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  • Selection of hairstyles depending on the type of entity

Spring comes, then summer and autumn - the clock is ticking and every woman wants what some change. And the easiest way to change - is to come up with a new stylish image. Owners of long curls do not just radically change themselves, but better to start with small changes. For example, try to make a bang, or change its length and shape. But in order to take advantage of this advice, you should know what kind of bangs are. This familiarity, and it will be dedicated to our article.

What to choose bang

Naturally, the shape of bangs every woman chooses to your liking. But it also happens that it is your type of person she can not come, then it is not worth doing at all. But to find out whether you fit one or the other option is better in advance.

Women bangs can be very different - straight and combed to the side, asymmetrical, jagged, slanting, multi-layered, short. And depending on the type of person recommended different types of bangs, which can completely change your look. They will help correct the appearance and hide small imperfections of the face. Bangs also creates a focus on the eyes and cheekbones, and it can help to rejuvenate a few years. Different types of hairstyles can be used by women of any age, although thin hair cosmetologists are not advised to lower the locks on his forehead, as they quickly zhirneyut - thin curls better combed to the side.

Classical straight bangs accentuate the expressiveness of the eyes, but in women with very curly locks will not do. It is inappropriate for them to be and oblique fringe, as it will have to constantly tinker with - it will always run off to the side, and the oblique line is not visible. A long strands over the eyes are not recommended for those with poor eyesight.

You should also remember that for different types of hairstyles and care should be different. And most women have to make daily efforts to look stylish. The first time it is best to do a good haircut from a professional who can offer fashionable this season, types of bangs and determine which one is most suitable to your type of person.

 Bang views

Tips for choosing a hairstyle

  • If you are still very young, it may carry out any experiments on himself at the choice of hairstyles. If your age is quite solid, try to avoid ill-considered radical changes, because they can not match with your style.
  • If you need to make the hair more volume, but this will help a wide strand of hair, starting at the top.
  • If you are tall and slim, the long straight strands may violate the proportions of the body and vice versa, with a small increase should not style your hair on the forehead magnificently.
  • Curly locks are not necessarily cut, but if you really really want it, be sure to Ask the master of all kinds of women's haircuts, and with it, select the appropriate option.
  • If you trim your bangs for the first time, do not do it too short. If you do not like the result, the locks on the forehead can be removed and be killed.

Types of Bangs

Types straight strands on his forehead may be: straight, concave, convex, triangular, asymmetric, with teeth. Direct short strands are well suited for oval, narrow and triangular face. The bang of the same length for different haircuts, concave fringe used in haircuts "Sassoon" oblique suitable for asymmetrical haircuts, triangular convex and is used to "square", and locks with teeth - for short haircuts sports. In all kinds of straight bangs hair should be thick. That they were good, without requiring additional installation, they are trimmed at an angle of 45 degrees, and then Mills.

Popularity bangs is not reduced, and each time there is something new. We offer you a kind of oblique strands, which are currently in high demand. They can be long, short, ragged. This will give a bang, not only the mystery of the woman, but will throw a few years. But keep in mind the fact that a long strand of hair reduces visual person, so the smaller outline the most appropriate view is oblique bangs short length with torn edges milling.

 types of bangs with long hair

Selection of hairstyles depending on the type of entity

Having dealt in all kinds of bangs, and now should pay attention to how their choice depends on the shape of the face. If the shape of the face is close to a triangular shape, it is not suitable for owners of very thick bangs, which can also be laid on its side. It is best if you give it a rounded shape with longer hair on the sides. In this case, instead of contrasting colored hair, use light highlights.

Types of Bangs for round face can be different. For this type of approach are long, asymmetrical, jagged bangs. Women with round face and thick can be used straight strands. But we should not overburden them with different means for laying, but the hair will look heavy. With proper selection of the type of hairstyles hair on his forehead for a round face, it can become more elongated and close to the oval.

For a square face should be chosen such hair, which also can lengthen the face, bringing it to the correct format. And best of all to deal with it asymmetrical bangs. The most worst-case scenario - it's straight hair. Heavy chin can be balanced decimated hair on his forehead, smoothly flowing in the bulk of the hair.

