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  • The symptoms of thrush
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Do you think that most of poisoning the lives of women? Perhaps it is constantly rushing at the wrong time pantyhose? Or it is not clear what to do with heels? Or does not want to style your hair? Or the notorious critical days? And here and there - many more women suffer from this unpleasant disease as vaginal candidiasis. Or, more simply, a thrush.

Smarty statistics show that the disease is familiar to eight out of ten women. Thrush lucky encountered several times in life, but those ladies who are much less fortunate live thrush almost constantly. And unfortunately, a lot of these women.

And no less unfortunately, very often women resign themselves to this disease, and no attempt is made to treat thrush. As a rule, this concerns the chronic form, as an acute yeast infection causes a severe discomfort. that it is simply impossible to ignore. So where then takes the chronic form, you ask? It's very simple - wrong treatment of acute vaginal candidiasis. Very often all the treatment is reduced to banal eliminate symptoms. But let's take first things first.

 how to treat a yeast infection in women

The symptoms of thrush

How to understand what you are experiencing is a thrush if to PPE since the attack have avoided the party? Basically, it is quite easy, given the very specific symptoms. But remember - you can only guess. But to confirm the diagnosis should gynecologist because some diseases of the reproductive system can also masquerade as thrush. And it's worth noting the very serious disease.

  • Vaginal discharge

The first symptom of yeast - the emergence of abnormal vaginal discharge. They are much more abundant than usual, have a thick consistency resembling cottage cheese and have a sour smell. The intensity discharge can vary greatly - depending on the individual, the severity of the disease.

  • Itching and burning

Almost immediately after the start of discharge and discomfort appear. At first, the woman feels very itchy, and then a burning sensation. Itching of the most intense in the evening and during the bath. A burning sensation appears after violated the integrity of the skin in the genital area. By the way, a burning sensation during urination is extremely strong.

  • Redness and swelling of the skin

If the disease occurs very rapidly, or is in the advanced stage, the skin in the genital area reddens and swells sometimes does. In severe cases of ulcerative lesions may appear. although, of course, this is extreme.

Treatment for thrush

In order to cure yeast infection that is necessary, we have already dealt with. Now let's understand how it's done. But remember - it's just general information, and the treatment of yeast infections in women should be appointed by a gynecologist.

  • Pills

There are a number of drugs, allowing to get rid of yeast infection in just one step. The most famous of these drugs is "Flucostat." But in fairness it should be noted that there is quite a lot cheaper analogues, which are no less effective. Best of all, you took the drug to the doctor - in some cases a single dose not tablets, and a course of treatment.

  • Vaginal suppositories

Vaginal suppositories help suppress the action of the fungus and reduce discomfort. Such means a lot, but almost all of them on the basis of Nystatin or clotrimazole. As a rule, the treatment lasts candles at least a week.

  • Creams and ointments

In that case, if the skin is affected, it will not be able to do without external funds - they will remove irritation and itching and, in addition, promote more rapid healing of wounds.

 correct treatment of yeast infections in women

Folk remedies

Many women try to treat thrush using recipes of traditional medicine. Basically, the really effective means exist and they are many. But they should be used only as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor-gynecologist. Otherwise there is a risk to get rid of the symptoms, but not the underlying disease.

  • Vaginal means

First of all pay attention to the recipes vaginal funds - they will reduce the isolation and eliminate itching in the vagina. One of the most effective - is the plain yogurt, of course, without any additives. From gauze fabric, create a small tampon how to soak yogurt and enter the vagina at least five hours. Repeat this process every night, until the complete disappearance of all symptoms. By the way, if the yogurt you will not find, you can use yogurt.

If you experience itching in addition to the pain, you can try tampons with honey and aloe. Aloe peel, chop and mix thoroughly with natural honey so that you obtain a homogeneous mass of creamy consistency. Make a gauze pad soaked in a mixture to get it, and enter deep into the vagina, where it must remain throughout the night. As a rule, only three or four such procedures, to the discomfort disappeared. But do not forget that honey is very often causes allergic reactions, so be careful.

