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Every woman wants to look attractive every day. To do this in the world today there are enough ways. Today it is possible to increase the hair, eyelashes, nails, at any time of the year you can get a bronze tan. Hair graft of hair - it's not just fashion, but also a great tool for those who do not have the nature of his long and thick curls. In addition, they can create new hair styles, experimenting with his looks, change the image without any drastic interventions.

All can be corrected, came to a beauty salon, where an experienced master can build you a long, beautiful curls. With their help, you can make a beautiful evening or wedding hairstyles or haircuts. Now you become a happy owner of beautiful curls, and it's time to think about the hairstyle. They have enough of their advantages, but there are some nuances, which you should know:

  • Remember that hair extensions need to completely forget about their backcombing.
  • While shampooing, use balm-conditioner.
  • If you dry the hair dryer, the use of extension to cool mode.
  • Curling to conduct coloring, staining or toning is done in the cabin of an experienced master.
  • Your hairstyle must necessarily hide the fixing points locks.
  • Do not wear long heavy jewelry or hairstyles that pulled the roots.
  • It is not necessary to create hairstyles that are worn more than a few days, as Naroscheny hair should be combed as often as possible in order to avoid tangling.

Please note that not every type of hair can be laid, screwed using curling irons or stain. It all depends on the method of attachment and the type of strands. So be sure to ask your master what materials he used in the building.

 curly hair Naroscheny

Options hairstyles graft of hair at home

Stacking or shearing of the hair usually is more expensive than natural. But with today's technology you can put them or make a couple of simple hairstyles at home, especially if your hair is now long.

Hairstyle "Spit Crown"

With such a hairstyle you'll feel like a queen, and to do it is not difficult. It looks great on the thick hair of extension, and if they have more and wavy - it just give the volume of the Spit. So:

  1. To begin, prepare a comb, hair clips, which can be separated for easy hair, gum and studs.
  2. Well comb your hair, separate them from part of the temple to ear and secure the clasp. Curls slightly moistened with water, this will stop hair fall apart.
  3. Separate the three strands of the right ear and begin to spin toward the back of the head: the lower strand is enclosed by an average, well below the upper middle, and again the lower strand under the average, etc.
  4. Put the top strand of hair under the average and add it to the total mass of the strand. Then twist the bottom to the middle. So we will the French way of weaving braids that puts locks underneath and add new only from above.
  5. Keep on weaving toward the left ear. Make sure that the braid was smooth and does not move up or down.
  6. Dopletite braid around the head to the left ear, and then continue to weave forehead.
  7. When you get to the place where the separated hair barrette (at the beginning of the creation of hairstyles), continue to weave, but now ordinary scythe, not capturing the strands on top. Secure all band. End braids connect with the place where he started weaving, lock pins or invisible.
  8. At the place where the braid is connected, you can pin a hairpin or a beautiful flower. And if you have curly hair, you can align the free ends of the forceps, from which hair will benefit.

  High hair from the tail

It does not need special hairdressing secrets and skills. This hairstyle diversify your style, take away long hair (which, perhaps, you have not had time to get used to), opens the face and add a couple of centimeters in height.

  1. First, separate the hair on top and a little nacheshite them (only so as not to damage the attachment of extension). It will be enough to hold a couple of times up and down the comb.
  2. Tie the most usual high ponytail and secure with a rubber band. It is very important that it is a thin, discreet and about the same color as your hair.
  3. Pull the gum away from the roots. From below, a rubber band, slide the hair to get a hole. Through him miss his fingers and grab the tip of the tail.
  4. Now, pull it through the hole. Secure all pins, and hide under the tip of the hair, wrapped it in a bun. Beautifully and gently flatten the resulting scope of the hair.
  5. Hairstyle is ready! With it, you can go to work or out for a walk. If you use bright or shiny hair clips, nail glitter, it is possible to make the creation of uncomplicated evening variant.

Hairstyles long hair Naroscheny can do with different irons, hair dryer, fixing invisible, pins and studs, the only way not to touch fastening.

 hairstyles for Naroscheny hair

Wedding and evening hairstyles with long hair graft

Evening and wedding hairstyles for long hair Naroscheny considered the most romantic and feminine. To the whole composition looks more elegant, it can be decorated with a variety of pins, stones, sequins. These hairstyles can be very diverse, what to choose you - decide for yourself. The hair can be completely taken away, half-assembled or completely loose. The most common and fairly simple alternative is the second, which we present to you below.

