boil treatment at home


  • Healing tortilla
  • Baked onion
  • Buckwheat tortilla
  • Other means

Boils - this is such crap, from which no one is immune. Boils and leaves without treatment in any case can not, because there is a risk of quite serious complications. Let's Say at once - if you or your loved ones were boils, you must as soon as possible to ask for help to the dermatologist. Only a doctor can quickly and safely to cure boils.

Unfortunately, the love of folk medicine often overshadows common sense of the people and suppress the voice of reason. Well, if you decided to treat boils at home, try to at least do not hurt yourself. We offer you the most secure means of traditional medicine, which will help if not completely cured with boils, then at least wait to see a doctor.

Healing tortilla

In case boils localized on the face, it is best to try to treat them with tortillas. Preparing it is easy, and a lot of time does not take. For the test you will need:

  • The raw yolk of one egg (ideally from the home of chicken).
  • One tablespoon with slide any honey.
  • One tablespoon of unsalted butter.
  • 100 grams of wheat flour.

Melt the butter in a water bath. If honey is thick enough, it is also necessary to melt. Mix all ingredients, knead the dough - it should be quite elastic, but not so steep. Divide dough into the required number of parts, and then give it the shape of the cake.

Attach a cake to boils and well secure it with adhesive tape. By the way, it should give preference to hypoallergenic. The cake should be left for at least 12 hours. The remaining dough to prevent it from drying out, place in a plastic bag and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

In most cases, the abscess breaks through the first night after treatment. On the day, remove the cake and cover with gauze. And at night again attach a fresh cake. The same procedure should be carried out on average three - four nights in a row. Typically, this time is enough to boil began to heal. If it does not, treatment can be continued.  how to cure a boil at home

Baked onion

You can come to the aid of the most common onion. Take one head of onions of medium size and clean it from the top layer of the husk. Preheat the oven, then put back the onion for about 40 minutes - it should be soft. Then remove the bulb and cool it. Some sources recommend applying hot bulb, but it should not do - you can provoke even greater nagnivanie.

Thus, the bulb has cooled down. Cut it in half and attach to the boils, secure with plaster. A bulb should be changed every three hours until the pus will not work completely. When you change the bulbs, do not forget about the need to handle the wound with hydrogen peroxide.

Buckwheat tortilla

If, despite all your efforts boil persists, try the buckwheat cake. However, the need to tinker a bit - ready buckwheat flour you will not do. Red-hot frying pan, how to sauté two cups of buckwheat. Then carefully grind cereals to the state of flour - the easiest to do this with a coffee grinder.

In water bath melt the third of a teaspoon of linden honey and mix with buckwheat, and then add one teaspoon of aloe juice. Knead the dough, after which the shape of a small pellet size. Attach cakes to boils (s), and then secure it with adhesive tape. These cakes must be replaced every 5 hours for three days. Of course, this treatment of purulent boil you have to take time off and sit at home. But you also want to cure an abscess?  how to cure a boil at home

Other means

In order to cure a boil, and you can try other means:

  • Raw potatoes

If you do not want to tinker with recipes too long, try to heal festering raw potatoes. Clean a small tuber, then carefully clean it and rub on a small grater - as if you were planning to cook potato pancakes.

Got a lot of wrap in gauze, then apply to boils for 30 minutes. A similar procedure should be prodelyvat every two hours at least. As a rule, therefore we have to treat the boil for about three days, and then start to improve.

  • Lilac

If it happens during the warmer months, you can treat the sores using fresh leaves of lilac. Tear off about 30 leaves, scald with boiling water and mince. The resulting mush attach to the boil, cover with cheesecloth and secure with plaster. Alas, to cure the boil so unreal. But to prevent further nagnivanie quite real.

Finally I would like to remind once again - it is not necessary to engage in the treatment of boils at home unnecessarily. If, of course, not sepsis is your goal.

 Treatment for boils at home

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 treatment of acne

  • Causes of Acne
  • Cleansing the skin
  • Medical masks

There is no limit to perfection! That is the slogan for walks of life, most representatives of the fair half of mankind, sweeping away all sorts of countless jars sklyanochek, tubes and boxes. But still, when you look in the mirror anything and spoil the mood.

