to braid hair extensions


  • Facts about hair extensions
  • How to build up on the hair braid
  • What is the advantage of the increase in the pigtail?
  • On what to pay attention to the build-up
  • Caring for hair extensions

The beauty of a woman - a great power! And in many respects this beauty depends on the appearance of hair. We can say that the woman's face - a picture, and her hair - a portrait frame, and it can sometimes be changed by giving the picture originality and freshness. Long hair has always been considered the main decoration of the women. It is right. But what about those who, for whatever reason, can not grow a beautiful, long locks?

Now, for such a problem has a solution. Artificial hair braid or fluffy hair long hair - a true breakthrough in the world of beauty and fashion! Modern unique technologies help women become more beautiful, sexy and feminine. Hair extensions help to solve a number of aesthetic problems and can significantly change your appearance in a short time. Making capacity, not only can you change the length and thickness of your hair, but also to change their color or shade and to share in your face extravagance. Another huge advantage of this method is the ease of caring for hair extensions and comfort of wearing them.

Facts about hair extensions

Hair allows you to look just the way you've always wanted to look like. What else can be said about this method?

  • Capacity adds not only the length of the hair. You may also add volume, rather than the length of (or in addition to). It will rescue many women who have thin or thinning hair
  • You can not increase hair all over the head, and only in some specific areas - at the back of the head, the temples, you can build only a bang, and so on.
  • You can pick locks as completely identical to your hair color, and a completely different color or shade.
  • This is a completely painless process. It takes about forty minutes to 3-4 hours.

How to build up on the hair braid

Time does not stand still, the technology improved, and new methods of hair extensions. Experts are trying to find a way that would help as much as possible to avoid a negative impact on the "native" hair clients during the procedure increase. But at the same time that the hair extensions were held firmly enough, and the location where the attachment of the strands are less visible as possible.

One of these methods and become a way that hair is built up in the pigtail. Master weaves a very thin basal braids across the back of the head of the client and directly to each pigtail attaches additional locks. As a rule, there are strands in the form of tress, why this method has another name - "Tress method." Tress - it's hair, which has been specially treated and are joined at the base, so that in the end are long, narrow strip, from which a sort of "grow" strands.

Starting from the bottom weave back of the head master for each of the braided pigtails just sews tress, trying to arrange a strip of hair as close as possible to the roots of the hair. Each pigtail sewn one Tress. The closer to the root of the hair is sewn Tress, the less often have to then make the correction. On average, every two months, each Tress removed intertwined braid close to the scalp, and then again Tress is sewn to the woven braids. Time for carrying out such a procedure (braiding and sewing tress) takes approximately three hours.

Artificial hair of additional braid is suitable for any hair, regardless of their color, and structure of the original volume. Pigtails, which weaves a master at the head of the client, are very thin, so they do not cause any discomfort or inconvenience, which is not the capsule accrual basis.

 the right to braid hair extensions

What is the advantage of the increase in the pigtail?

First of all, this method is completely safe. Hair does not undergo thermal exposure test, and for their fastening adhesive is not used, or resin, or any other chemical components, which could damage the structure of the hair or cause you allergy. If necessary, remove tress is very easy, simply delete the thread and untwist pigtail. And do tress can be used repeatedly, since they are made from high quality hair. Of course, provided that it is natural hair.

Tresses are sold in specialty stores. There you can choose the tress of any length, color and even the background. Natural hair from which they are made, can be east (China and India), European and Slavic. Last - the most expensive, because they are very soft, more suitable to our women in structure and are ideally suited to your hair.

Before buying tress advisable to consult a specialist who can help determine the most appropriate color to you, will show samples of hair and tell you what length is optimal for you. Perhaps the salon in which you are going to do hair extensions, he can offer you for sale tress, and you do not have to look for a specialty store.

On what to pay attention to the build-up

Before you decide to make extensions, ask your master some important questions:

  • What Hair Extensions can provide salon - synthetic or natural human?
  • How well will produce capacity? Ask to see pictures of clients with the results of the master on hair extensions to make sure that the quality of work you can offer really high.
  • Is there enough variety of hair extensions can offer you in the cabin?
  • How often you will need to correct the hair?
  • What is the fraction of the probability of damage to your own hair, which can cause buildup and remove curls? Try to ensure that your hair damage will be minimized.

We mentioned that capacity can be effected by means of natural or artificial hairs. And some of them should be preferred? Natural hair are more expensive, but with them hairstyle will look much more natural. In addition, these strands are not afraid of heat, so you can style your hair with hot hair dryer, curling iron or ironing.

True, synthetic hair has its advantages. Firstly, it is the price - they are much cheaper. Secondly, the strands may be already painted in any, even the most exotic colors and their color is darkened with time. In addition, the strands of artificial hair can be pre-shaped - curled or corrugated curl.

 to braid hair extensions tips

Caring for hair extensions

Hair extensions require special care, so you have to follow some rules:

  • Caring for hair extensions as a whole should be the same as for natural, but more gently;
  • Wash your hair as pollution;
  • Before washing the hair must be carefully comb;
  • Wash your hair in the direction from the roots to the tips. Do not throw back his head over the bath, wash your hair, standing in the shower;
  • When washing do not rub strongly hair, avoid tangling them;
  • Be sure to use the balm and hair mask. Apply throughout their length;
  • Wipe dry with a towel head;
  • Wet hair comb is not desirable;
  • During brushing, use a special massage brush for hair extensions, which can be bought in specialized stores or salons;
  • To facilitate combing use special cosmetics;
  • Before going to bed braid hair in a braid or going to the tail;
  • After bathing in the sea, rinse your hair with fresh water.

