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  • The healing properties of lemonade
  • Water with lemon: the rules and precautions
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The lack of vitamins in the body leads to fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness. Most often, we are faced with a vitamin deficiency in early spring and late autumn, when there is no opportunity to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. Dim, inflamed skin, acne, rash, peeling, weight gain, brittle nails and hair - it is only a small list of what in this case, the girls have to fight. This representative of the fairer sex can even recognize in the crowd: a pale gray face, sad eyes.

Unfortunately, the beauties are not even aware of the causes of the above problems. They start buying expensive masks and creams, which do not always bring the desired results. But to overcome all the troubles can be a simple old-fashioned way - by a conventional lemon and water.

The healing properties of lemonade

Water with lemon quenches thirst better than any other beverage. However, she enriches our body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, in which he so desperately needs. As you can see, it is not only delicious, but also useful. The only thing to remember - this lemonade is not a drug. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace them doctor prescribed medication.

  • Help in the fight against obesity

Drinking on an empty stomach on a daily basis (for half an hour before meals) for a glass of water with lemon, you are helping your body to eliminate toxins from the liver. Besides acid contained in the beverage preparation will enhance the secretion of gastric juice. As a result - eaten food is digested more quickly, and in the stomach and intestines do not accumulate toxins. By the way, this lemonade has diuretic properties. Therefore, excess fluid in your body will not be delayed.

But be careful - lemon diet is contraindicated in individuals in which the acidity. In this case, experiments can lead to gastritis, ulcer, heartburn. To avoid unfortunate consequences, do not forget to pre-consult with a specialist (nutritionist, gastroenterologist, etc.).

  • For a clean and smooth skin without wrinkles

The day you should drink at least one hundred grams of lemon juice, diluted with water. The high concentration of vitamin C in this fruit has a positive effect on the production of collagen in the body, which slows down the aging process. You can also use a liquid for external use. To get rid of rashes, pimples and blackheads, morning and evening, rub the problem areas of the face that means. In the treatment of damaged skin, you may feel a slight tingling and burning.

Attention! Making sure that you are not allergic to citrus. It's enough to put the mixture in the crook of the elbow (there is very thin and delicate skin), wait five minutes, and carefully inspect the treated area. If there will be irritation, urticaria, and the body starts to itch, look for another option.

  • Use in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body of the future mother bear a double burden, since the nutrients and vitamins are consumed not only the woman but also the fetus. Therefore, the immune system of the fair sex sometimes gives a serious failure. To be treated after birth not from the effects of beriberi in the baby's gestation period, some experts recommend drinking water with lemon. Also vitamin C has a positive effect on the heart of women, it is also involved in the formation of bone tissue and the nervous system of the fetus.

  • Water with lemon toothache

Aching teeth, and you do not have an anesthetic? Moisten a cotton wool in the solution, then attach a couple of minutes to the gum. This will help relieve pain, stop bleeding, eliminate unpleasant odor and even whiten the enamel. However, there is one thing: use water with lemon is not recommended if you have hypersensitivity. Also in this case you should consult your dentist.

  • Prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases

Regular consumption of water with lemon will help clean vessels. In order not to undermine the stomach, drink herbal tea or a mixture of saline solution. The systematic use of the drink with the juice of citrus fruits will help to raise the sensitivity to insulin, regulate blood sugar, reduce the effects of poisoning, etc. If you have nausea, hiccups, dizziness - drink a cup of this invigorating drink.

Potassium contained in water with lemon, normalizes blood pressure. Vitamin C fights viral infections, eliminates some inflammation. So if you or your family members angina, SARS, influenza, fever, drink warm solution with citrus. The only caveat, which you need to remember - after taking the drink comes sweating. Therefore it is better to drink a remedy for the night when nowhere else will not have to go.

