duck in utyatnitsu


  • Which products will be needed?
  • Preparation carcass
  • Prepare and bake bird utyatnitsu
  • Preparation and submission of duck sauce

In order to please the family tasty and original dishes is sure to cook duck utyatnitsu. This pudding certainly will satisfy all members of the household, because it will turn fragrant, juicy and tender. Below is a step by step recipe.
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Which products will be needed?

To the cooking process was fast, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • bird duck - 2, 5 kg
  • several sheets of rosemary
  • Garlic - 3 cloves
  • Oranges - 5 pieces
  • butter - 100 g
  • dry white wine - 100g
  • wheat flour - 1 tablespoon
  • curry, salt and black pepper to taste
  • Beef broth - 1 liter
  • flower honey liquid - 1 tablespoon
  • orange liqueur - 80 ml

 Cooking duck

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Preparation carcass

The process of preparing this dish should be carried out in several stages. At first you need to prepare duck. With a knife, you need to cut the neck, and the skins should be left untouched. Then you need to pull out the hand of the carcass insides: lungs, heart, kidneys and so on. They all can be left at any other dish, except the liver. It is needed for cooking sauce.

Then, the carcass must be rinsed under running water. If it is noticed that the skin of small feathers are present, you need to hook them with a knife and a sharp movement to remove them. In addition, it is recommended to enable the burner and sear the duck over medium heat. Then it is necessary to re-rinse and dry with a paper towel. Then the duck laid out on a chopping board and spices rubbed inside and out. Thereafter, it should be left on for 10-15 minutes.

Now take the oranges and wash them under running water. Then you need to take one fruit and cut it with a knife rings. Second, clean the orange and squeeze the juice out of it. Need to get 100 with the rest of the fruit should be cut peel and grind it. Purified 3 oranges is to be divided into segments, and then remove them from the film. Then they are cut into small pieces. Then the carcass is taken and stuffed with rosemary and then sliced ​​fruit.
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Prepare and bake bird utyatnitsu

At this stage, taken utyatnitsu and at its bottom laid rings orange. They are then placed stuffed duck. Next bowl is taken and it mixed the following ingredients: liquid honey, orange liqueur and juice. They all need to be mixed thoroughly with a spoon. Then, the mixture should be evenly pour over the duck. Thanks to the bird during cooking will get a nice brown crust, a pleasant aroma and original taste. When this liquid to pour honey, juice and liquor need not all. For a start will be enough 3-4 tablespoons. The rest of you need to pour the mixture into the frying process.

Now you need to preheat the oven to about 200 degrees. Meanwhile, pour a glass of water in utyatnitsu. This is to ensure that well-cooked poultry and its meat was tender. Then you can put the dish in the oven. Bake it is necessary for 2 hours. At the same time for 30 minutes until cooked meals need to remove the cover from utyatnitsu and remove it, and then pour the remaining mixture of honey, liquor and juice. After this time, you must turn off the oven. Duck just do not get, it must cover and leave for another 25 minutes.

 recipes duck utyatnitsu
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Preparation and submission of duck sauce

This dish is always served with a sauce, or not be able to fully enjoy its taste. Cooking it should be during roasting duck.

First you need to take 1 liter of broth and add the chicken livers, and orange zest. The capacity of these ingredients is put on the stove over high heat. It is necessary to bring it to a boil, then add salt, pepper, chopped garlic and curry. Then the fire slightly decreases and the dish is left for 20 minutes. During this time, it is time to reach readiness.

Now you need to strain the broth through a sieve and grind in a liver. Then all you need to put on the back burner and bring to a boil. Then the sauce is added to the flour and butter. All that is necessary to boil for 5 minutes, followed by adding white wine and leave to heat for 5 minutes. It is important during the preparation of the sauce constantly stirring it with a spoon, and then cover it with a lid and wait until the bird is ready.

Served duck entirely. No need to pre-cut it into portions pieces.   It should be put on a large platter. Then she poured evenly on top of the sauce. On a garnish for this dish can be fed rice or mashed potatoes, dressed with butter. Dishes prepared on this recipe, you will certainly gladden his household and conquer the guests. Bon Appetit!

 Duck in utyatnitsu: a step by step recipe

 delicious duck pieces


  • Duck slices, steamed
  • Duck cooked in foil

I would like to offer two ways how to cook the duck pieces. For those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and for everyone else. On holidays, especially at Christmas and New Year, roast duck - a classic dish, but it is not suitable for everyone.

When steaming dish turns out the same tasty as the traditional method of cooking using hot, and she will be able to enjoy even the "ulcer".

