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  • Tools for internal use
  • Removal of papillomas using walnut
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Papilloma annoy people more often than warts - Medical statistics show that they have a one in three adults. However, most people are relatively lucky - they papilloma single and do not cause any trouble. And some "lucky" to be faced with a large number of tumors, many of which are located in open areas of the body.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the main issue, exciting people facing papillomas - how to get rid of warts? Strictly speaking, it is best to do this with a specialist - a dermatologist. Firstly, the physician removes papilloma just a few minutes, and second, to designate the desired antiviral therapy. Yes, because these tumors - that other, as a result of effects on the human papilloma virus.

But if you absolutely do not want to go to the doctor, you can try to get rid of warts on their own, using the recipes of traditional medicine. Most of these tools are completely safe for your health. But only if you do not engage in independent action - it is important to comply strictly with all the recommendations.

Tools for internal use

Since the papillomavirus is activated in the case where there is a malfunction of the immune system. So, you first need to pay attention to strengthening the immune system. We offer you some recipes for concoctions that will surely benefit your body.

  • Vitamin Drink

This drink - a real storehouse of nutrients, and your immune system soon will thank you. For the preparation you will need one tablespoon of dried rose hips, dried or fresh strawberries, cranberries and pharmacy daisy. All components add up in a thermos, pour one liter of boiling water and allow to stand for at least five hours. Then strain the infusion using cheesecloth, add two or three tablespoons of honey and mix thoroughly. If you are allergic to honey, you can replace it with ordinary sugar.

This infusion is better to cook in the evening to the morning you had a ready-made drink. It is necessary to drink during the day. Only seven of these days - and your body will be transformed. By the way, doctors recommend drinking an infusion like in the offseason - most likely, colds and flu elude you.

  • Herbal infusion

Another very good remedy, strengthens the immune system and helps in the fight against papillomas - herbal infusion. To make it, buy in a pharmacy nettle nettles, plantain, lemon balm, field horsetail, dandelion. Place one teaspoon of each herb in an enamel pan, pour half a liter of water in a water bath and bring to a boil.

Once the water boils, turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and wrap a towel - insist broth should be not less than three hours. Then strain the broth, pour into a glass bowl and place in refrigerator. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a third cup of this brew. The whole course should last 10 days, and after a week break, it must be repeated.

 how to get rid of papilloma

Removal of papillomas using walnut

Walnut - perhaps the best way to eliminate warts. And in the course are, and fruits, and the leaves of a walnut. The only "but" - a painting: walnut gives the treated skin brown. Therefore, to eliminate warts in conspicuous places walnuts should be avoided.

  • Ointment walnuts

For the preparation of ointments is better to use a slightly unripe walnuts, but their absence will go and mature. Take 10 purified nuclei, skip them through a meat grinder and put in a glass bowl. Fill conventional kerosene so that it covers all the nuts. Close the jar lid and send it for three weeks in the refrigerator.

After three weeks, strain the resulting mixture through a cheesecloth carefully wrung out at the same time very paste of walnuts. The resulting liquid, pour back into the glass bowl. Every night before going to sleep, soaked in her small gauze and apply for 30 minutes to the papilloma.

Please note that towels dry up very quickly - they need to be constantly wet. After about 5 days of such treatment papilloma decrease in volume approximately two times. A completely disappear in about two weeks. If it does not, wait a week and once again repeat the entire course of treatment.

  • Puree walnuts

This tool is very similar to the previous one - the only difference is that it acts much more. In order not to damage the healthy skin around the papillomavirus, make sure that the mixture does not hit on healthy skin. Ideally, it is best to protect the skin of the polyethylene film. But back to our recipe: you need 2-3 shelled walnuts and a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Skip walnuts through a meat grinder - you should get a homogeneous mass. Add a small amount of apple cider vinegar while stirring constantly nuts - you should get a homogeneous mass of puree. Before going to bed, the shower, apply a thick layer of this mass on papilloma, cover the top with a cotton pad and leave for about 1 hour. Then rinse the skin with water and smear baby cream.

The first improvements you'll notice no sooner than a week. But do not worry - the process will go fairly quickly - in just 10-12 days most of the warts disappear. If this does not happen, stop this medication as it is not suitable to you. However, this is extremely rare.

  • Alcoholic infusion of walnuts

If your papillomavirus are still in their infancy, it is possible to be proactive - just do not let them grow. Then your ally can become a walnut - or rather, tincture of it. Preparing it is easier than ever: 10 Slice peeled walnut kernels, put them in a glass jar and pour half a glass of vodka.

