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That's why when a haircut and styling in a beauty salon, a head - just in perfect condition, just right to appear on the cover of a magazine? And take some time, as the gloss and glitter added to our hair, somewhere disappears, becoming unruly hair again and did not want to take the form that they were given in this very salon. Or there is the magic word know that hair is listening? Or work in these stores completely magicians and jugglers?

You know, some truth in these assumptions are! In fact, the work of master barber recalls magical passes or clever manipulation prestidizhitatora. Have you ever noticed how cleverly managed to master all sorts raschesochkami, scissors, hair dryers, and others like them? And what arsenal of aids with the use - foams, lacquers, mousses, shampoos, lip - any witch envy! And they know the magic word! And the word (or rather, word) is this: the rules of hair! That's the whole secret. Believe that styling hair at home is quite capable of any of us, if just a little, at least for a modicum of skill to approach the professional.

And for this we need to get a suitable tools and aids (as masters), learn the basics of styling rules. Well, ladies, let's start to become fairies?


In order for hair styling at home even remotely resembled the result of manipulation of the wizard, we need the following tools:

  • Hairdryer need for drying of hair and giving them volume.
  • Styler (hair iron). It will be necessary to create hairstyles with straight or straightened hair, as well as for hairstyles with corrugated strands.
  • Tongs or curlers curling. With their help, we'll do your hair curly or just wavy.
  • Comb-brushing (round brush hair) - hair, big wave in the right direction, and the correct position of the strands, as well as the volume of hair.
  • Frame comb. Special brushes on a rectangular or circular base designed specifically for hair styling.

Styling: gels, foams, mousses, varnishes, waxes, sprays. Firstly, they will protect your hair from not such a useful process and paving (hot hair dryer and curling) and fix the hairstyle:

  1. Foams and mousses are applied to the hair before styling. They are the so-called foundation and guarantee of strength. However, remember that too much of the money will turn your hair matted icicles. Such funds must first be applied to the hand or a comb, and then to the hair.
  2. Styling Lotion is perfect for strength and volume of hair when the hair for her wound on curlers. Strands of hair just moistened with lotion and then are wound.
  3. Styling Gel is also intended to give volume hairstyles (when blow-dry), and long preserve its shape. In addition the gel is most commonly used for hair styles with the effect of wet hair or retro style.
  4. Hairspray is designed to consolidate the results. That is a means used at the end of installation and simply fixes her hair, preventing hair fall apart. Varnish is applied from a short distance, spray evenly on all hair or sprinkle them strands at the roots.
  5. The wax is most commonly used for "torn" styling when it is necessary to isolate and fix the individual strands.

Here, in fact, and all the tools that will help us become a sorceress, learn the basics of hairdressing and beautifully put hair at home. But before you begin to master this art in their own mind, would do well to prepare and, remembering the basic rules of hair.

 How to put your hair at home

Terms hair

Remember how to begin your visit to the hairdresser? Yes, that's right - with shampooing. And even if you tell the wizard that you clean the head, he would still suit your dressing. This is not from disgust. Just laying best "lies" and longer rests on freshly washed hair. This is the first secret of the masters!

Working with a hairdryer also has its secrets. Firstly, it is impossible to lay a hairdryer wet hair: so they are easily damaged. Therefore, you need to give the hair a little dry naturally or accelerate the process with a towel. Second, the hair should be dried and put by setting the air stream by the average speed and its average temperature setting. Start packing (drying) should be from the roots, and the air flow is directed downwards. Nozzle Hub will speed up the drying process, the nozzle diffuser helps to achieve the effect of curls. After laying a hairdryer hair needs to cool for ten minutes, then blow will last longer.

Laying styler or forceps can only be made with dried hair, which first need to apply Heat protective agent. Wrap curls start from the top, and straightening - with lower strands.

