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Of course, each woman is known that, regardless of how long it curls into the raveled they form, or assembled into a bundle, they primarily should always be beautiful. There was not a single survey conducted among men, and their results each time only confirmed unchanging view: women's hair should be soft, smooth and shiny - this is their true beauty.

So for all the women one of the most pressing issues related to their visual appeal, has always been, is and will be a question: how to make hair shiny, and preferably at home? Why in the home? Yes, because we do not always have the opportunity to visit a specialist, and constantly wants to be beautiful!

Causes dull hair

First, let's understand what determines the state of our hair. It is believed that the lively shine and silkiness of hair - is the surest indicator of the state of the whole organism. If you notice that your curls look not as we would like, if they have become dull and cease to be soft and smooth, pay close attention to your diet. We must know that in order to maintain natural shine curls need to feed them from the inside. In your daily diet should contain vitamins B and E, dried fruits, animal protein, gelatin, vegetable oils.

Quite frequent when the lifeless and dull hair are most noticeable in the autumn. The reason for this is that in the summer of their hostess obviously neglected his straw hat or other headgear. We can not allow the scorching sun hair until his head of hair - for it is just as critical as for the skin. You are utilizing it for the benefit of sunscreen? Your hair also needs to be protected from excessive ultraviolet summer. Other causes of hair dullness may be stressful, coloring, perms, hair curlers, hair dryer.

But so many causes tarnish strands, of course, there are no fewer ways to make your hair smooth and shiny. For example, after a hard day find some time to make yourself a head massage - it's nice and useful for hair, because massage relaxes tense muscles and improves circulation.

And combing head of hair plays an equally important role. To enhance the natural shine curls need to buy professional brush with natural bristles. Natural bristle good distributes natural oil over the entire surface of the hair shaft, so that your hair will get a natural shine.

It is also important to preserve the shine to dry them properly. Above all, drying must be gentle. Chinese women, for example, use napkins made from natural silk to dry hair.

To all this must be less smoke (and preferably completely give up the habit), periodically use therapeutic and hydrating mask, his shock of hair to provide gentle care and well-organized process of hair directly. That's the whole secret of how to make hair shiny at home.

 how to make hair smooth and shiny

Masks for brightening

More should dwell on such an old and proven method as masks - they are the best means to ensure that your curls glistened. Such a great variety of masks. Women for centuries collected the secrets of beauty and luster hair, so choose the right mask will not make any difficulties. Naturally, most of the masks belong to folk remedies.

If you do not have the time and desire to independently engage in treatment and recovery of each of your strands, then, of course, you can go to any beauty salon, where you will make an excellent professional mask to shine, but as a rule, the effect of such masks the effect of the mask, you can make yourself at home, is absolutely comparable and equivalent. Therefore, we recommend you a whole range of cosmetics, which you can cook at home to pamper them his hair.

  • With egg and brandy

This is one of the most famous and popular masks, which is this: take 4 tablespoons brandy (rum can be) and one egg, whip into a homogeneous mass, carefully rub this mixture into each strand, wrap head with a towel, hold for 20-25 minutes and after wash off with warm nutrient composition, and then cool water. This mask gives a perfect result after just one application - curls are smooth and shiny.

There are masks that not only glossed hair, but also restore their entire length.

  • Revitalizing Mask

This berry mask for giving shine to hair and to restore them at the same time. For her, it is necessary to take two tablespoons of sea buckthorn berries, mash the berries in a deep pot, mix with two tablespoons of milk and then pour two spoons (tablespoons) white clay. Next, the resulting mask and apply on the hair after 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

There are masks that are designed for a particular type of hair: for light and dark curls.

For example, blondes are satisfied with the effect of such a mask:

  • Mask for blonde hair

We must take one cup of strong chamomile broth (which should be cool before using), apply it on clean hair and leave for 30 minutes, wrapped head cellophane and a towel. After wash your hair with shampoo.