Insist nuts must be at least a week, and only in a cool dark place. And another important thing - always a couple of times a day shake the container with the infusion. If you wish to use, you can strain the infusion. The treatment itself is even easier than cooking - you need five or six times a day to lubricate papillomavirus cotton swab moistened in the infusion. The results of your efforts, you will notice two weeks.

 how to get rid of warts on their own

Treatment papilloma using garlic

The healing properties of garlic help people at a variety of diseases, including destroying papilloma. But beware - the action of garlic juice is very strong if he would fall on healthy skin may be damaged.

  • Garlic juice

The easiest way to treatment with garlic - a garlic juice. Peel one clove of garlic, cut it in half and squeeze a little, and speaking carefully rub the juice into each papilloma. Such a procedure should be done two or three times a day until complete disappearance of warts. As practice shows, it takes about two to three weeks. But this makes it means only if papilloma arisen recently and have not yet reached large-sized.

  • Garlic and honey

In the event that the net garlic juice is too strong discomfort, you can try to replace it with garlic puree with honey. Note - Honey can be used only if you have previously had no allergy to it. Otherwise, replace the honey on sunflower oil.

To make this clear means of a few cloves of garlic (depending on the number and size of warts), pass through chesnokodavku and add a little honey or oil - you should have a mass of creamy consistency. Twice a day - morning and evening - Apply a thick layer of this mixture on papillomavirus. Top necessarily cover the garlic mass gauze and leave for about 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry without wiping.

Papilloma will begin to shrink in size in the second or third day. But treatment does not stop as long as the latter does not disappear papilloma - it will take about 20 days. If suddenly your papillomas were very stubborn, you can try to repeat the entire course of treatment once again, but before making a break this week.

  • Garlic cream

This ointment helps to get rid of even chronic multiple papillomas. For its preparation clean one clove of garlic, chop it and mix well with one teaspoon of baby cream for the little ones. Each papilloma apply a thick layer of ointment, put a layer of gauze and plastic wrap, secure it with adhesive tape and leave for two hours.

Ideally, no discomfort should not be - the most mild tingling. If your skin is too sensitive and begins to protest, immediately rinse with cool clean water. And do not use such a tool. If all goes well, continue treatment: Do this procedure twice a day for one week. Then make a three-day break and then repeat the treatment. It is very likely that you will never think of papillomas.

 how to get rid of warts correctly

Other recipes of treatment

And finally I would like to offer a few recipes to get rid of warts. The effectiveness of them is about the same, so choose the one that you like best.

  • Egg white

Eggs have in the kitchen each family - they can be successfully used to treat warts. Actually, you need only the protein plenochka that remains raw in-shell eggs. Collect this plenochku on a cotton swab and carefully lubricate all papillomas. Approximately half to two hours papillomavirus or wet. Repeat this procedure twice a day - morning and evening. On average, the treatment of papillomas takes about one month.

  • Celandine

The easiest and most effective way to remove warts - the usual juice of celandine. Tear off the stalk and juice, which act, rub the entire surface of papillomavirus. A similar procedure is performed two to three times a day, depending on the size of the warts - and just a month away, most likely, will not remain and memories.

  • Ice cubes

For people who have very sensitive skin, can be very useful method of treatment you will have papillomas by ice. To start you need to purchase a pharmacy chaga, series and celandine. Put in a thermos half a teaspoon of each herb, pour a glass of boiling water and cover the pan, leave for 8 hours.

Then strain the broth very well, pour into a mold for ice and place in freezer. Every evening, apply one cube of ice to the resulting herbal each papillomas and leave until the ice is completely melted.

  • Oils

Castor oil, like tea tree oil, help to get rid of warts as soon as possible. To get started is to try castor oil, which acts more gently. Rub in the butter papilloma two or three times a day - three to four weeks they will start to fade.

If papillomas disappear, start to rub them tea tree essential oil - it is sold in a pharmacy. Moisten a cotton swab in oil and very carefully, avoiding skin contact, lubricate papillomavirus. Repeat this procedure once a day and two weeks later all papilloma disappear.

  • Potato juice

In the fight against papillomas can become a good ally of the potatoes, the best use of the pink variety. Wash one small tuber, clean it from skin and rub on a small grater. With gauze squeeze potato juice and drink it. A pulp attach to papillomas and the top cover with a plastic bag, secure with plaster.

As you can see, the way to get rid of warts using folk remedies, enough - to choose a suitable not so difficult. But remember the main thing - if, within one month of papillomavirus does not disappear, do not experiment. The best thing in this situation - to go to the doctor.

 How to get rid of warts without medical assistance?

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