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Every woman at least once in the pursuit of beauty wanted to make myself curls or ringlets unusual. Which only tricks are not talking female, to change the usual form of hair - and braid tight braids and wind the strand on the curlers. But all these methods give a short result.

If you want to extend the fun and want to go with curls more than one month, the time perming hair - this is your option. However, besides the advantages, this method has its drawbacks. Any chemistry, regardless of the material, causing damage to the hair to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, we should first deal with those types of what are zavivok and understand that for this purpose.

Secrets gorgeous curls

Permanent or perming (which is essentially the same thing) makes it possible to wear the months lush curls. The whole point of this method lies in the special compound, which is used for processing. Hay bridges referred disulfatnymi bonds give every hair shape. Chemicals are used to break down these connections, bridges and allow each hair to take any position, determined by the type curlers and method of wrapping.

After treatment, a special tool is applied to locks of latch that secures the disulfide bonds of the hair in the new position. After removing the curlers curls begin to hold a new curly shape. Thus it has done and perming hair.

Today there is a number of possible ways to become curly, even the eyes diverge. But until recently, the ladies did not have the opportunity to so drastically change the image. For the first time the world saw this miracle, when the hairdresser Karl Nessler November 16, 1906 held a perm hair of his wife in front of a large audience of viewers. This date is considered the birthday of steel that same chemistry.

For permanent perm he used brass rollers, heated to a high temperature and treated with special preparations. Such experiments are not the best way affects the health of hair, and the indefatigable Karl during the development of the technology twice burned his wife's hair. Well done - Beauty requires sacrifice.

 types of chemical hair zavivok

How can I become curly

In a sense, our grandmothers and mothers were easier - they have done a perm using acids and alkalis. They do not have to puzzle over what option is best. However, those kinds of chemical zavivok were dangerous to health. Sometimes after this beauty had to be cut short in order not to look ridiculous.

Today, all this is easy to get lost, because every year to produce new curlers and means for processing the hair. However, it does not hand over their positions and old, but slightly modernized ways permed hair. Which option to choose - it depends on what you want to get.

  • Acidic

It is still popular among the fair sex, as one of the most persistent. Despite the fact that the acidic drug penetrates the hair without revealing their outer scales, it does nebezvreden. But that does not stop the lovely ladies.

The fact that such a wave is kept for about 6 months, and the curl is obtained very rigid. Note that such manipulations are contraindicated for fine hair because the rods are stretched at the root and keep their shape. Plus, the acid makes hair brittle. Acid perm is also not recommended for women with dry, brittle locks and sensitive scalp.

In professional salons such a pleasure will cost not so cheap. On average, perming short hair (10-15 cm long) is about 2700 rubles. The longer your hair is, the higher the price, as you know. However, if the lady is too thick and long hair have to give up curls.

  • Alkaline

In this case, you get less lasting results that will last no more than three months. Then you have to repeat the procedure. Curls in alkaline perms look natural and are obtained by elastic, and the drug penetrates the hair, revealing at the same time the outer scales. Although it is considered that the more gentle, not all types of hair can be done curls. On the straights, heavy and hard, it will hold no more than one and a half months. Alkaline perm cost you less acidic (approximately 10-20%).

  • Neutral

This wave combines the features and acidic and alkaline. The structure means suitable for hair neutral type, includes a substance allantoin. The pH of the preparation is so well balanced that has a very mild effect on the locks and scalp. Therefore, this embodiment can be used on any type of head of hair. Wave turns itself relatively resistant, and locks - elastic and strong. Incidentally, this is - the best option for women who have the nature of sparse hair.

  • The amino acid

The preparation for such perm contains amino acids and proteins, which treat and nourish the hair, thereby minimizing the negative impact of aggressive substances. In fact, as you may have guessed, it is also a gentle chemistry. Curls look after the natural and obtained tender and soft. However, this wave is ephemeral, so experts do not recommend to spend it on long, heavy and hard hair, because they will quickly straighten its own weight.

  • Curling hair with silk proteins

This wave is based on preparations containing the silk protein. It improves the structure of the hair and takes care of them. "Silk Wave" (second name) can be safely applied on bleached hair that after it acquires a healthy radiant appearance.

Despite such high popularity, these types of chemical zavivok not suitable for everyone. On the one hand you get a healthy and well-groomed hair, the other - too soft curl that lasts no more than two months. It should be a pleasure, as you might have guessed, is not cheap - about 4500-5400 rubles. To keep longer chemistry, experts recommend doing it for short strands of hair of medium length.

  • Biochemistry

Any means for permanent wave, which included no thioglycolic acid or hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia, is considered extremely safe. In this case, using an alternative formulation, which is similar in structure to the hair molecules responsible for connection sulfur bridges.

As a result, all the manipulations produced persistent curls that look natural and healthy. Biowave has many kinds, such as the "angel curls" (with a special botanical complex), Italian (based on the extract of bamboo). The ride costs an average of about 2,700 rubles - for short hair, 3900-4350 rubles - on the hair of medium length, 6,000 rubles - for the long ringlets.

  • Japanese

Japanese wave with a lipid-protein complex LC2 recommended by experts for problem hair. It gives a more stable result than silk perm, with strands helps regulate humidity, maintaining its elasticity and shine. For a long head of hair just below her shoulders perfect curl medium hardness, such a procedure will cost an average of 4500-5400 rubles.

  • "Children"

If you decide to make the curls better to use special plastic cap with holes, through which the hook stretch processed strands of hair. In this case, the scalp is the most protected from the effects of chemicals. Since this method of curling can even be used for problematic scalp, then called him "child."

  • Carving

Carving - is not nothing but a light wave that uses the most sparing chemical solutions. This chemistry is significantly improves the appearance of hair. In addition, there are some advantages - you do not have to wait until the hair grows back. Choose a hairstyle she gradually comes to "no", so there is no need to make a correction and cut out those hair which had lost the form.

  • Vertical

This version was called because of the way cheating strands on bobbins, in which the tool has a vertical manner, and curls it is wound in a spiral. This wave is a very laborious process, which involved a large number of bobbins (sometimes reaches 100 pieces).

Price curls can not be small because, in addition to the solution, vertical perming hair takes a master of three to six hours of work. But the result after such a procedure surpasses expectations. Styling curls house experts recommend drying the hair with a special nozzle for a hair dryer - a diffuser, as well as compositions intended for styling.

 all kinds of chemical wave of hair

How to make the chemistry and not be without shag

Fortunately or not to run similar experiments - it all depends on what you hit the master. First of all, the specialist should inspect your hair. The state of the hair ends will depend on the elasticity, liveliness and clarity of the curl. When posechennyh, dry or damaged tips perm will look untidy and unpresentable, and curls will be configured incorrectly. Before carrying out such procedures need to "refresh" the ends and start using cosmetic products (masks, balms).

Before perm will need some time to dye your hair, otherwise the results may be unpredictable. On the day of the master X will have to conduct a little test to see whether you have allergies to the means used. If all goes well, you can start to spray. And after a couple of hours you will become the owner of the luxurious curls.

 Types of perm hair: how to have great curls

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