If vaginal discharge is very strong, use tampons cheese. For them, you need a hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese and unsalted gauze cloth. Wrap the cheese in the fabric so that you end up with a tight wad, enter it into the vagina for four hours. Ideally, you need to change the tampon every hour - the treatment will be much more effective. The number of discharges is significantly reduced after just one application, and three days later will disappear altogether.

  • Chamomile bath

Vaginal discharge - is not the only trouble is thrush. Leather genitals also suffer greatly. And the treatment she needed no less intense. The first is to resort to a hip baths - they are very well heal the skin. Most often resort to chamomile, as it has several useful properties.

To start you need to prepare a decoction of chamomile. Remember - he must be very busy, so put it in the pot at least 10 teaspoons of inflorescences pharmacy daisy. Fill it with one liter of water and simmer to a boil. Then reduce the heat, and then the broth for about 10 minutes and cover the pan with a lid. Take a thick towel, wrap the pan and leave to infuse for about two hours. Before use, strain the broth to the inflorescence does not stick to the skin.

In the evening, before bedtime, heat 5 liters of water, pour into a bowl and add the broth chamomile - the liquid should completely cover the genitals. Before you sit down in the tub, be sure to check its temperature - burns you to anything. The relief you feel after the first procedure, but it must be repeated until complete healing of the skin.

  • Outdoor facilities

If the skin is very impressed, do some trays you are unlikely - should use aids. For example, cream can be prepared chamomile. For this you need five tablespoons of chamomile, a half cup of boiling water and 100 grams of butter. Daisy put in a thermos, pour boiling water and leave to infuse for three hours, then certainly with the help of gauze fabric strain the broth and press chamomile.

In water bath melt the butter, add the infusion of chamomile and boil until then, while the third volume of the liquid does not boil. Then turn off the heat, pour the oil into a glass jar, cover and place in refrigerator. After two hours of your cream will be ready - they lubricate the affected skin as often as possible. The average treatment takes three to four days.

With aloe can treat any disease of the skin, including irritation of thrush. To prepare means peel five aloe leaves, skip them through a meat grinder. Mix the resulting mush with sour cream, put in a jar and refrigerate. Lubricate it means your skin at least three times a day, and if necessary more often.

 how to treat thrush in women correctly


Cure yeast infection is not so difficult. But the thing - like a thrush Carlson. Remember this favorite children, who flew away, but promised to come back? Here and thrush - it tends to come back. But in your power to prevent it. How? It's very simple - to direct all efforts to strengthen the immune system. After all, doctors in one voice say, that in all the cases, thrush is developing against the backdrop of weakening normal immune system.

We will not tell the truth and repeat the hackneyed to see how to build immunity. And here are some recipes to be very effective, helping immunities, we share with you. But remember - in this situation requires a comprehensive approach, disposable swoops situation can not be corrected.

  • Vitamin Drink

The systematic use of the drink affects the body most favorable - improves metabolism and normalizes the immune system. In addition, he is an excellent way tones the nervous system, and very soon you will notice that from the traditional to the modern human chronic fatigue was gone. To prepare the drink, you will need 100 grams of dried rose hips, 100 grams of dried apples and one lemon. Apples and rosehips, place in a pan, pour one liter of water and bring to a boil.

Fire, reduce, simmer at least an hour. At this time, rub on a small grater one large lemon with zest. Remove pan from heat, add the lemon and leave to infuse for as long as the drink has cooled down completely. Then strain it and pour it into a jug. An adult is recommended to drink at least two cups a day, one of them in the morning. on an empty stomach.

  • Nuts and honey

Nuts and honey, many perceive only as a treat. In fact, they are very helpful for the immune system. It is best to use a walnut - it contains a huge amount of body needs iodine. Crush 10 walnut kernels, put them in a glass bowl and pour melted honey in the ratio of 1 to 3. Insist medical needs in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator, at least three days. Just one teaspoon of fasting works wonders. It is best to take this means of courses - month after month.

 Treatment of yeast infections in women. What you need to know?