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  • Causes of Acne
  • Face Care
  • Cleaning lotions
  • Facial scrub
  • Medical masks

Acne on the skin are able to spoil the mood of anyone. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that a person tends to get rid of them as soon as possible. Especially if you have chosen acne face woman - hardly any of the ladies would agree to accept the uninvited guests on the skin.

And really - to deal with acne is not only possible, but necessary. If you ask for, you get clear skin is quite real. But it will have to make some effort and observe a number of rules, choose the right tool for you acne. You also need to have patience - acne will not disappear in a few days. As a rule, a noticeable improvement of the skin becomes visible after about a month, not before.

Causes of Acne

Before you rush into battle with acne, it is necessary to try to understand what caused their appearance. So why acne occur most often?

  • Hormonal problems

Have you noticed that most often have to live with acne teenagers? And besides, acne can visit the future mom. And many women suffer from acne in a certain phase of the menstrual cycle. Do you know what is the reason? It's very simple - there are acne due to hormonal changes.

And it does not matter whether these are natural causes. After all, if a person has a particular disease, leading to disruption of normal hormonal levels can also occur acne rash. And sometimes very abundant.

  • Malnutrition

If you are tortured acne, carefully analyze your diet. All your favorite bun, chips, fried and smoked foods and especially chocolate, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks - the best friends of acne. And the extra kilos, by the way. Perhaps it is time to revise your menu? Only now, instead of starting on Monday!

  • Oily skin facial

It is almost impossible to avoid the appearance of acne and owners of oily skin. Of course, if only the skin not receiving proper care. It's very simple - with oily skin pores are almost always expanded. And they tend to get clogged.

  • Diseases of internal organs

Very often, but still sometimes the cause of acne may be one or another disease of the internal organs. So if you can not find a reasonable explanation for acne - particularly abrupt - consult a doctor. To begin at least to the usual physician and / or dermatologist - they will conduct a series of tests and, if necessary, appropriate treatment.

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Face Care

If you intend to get rid of acne, first of all pay attention to proper skin care. Regardless of skin type, it requires thorough cleansing and moisturizing. For this you can use as cosmetic products and folk remedies - depending on your preference.

  • Daily facial cleansing

You have to wash at least twice a day - morning and evening. Morning washing is necessary to cleanse the pores of the night to work out sebum - this measure will help prevent the occurrence of acne and pimples. But the evening washing can eliminate dust, dirt and dead skin particles of skin.

In the morning simply wash with water, but in the evening without fail, use the cleanser. Pay attention to the temperature of the water - to wash off the dirt must be hot, but the finish washing - cold. Cold water will narrow pores of the face, and thus prevent the emergence of new blackheads and acne.

  • Removal of keratinized particles

Two or three times a week should be cleaned more thoroughly the face to remove dead skin particles of skin and dirt zabivshuyu pores. To do this, use scrubs - both industrial and homemade. Under this condition to get rid of acne you will succeed much faster.

  • Deep cleansing

If blackheads and acne a lot, can not do without a deep cleansing facial. Make your own cleaning quality that is virtually impossible, so it is best to contact the salon. Master thoroughly clean the pores and remove the lesions. The same procedure should be carried out one - two times a day.

  • Medical masks

Proper skin care can help to avoid the appearance of new lesions. But the old, too, need to get rid of! For this purpose, besides the deep cleaning person must make medical masks.

Cleaning lotions

We decided to get rid of pimples and blackheads? Do not rush for the cosmetology industry drugs - often traditional remedies are much more effective. And as a nice bonus - cheaper. The only thing that would like to draw your attention - is the possibility of an allergic reaction to a particular component.

First of all you need cleansing lotion, with which you can clean your skin during the day - this is important. So:

  • Cucumber Lotion

Classics of the genre - a cucumber lotion, which has been successfully used by our grandmothers. To prepare the lotion you will need one medium-sized cucumber, 100 grams of pure cold boiled water, 50 grams of vodka and a glass container with a lid.