Types of bangs for oval faces suggest various options. When the narrow oval cutting hair on the forehead should choose a clear geometric shape that can visually expand the face. And for a person to approximate the ideal form of an oval suitable long oblique, straight, short, combed to the side bangs and other options. For any type of hairstyles for oval face, you can choose the appropriate jewelry that will give the image even more elegance. Especially look beautiful hair, slicked his forehead on the right or left side and pinned a beautiful hairpin with a flower.

Wear bangs can be like with her hair, and the collected, which are great for business dress code. Adjust the shape preferably once a month. But even if the hair above the forehead strongly grow back, it also does not matter, because the stylists can make it the basis for a new image. You already know what hairstyles are, themselves can experiment with styling hair on the forehead - you can comb them, for example, backward or sideways.

If you remove the hair from his forehead and the back stab a couple of stealth, and on top of a thin scarf or tie a ribbon, you get new fashionable hairstyle. You can divide the hair side parted and stab a lock over his eyebrow. Or make parting and fix her hair lacquer - this is nice fringe edging face.

Subject hair care is very extensive and we were able to provide you with only a small part of the information about what are the bangs. After reading this article, you can begin to experiment with his hair. Or contact the beauty salon, where an experienced master will give your image the novelty and charm.

 Trendy types of bangs

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 Masks to strengthen the hair


  • Hair styles
  • Masks based oils
  • Natural hair mask
  • Firming Mask for different types of hair

No one would argue that the thick and lustrous hair has always been a sign of good health and true beauty. And, note, not only for women's hair has always been and continue to be a kind of measure of beauty. Status of hair in men and affects the respectability of their appearance. And in order to hair throughout their lives remained shiny and thick, it is necessary to look after them. And not just in time to wash, cut and comb, but also nourish and strengthen.

Modern pharmacology offers all kinds of drugs, and cosmetology - balms and masks for hair strengthening. But it turns out that from ancient times all the peoples have been known and successfully used natural mask to nourish and strengthen hair. Such strengthening masks give hair strength, contribute to their recovery, growth and prevent hair loss. However, the popular recipes should not be used indiscriminately, and to the effect was maximal mask to nourish and strengthen the hair in the home should be selected individually and competently.

Hair styles

The amount of hair on the human head reaches 100 thousand - from red to 150 thousand - at blondes. And daily hair loss is normal is 30-100 pieces a day, so in such cases, do not worry. The situation is worse if the comb each time there is a lot of hair. It says that we must urgently take care of them. But before you select and use firming masks, should determine the type of hair, according to which the hair may be normal, dry and oily.

We can say that the normal hair if:

  • they are not exposed to painting or chemical perms;
  • They keep their shape;
  • they look shiny and healthy;
  • They are not excessively dry or long become fat.

For this type of mask for strengthening hair roots as the foundation is better to add yogurt.

Hair is a fatty if:

  • after shampooing they quickly salted;
  • they do not keep their shape after laying;
  • they stick to each other;
  • they look wilted, and they do not have enough volume.

For this type of hair mask is well to add milled parsley or rye bread.

Dry hair can be called if:

  • they are dry and hard to the touch;
  • easily confused and difficult to comb;
  • They look dull;
  • they are subject to chemical attack.

So like the hair mask with burdock oil, which will revitalize and improve their structure.

The main advantage of using masks popular recipes is their accessibility and usefulness, as well as speed of preparation. The recipe for strengthening hair masks can use different products: raw eggs, fruits and vegetables, honey, dairy products, pepper, vinegar and gelatin. It is desirable to add them in a variety of herbs and oils. And if a little bit to understand how therapeutic effect have these products, it is easy to make a simple, but effective mask for your hair type.

Masks to strengthen the hair roots should be applied for half an hour before shampooing. After applying the mask scalp should be massaged gently with your fingertips for a better penetration of the composition into the hair roots. After the expiry of the allotted time, wash off the mask using shampoo.

 Firming Mask for hair

Masks based oils

The most effective and best hair tonic masks used basic or essential oils. They contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and improve blood supply of roots, accelerating the growth of the follicle and intensively nourish the hair. Masks with a basis of oils perfectly restore the scalp, which favorably affects the general condition of the hair and their growth rate.

The experiment using masks to strengthen hair roots based oils conducted by American scientists. Its essence is that half of the participants used the hair mask with essential oils, and the rest were given masks and butter without medicinal additives. Within six months, study participants in the first group every day rubbed part of the scalp, while holding a small massage. Those who use a mask with essential oils, hair condition has improved significantly. This was particularly noticeable owners dry and thin hair. The second group of participants, who are simply applied a mask of conventional oil, the results were more modest.

