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Beautiful figure, thick hair, charming eyes ... and blackheads on the nose! Those damned annoying acne wealth of the fair sex - and often long since emerged from the adolescence. Moreover - sometimes in addition to acne no- no, and pimple on your nose ... And not just on the nose. How to be? Really the only option - a lot of different concealers? Of course not!

Getting rid of acne is quite possible - there is a will and an understanding of how to do it. Well, with the desire, most of all, you have no problems, since much you read this article. It remained for the small - to understand how to do it correctly? By the way, get ready for what will have to wait a bit, because blackheads on the nose - it is not a cold, a week to get rid of them just will not succeed, and a spot for the night can not be cured.

Daily cleansing

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the correct daily cleansing. Most often it is reduced to the banal washing, but this is not enough. First, you need to choose the right cleanser:

  • Consider your skin type

Some people believe that acne on the nose and cheeks are typical for oily skin. But in reality it is not so - the skin can be both oily and dry, and combination. Especially in the latter case - normal at first glance, the skin, and is worth a little gape - is ready to deal pimple on his nose. So, the cleanser should be appropriate - this factor must be considered when choosing a cleanser.

  • Consider the degree of purification

There are tools for different purity - from daily until late. And it is quite reasonable - if you use a scrub twice a day, nothing good you eventually get.

  • Note producer

When choosing a cleanser is not superfluous to draw attention to the manufacturer. Of course, we do not encourage you to acquire the means of facing fabulous money. But the money made in the near basement - not the best choice.

  • Consider the individual characteristics

Be prepared for the fact that the first time with detergent can not guess, whatever it was not good. There is such a thing as personal intolerance. So the first few days carefully watch the reaction of the skin - should not be burning and itching, redness and flaking, and especially peeling.

Thus, the tool is selected. It remains to learn how to conduct proper daily cleaning. The fact that the skin needs to be cleaned before going to sleep - known to all. But few women cleanses the skin in the morning - and the eyes were washed well. But for a night on the face it accumulates a sufficiently large amount of sebum that clogs pores and greatly provokes the appearance of acne on the nose.

 pimple in the nose

Deep cleansing

Approximately two to three times a week is necessary to carry out deep cleaning face. For this you will need to scrub clean. Scrub can be used as a ready and prepared themselves. There are a few very simple recipes:

  • Oatmeal with yogurt

In a hot skillet, place a tablespoon of oatmeal, stirring constantly, bring to a brownish color. Then cool flakes and grind to a state of flour. Before cleaning the skin, mix oatmeal with any low-fat yogurt. Apply the mixture on the skin, massage in a circular motion, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse. If there is inflammation of the nose pimple, it does not apply the scrub.

  • Salt

If no messing around at all, and you need to clean the skin, you can try the following means. Take two tablespoons of sour cream and add a third of a teaspoon of salt, mix well. Apply on the face, lightly massage the skin and rinse with plenty of cool water. If the area of ​​skin with acne has a sore spot, the scrub does not suit you.

Do not forget that before cleaning the face skin should be thoroughly steam. This can be done in two ways - by using terry cloths or steam baths. a small deep container Stir in two tablespoons of dried chamomile pharmacy and fill one liter of boiling water, cover.

After the infusion has cooled a bit, you can begin to steam the face. But first be sure to check the temperature of the steam - this must be done in order to avoid burns. Lean over the vessel and cover the head with a towel. The duration of the bath - around 15 minutes.

If you find it hard to breathe in pairs, use hot compresses. In the same way, prepare the infusion, and soak it in a small washcloth, put it on the face. Duration compress - not less than 15 minutes. However, do not forget to periodically change the towels as they cool down very quickly. Pay attention - in the inflamed pimples can not put a hot towel, so as not to provoke nagnivanie.

And only after the skin is to steam, it can be applied to scrub. Well, after the scraping of the skin is required to wash in cold water - the cold temperature will lead to a narrowing of the enlarged pores. This is a very beneficial effect on the overall condition of the skin and prevent new acne lesions.