Hairstyle "Flower"

It is perfect for long of extension hair and hairstyle looks so flawless and smooth, and frizzy curls. The most important point - this is an elementary its implementation. And you can do this on their own hair at home, spending only half an hour of his time.

  1. Prepare to start a hair dryer, comb, two rollers, flexible clamp, decorating items.
  2. Wash your hair and dry them with a hairdryer in the cold condition, slightly lifting the strands. This will give extra volume.
  3. Now separate the small strands of hair at the temples and wind them on the curlers.
  4. Gently smooth the rest of the hair comb, thus forming a high ponytail. Holding the tail in one hand, the cut Thread the flexible clip all the hair to the middle of the length.
  5. Hold the ends of the hair, pull a little tail and form a small curl, and then scroll through a flexible clamp to the side of the face. Remember that the hair should be laid as soon as possible smoother and tighter, since the decoration hairstyles main point - a strong foundation.
  6. Next, attach the ends of the hair flexible clip and give it a shape.
  7. The tips of the hair is divided into strands and place around the hairstyles in the form of petals. Tip: If you have unruly hair, the ends must be secured with the help of polish.
  8. Carefully unscrew the curlers and a little comb strands with your fingers. Decorate it all with small pins. It is best to pick up a pin or pins in the shape of flowers or pearls, circle or semicircle.

That's all! This hairstyle is perfect for wedding and prom. It will give the possessor an even greater tenderness and femininity.

Hair - a natural decoration of each woman, and a beautiful hairstyle - its rim. That is why having increased them, girls immediately thought about the question, is it possible to somehow transformed, change their length. Mowing on such hair - this is quite a common practice.

Today the procedure of hair extensions enjoys strong popularity. Many ladies who dream to have long curls do feminine and romantic styling, finally got the opportunity to realize all their dreams. Now they can afford the most beautiful elastics, barrettes, headbands, bows, flowers, and other modern hair accessories. Professional hairdressers have even called this procedure "means against complexes," because not all of the same nature endowed with long thick hair. Anyway, now you will be able to change its image beyond recognition and, as a rule, only for the better.

 Hair graft of hair: a few simple

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 haircuts for round face

Nature has made us completely different and unique. But usually that is not enough, and we are eager to something a touch up, finding the alleged shortcomings.

A round face makes some women a sense of inferiority and makes do agonizing selection of hairstyles. However, millions of women with this type of person does not feel complexes about their appearance, they do not look full, and at the same time remain vivid. For the most part it helps them to correct selection of hairstyles for round face - the perfect way out. Professional hair stylists have developed a trendy hairstyles for round face, so that you can feel confident.

Today, we'll tell you how to choose wisely and put haircut and what goes round face hairstyles. We start our coaching ...

Determination of facial features round face

For a start, we offer you to make sure that your face is really round shape and you need to know what goes round face haircuts. You can do this in several ways.

Pick up the hair from his forehead, look at yourself in the mirror and the reflection of the contour circle. Another option - to cut around the face on top of the photo. Measure the distance from ear to ear and from the crown to the chin.

In that case the person would be almost the same size and width and height at the same time, the women's hairstyles for round face - just what you need. The width and the length does not have to be absolutely equal. Characteristic features include round face: cheeks with a width of cheekbones, rounded soft chin, a broad line of hair on his forehead. We recommend that you carefully review the course of haircuts for round face video option.

For most people, the person can not be 100% attributed to a specific form. However, if your face fits most signs, you choose the preferred model of hairstyles for round faces.

Your goal when choosing hairstyles for round full-face is to lengthen and narrow shape of the face, bringing them visually to the oval.

The best hairstyles for round face

Every woman has a unique appearance. Nevertheless, we found a kind of starting point for a creative image and find the best hairstyles for round faces 2011.

Even if your face is very round, easy to distract the attention of the observer soft waves. In this case, haircuts for round face long reach or just below the chin. There should be no very steep curls and perfectly straight hair without volume. Otherwise it is possible to achieve the opposite result. Photos of haircuts for round face will help you not to make a mistake in their choice.

For lovers of short hair suit next haircut round face: the air is not monolithic, multi-layer versions. Haircuts for round face with bangs, a photo which you can find below in the article, it is recommended zachёsyvat side, or it should not be too thick.