Therefore, experts advise the use of masks in addition to hair tonic at home be sure to massage the head before applying the mask. This allows useful substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and enhance its therapeutic effect.

Using a mask for strengthening hair with burdock tested more than one generation of women. Their effect is quite effective in stopping hair loss and contributes to their excellent dynamic growth and masks themselves are very simple to prepare. Before applying burdock oil should be heated on a steam bath.


  • 3 tablespoons of burdock oil;
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder;
  • 2 egg yolks.

Mask for strengthening hair roots evenly distributed on the scalp, then it is recommended to wrap your hair and wrap a towel. For better absorption of oil should be warm towel. Keep the mask for an hour and then rinse with water with vinegar per one liter of water - a tablespoon of vinegar. This mask is recommended to do a time within one to two weeks.

Natural hair mask

Traditional recipes strengthening hair has always enjoyed great popularity, as used in these ingredients are natural and harmless. Offered below masks recipes for hair strengthening preparations are simple and affordable product which they are based.

  • Vitamin balm

For its preparation must take one teaspoon of lemon, bulbs, garlic juice and the same amount of mayonnaise and honey. After mixing, the mask rubbed into the scalp and then wrap the hair with plastic wrap and a towel. After a couple of hours you can wash your hair with shampoo. Rinse hair should be in an aqueous solution of dry mustard to remove odors from onions and garlic.

  • The mask of peach and cabbage juice

This vitamin mask that will help strengthen the hair growth and improve their structure. To prepare maki need to take two tablespoons each of juice, raw egg yolk, twenty grams of honey and brandy. The mixture should be spread evenly on the scalp and hair using a comb with a few teeth, and then wrap your head with plastic wrap and wrap a towel. After two hours, the mixture can be washed with a shampoo. Such a procedure is recommended once a week for two to three months.

  • Carrot Shampoo

To make it, mix a raw egg yolk, twenty grams of vegetable oil, twenty grams of lemon juice and four tablespoons of juice from carrots. The resulting mixture is well to wash my hair because such hair after bathing become soft and silky.

  • Henna and yogurt

By the simple folk remedies for strengthen hair and colorless henna is diluted in warm yogurt. Make a mask can be twice a week. Over time, hair becomes strong and shiny.

 useful mask for strengthening hair

Firming Mask for different types of hair

Traditional masks for food recovery and strengthen the hair divided into groups depending on the type of hair, for which they will be used. For example, the mask for dry hair nourish and moisturize them, prevent split ends and improves the hair structure.

  • The mask for dry hair on the basis of yogurt

To do this, you should use a real village yogurt, which contains a lot of nutrients. It is possible to add milled plantain leaves. Keep the mask should be thirty minutes and apply it twice a week. This recipe is still used in ancient times urban and rural beauty that sought (and unsuccessfully!) To have a thick and shiny hair.

  • Nourishing Mask-compress

Mix two tablespoons of castor oil, one teaspoon of glycerin, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one raw egg. Apply the mixture not only on the hair roots, but also for the whole of their length, then wrapped his head with plastic wrap and terry towel. After half an hour you can wash head with egg shampoo.

We suggest you also try the effective mask to nourish and strengthen the hair greasy type. This mask can be made from beets or carrots, which will allow the hair to stay longer clean and mask of parsley and rye bread.

  • Carrot Mask

Major cleaned carrots should be rubbed on a fine grater and add to it one teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of chopped lemon and one tablespoon of oatmeal. The mask is applied over the entire length of the hair and held for half an hour. After that, you can wash your hair with shampoo.

  • Mask of rye bread

Pulp bread diluted to a thick slurry in decoction of onion peel and oak bark. On two glasses of water to use one tablespoon of bark and onion peels.

All these mask for strengthening hair - only a small part of a huge number of folk remedies, proven more than one generation of women. But even a single you selected mask can work wonders provided it is a permanent and long-term use. Episodic procedures performed in attacks overwhelm you care about the beauty of the hair, the desired effect will not give. So be consistent and persistent, do not be lazy and do not forget that beauty demands, above all, systematic procedures. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 Masks to strengthen the hair at home

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