Hair extensions are worn by an average of 2-4 months, then you will need its correction. Term socks depends on the condition and type of your hair, by caring for them, the experience of the masters of technology and capacity.

For hair extensions, there are contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to increase the hair to those with dystonia, and chronic headaches. You can not build up your hair if the scalp is, abrasions, scratches or fresh scars. Also contraindications include a fungal disease, seborrhea, psoriasis, neurodermatitis.

And if contraindications for hair extensions you do not, then drop all vibrations and go to the salon: after visiting you will not longer have to envy the braids of her friends.

 Hair braid on: do not be afraid to be beautiful!

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 How to put curly hair


  • Proper care for curly hair
  • Several options pilings curly hair

Hair, like parents, are not chosen. What were the locks from your ancestors, such are likely to be and have. And even if nature has deprived you of good hair, modern industry can correct any deficiencies. It is necessary to know how to put curly hair to unruly lay flat, thin and have acquired natural splendor.

Curly locks have always been the envy and dream girls with straight hair. Of course, this is a great gift. According to many men, it is a beautiful curls have always been considered the most sexy and attractive. But how many times a failed attempt to put them simply give up, and eventually sprang up once the tail! Of course, every girl would like to turn your daily painstaking care curls into something more pleasant, it does not take an infinite amount of time and effort.

Proper care for curly hair

Curly hair has an unusual structure: their scales are not in close contact with each other, but rather puff up in different directions, touching the "neighbors". Because of this constant is obtained horrible confusion, brittleness, lack luster. Therefore it is very important to constantly, systematically and properly care for them.

  • First of all, you should choose special shampoos that contain a lot of soft moisturizers.
  • Dry wavy curls with a towel is very neat, promakayuschimi movements. Hairdryer aside all away, and best of all - give her friend with straight hair.
  • It is strictly forbidden to rub or twist your hair, because without it they "get" from nature.
  • Do not comb before the hair is not completely dry. And to keep the attractive appearance of your curls, use a good comb with antistatic effect, if not brush them with your fingers.
  • And most importantly - do not skimp on cosmetic products for the care of its precious natural decoration, all the more so in our time there are lots of different specialized gels, mousses, sprays, liquids, paints and so on.

 styling curly hair

Several options pilings curly hair

Ponytail, retro hairstyle, shaggy, Babette, hairstyles a la ballerina and all the high and curvy styling still relevant and fashionable. Although ultra-smoothness is also a favorite of the season. There are plenty to choose from, is not it?

Let's start with the volume. Of course, laid curly hair is very difficult. But even here you can help. Day start wash your hair curls and sprinkle spray he in any case should not burden the curls, but have a serious level of fixation. Now, to wavy hair had beautiful views throughout the day, less than the touch of their hands.

First option

In the morning you are wondering - how to put curly hair, because they simply can not collect in the hair ?! But to lay the unruly mop of no time? Do not try to straighten them, it is much easier to follow the example of Anna Lynn McCord and make rapid installation.

Gather hair into a bun on top, and some curls leave free. Then tighten the strands of the mousse using, giving them volume and the hair is ready. This rapid installation is suitable not only owners of curls, but also those who have long and thick hair.

Second Embodiment

You're trying hard to make their perfectly smooth curls? It is not necessary, because the styling your curly hair in the style of Rachel Mc Adams - it's easy, fast and simple. Suffice dlish slightly utjuzhkom walk on them to make sexual and extraordinarily beautiful hair.

After washing hair, dry them by pulling strands down - it will help a little bit to straighten them without ironing. Tongs, which makes the wave, make a wave of light and lock it all a mild mousse. This hairstyle will not deteriorate, and in wet weather - a little strands may crumble, but the natural keeping your best.

Option Three

How to style your curly hair without spending a lot of time? Prepare tape of any color and several studs.

  • Pull the tape under all the hair and tie at the top as you like, the main thing - tightly that she held a bang.
  • Now separate the top of the curls and just kill it them, that they do not interfere.
  • Then screw the rest of the hair on the type of harness or a bun and secure it with the help of hairpins.
  • The upper part of the hair to apply the resulting bun, and the tips of screw, tuck under the tape and fix it all invisible or hairpins.
  • Everything is beautiful and gently flatten and sprinkle with varnish.

And yet a few simple

  • A good way to serve styling curly hair braiding pigtails. Loop the locks on one side and loosely braid braid. Loose strands can be killed by using stealth in random order.
  • Gather hair in a ponytail. Free tips, take your hands and point them in the direction of the base. Now another elastic push locks at the base of the tail. Get sloppy bundle of curls.
  • In recent years become very fashionable headbands to hair, as in the days of hippies. At your option, you can also do so. Tie a ribbon or thin elastic bandage on his head, pull the bangs beautiful curls or more so that they are slightly hanging.
  • To become bigger curls, use rollers or a large tip of your pliers.
  • The vertical lines assemble and divide hair into three parts, and each tie in the tail. Comb their comb and a little sprinkle varnish of average fixing. Now pick up all the tails in a sloppy bun. Secure it with the help of pins or invisible and a little stretch strands in hand, to give a stylish negligence. Laying your curly hair is ready!

How to put curly hair? Using our tips, you will find that everything is very simple. Of course, like any other, curly hair needs special care, but each styling or hair is a more feminine and romantic. That is why it is clear for what reason the girl with straight locks envy those who are wavy.

 Styling curly hair: a few secrets of successful hairstyles

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