And very often the reason for dissatisfaction are pimples. To those people who naively believe that the spots on the face - only the prerogative of the teenagers, lucky. But about a third of women did not know firsthand that acne can be at any age. Which just means do not come into play! And most of the war with acne comes with varying degrees of success. But do not despair - most of the time to get rid of acne is quite possible, if you follow a specific algorithm. So, attention - the treatment of acne.

Causes of Acne

The first step to getting rid of acne - the definition of their causes. If you do not, you can deal with rashes long, hard and, most importantly, to no avail. The best thing to do to see a doctor who will prescribe the necessary examination. And if you will emerge or that problem is to find the optimal treatment.

  • Face Care

In most cases, acne occurs in people with oily or combination skin. Which, incidentally, requires particularly careful care. And if for a wrong skin care, acne will not take long. You can, of course, to experiment and find the skin care program on their own. But it's best to go to the beautician.

  • Hormonal

The second most popular cause of acne - hormonal changes baby. I'm sure many have noticed that very often pimples occur at certain times of the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, the same typical for pregnant women and teenagers. And for people who suffer from these or other diseases that cause disruption of normal hormone levels.

  • Diet

Few people think about it, but acne can appear on the banal reason such as an incorrect diet. Fatty and fried foods, sweets, pastry, coffee and carbonated drinks negatively affect not only your lovely ass and waist, but also on the skin condition. And if as a result of this power you will have constipation - down the drain. Beautiful healthy skin you can not see, as their ears.

  • Allergic reaction

Of course, in most cases, allergy easily distinguished. But completely dismiss the possibility that it is not necessary, especially if the rash itch. Or if they appeared suddenly and in large quantities. For your peace of mind contact a doctor - allergist.

 proper treatment of acne

Cleansing the skin

What begins Motherland, we all know from childhood. But how to begin the correct skin care? That's right, with its purification. It's no wonder simple truth, as familiar to children says that cleanliness - the guarantee of health.

  • Daily cleansing

Wash need at least twice a day - morning and evening. But do not grasp at the soap - there is a risk to dry up even the most oily skin. It's best to buy a special cleansing gel or, in extreme cases, to use the usual children's soap with no additives. And wash with detergent is necessary only once a day before bedtime to wash off all the dirt that has accumulated on the face during the day. In the morning, simply wash with warm water.

It is believed that a person with oily skin need to wash with hot water, which expands the pores, and hence easier to remove the dirt. So it is true, but we must not forget that hot water provokes enhanced functioning of the sebaceous glands. This means that the pores are clogged even more. Therefore, the most reasonable to wash with hot water, but the finish washing - cool, which quickly narrows pores.

  • Scrub

Two or three times a week, it is useful to use the scrub. You can use the finished product, but you can do it yourself. Before applying the scrub do not forget to steam the face. This can be done in two ways - either by steam baths, or by using hot compresses.

It is best to use a decoction of chamomile - it perfectly removes inflammation. His cooking does not require you to effortlessly: boil 0, 5 liters of water, sprinkle in three tablespoons of chamomile pharmacy and simmer 10 minutes. If you use compression, strain the broth. Cool it down to an acceptable temperature to avoid burns.

After about 10 minutes, when the skin to steam, apply Scrub thoroughly massage your skin and leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse with very large amounts of water - first with warm, then cool. Once the skin is dry, apply a moisturizer - it is necessary for anyone, even the most oily skin.

 self-treatment of acne

Medical masks

Proper cleansing of the skin in most cases helps to prevent re-occurrence of rash. But to those that already exist, you must fight. And this can be done very effectively with the help of popular recipes:

  • Honey and egg yolk

Treatment of acne by using this tool takes much time - from five to 30 days, depending on their number and extent of the inflammatory process. In a water bath, melt two tablespoons of any of honey, pour into a glass container. When honey is slightly cooled, add the raw egg yolk and mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture was put on a clean face and leave for 30 minutes. The remains of the mask rinse with water and allow the skin to dry yourself. Important! This tool is contraindicated for people suffering from an allergic reaction to honey.

  • Lotions sage

Purchase at the pharmacy dry sage. Boil a glass of water, in a thermos put five tablespoons of sage and fill with boiling water. Insist hour, then fold the grass on steamed gauze, let cool slightly and drain excess water. Sage evenly spread on steamed face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse skin with cool water.

And remember that pimples and acne is not necessary to treat yourself for too long. If no improvement after a month you do not see, yet go to the dermatologist.

 Treatment of acne. Basic Rules

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