To the hair look shiny, after washing they should be rinsed with cold water or hold them with ice cubes. Under the influence of cold hair "sezhatsya" and become more smooth.

 lay hair at home

Styling Options

Express styling for hair of any length. Tilt your head down (forward or reverse - it is convenient for you) and just sprayed the roots of hair lacquer, and then shake the hair.

Fast installation requires the haircut that will set the shape of your hair, and certain habits. For this you will need a skeleton styling comb and hair dryers. Slightly lift the comb wet hair at the roots (against the hair growth) and dried hairdryer. The direction of the strands is also defined by a frame comb. So you get a bulk packing.

Semi performed Styler styling tongs or, sometimes hair has dried using a hairdryer with a comb frame and having a volume at the roots. To do this, you need to have experience and understanding of how will look combed curls. With curlers can receive curls of different sizes and different shapes, which make "lie" hair up, down or sideways.

And the so-called festive styling is available not only masters but also mere mortals. True, most likely for such hairstyles will need not only the most extensive set of tools and resources, but also quite aggressive methods of stacking (fleece, for example) and all kinds of pads, pins, studs, etc., etc..

But do not worry: the holidays and go out, we do not have every day, and learn how to give head in order to everyday life is not so difficult. Hair styling at home will require you to only knowledge of the rules, a sense of proportion and taste, as well as tools and styling. And, of course, exercise! What do you think? And that Moscow was not built. So, train and get used to be beautiful every day, not just during the holidays.

 Hair styling at home. We figure out the secrets of the masters

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 laminating hair at home


  • Lamination of hair at home using professional tools
  • Lamination of hair with the help of folk remedies
  • Gelatin masks

Every woman aspires to look beautiful. However, not all are successful. After all, there is nothing that is decorated like a beautiful healthy hair. Someone endowed to them by nature, but someone has to make some efforts, achieving the effect of lush hair. We are experimenting with the means to care, change the master barbers, but even the most stylish hairstyle will not be able to give a dull lifeless strands healthy. The beauty of any woman is precisely the luster and shine of healthy hair. As it turned out, all this is not so difficult to achieve. The best option to get a stunning effect - lamination.

This method of restoration and protection of the hair is very popular in foreign countries, we had not so long ago. Lamination is extremely simple, and the whole process takes less than an hour. It applied to locks of special composition which comprises a biologically active substance and wheat proteins. Thirty minutes later, it washed and thoroughly rinsed hair. They should not remain a single drop means. For such a short time part time to cover every hair very thin protective film. Already after the first treatment significantly increases the amount of hair, her locks are elastic, soft and manageable.

 laminating hair at home

Lamination of hair at home using professional tools

If until recently, the lamination could be done only in beauty salons, but now modern tools allow you to perform it yourself at home. The effect on the hair is kept about 4-6 weeks, feeding them proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, and then gradually washed away. A second procedure can be carried out after the complete removal of the composition and before. The result is usually largely dependent on the quality of the drugs. Lamination of hair at home can be perfectly combined with other methods of treatment. Regular carrying out of such procedures and the use of professional tools allow every woman to always look great.

And now let's try to understand in order to make the most simple and most effectively carry out this popular and expensive salon manipulation alone. Laminating Hair home is most often done using a special spray. You just need a means evenly to every strand and do not rinse. As a result, you get a shiny and smooth hair. However, you must understand that the effect of this method of visual recovery remain long - it will last only until the next shampooing. But in any case the hair for some time will not be subjected to external negative factors.

But the simplicity of this procedure is apparent. Direct lamination hair at home must be preceded by a certain preparation process, otherwise the effect of it you will not be impressed. Therefore, to begin to assess the actual condition of your hair. The next step should be the choice of the necessary funds for their cleaning and restoration of moisture balance. And here without referral to a specialist from a good beauty salon is clearly not enough. With his help you will be able to properly prepare her hair and figure out how to do laminating hair at home so as to achieve the effect of salon treatments.

