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How to choose the shape and length of the bangs? What are the secrets connected with this part haircuts, known only to the hair stylist? Suitable for short bangs and who long? Can I wear it to owners of curls? About all the subtleties and nuances of hairdressing told us the creative director of the Institute of Beauty Le Colon, star stylist Paul Vahan.

It turns out that with the help of bangs every one of us can give your image the novelty and freshness. But do not forget that this detail hairstyles can not only add to its appeal, but also disturb the harmony of the face. Owners of heavy straight hair suit bangs with slight negligence tapering, like Monica Bellucci. It gives the image depth and femininity, softens it and makes it even more attractive. And this asymmetric bangs, like Hayden Panettiere, will not only hide the chubby cheeks, but also make fine facial features more expressive. This seemingly simple trick of the harmony, and give way to some shortcomings undoubted advantages.

The semicircular shape bangs like Agyness Deyn, visually hide thinness. Therefore, it is ideal only girls with a narrow face and absolutely contraindicated owners of the square. A smooth thick bangs and loose hair over her shoulders, like Lou Doillon, now out of fashion. Do not forget that the strands fell over his forehead, should serve as a beautiful frame the face, and not to hide it.

Bangs with side parting, laid on its side, like Cate Blanchett, is a member of a very elegant hairstyle. It allows its owner not look strict teacher even hair into a ponytail. Asymmetrical short and slightly podvitaya bangs, like Katy Perry, nobody decorate. It is suitable except for the scene or the carnival.

 bangs for round face

Practical guidance and advice at an early stage

This is useful to know all the secrets of the fair half of mankind, because they help to make the image of an attractive and stylish. But most of us are interested in the question of what is right bang chubby women and girls. Why is that? Everything is very simple. Suffice it to recall the portraits of village beauties, lovingly created by artists of the time.

Slavic type of appearance - is primarily a round face shape, features and soft brown thick hair. It is these women describe in their imperishable works of Pushkin and Nekrasov, Tolstoy and Turgenev. So many of us inherited from grandparents went to the very traits that distinguish the Slavic rock. It's no wonder foreign men admire the abundance of incredibly beautiful women, which can be found on the streets of any city in Russia, not only in the pages of magazines and TV screens.

However, besides the pride of such a rich gift, many of us have been trying unsuccessfully to pick up the option bangs for round face, which is the best fit only to them. And often unsuccessfully change one form to another, and do not get the expected results. Is that so hard? Not at all, the main thing in this case - the attention to detail, some advice professionals and striking examples of modern "stars".

First of all, make sure that you have such a face shape. Gather the locks and look at yourself in the mirror. There is still doubt and tend to see an oval or notorious heart? Just circle the reflection face felt-tip pen, and all questions will disappear by themselves. Now you just have to be proud of beautiful metaphorical comparison with the Moon, which therefore chubby awarded the fair sex. Is not it the epithet of "Moon-faced" sounds romantic, slightly mysterious?

Types of Bangs for round face different variety and depend on what is your hair - they are long or, on the contrary, short, thick or curly. This element is particularly attractive hairstyle for those of us who want to correct some of the shortcomings in the form of excessively protruding nose, chubby cheeks, or the first wrinkles on the forehead. After all, instead of them because I want to draw the attention of others to the undoubted merits - the beautiful, expressive eyes, a clear brow shape, radiant skin.

And now that you clearly understand what you want to highlight, and that - to hide, try to imagine how you will change the bangs for round face. If you are going to radically alter the image, you must decide whether so you need precisely this element of hairstyles, because the novelty will bring the desired and conventional short haircuts. To understand this, above the forehead separate small section of hair and fasten it with the clips so that the free ends of covered your forehead. This simple method will allow you to see how the bangs for round face will change its shape, obscuring some parts and so on.

If the new image in the mirror you like, and you only have strengthened the desire to have short strands that hide the forehead, then listen to one important piece of advice. It is to make this long bangs that would remove it with bobby pins if the result of the change of the image seem like a failure.

 oblique bangs for round face

What bangs adorn the face of a round shape?

Bangs for round face, if for her performance takes a true professional, really can decorate almost any image Variations on a similar theme, there are many, but you must comply with one condition. It lies in the fact that the "moon-faced" young ladies definitely goes straight bangs. It is able to give your face an unnecessary width and make it disproportionately short. Therefore, no matter how you experiment with color, length, density and direction, avoid precisely this classical form. Remember that spoil any straight bangs round face. And now proceed to consider the successful examples.

  1. Long oblique strands above the forehead - it's a great option for those women who are not willing to radically change the image, but do not mind a little hair to diversify. This detail will make your hairstyle trendy and very modern, and the resulting smooth transition to the rest of the hair to avoid obvious changes. If you like magic on all sorts of styling, while not having short hair, and those in the language of professionals called hair of medium length, with the help of such bangs can try on the image of the famous Hollywood beauties of the past century. You only need to slightly curl the strands and fix them like waves, rising gently above the forehead.
  2. Universal version, which comes as young girls and business women - oblique bangs for round face. A huge advantage is its perfect combination of both in her hair, with curls and gathered in a bun or ponytail. At the same time your image will remain the same modern and stylish. Oblique bangs medium length relevant for several consecutive years, it can be seen on the models will parade on many fashion shows. And Western actresses bring this element into their way of enriching their light short haircut.
  3. Owners melirovannyh kolorirovannyh hair and should give preference to the cascade or torn bang. It will allow you to create the image of a daring - the main thing that he did not go counter to your temperament. True, this option has one disadvantage bangs. It is rather complicated installation. Although, if you stick to the style "unruly girls", then all you can do without it, to preserve the natural hairstyle.
  4. We should also mention the provocative short bangs. Young round face, glitter eyes, mischievous smile and cheerful "hedgehog" forehead - and in front of you characters carefree youth, charming and unique. If you belong to the category of women living vibrant active life, trying to catch, always and everywhere, be sure to try this option bangs, but do not forget the main rule - short, but not directly. However, for it will have to follow, for growing hair quickly spoil the original shape, so you have to frequent the barber.

To understand what kind of bangs able to successfully transform a round face, you can turn to the obvious example - pictures of Hollywood actresses. So, not long strands over his forehead, like Carey Mulligan, is the ideal choice for owners of soft, slightly frizzy curls. This form is the very girls who have too high forehead and clearly expressed "moon-faced." But symmetrical long bangs, divided by parting, like Jennifer Lopez, only emphasize the high cheekbones and a square bottom.

Uneven strands, easily falls over his forehead, like Renee Zellweger, exclusively to owners of chubby sparse hair. Therefore, if you do not have hair volume, use so that's a good example and turn the existing lack of dignity. The fluffy bangs, like Heidi Klum, is almost all the girls, except for the owners of square and round face. Therefore, do not experiment with forms failed, because a beautiful photo "stars" - is not an indication that its image is perfect for you.

 Bangs for round face: hairstyles element that doest wonders

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