Duck slices can also be cooked in foil in the oven or in a fashion Now multivarka.

In the preparation of both meals, given that pre-marinated meat, you must 3:00.

 Garnish with slices of duck
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Duck slices, steamed

To prepare the dish you need:

  • knife - preferably acute;
  • Hammer for beating the meat;
  • spices;
  • fruit - an apple or an orange. Apples are better to take the green, sour.

The pieces of meat are best cut with duck breast and bedryshek. There is more lean. Then he cut across the grain - the pieces have to be the size of a palm with ¼ - and lightly beat off. Then rub each piece with a mixture of salt, and allspice, which was previously necessary to grind or buy a ready-to-use.

Fold prepared semifinished tightly into a container, lay sliced ​​apple - the apple peel to clean is not required, or orange slices - film on each lobe should be torn,

Marinate the meat in an apple or orange for 1-2 hours. At this time, the capacity should be put into the refrigerator, closed with cling film.

Salt and pepper placed on the eye. Their number depends on the number of portion pieces designed dish. Since food diet, the abuse these spices is not necessary.

Once the pieces of duck Currently, all of the ingredients used to flavor diet dishes are cleaned. The meat is placed on the steamer basket and put the regulator for 1 hour.

If after the allotted time is not enough soft pieces of duck - the bird turned slightly older age than expected - they can turn over and add 10-20 minutes to dish "has come."

Orange marinade is chosen by those who love meat sweeter apple - who prefers sour.

For this dish, you can submit an apple or orange sauce, which was prepared taking into account the fact that the dish diet.

Cooking fruit sauces

On the whole rub orange peel - the uppermost layer, itself an orange squeeze to obtain juice. Intervenes in his zest, add a little salt, allspice and put on fire. In the preparation of sauces - the evaporation of the liquid - enough for 5-7 minutes. For higher viscosity during evaporation sauce can add a slice of duck fat.

Prepare apple sauce for poultry meat is even easier. We need a pound of sliced ​​apples peeled and pitted to put on the fire, add half a cup of water and a spoonful of lemon juice, sugar and salt to taste. Simmer until thickened. 5-7 minutes, and the sauce is ready.

 recipes duck pieces
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Duck cooked in foil

Very tasty obtained if use for cooking foil, wrapped in her pieces of poultry. This dish can be cooked in the oven, and in Multivarki.

Duck cut into slices, removing the entrails, and washed them thoroughly marinated in spices.

As an essential spice used:

  • salt
  • sweet pepper
  • ground hot peppers

The use of other seasonings can tell the taste and imagination. It is worth thinking about:

  • nutmeg;
  • garlic;
  • dried dill and parsley;
  • carnation;
  • grated ginger;
  • pepper mixture.

If duck baked with apples, nutmeg, clove is enough. All other seasonings calculated that the pieces are baked duck with onion. Onions can be pre-marinated in vinegar, but you can take a fresh and cut into rings.

Apples cut into large slices, peel is not cleared. The core is removed from the bones. In one bird is enough 2-3 medium apples sour. Good variety Symyrenko or winter apples.

The cut pieces are laid out and washed in the dish with the right set of spices, onions and apples, all closes the film and left for 1-2 hours in a cool place.

Then, marinated pieces neatly sorted into pairs. Those in which the meat postnovatoe, assemble with fatter. For example, the wing and back, thighs and breasts.

The foil also spread a pair of apple slices or chopped onions from the container in which pickled duck.

Wrap the foil should be particularly careful that in the process of preparing the juice flowing. Then carefully packed convolutions spread on a sheet in one layer or in a bowl Multivarki - permitted installation in 2 layers.

Baking time - about 1, 5 hours. The oven is heated to 170-180 degrees, multivarka set mode "Baking" or "Hot". In modern Multivarki is called differently. So you need to navigate - the feature set for baking.

Typically, a half hour is enough to bring a dish until done, but if in doubt, you can check the softness of the meat during cooking.

The foil should not be deployed. It is enough to pierce with a toothpick bundle. If it is easy to include in a piece of meat is ready. From the oven need to get svertochki immediately after cooking is completed to duck not withered. In multivarka they can lie on the mode "heating" until serving.

Expanding slices on plates directly in foil, not turning to the most delicious gravy, is not drained.

Duck cooked pieces, preparing much faster than the whole, and it is very convenient to serve.   Do not have to mess with hot bird, trying to divide into portions and trying not to get dirty. And the taste of this dish is not inferior to taste the traditional duck with apples.

 Two ways of cooking duck pieces