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  • Indications for medical pedicure
  • Technique of medical pedicure

It is believed that the business card of any woman - her hands and it really is true, so do all women manicure. But about the leg, unfortunately, the fair sex is very often overlooked. Or, at best, nails varnished - and ready, she believes that it's done. But is it really?

Our legs have to be pretty bad - firstly, the entire burden falls on his feet, and secondly, narrow uncomfortable shoes contributes to both the strain of foot and nail plates. As a result - often on foot without tears will not look - growths, corns, unattractive nails. Yeah, nail polish this situation, alas, will not save - in fact, it only draws attention to the legs and emphasize the ugly picture.

 proper medical pedicure

Indications for medical pedicure

And if it was only in the aesthetics - it would be so bad. But often such a casual attitude to his legs leads to the development of various health problems. And to cope with the problems of women will just not do. Moreover - even a beautician in the salon is unlikely to bring your legs in order. So what to do? Desperate situations, as we know, does not happen.

And in this case, the best solution would be a medical pedicure. Immediately I would like to draw the attention of the fair sex in the important detail - a real medical pedicure can make a doctor. Keep this in mind when choosing a specialist - alas, often offer pedicure beauty parlor, which they issue for a medical. But the lack of professionalism in this case, can only worsen the situation.

These same offices and renamed Medical Pedicure in hardware. Woe cosmetologists acquire special apparatus and begins to apply it in the case and polishing the skin around the nails and feet, without having the slightest idea of ​​how to do it and when the procedure is generally required.

At first glance, everything seems just fine - ingrown toenails, calluses and corns disappear, as if by the wave of a magic wand. Of course, a woman comes out of the cabin completely happy - her legs are flawless! But this joy is short-lived - the problem very quickly come back, the situation is much more lamentable. Simply put, people who came to the salon with small problems out there sick.

For the procedure to the woman went really good, it should be conducted by a doctor, podiatry. This person has a medical degree, deeply studied dermatology, surgery, traumatology. Such a specialist can really realistically assess the condition of your feet, hold the necessary manipulations and tell you how to proceed.

How to understand what you need is a pedicure and the usual is no longer enough? It is best to have visited a specialist and he made a decision whether you need medical pedicure. But it is quite natural - to realize that you need a specialist, you must guess the existence of problems. To perform this procedure, there are a number of indications:

  • Cracks

Cracks on the feet - a very common problem, especially in the summer when the shoes mostly open. Sometimes, minor cracks, but unless urgent measures, they become very deep. And it not only looks unattractive, but also causes serious physical discomfort when walking. In this case, a medical pedicure can be a real salvation.

  • Neoplasms of the soles

Calluses, corns - our legs workaholic oh how hard times have to! Yes, and we are aggravating the situation, following the fashion and buying a terribly beautiful and fashionable, but sometimes very, very uncomfortable shoes. And warts and sometimes annoying pohlesche than mosquitoes in the warm summer evening in the swamp, because they cause severe pain when walking.

  • Ingrown nails

The same narrow shoes often provokes such troubles as ingrown nails. Independently get rid of ingrown nail is not possible, but the pedicure, made by an expert, will help get rid of the problem in the short term.

Of course, it's not all indications for hardware pedicure - that diabetic foot, and excessive sweating and fungal diseases, and many other problems. The main thing - to find a good specialist, and not to go into the first manicure room.

 Valuable medical pedicure

Technique of medical pedicure

If you go to the master for the first time, most likely, you want to know what awaits you. Well, first of all, as soon as I would like to note that during this type of manicure is obligatory complete sterility - there is no risk of infection.

  • Footbath

Once you forms a, the doctor will make a special bath for the feet - it is necessary for disinfecting and softening the skin. The composition of the bath include special medicines that are selected individually, depending on the specific problems with your feet. The duration of this bath is usually

  • Foot Treatment

After the bath the skin of feet and toes will be carefully treated with special medication - anti-fungal, antibacterial, softening, depending on what problem you have come to the doctor. Sometimes there is only one course of some substance, and sometimes - just a little, if the problem is complex.

  • Leather processing

Further, the course is a special device that operates on the principle grinder - removes excess stratum corneum, corns, calluses. And pedicure removes even such a serious problem as the core corn. In the process of resurfacing the doctor several times by various drugs to treat it.