After the barber give all necessary advice and you will some time take a hair restoration, you can proceed to the procedure of their external recovery. To do this, you will need to buy special compositions lamination, the list of which includes:

  • shampoo, providing deep cleaning;
  • firming mask-reducing agent;
  • animating spray (means of express laminate);
  • Special oils for the hair ends.

Before the procedure itself, do not neglect the careful study of the instructions to the above mentioned drugs. Follow all recommendations for their application and the time of exposure, and the ability to manipulate lamination hair at home to observe with maximum clarity. This is a prerequisite for gaining great results.

As for the technology, the improvement of the external hair procedure is as follows. First you have to wash your hair with a special shampoo. You can use this option toning means for clarification, it should be evenly distributed throughout the strands and leave for thirty minutes, then rinse with warm water. Then he should make a mask, which remove the remains after ten minutes. After all these manipulations of excess moisture from the hair should be removed with the help of a towel.

Now comes the turn of work with the laminating composition. For those who once served painting at home, it does not take much. You just need to evenly coat means every strand of your hair, leave it to act for thirty minutes, then rinse, but without shampoo. Once you have carefully wipe the laminating composition, it is recommended to make another mask. If you have performed all the procedures correctly, the hair will delight you with exceptional smoothness, shine, healthy look and good volume.

Those women who want to independently perform the procedure lamination hair at home, you need to know some of the nuances. It is best to at least once with their own eyes to see how this manipulation is done in the salon experienced craftsman and what should be its result. Therefore, if you allow, do not neglect the possibility of surrender into the hands of a specialist. It teaches you a lot of subtleties. But if you for some reason it is impossible to visit the hair salon, the master is always possible to invite to your home.

It is important to know that the lamination is suitable for all hair types - you can do both on dyed or bleached strands, and in chemical wave, because this procedure is just helps fight dryness and various injuries. Remember also that for deep cleansing shampoo should only be used before carrying out the lamination. Use it in the daily care is impossible. To do this, there are less traumatic means. Do not become superfluous for you and information about what means to express lamination can be either transparent (colorless), and also serves as hair dyes.

 Laminating Hair home

Lamination of hair with the help of folk remedies

Erring women who are convinced that the house lamination can be done. As described above, this procedure is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. We just need to stick to the right technology, and then you can save on a hike in the interior and at the same time boast a shiny and healthy hair, almost like in advertising shampoo on TV. But no less mistaken and those ladies who believe that such a procedure, and the house is impossible without expensive set of special tools. This is not true. In the kitchen, each family is a beautiful composition for lamination hair. It is very cheap and therefore accessible to all. It is, of course, an ordinary gelatin.

This product consists of protein and collagen protein. And no need to be a graduate of cosmetologist, to understand how these substances are valuable for hair, nails and skin of the person. Gelatin is needed, and those of us who have a problem with the build-up of cartilage tissue after injuries and fractures in the joints. So why not take advantage of its beneficial properties to restore the beauty of our hair? The more so because it is very simple. Some experts even say that the lamination using gelatin is much more useful than the use for this purpose special expensive means because natural collagen is far more nutritious than its artificial substitutes.

The effect of such treatments at home, usually seen in the first week of them. Longer use of gelatin allows your hair to look more robust: they are noticeably thicken, get a healthy glow and grow faster. The film, which he creates, protects your hair from the harmful effects of heat styling. It also does not electrify the hair, making it smooth and at the same time does not deprive volume. So, laminating strands home the easiest and most affordable way.

As in the case of the use of the special tools, healthy hair by means of the gelatin should begin their preparation. The first phase consists of washing the hair with regular shampoo. Next, you should use emollient balm that after a few minutes to wash off with warm water. Finalize the hair helps the removal of excess moisture with a towel.

