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Dandruff - the most popular disease of hair. Approximately half of the adult population of the country suffered from the disease at least once in life. Sometimes it happens that dandruff do not pay attention, and it is in vain. After all, if the dandruff run, this disease is fully capable to cause this unpleasant phenomenon of hair loss. In view of this it is advisable to take measures to combat dandruff immediately after its discovery.

Since hair care is a matter of priority, to discover at the dandruff will not be difficult to any of us, even at home. But in any case should not be considered an ordinary dandruff cosmetic defects. It is hard to know what dandruff - it is not nothing but a disease that can give a lot of troubles. Let us learn how to get rid of dandruff and forget about this problem once and for all. Fortunately, that folk remedies for treatment of this problem are very diverse, and the choice can be made based on the type of own hair.

Dandruff: causes

First, let's understand what dandruff is and why it appears on our hair. If the scalp is healthy, it epidermis consists of twenty-five to thirty-five cell layers. With the passage of the natural cycle, each cell is moved from the depths to the surface of the skin and subsequently peeled. Healthy cycle "nucleation-peeling" in time takes about a month, with the thinner cell to such an extent that it becomes invisible. But it is worth the metabolic processes in your body is broken, as the number of layers of cells begins to be no more than ten to fifteen layers. Cell regeneration is much faster, they peel still alive. Slip into flakes of various shapes and sizes, they are displayed in parting hair on the comb, on clothing. It is these scales we call dandruff.

In addition to the direct causes of dandruff, this disease, there is also plenty of indirect causes. These include perms, hormonal disorders, stay with their heads uncovered in direct sunlight or in the cold, as well as stress, emotions, and even poor nutrition. One small, but very important caveat: do not confuse dandruff and dry scalp. Sometimes this happens when due to lack of moisture the skin becomes dry and starts to peel off a little bit. But in this case the scales are very dry and small - unlike the usual gray "Snowflake" real dandruff.

Modern medicine claims that another cause of dandruff is a microorganism Pityrosporum Ovale, which is as your home took a fancy to the human scalp. If the immune system is working well, without fail, and the sebum is produced in the normal mode and in normal amounts, this microorganism does not manifest itself - he just quietly there. But the immune system is to undergo any change, it is only slightly disturb or weaken as the fungus immediately begin to actively proliferate. Excessive amounts of the fungus leads to an acceleration of skin renewal, and as a result, the appearance of dandruff.

Experts share the dandruff on two kinds - dry and oily. Dandruff becomes oily when mixed with an excess of sebum (fat). It occurs mainly in those who have oily skin head, and as a consequence - greasy hair. In such cases, after washing the hair quickly become greasy, shiny, scalp starts to itch. Next - the scalp is inflamed, dying hair follicles, the hair falls themselves. These people hair loss begins. When the scalp is dry, have a tendency to split hairs, they fade, become thin and weakened.

 how to get rid of dandruff home

Dandruff Treatment

In order to solve the problem with a constant "snow" with the hair and scalp, it is not necessary to go to the doctor - you can get rid of annoying dandruff at home. And the most simple, does not require special diligence method - washing the head with special shampoos. Dandruff flakes are washed away any detergent sold in the cosmetics department. However, these scales appear again - and do it before your hair will have time to dry. Therefore, to get rid of this disease need a special dandruff shampoo. If your dandruff threatens to escalate into seborrhea, it is best to use more intensive means. There are special, fairly aggressive drugs which can be used instead of shampoo for hair. They need to handle the scalp two or three times in a row, and after - only once a week.

Our market is very rich in various anti-dandruff shampoo. These shampoos are not as aggressive as medication, but at the same time contribute to the treatment of this disease. Dandruff disappears after a short use of special shampoos, but in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease in the future, the scalp should be treated for several weeks. If you have dandruff quite a bit, then you can get rid of it by applying the lotion to the scalp dandruff. Use this lotion is needed after shampooing ordinary shampoo.

Traditional medicine will always be relevant, but do not forget one fact: any purchase shampoo and lotion dandruff contains a variety of chemicals that can harm the health of your skin, especially with regular use. Besides, there is always the risk of allergic reactions to any drug component. Therefore it is very important to constantly take care of your hair and scalp, without resorting to a different chemistry. To get rid of dandruff at home you will help lotions, potions and homemade masks. Natural products, from which you can prepare the perfect remedy for dandruff, not only satiate your skin and the entire structure of the hair vitamins and useful elements, but also greatly save your family budget.

 how to get rid dandruff

Treatment of dandruff with the help of folk remedies

Even in ancient times used natural products to treat their hair and get rid of dandruff, because women have always sought to make their tresses beautiful and healthy. The products used to prepare homemade mask, we are often directly in the refrigerator, they can be pretty quick to win dandruff. The main thing - to turn the self-care in the ritual, doing the scalp and hair are not from time to time, but at least once a week.

