating the root cause, you can win over this misfortune. So:

  • Hormonal disorders

The transitional age, pregnancy, certain diseases that lead to hormonal changes - all this is very provoking acne. So the first thing you must do if you annoying pimples become very much - this is the status of your hormonal levels. To do this, consult a doctor-endocrinologist.

  • Diet

Did you know that in some cases, pimples occur due to the fact that in the human diet contains too many sweets, fatty foods and starchy foods. So you should try to revise your diet - perhaps it will be enough just to forget about acne.

  • Wrong Skin Care

Often pimples appear for a very banal reason - due to improper skin care. For oily skin it requires special care and, importantly, careful care. So try to pay more attention to is the care of their skin slightly capricious.

 nasty spots on the face

Medical mask for acne

Traditional recipes are often more effective than expensive cosmetic products. So maybe it makes sense to try them? After parting with the contents of your wallet, you always have time.

The only thing you should pay attention - this is on the components of the chosen recipe. In rare cases, some of them can provoke allergic reactions. If you do not know for sure, with a preliminary test - apply a small amount of money already prepared on the wrist and leave for 30 minutes. If you do not feel a burning and itching, and skin rashes appear - you can safely use this tool.

  • Aloe with honey

You will need five tablespoons of honey every five leaves and aloe plants, which for more than three years. Aloe put in the freezer for about 12 hours, after which mince. Honey melt in a water bath, add aloe and simmer about 10 minutes. After this mixture cool slightly and place it in a jar with a lid. Every morning and every evening, apply to get funds to problem areas. After 10 minutes, rinse the skin with plenty of cool water.

  • Honey Chamomile

If you have a tendency to become inflamed acne, you can try honey with chamomile. In water bath melt 10 tablespoons of honey. When the honey begins to boil, sprinkle in it three teaspoons of dry inflorescences pharmacy daisy, cover and simmer about 20 minutes.

Immediately strain through cheesecloth honey - be careful to avoid burns. Storing means necessary in a closed vessel and on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. In the evening, before going to bed on clean skin, apply a thick layer of honey and chamomile leave at least 30 minutes. And honey, and chamomile perfectly relieve inflammation and purify the skin.

  • Buckwheat flour

If you have a hand grinder, you can try the following means. Calcined in a skillet half cup of buckwheat, cool. After that, using the grinder grind buckwheat to a fine powder. Incidentally, it should be stored in tightly closed containers.

In the evening, after washing, cook gruel of buckwheat flour - mix it with boiled water. Apply a thick layer on the problem areas and leave before drying. Then rinse with plenty of cool water and wipe the skin of the aloe pulp.


In order to eliminate pimples on the face as quickly as possible, it is recommended to use tonic that not only cleanse the skin, but also relieve inflammation. These tonics as you can prepare yourself.

  • Cucumber tonic

On a fine grater grate a small cucumber, put it in a glass or plastic container, fill it with 100 grams of vodka and leave for a day. During the day periodically stir tonic. Then strain using gauze cloth and add 100 grams of boiled water. All tonic ready! Wipe skin tonic for at least 3 - 4 times a day.

On the first day watch for your skin - if you have a feeling of tightness or, worse, will be peeling from the use of tonic you should not have. Or, at least, use it only on problem areas.

  • Nettle tonic

By the way, if you do not have previous tonic approached worth a try nettle tonic. Preparing it is very simple: put in a thermos two tablespoons nettle nettle leaves, pour a half cup of boiling water and leave for a day. Then strain the infusion, add five tablespoons of fresh aloe juice and mix thoroughly. Tonic ready - wipe your face at least three times a day.

 ugly spots on the face

Scrubs Acne

Several times a week you need to thoroughly clean the skin. And the best thing to do it with a soft scrub.

  • Scrub oatmeal

This scrub is perfect for combination skin type. Grind two tablespoons of ordinary oatmeal, mix with yogurt - you should have a creamy mass. Apply it on steamed face, leave on for 10 minutes, massage the face and rinse with cool water.

  • Coffee Scrub

One of the most simple, but very effective scrubs - coffee. We drank coffee? Do not rush to throw coffee grounds! Just mix it in equal proportions with cream and apply on your face. Massage and rinse with cool water.

Of course, do not expect instant results - be patient. To notice the improvement, you will need at least two to three weeks. And do not forget to review your diet - pimples on the face disappear much faster!

 Acne on the face - off!

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