Now you can go to the actual recipes laminating compositions based on gelatin. The main mask is done as follows. In any glass, porcelain or ceramic container need to pour a tablespoon of dry gelatin and add three to four tablespoons of slightly heated water. The resulting mixture should be left for thirty minutes to swell. After a specified time in the same capacity need to top up a regular hair conditioner in an amount such that the composition was the result resembled thick cream.

Be sure to thoroughly mix to mass became homogeneous as possible. Next should be placed a container of laminating composition in a water bath and stir it constantly. This will allow the gelatin to dissolve, but do not let it boil. Then the resulting mass must cool down and turn into jelly familiar to all. So laminating composition of each strand of hair prepared in advance, covering them evenly. Avoid gelatin on the scalp, because when dry you will feel an unpleasant itching and tightness.

After graduating from the application of the mask, you need to put on his head a plastic bag or a special hat, wrap it with a towel, and not less than fifteen minutes to warm up with a hair dryer. After that you need to hold a mass for about half an hour, then rinse with warm, but in any case no hot water. Hair after the completion of the need to dry yourself - hair-dryer in this case you may not need. To become a noticeable effect as early as possible, a lamination method can be used to house four or five times a week.

Besides this universal mask for all hair types, there are many other recipes based on gelatin. By the way, instead of water to dissolve it, you can use herbal teas and infusions, for example, nettle, chamomile or burdock. Some of the masks include some useful hair oils, known to all its positive influence egg yolk and rye bread. But they will not be able to be removed with water alone - will have to use shampoo. Below we will just about compositions for laminating home designed for different types of hair and facilitate their volume, growth and so on.

 laminating hair at home

Gelatin masks

  • Mask for intensive feeding

    In this case, one tablespoon of gelatin should pour three tablespoons of milk and leave for half an hour to swell, and then lead to a homogeneous state in a water bath. If you have long hair, it is said to increase the number of components needed. The main difficulty is to keep the proportion of one part gelatin three parts liquid. In the resulting composition, you can add all of the capsule to supply hair.

  • Gelatine mask with fruit juice

    Universal formulation for any hair color is prepared on the basis of apple juice. Blondes to give the brightness of your hair, you can take instead a little lemon juice diluted with water, and the owners of the dark strands of carrot juice should be used. Preparing the composition according to the above principle: one tablespoon of gelatin filled with three tablespoons selected juice infused and dissolved in a water bath.

  • Masks on the basis of almond, castor oil and burdock

    In all cases, a gelatin mixture is necessary to make by the usual algorithm, following the already mentioned proportion. And then add the almond oil, focusing on hair type: for dry and damaged must be one and a half teaspoons of normal - one, and for fat - half. This mask, in addition to lamination, eat well and treat your locks, but do not keep it longer than half an hour. Composition based on castor oil preparing the same - it promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss mask with the addition of burdock oil.

  • Means for intensive moisturizing

    This composition for lamination helps copes with the dryness and damage caused by exposure to the sun and constant use thermal styling tools. It is very simple. First you need to prepare a decoction by nettle leaves for dark hair or chamomile for light. The proportions in this case, change: Now one tablespoon of gelatin to be dissolved in a water bath in the same amount produced herbal liquid and add the same amount of honey. This composition should be applied to not only the entire length of the hair, and rubbed into the roots.

  • Laminating mask volume

    For its preparation is necessary to mix one teaspoon of gelatine, two tablespoons of water, one teaspoon colorless henna and mustard, then add the egg yolk. Ingredients must be brought into a homogeneous state in a water bath, put on hair and keep for about an hour. After the time it needs to be washed off with warm water and shampoo.

This is not all existing recipes, allowing to do laminating hair at home. However, this procedure must be done with a sense of proportion. Do not forget that no matter how good and natural nor was chosen composition, the hair can not do without a certain amount of oxygen and ultraviolet light. So do not keep your locks permanently enclosed in a protective film lamination and perform intermittently, so as not to negate the natural process of cell regeneration. Good luck and shine to your hair!

 Lamination of hair at home: gelatin or Professional?

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