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We know that the comb (and equivalent at certain stages of human development scallop) considered the subject of ladies' toilet, which was assigned a special role. Often comb for hair that has not varied by type, were inlaid with precious stones and metals. In this embodiment, it may be not so much a necessity (as the hairstyles were doing just a few months, and they even had to sleep), but exquisite and expensive decoration. It is known that in England and in France, combs could act as an expensive gift of the royal family.

Today comb is no longer an expensive hobby toilet or the main decoration female handbag. For modern man comb only an essential attribute for personal hygiene and not more than that.

Many people do not think about how to choose a comb correctly, as long as they do not notice that they have problems with hair. This is partly due to the lack of understanding and inability to select the desired option comb that suits them individually.

Today, when professional combs hair entered the market than usual, the average consumer, it is much easier to choose the brush, the most suitable for the hair type, length and by the material from which it is made. Everyone is familiar with several types of combs, which can be found now in any store of hairdressing.

If you do not know which is better comb hair, it is advisable to select the universal or general, that is right for your hair type. Today it is one of the leading stylists and hairdressers will not be able to give an unambiguous answer to the question, what is better to comb hair. Also worth bearing in mind that the professional combs can be purchased at specialty stores. For example, to buy a comb for the hair of extension, you have to visit a number of shops in order to choose the best option for your hair.

Types hairbrushes

It is not enough to know how to choose a comb, as we focus only on the two parts - on the stiffness, which determines the degree of fit of the comb to the palm of your hand under pressure, and the appearance of its kind that eighty percent of the case absolutely can not say anything about its quality. You can not use these two parameters to choose the subject of hair care products, which affects not only their appearance, but also your comfortable feeling.

Professional and semi-professional hairbrushes

Among the professional hair combs are several types. The first type - those combs, which are used in the professional activity of the master of hairdressing. These include combs comb hair styling comb hair clippers, comb hair straighteners. After reading the full article, you can decide for yourself with a comb hair comb better for you.

As a rule, there are several types of the most common today combs. First of all, they can be divided into a comb for hair extensions, and for natural, natural hair.

If it is determined so, what comb best hair in terms of material and workmanship, it is worth noting that manufactured it can be of anything - silicone, wood, carbon fiber, synthetic materials, plastics varying fragility, metal and others. The most important thing in this case - choose that under no circumstances will not cause such conditions the hair as brittleness, dryness and presence of dandruff.

At first glance it may seem that the best choice would be a wooden comb for hair, as teeth of combs made of natural materials and the eye should approach any person for any purpose. Unfortunately, this is not so. Wooden comb for hair can be selected as a standard comb in your bathroom, but such as the comb for combing hair straightening or hair extensions, it is not recommended.

Comb hair clippers

Comb hair clippers should be chosen directly the master, who will conduct a haircut. It should not be too hard to pull the hair (hence, the teeth do not have to be frequently placed), it should not be heated by hot air dryer, not to burn the scalp or ears, and it is desirable to choose a comb with a long handle. When choosing a hairstyle wooden comb hair, it pretty quickly come into disrepair from moisture and warm or hot air flow.

Combs for hair

Today, hairdressers can find a huge selection Brashing - combs hair styling. This comb cylindrical shape, often with artificial bristles over the entire surface, in order to avoid a comb or curled hair, but for all that it can be used as the rectifier. In this case brushing may be considered as combs for straightening and curling them simultaneously. Most often they are made of synthetic materials which are resistant to heat (as opposed to natural, they are deformed and "fade").

Comb for curly hair

This type of comb is a comb for curly hair, appeared on our market recently, as it was thought that the wavy or curly hair in any further (except for straightening) do not need care. They can comb classic wooden comb with rare frequency and not very long (about 2, 5 - 3 cm) teeth. Such a comb for curly hair is not electrified hair. Besides the classical form of a comb (provided that it is made of wood or silicone) is ideal for applying masks or aligning the hair. In addition, logical for curly and frizzy hair is to use a so-called "skeletal" comb. The length of her teeth a little more than the classic crest, but their location on the frame comb allows you to quickly unravel any hair.

Comb hair loss

After forty minovanii abroad, the person starts to notice that his hair place the changes that simply can not be stopped .  It is not only fragility, depletion and gray hair, but hair loss .  In accordance with these processes should be selected comb hair loss .  It can be selected on the basis of general guidelines or tailored to your habits .  Now combs hair loss a great variety - from silicone with massage effect, to the powerful brushes with thick, stiff bristles of natural origin .  It is worth noting that the need to closely relate to the types of combs, which electrify hair, leading them to the fragility .  Such a comb can effectively be used as a comb for hair growth .  It is convenient to apply the mask, oil rubbed into the scalp, as well as different aromatic oils for use in aromatherapy treatments .  Comb for hair growth can be made with the addition of synthetic materials, which are ready to show the effect of massage to improve circulation of the scalp .

Comb hair naroshchennyh

Recently, the procedure is quite fashionable hair extensions .  This procedure is available so that you can spend it in the usual hairdresser .  Hair extensions require a thorough, individual care, which will be long lasting result .  An important role here performs comb for hair extensions .  It must comply with certain requirements - be made of a material which does not disturb the hair structure .  Most often, in the manufacture of extension hair combs for use grade silicone soft, natural and soft synthetic bristles, and various mixtures of carbon .  Such a comb for the hair of extension allows the teeth to slide easily through the hair, while respecting its structure .  As many professional hairdressers, do not use metal combs, hairbrushes on denticles that have metal or hard plastic balls, as they quickly lead to the formation of microscopic cracks in the hair and cause their rapid detachment and destruction .  Before you buy a comb for the hair of extension, logical and correct to consult with professionals .

Comb for curly hair

Comb curly hair, as we have noted above, must have a wide base and a fairly large distance between the teeth for easy sliding. As such, there are quite a few combs, you yourself have to decide as to which is better to comb hair at certain times of the year, to create a particular hairstyle, etc.

Hairbrush for long hair

This type of comb is less in demand, as today, the majority of girls and women, or rather short haircut or hair extensions. Comb long hair must meet the following criteria - the teeth should be relatively rare and staggered. Do not use too thick combs long hair, because they can not untangle the hair and confuse. Also worth a special caution to treat Brashing (often they do not allow you to quickly comb long (especially thick) hairs). Combs with so-called plastic or rubber "drops" at the end of the teeth are not always convenient. If you find it hard to give up this type of comb, then think about how to use a comb with a wooden or plastic teeth.

Comb hair loss

Comb hair loss - usually equipped with a rather convenient handle, as calculated on the massage effect. Such a comb, in the first place must be comfortable, soft flexible teeth. If you do not have too long hair, the comb can be dense or medium density. Searching and choosing a comb for hair loss should definitely check with your sales assistant interoperability material combs with masks, oils and other cosmetic and medical means.

Comb for split ends

Comb for split hair, it should generally be one which slides on the hair, but does not touch it, not only without damaging their structure nor "lifting" those parts that are already damaged by exposure to factors environmental or chemical agents. The most suitable comb for split ends - a "fish bone" and "Trident", which is not just a quick brushing her hair, but also perfectly on them slip.

Remember that even with all the rules and requirements when choosing a comb, only you can determine what is best to comb hair combs.

 Comb hair - how to choose?

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