  • Nail Treatment

Once the skin is treated legs, the doctor will begin work with the nail plate. With various mills grind doctor nail plate, handle the corners of ingrown nail. If the nail is very much rooted and running situation, your doctor may decide to remove the entire ingrown nail plate. As you know, do this procedure can only be a specialist with medical education. And then do the same procedure can not be - you have to come to the doctor several times. It should monitor the healing process of the nail.

  • Other manipulations

In addition to the above-described manipulation doctor may do some additional - from therapeutic massage and finishing with paraffin. Only a doctor is able to assess the situation and, if necessary, appoint a complex treatment, choose the best course of care for their feet.

 Who needs a medical pedicure?

 can I have sex with cystitis


  • The symptoms of cystitis
  • Causes of cystitis
  • How to have sex with cystitis
  • Sex and cystitis when should refrain
  • Occupied or not - the decision is yours

The fact that a cystitis, many of the ladies know firsthand. Today it is - one of the most common women's diseases in which there is inflammation of the bladder. Men are much less likely to encounter this trouble. The reason lies in the anatomy of the body. In women, the urinary channel wider and shorter, so infection is much faster and easier to penetrate inside.

The symptoms of cystitis

The girls in cystitis is observed frequent urination, accompanied by painful sensations and sharp pains. Occasionally small quantities of blood may be released. Even at rest feel a tingling or burning sensation in the perineum and the bladder. After sex occurs, the state is getting worse. And the more inflammation, the more pronounced the above symptoms. In advanced cases of the fair sex has to go to the bathroom every fifteen to twenty minutes.

Urine cystitis may acquire a dull yellow color. If time does not begin treatment, the girl will be difficult to even move around. Possible fever. At high temperatures should drink antipyretic and analgesic. The day after the onset of symptoms is required to go to your gynecologist. Naturally, during the exacerbation of sex is impossible.

 whether you can make love with cystitis

Causes of cystitis

  • Improper use of personal care products

Many girls forget that the gasket (ordinary and daily) can carry no more than four or five hours. Otherwise begin to proliferate the bacteria that lead to inflammatory diseases. The same applies to tampons - they should be changed in time. By the way, the last can not be used in cystitis.

  • Poor circulation

If you spend in a seated position for more than six hours, wear tight jeans, tight tights, little underwear in the pelvic area is a violation of circulation. Therefore it is recommended to do a five-minute breaks every hour. Get up, walk around, get yourself a delicious mug of green tea. At work or an outing with friends, wear comfortable clothing that will not push, constrain movement, cause discomfort.

The problem may also occur with frequent constipation. In this case, it is best to consult a specialist. The important role played by a proper diet (fast food, pastry, sweet, etc.). Drink plenty of fluids, and at night drink at least one cup of yogurt. Eat a light meal that is quickly digested and processed. For lunch or dinner you should have soup, soup, milk porridge. Do not ignore the soups!

  • Immunosuppression

Fatigue, stress, vitamin deficiency - all this reduces the resistance of the body. As a result, even the common cold can lead to inflammation. Therefore, if you feel weak, try to have a good rest. And, despite the fact that sex - the best medicine, care of yourself.

  • Spicy foods and spices

Lover peppered, spicy, salty more susceptible to such diseases as cystitis. The fact that in the urine of the person who ate too many spices and contains high concentration of toxic substances. They adversely affect the bladder wall, causing severe inflammation.

How to have sex with cystitis

Fortunately, the cystitis is not sexually transmitted. But, despite this, to make love during the disease is not recommended. And the problem is not that sex can cause quite discomfort. Firstly, the state of the fair sex can greatly worsen after such a load. Remember: any sex in which there is pressure on the bladder, can cause aggravation. And then you have to treat pyelonephritis.

Secondly, even if you virtually got rid of cystitis, there is a risk of recurrence. Thirdly, a high probability of contracting partner some serious virus. Please note - the disease can be caused not only by hypothermia, and infection.

Those passionate ladies who can not hold back during sex, you must follow some specific rules. So, for example, before sexual intercourse wash your hands and body. Ask your partner not to touch the anus if it is after the planned vaginal caress you. It is also to warn the man that cystitis can not stimulate the clitoris. Otherwise, you can cause irritation of the urethra.