Cucumber good wash and rub on a small grater, put in a container, add the vodka and water and stir thoroughly. Capacity cover and place in refrigerator for 10 days. After 10 days, strain the lotion using a strainer or cheesecloth. Wipe problem areas with a cotton pad soaked in lotion - two or three times a day.

  • Lotion Aloe

If you need to not only get rid of acne, but also from inflamed acne, it is best to use a lotion based on Aloe. Because Aloe has potent anti-inflammatory action. But you have to cook it a little tricky. To begin, prepare 3 leaf aloe plants, which for more than five years, 2 tablespoons of honey, 100 grams of boiled water and 5 tablespoons of vodka.

Mince the leaves of aloe - you should get this mass homogeneous. Then, in a water bath melt the honey and sprinkle in it pulp of aloe. Protomai about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Cool to room temperature, weight, and place in a glass bowl, cover with water and vodka, stir thoroughly. Lotion ready - they wipe your face at least five times a day, paying special attention to inflamed pimples.

  • Chamomile Lotion

If the acne on the skin is not very much, quite normal chamomile lotion. Preparing it is very simple. In a saucepan put three tablespoons of pharmacy inflorescences of chamomile and fill a glass of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover. After 10 minutes turn off the heat and wrap the pot with a towel, leave for 2 hours. Then strain the broth, add 50 grams of vodka, stir and pour the finished lotion in a glass bowl, which should be stored in the refrigerator. Wipe your face twice a day - morning and evening.

  • Salicylic lotion

This lotion is preparing a snap: all you need - it's five tablespoons of salicylic alcohol, which can be bought at any drugstore, one teaspoon of natural chalk and 100 g of cold boiled water. Mix all ingredients in a glass container and lotion ready.

Keep it should be closed with a lid and only in a cool, dark place - for example, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Wipe face swab dipped in this lotion, two - three times in knocking. The first will be a noticeable improvement in a week. But the treatment must be continued until complete disappearance of the problems. And then wipe the face lotion at least once a day - it will help prevent the appearance of new lesions.

And one "but" - carefully watch the reaction of the skin this lotion - when suddenly you notice redness, feel itchy or your skin starts to peel, lotion dilute with boiled water in a ratio of one to one. All the undesirable effects will disappear.

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Facial scrub

It is not necessary to buy expensive scrubs - they can be successfully prepared and independently at home. As mentioned above, traditional recipes are very effective and do not neglect them.

  • Scrub with seeds

Surely you often eat apples and / or grapes. So do not rush to throw bones - they can cook amazing scrub for oily skin. A third of a tablespoon of seeds, place in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 30 minutes, and then how to grind.

Add the crushed bones to two tablespoons of any fat yogurt or sour cream, put on a good steaming your face and massage for one - two minutes. Leave the scrub for another three minutes, and then rinse with plenty of cool water. Do not forget to apply your usual moisturizer - it helps to avoid skin irritation. Enough of one such procedure a week to just a month, your skin looks much better.

  • Oatmeal Scrub

If you have a combination skin type, you need a more gentle scrub. For example, based on the most ordinary oatmeal. On a hot skillet sauté two tablespoons of oatmeal - they have to buy a golden hue. Then cool flakes using a coffee grinder and grind to a powder.

Mix this powder with sour cream in a ratio of 1 to 1, apply a thick layer on the cleaned and steamed skin. Massage it for a minute, and leave for a couple of scrub minutes, then rinse with cool water. This scrub will not only cleanse the skin but also nourishes it. Therefore, additional moisture you do not need. This scrub virtually traumatize the skin - it can take two - three times a week, and even more often.

  • Buckwheat scrub

If you have to face a large number of inflammatory acne, try buckwheat scrub. It is prepared in the same manner as oatmeal: on a hot skillet sauté two tablespoons of buckwheat and grind to a powder. The easiest way to do this with a coffee grinder. By the way, you can prepare the powder for the future - it is perfectly stored in tightly closed containers.