Another alternative hairstyles for round face type - long, slightly pulled back, curly hair. Bangs laid on its side, or altogether absent. Beautiful hairstyles for round face should have a volume behind, in any case, not at the level of the cheeks.

The innovation from the perspective of our conversation - bob haircut for a round face with long corners. The volume of hair allows to cover wide cheekbones and chin decorated open. Do not make such a hairstyle for women with a little shortened chin.

Examples of hairstyles for round face, you can continue the classic version - layered haircut. Different length strands visually changing women's appearance and makes a person more elongated. Stylish haircuts for round face perfectly complement the coloring or highlighting.

Each woman has an individual appearance. However, it is such a hair styling for round face can serve as a starting point for your individual image-making.

How to choose a hairstyle for round face

Choose a hairstyle for round face will help some simple recommendations. Long hairstyles - winning an option, but not for fine hair, experts recommend that owners of short volume Trendy hairstyles for round face in 2011. The bulk of these hairstyles is created in the upper part, and whiskey are cut short, sometimes leaving elongated strands that limit a person on each side .

 hairstyles for round face

Some women fit short hairstyles for round face with an asymmetrical shape. The basic principle remains the same: increase the amount of hairstyles in the right places, if possible camouflage asymmetric strands cheeks and forehead open. Asymmetrical haircuts for round face - a real godsend to update its image.

 trendy hairstyles for round face

Thick and dense hairs allow very successful use of long hairstyles for round face, including the option of curly hair. Their intensity and volume make it possible to do without additional tweaks, following the above principles.

 haircuts for round face photo

We have listed the principles of selection of hairstyles for round faces. Pictures will help you visualize how you can change and improve the appearance, following these principles. Now consider creative haircuts for round faces.

Short hairstyles for round face

For short hair is easier to care for and easier to style. There are a variety of short hairstyles for round faces, which are perfect this type.

Butch is intended to create a volume milestone, visually lengthen the face. Haircut cascade for his round face multilayer create the same effect.

 haircuts for round face type

Many hairstyles for round faces include strands that fell on the cheeks and hide those extra centimeters on each side of the face. Reception with the elements of asymmetry removes emphasis from rounded facial features.

 selection of hairstyles for round face

Air hairstyles for round face shapes that create the effect of a slightly disheveled hair, perfectly distract observers from the facial contours.

Long hairstyles for round face full

Round face naturally tapers long hair. Keep in mind the basic rule haircuts for round full-face - to avoid unnecessary volume in the cheeks.

 hairstyles for round face photo

Add a definition lines can be using smooth flowing locks, gradually tapering to the ends.
Very impressive look trendy hairstyles for round faces on hair length below shoulder level, which at the level of the chin or lips begin cascading locks. Another effective way to narrow down your face using long strands - is elongated oblique fringe.

Hair color for the round face is also of great importance. Kolorirovannye strands framing the face, destroying its rounded form and create the desired elongated look.

Bob hairstyle for round face

 Wedding hairstyles for round face

This hairstyle is included in the model hairstyles for round faces. Bob haircut for a round face has many variations - as a stylish classic and most bizarre. We offer you a hairstyle for round face photo that will help you make a quick selection of varieties suitable for you.

Why do not tolerate women's haircuts for round face

When choosing hairstyles for round face oval should avoid the following points:

  • Smooth parting and straight lines
  • Owners lush hair should tame them with all sorts of means, for example, gels and varnishes
  • The best haircuts for round face never contain horizontal lines
  • Slicked back hair without bangs open the whole face, and further emphasize its roundness. Give up this variant hairstyles hairstyles for round face
  • Women's haircuts for round face not tolerate a wave - it makes a person much wider
  • Avoid parting in the middle, straight square, ball-shaped haircuts and any round shapes
  • Models hairstyles for round face should not be low and close your ears. Parted in the middle and is also not suitable poluprobory
  • You should never combed his hair back and emphasize the roundness of the face. Although you can find exceptions to every rule. Some wedding hairstyles for round face with combed hair very well look at his round face. In this case, as a rule, on the sides of the face is hidden veil falling down
  • For you will be a disaster rounded female models hairstyles - round face will be like repeating shapes hairstyles

Selection of hairstyles for round face type largely depends on your lifestyle, the style of clothing and hair structure. However, the best style is the one that puts a smile on your beautiful face, regardless of its form.

 Choose hairstyles for round face

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