For brunettes, too, have their recommendations in the form of recipes for masks, from which will gleaming dark curls:

  • Mask for dark hair

For this mask should be diluted two tablespoons of cooked unsweetened coffee one cup of boiling water, drain, cool and put on clean damp hair. After a head wrap with cellophane and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

And the owners of "copper" locks we offer a mask for hair shine reddish hue:

  • Effective mask red curls

It is necessary to mix half a cup of carrot and beet juice, apply the mixture to the hair, you can wear a shower cap, and then for 5-7 minutes to warm up his head a hairdryer. After another 15-20 minutes, it is necessary to keep the vehicle on the hair, and then rinse with warm water.

Rinsing hair

You can use not only masks but also conditioners for hair shine that will also make your hair shiny in every sense of the word.

  • Apple water for rinsing

Peel of three or four apples pour one liter of water, bring to a boil, cool, strain and rinse your hair with water of apple.

  • Lemon water for rinsing

The filtered or boiled water should add lemon juice at the rate of two tablespoons per liter of water, and then rinse abundantly washed hair.

  • Water with citric acid or vinegar

For hair shine is also recommended to rinse them after washing these solutions: Add boiled water citric acid or vinegar (one tablespoon per gallon of water). This solution not only smooth the hair scales that enhance shine curls, and restore the natural environment healthy scalp.

  • Rinse dark hair

Brunettes can use to rinse decoction of hops (two v. Two tablespoons of hops and Art. Spoon thistle have to pour one liter of water, boil for 20-25 minutes, then strain and cool) or the same tea brew (two of Art. Pour a tea spoon a liter of water and boil for a few minutes). It is best to "bracing" hair cool tea with mint.

  • Rinsing the hair for blondes

Golden-haired girls good help with the addition of chamomile lemon juice. Dilute decoction of chamomile with one liter of water, add a few drops of lemon and rinse with clean hair.

  • Rinsing for red hair

Red-haired beauty can use the carrot juice, which bred a liter of clean water (boiled or filtered). It is necessary to rinse with a solution of copper curls so after washing.
For lovers of sauna has its own recipe, with which you can make your hair shiny:

  • Recipe for saunas

It should be rubbed with a clove of garlic mixed with three tablespoons of mayonnaise and apply the mixture on clean hair at the time, as long as you stay in the steam room, then wash off the mask shampoo.

 how to make hair shiny at home

Hollywood recipes

Hollywood beauties have known, too, have their own recipes masks for giving shine to hair, and seeing all the luxuries of their curls, not a sin to use them as tools.

Jennifer Lopez, for example, in one interview confessed love for light beer. But not in the sense of ingestion, and for application to the hair as a mask for the hair shine, or, if pressed for time, rinse after washing. Beer necessarily be light from dark to odor and possibly an unnecessary group. To revive dry hair in beer can add a few drops of olive oil.

But Melanie Griffith uses his hair almond oil: rubbing it in curls, and it is not only shine, but also eliminates the split ends.

On the basis of the beer uses a mask to give shine to hair and Catherine Zeta-Jones, but only as a second component, she prefers honey. The actress believes that it gives her hair amazing shine and serves as an excellent means to care for them.

But at the very sexy brunette World Angelina Jolie also has a secret, how to make a shiny dark hair. This recipe she found herself visiting the East. To prepare the agents need two pinch of strong tea and a small handful of sawdust. It is necessary to make the tea and sawdust with one liter of boiling water. Once cool the resulting composition and rinse their hair. Even if you can not find sawdust, you can safely manage only tea brewing.

The most simple and effective means

But the most universal remedy for hair shine - this is without a doubt the eggs. One of the most ancient recipes: just take them a few pieces, beat with a mixer, then put on clean wet hair and massage well. Such a mask should be held 10 minutes, then wash with water at room temperature. It is best to do this procedure 3-4 times a week.

Using all of the recommendations and making periodic mask for the hair shine, you are amazed natural silkiness and shine to your hair, which will be able to achieve on their own.

 How to make hair soft and shiny?

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