how to remove paint from the hair at home


  • Possible rinsing paint hair at home
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Every woman wants to be beautiful. This is why she has resorted not only to create the image of the means by which nature has generously endowed the beautiful half of humanity, but also to the help of the achievements of modern cosmetology. Often, while girls tend to radically change the way in using hair dyes. However, sometimes faced with the fact that the selected type of paint does not give the desired result. That is the color of the hair is obtained is not the same as we would like. or they are unevenly dyed. How in this case to remove paint hair at home without harm to them?

Possible rinsing paint hair at home

There are several ways to remove paint from the hair improvised means. Their effectiveness is checked more than one generation of women for decades. All you need - to choose the most suitable option for themselves and take advantage of it. Today we can say almost a dozen methods of how to remove paint from the hair. This traditional folk methods (using salt, soda, butter, yogurt, beer, and many others), and chemical methods that can be applied in a home or beauty salons.

If you prefer the second option, you can disappoint you. Wash on the basis of numerous chemicals gives a quick and good result only in the color scheme. It adversely affects the hair, causing it to overdrying, breakage and burning of the scalp. Besides, you can never accurately predict water-salt balance of the scalp to determine the time of contact with the skin. If you are willing to learn how to remove paint from the hair at home using proven tools, we share with you the most effective recipes and methods.

 remove paint from the hair at home

Kefir flushing

Many experts in the field of hairdressing say that the use of yogurt can not be considered only as a means for washing. This is proven at the molecular level. Since it in yogurt contains large amounts of lactic acid bacteria and dietary supplements, you can safely count on the strengthening of the hair roots, restore damaged areas of the scalp, the skin treatment microcracks lactic acid, etc. Wash off the paint with a hair yogurt is quite simple. We recommend using kefir mask to lighten hair, or for a more uniform color over the entire length of hair.

To wash off the paint from the hair kefir simple and safe. We recommend you a few ways.

  1. It should take about one liter of yogurt (the more fat it is better). Pour it into a bowl, add about a tablespoon of vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower, olive or other), one tablespoon of salt, all mixed thoroughly, apply to dry hair, put on plastic cap and walk for about an hour so. If you decide to repeat the procedure, then you should first wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo for oily hair. Then the same thing happened. But we should remember that this method can be used no more than twice a day and no more than twice a month. And generally better to use if needed clarification on two tones.
  2. On two glasses of yogurt with the highest percentage of body fat you need to add two tablespoons of baking soda and three tablespoons of vodka. All this should be inverted slightly warm (approximately up to a temperature of forty degrees) and applied uniformly to the entire length of the hair. Head is close cellophane or paper towels. So you need to walk for about two hours. Such a process lightens hair for one - one and a half tones. In applying the resulting mixture may be a short tingling of the scalp, caused by the vodka.
  3. Used only yogurt without adding any additional ingredients. This mask can rightly be considered a nutrient for the hair and scalp as free of impurities, it gives hair extra food.

Flushing using soda

If the question arises how to remove paint from the hair, come to mind memories of how our mothers and grandmothers scrape numerous spots just soda. Wash off the paint with a hair soda is quite simple. It should always be remembered that the ash - a relatively soft and safe peeling, but it is not necessary to get involved. In total there are dozens of recipes cooking soda solution. We will describe only two of them are considered to be most effective.

  1. It should take ten tablespoons of baking soda (to long hair is worth double the amount), add to them a glass of water, mix thoroughly. Water should not be quite hot as soda loses some of its properties. Add a solution of one teaspoon of salt, take a cotton ball or swab to collect a portion of the resulting slurry and evenly into small strands from root to tip.

    If the roots to paint more than the tips of the hair, the greatest number of pulp should be applied to them. After all the hair is covered with soda, you mash them, rub or twist in small bundles. Go with the gruel takes about forty minutes, but no more than an hour. Soda makes hair stiffness. Rinse with a solution should under running warm water about fifteen minutes. After that, once again need to wash your hair with shampoo.

  2. In one liter of warm water you need to take five tablespoons of baking soda, stir this solution to wet hair and wrap them in plastic wrap. So you need to walk about twenty minutes, then rinse everything from hair shampoo or soap. This procedure can be repeated, but no more than two times.

When using soda masks improves hair growth, as the use of soda "wakes up" the blood vessels, making blood flow to the head and the hair follicles and the constant power. There are several contraindications to use - dry scalp, brittle hair, a high degree of dandruff, etc. So before you wash off the paint with a hair soda, it is worth considering the use of other methods of washing hair with several shades of paint on the side of clarification. The first method is washing the paint is most productive than the second, but it should be used only if you are absolutely healthy hair.

 how to remove paint from the hair at home

Flushing paint hair oil

If all methods of washing the paint, which we have described above, you do not fit, or you are concerned for the health of your hair, we recommend you remove paint from the hair oil. That recipes based on oil of various origins are most often used when flushing ink. We recommend that you use the most effective and safe ones. Since every woman does not fit all kinds of oils because of the high allergenicity, we offer only the most secure.

  1. To remove from the hair of the ink that has been unsuccessfully applied, you need to take one cup of any vegetable oil, add the roughly twenty to thirty grams of fat (such as pork), although you can use margarine. The mixture should be heated to a temperature such that you seem to be the most comfortable on the skin and hair. This mask must be applied with a brush to color the hair and leave for about half an hour. To enhance the effect it is recommended to put on his head a plastic bag or cap for hair dyeing. Such mask is generally washed several times with shampoo.
  2. In order to mask easily washed off (which is especially important for owners of lush and thick head of hair), it is necessary to use a mixture of castor, olive and sunflower oils. These three types of oils must take in equal amounts and mix. You can add a little moisturizer to the skin of hands. The mixture must be heated to a comfortable temperature, to the hair, to close with cellophane and walk about half an hour. Lightening effect can be enhanced by thermal effect.

    For example, warming the hair when they are butter, it is possible to use the dryer. But this mode can not stand hot, as oil will melt and flow down the hair. Rinse this mask can be baby shampoo several times. If your hair is not enough to lighten, a similar procedure can be repeated after about twelve hours. Moreover, the mask of olive oil is recognized as nutritious and effective.

  3. As we said above, often used in changing the color of the hair in the direction of light castor oil. It is not only the main ingredient in many recipes, but the drug is recommended to be used for strengthening eyelashes, hair and nails. The recipe is quite simple. It is necessary to mix three yolk (previously separated from the protein) with three or four tablespoons of castor oil. After that the prepared mixture to the hair along the entire length (carefully spread the mixture), rub it into your hair and scalp. The head should wrap a plastic bag and a towel.

Do not use a hairdryer as the yolk can curl up on the hair, which greatly complicate their washing. The use of various oils quite useful for hair. It should be borne in mind that the oil not only masks lighten hair on some tones and washed ink even natural origin (henna basmu and mixtures thereof), and saturated long hair nutrients. When using a mask of oil should be used shampoo for oily hair thick. All subsequent times you need to wash your hair gentle shampoo.

Rinse hair with oil paint not only effectively, but also useful. Since the application of various oils at the same time you are protecting your hair, making them obedient and silky, shiny and healthy. Such hair will always arouse interest and attract attention. Caring about the color of their hair, you can fill them with both power and attraction. If you want to have healthy hair, after application of any paint do strengthening masks, which for many years will save the natural pigmentation of the hair, their healthy appearance and density.

 How to remove paint from the hair at home

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