Immediately prior to use, mix the powder with yogurt buckwheat - you should have a homogeneous creamy mass. Apply it on clean and steaming face and massage for a few minutes. Then Scrub leave for another 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of cool water. Pat skin with a towel and apply your usual moisturizer for the face. This scrub can be made no more than twice a week.

  • Fruit Scrub

Did you know that one of the most effective scrubs - this fruit? And the effect is due to fruit acids - they act like chemical peels and provide a deep cleansing of the skin.

Prepare a scrub is very simple - crush any fruit or, in extreme cases, a few berries and place weight on the skin, especially on the problem areas. By the way, should give preference to sour fruits. Very gently, without effort, massage your skin and about two or three minutes, thoroughly rinse with plenty of water.

When fruit peeling necessarily apply a moisturizer to avoid irritation. Not too overdo fruit peels - otherwise run the risk of chemical burns of the skin. Only two - three such procedures a month.

 Folk remedies for acne

Medical masks

Traditional recipes of medical masks also deserve your attention - they can help get rid of even the most severe acne. But remember - the mask will only be effective if you use them regularly, not sporadically. As, however, and all other means - not just folk. Systematic - the success and clean skin.

  • Sandthorn mask

Sea buckthorn has many medicinal properties, including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. So many folk recipes based precisely on the sea buckthorn. As the mask from acne to prepare you will need 50 grams of sea buckthorn berries, 100 grams of water and a tablespoon of honey. And the berries can be both fresh and frozen - the effectiveness of the mask is in no way affected. The berries are placed in any (not metal) deep container, mash with a fork to mash the state. Boil water and pour the berries. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. During this time, the mask should cool down to an acceptable temperature for the skin. Add the mask of honey and mix thoroughly again.

Before using this mask, the skin is desirable not only to clean, but as should be steam - for 5-7 minutes. The mask is put on the problem areas of a thick layer and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water and allow the skin to dry naturally without wiping. This mask is enough to do only once a week, no more - faster from acne, you still can not get rid of.

  • Aloe and honey

It is often the most effective popular recipes are very simple - for example, the mask of honey and aloe. Chop three leaves of aloe in a water bath Melt three tablespoons of any of honey. The melted honey, add the pulp of aloe and simmer about 15 minutes. Cool to room temperature, the mask and apply on the skin pre-steamed. After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water or wipe the skin with a soft towel. Such masks for acne should be done three times a week.

  • Nut mask

Sometimes the rash can be so strong that they get rid of acne seems almost impossible. But do not lose heart - folk recipes and coped with such adversity. Try nut mask - to prepare it, of course, is quite difficult. But the result will exceed all your expectations. So, you will need 10 walnut kernels, egg white, three tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon of chamomile pharmacy and a third of fresh cucumber.

Nuts carefully grind. If you have a coffee grinder, the grinder. But if not - you can do make-shifts - for example, a mortar. Cucumber peel and grate on a fine grater. In water bath melt the honey and add chamomile, simmer about 10 minutes, then using a strainer strain. Connect cucumber and honey, mix everything carefully. After the mass has cooled, apply a pre-steaming the face and leave for 15 minutes.

At this time, using a mixer, beat egg whites to form a very dense foam and add the powder from the walnuts. Rinse face with honey, lightly pat the skin with a towel, and the same apply a thick layer on the skin, paying particular attention to the area of ​​acne. Leave for another 10 minutes, then rinse the face with water. Do such a mask twice a week, and only a month later the skin condition improved markedly.

Of course, it is not necessary to try on all the popular recipes at once - select certain complex (scrub, lotion, mask) and use it at least a month. And only if improvement does not occur, try other recipes. And yet - if the improvement is not, contact your dermatologist. Sometimes acne - the result of an illness.

 An effective remedy for acne at home

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