Face cleaning

About a couple of times a month is to clean the face. And it does not mean you have to be picked before the mirror, trying on their own to get rid of the hated black dots - you can only hurt yourself.

It is much wiser to go to the salon to the cosmetician who correctly assess the condition of your skin and hold clean. There are many ways to clean:

  • Hand cleansing

Medical cosmetologist to steam your face, then carefully remove as inflammatory elements and comedones. According to its principle, it is very simple - the doctor manually cleans pores. But do not try to do it yourself. Just one squeezed a pimple can result in serious trouble. Think - you need it?

  • Mechanical cleaning

Very similar to the previous version of the cleaning. The only difference is that the pores are cleansed, not only manually, but using special elements - spatulas to remove the contents of even the most clogged pores.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

As its name implies, when this method, the facial skin is cleaned using ultrasound. Recently, such cleaning is becoming increasingly popular. What, in fact, and not surprising, because such cleaning not only cleans the pores, but also has a rejuvenating effect.

  • Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is carried out by a special device that creates a negative pressure and due to this there is a deep cleansing of pores. Simply put, the machine like a vacuum cleaner, removes all impurities from the skin.

The cost of cleaning the face depends on its type, but in any case not so great - is to donate a small amount to get clear skin.


Medical masks

In order to get rid of blackheads, a proper cleansing not enough - they need to be treated. And for that, there are special medical masks - they can be purchased at any pharmacy. But do not forget about traditional medicine - there are many highly effective recipes. We will talk about the most popular ones:

  • Therapeutic clay with chamomile

Special cosmetic clay is sold in any drugstore. However, if you want as quickly as possible to get rid of acne, try not to breed clay ordinary water as always, and chamomile broth. Preparing it simply - in a saucepan, place one teaspoon of chamomile flowers pharmacy and fill a glass of water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until such time as the volume of water is reduced by half.

Broth drain, cool to room temperature. Dissolve the clay until creamy consistency, put on clean face. Incidentally, this means not only struggling with acne, but also an excellent way relieves inflammation - if you have a pimple, apply a slightly thicker layer of clay. Leave until until clay is dry - about 20 minutes. Then rinse off the clay with water and apply your usual moisturizer. If no skin inflammation, sufficient to carry out a similar procedure twice a week.

  • Aloe with carrots

Peel carrots small, then rub on a small grater. To get an array of add three tablespoons of chopped leaves of aloe, mix well and allow to stand for an hour. Then clean the skin and apply it with a thick layer mask. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then rinse. This mask should be done at least three times a week.

If the skin has at least one sore spot, you can add to the mix a small amount of any of honey. However, only if you have previously not been a single case of an allergic reaction to any bee products.

General recommendations

Proper skin care is very important. But you can not forget about some very important aspects. Only by adhering to certain rules will win over the hated acne problem.

  • Dietary

Stupid enough to fight acne, if the list of your favorite foods - meats, smoked meats, artificial colors and preservatives, carbonated drinks, coffee, chocolate and alcohol. Try first to reduce their use to a minimum, and then completely give up on them.

Raw vegetables and fruits for dessert, cereal and boiled (fresh) meat, dairy products, cereals, green tea and mineral water - that's the perfect menu. Firstly, acne will disappear - the facial skin will be much better. Second, you get a nice bonus in the form of a good functioning of the intestines and the ideal figure.

  • Daily regime

Of course, directly on the skin does not depend on the mode of the day. But if you have the habit of going to bed well after midnight and did not get enough sleep, sallow complexion will not take long. And he, too, is a jewel of a woman, is not it?

  • A visit to the doctor

Also, remember that if you can not cope with acne, it makes sense to seek help from a dermatologist. Very often, but still in some cases, acne are a consequence of certain diseases. And in order to get rid of acne, you need to get rid of the underlying disease. Therefore, carefully watch their condition - if the acne does not disappear after a month of careful skin care, go to a specialist.

The systematic, careful adherence to the simple rules above, a little patience - and your skin will just shine! Pimples and blackheads leave your nose for a long time, if ever. Good luck to you in a difficult fight.

 Acne on the nose do not matter!

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