Sex is contraindicated if a representative of the fairer sex just drank plenty of fluids. Making love can only be an empty bladder, so as not to exert pressure on him. When intercourse is also recommended to look into the ladies' room. This will help get rid of bacteria that could get inside during intimacy.

Observe the rules of basic hygiene - at the end of the genitals rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use ordinary soap or shower gel, since such cosmetics can cause irritation or inflammation. Perfumes, dyes and fragrances also highly injurious to health. Well, if you can get to this in a pharmacy special means for intimate hygiene. By the way, do not worry in the bath and do not take a hot bath. Cystitis can swim only a slightly warm shower.

Do not forget to use conventional condoms. But with oral contraceptives and various lubricants, creams, vaginal suppositories should be cautious. Do not buy exciting or stimulating production in cystitis. It may cause disease of the genitourinary system. If you are not excited enough, it is better to postpone sex. The act of love lead to a dry vagina microtraumas.

It is also necessary to define the position in which you can make love with cystitis. Ill the fair sex missionary position is not recommended. At issue is and doggy-style. The weight of your second half, the angle at which the partner enters the vagina - all of which can result not only in severe pain and even bleeding. Experiment with other positions to choose the right. And be sure to arrange with his beloved that he should stop as soon as you say. In this case, you can relax without fear that sex will be unpleasant and painful.

If in any position you uncomfortable, try to engage in oral sex or promote your favorite hands. And a man will be nice, and you finally have a rest from his insistent caresses. These tricks can be invoked not only in the treatment of diseases affecting women.

 sex cystitis

Sex and cystitis when should refrain

  • If you are treated

Sex cystitis - not a pleasant one. On top of that, regular intimacy considerably slows down the healing process. So strongly do not be surprised if your doctor will prohibit making love next three to four weeks.

  • If there is no protection

The urethra is in close proximity to the entrance to the vagina. At the same time, our reproductive system is due to lactobacilli, easily copes with pathogenic microorganisms. In men, the urethra is in no such protection. Therefore it is not necessary to have your second half was an infectious disease, which is transmitted during sex. Dangerous bacteria can get inside after the act of love, or in the case of neglect of the elementary rules of hygiene.

Always use condoms and spermicidal lubricant, especially if it is not a permanent partner. Every six months, visit the gynecologist and Venereology, to reveal hidden diseases of the genitourinary system. Before you start, ask your loved one to take a shower.

  • After anal sex

If you just had anal sex, do not immediately jump to vaginal. In an extreme case - change the condom. Otherwise you risk to bring an infection. Even if Take precautions (do an enema, use a lubricant, etc.), bacteria from the intestine can still get into the vagina. And if you really have to forget about the pleasure a long time. By the way, which is why doctors recommend to wipe after a bowel movement from the pubis to the coccyx. Similarly proceed with the washing of the genitals.

  • If you have recently been ill

Women who have undergone urological or gynecological disease, are at risk. Especially if they do not end up dolechilis. By the way, it is dangerous to have sex if she did not go to the doctor, and independently set a diagnosis and take the medicine at random. The same goes for venereal inflammatory diseases.

  • If you peremerzla, you have a stomach ache

It is enough to sit on a cold bench, splash in icy water, rest on a concrete parapet to catch inflammation. By the way, experts recommend relaxing on the beach girls immediately change clothes after bathing. The fact that under the sun, your body starts to get very hot. In the bikini area, cover melting, the temperature is much lower. This contrast is fraught with inflammation.

In this case, sex is completely contraindicated in cystitis, until you recover. It is unlikely that you will be pleased if, instead of the expected pleasure pelvic cramps and pain arise. Once you cope with the disease, wait one to two weeks in order to avoid repeated inflammation of the bladder. Weakened body sometimes does not have time to deal with such load.

  • Under adverse weather conditions

Sex in the park or in the sea will help to diversify your love life. But making love, the fair sex should always be mindful of their own safety. In the water there are bacteria that can get into the body. If your body is weakened, then it will be quite enough for cystitis.

Occupied or not - the decision is yours

Remember once and for all - no one can force you to make love, especially if you have health problems. Explain to your partner that sex cystitis is not a pleasure, but only brings a strong physical and mental pain. If he likes you, or a man loves you, he will understand. Otherwise, there is an occasion to reflect on why you need a person who is guided only by their desires.

 Can I have sex with cystitis: prohibitions and precautions