  • The invigorating effect

Water with lemon invigorates no worse than coffee. Suffice it to start every morning with a cup of this drink to recharge your batteries for the day. He removes the morning drowsiness, fatigue, improve physical and brain activity. Thus lemonade, unlike caffeine, does not harm or heart, or the genitourinary system, or the stomach, or liver.

 the use of water with lemon

Water with lemon: the rules and precautions

  • You can only drink the water, you have prepared just before use. When she stood in the refrigerator for more than two or three hours, the use of it will be neither a.
  • To ensure that all vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed, the liquid drink on an empty stomach. After half an hour is required to eat. And not snack sandwiches or rolls, and fully enjoy breakfast or lunch. Eat porridge, soups, borscht, muesli. However, be careful with dairy products, as it collapses under the influence of citric acid. At best, you will burp at worst will upset stomach.
  • In no case do not drink at a time Bole two hundred grams. Otherwise, you greatly increase the acidity.
  • Get a cocktail straws through which you can reduce the acid contact with the teeth. Of course, if the liquid gets on the enamel, no harm. Just in sensitive persons may appear discomfort.
  • If after you drink the water, you will get sick stomach, stop treatment and consult a gastroenterologist.


In no case should not drink water, dilute lemon juice, if you have stomach problems or digestive tract. At the time of treatment should abandon this tool if you have severe inflammation. In this case, the acid can cause burns.

Do not forget that everyone should be aware of the measure. Abuse of citrus can cause rashes, irritation, etc. By the way, before preparation of the solution wash your lemons. Or completely cut the peel. The fact that they are processed before transporting special chemicals or wax. It is necessary that the products do not rot for two-three months.

 delicious water with lemon benefits

Recipes for all occasions

To water with lemon not harm your health, learn how to cook a magical tool correctly. Today, there are many recipes for homemade lemonade. Which one is better to choose - it depends on your goals, capabilities and preferences.

  • Lemon liqueur

It is a drink as follows: one hundred, two hundred grams of warm water taken quartered lemon (you can substitute lime) and a couple of spoons of sugar. The liquid should be drunk every hour for two or three days. In no case do not increase the amount of citrus fruits!

In winter is better to add a mixture of natural honey. Then the use of water with lemon would be much higher. The only thing - do not try to boil the drink, otherwise perish all the vitamins and minerals. You can gently heat the liquid in an enamel pot. In no case should not reheat it in the microwave.

  • Lemon compote

The second option is less useful, however, such a beverage has one great advantage - it is possible to store more than two days. So wash your lemons, cut them with the rind. First, peel boiled for two minutes in a small amount of liquid. Then, boiling water is squeezed lemon juice, add sugar and topped water (two liters). After three minutes after the boil compote, you can turn off the stove.

  • Refreshment

Take a clear glass pitcher to squeeze lime or lemon. You can experiment by adding other fruits or berries. In a separate bowl brew green or black tea, let it brew. Strain through a folded in two layers of gauze or through a special sieve. The resulting liquid was diluted juice. There also pour a few tablespoons of sugar or honey.

If you will drink too concentrated and acidic, add it filtered or mineral water (without gas!). In summer, you can throw a few cubes in a pitcher of frozen ice. For everything it will take no more than five minutes, but the whole day your family will be able to enjoy such a delicious and useful compote.

  • Vitamin Cocktail

Dried fruits (apricots, prunes, raisins) are ground in a meat grinder with walnuts and lemon. The resulting flour is added to a small amount of liquid honey, all mixed until smooth. Store this means is better in a refrigerator (up to one week). Diluted with purified water or thawed immediately before use (one teaspoon of the mixture - liquid glass).

  • Water Sassi

This drink is named after the great nutritionist - Cynthia Sass. This woman developed many recipes for weight loss used by women around the world. Water with lemon - one. She has created a refreshing cocktail by which the body's metabolism is accelerated.

So, to prepare you need the following ingredients: a lemon, a tablespoon of grated ginger, two liters of water, ten mint leaves, cucumber (peeled and sliced). Grind lemon zest, mix all products in an enamel pot and fill with water. Leave drink in a cool dry place (refrigerator or pantry). Throughout the next day, you'll have to drink it.

As you can see, at the same time to cook a delicious and healthy beverage is very simple. At the same time you do not have to buy expensive products, spend a few hours at the stove. And, most importantly, drinking at least one glass of water with lemon, you will strengthen your immune system.

 Water with lemon: the benefits and harms of this drink

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