We present our most effective folk remedies for dandruff:

Mustard mask for scalp

For half an hour before washing, apply on the scalp composition made of dry mustard and warm water. The consistency of the composition should be like a thick cream. Due to a slight burning sensation in your skin blood flow will increase significantly, which will help to restore the normal operation of cell renewal. After ten minutes, rinse with warm water and mustard, and shampoo, do not forget to use the balm or conditioner for your type volos.Krome get rid of dandruff, you will achieve faster hair growth and will attach strength and shine to your tresses.

Lemon broth dandruff

Boil the peel of four lemons in one liter of water fifteen minutes and strain the broth cool. Limone many useful trace elements and vitamins, especially in the skin. Using this broth, you not only nourishes the scalp, restoring the balance of nature, but also make your hair shiny and beautiful. Rinse the lemon broth hair once a week, and after a couple of months of dandruff will be over.

Mask of onion juice and vodka

If dandruff and hair loss can be applied is a folk remedy: two tablespoons of vodka mixed with one tablespoon of onion juice rubbed into the resulting composition per hour to wash the head. Causing a mask on the head, it is necessary to create a thermal effect in order to enhance the action of the active components of the mixture and to activate the blood circulation in the skin. With regular use of masks onion and vodka you will not only solve the problem of dandruff, but and bring strength and shine to hair.

Mask of garlic and burdock oil

Garlic mask - is a great example of how to get rid of dandruff with the help of affordable, low-priced products: garlic in every house, and burdock can be bought at the pharmacy for very little money. You will need about seven to eight cloves of garlic, they need to crush through spadefoot and add burdock oil in the proportions of one to one.

I must say that the smell of this particular mask and keep it on the head by a plastic cap and a towel should be at least two hours. So it's best to do it at the weekend, when you are not scheduled to meet with friends and acquaintances. But after the second application of dandruff would be significantly less, and a couple of months it will disappear altogether. Make a mask should be no more than once a week.

Kefir hair mask

Kefir is not only nourishes and strengthens hair, but also is an excellent way to prevent hair loss. For this mask you will need three tablespoons of yogurt, a tablespoon of any vegetable oil (burdock and castor will also work) and one egg yolk. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply the mask ready to the scalp, rubbing her smooth, massaging movements. Wrap the head cellophane and a towel, keep the mask for an hour. Then rinse with your favorite shampoo and conditioner for hair conditioner.

Mask of burdock oil

Burdock oil is produced from the usual mug, the common people called thistles. Thanks to this oil can not only cure dandruff, but also to accelerate the growth of hair, get rid of the dryness of the scalp and of constant cross-section ends. Using burdock oil two or three times a week, in a month you will be free of dandruff, and will attach to the hair a luxurious, well-groomed appearance.

For this mask you need a bottle of burdock oil, heated in a water bath. Let it will be a little warmer than the temperature of your body - enough to activate the metabolism in the scalp. Apply warm burdock oil on the scalp, and then spread it over the entire length of hair. Put the cap on the head cellophane and wind warm towel, keep the mask for one hour. After this time, wash your head and rinse with water slightly acidified with vinegar or lemon juice.

Mask from honey and onions

This mask is perfect for blondes, because honey has the ability to lighten hair and give them a gentle, golden hue. Honey combined with onion juice perfectly solves the problem of dandruff on the scalp and adds shine and strength to hair. To prepare the masks take one tablespoon of honey and four tablespoons of onion, grated on a fine grater. Add the resulting slurry one or two tablespoons of any vegetable oil and apply the mask ready to scalp, do not forget to spread the mixture over the entire length of hair.

An hour after applying the mask wash your hair with regular shampoo with balm-rinse. In addition to these advantages, the mask gives the hair a pleasant aroma: honey, not only mutes the pungent smell of onions, but also creates a very pleasant, delicate fragrance to your hair.

If you are wondering how to get rid of dandruff at home - then you are ready to devote their time and energy to care for themselves. And this factor helps to solve any problem of their appearance, and dandruff as well. Make it a rule at least once a week to do a mask made from natural products to cure dandruff and for a well-groomed appearance of your hair. And as to solve this problem - to make masks and infusions once a month for prevention. It's so nice to know that you make an effort and effort for their own health and beauty! Believe me, your work will bring you great benefits!

 How to get rid of dandruff: simple solutions to complex problems

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