Care for hair graft


  • Washing - step by step
  • Rules for the care of hair graft

How many invented to help a woman become even more attractive, sexy and mysterious! Many ladies literally "Let the winds" - do permanent makeup, false nails, silicone busts, liposuction and, of course, increase the hair. All these little tricks give extra oomph to emphasize individuality and make us persons of the weaker sex, more visible and attractive to them - men. Today we tell about the care of the hair graft - that needs to be done to them as long as possible and beautiful look natural.

For a start, a good idea to find out how much, in general, go to the hair graft. Experience shows that with proper care, you can be proud of his new acquisition, at least three or four months. Agree, not bad? But for this you will be required some effort. It considerably reduces mishandling term "socks" overhead strands.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of care is washing of extension hair. Quite often you can hear complaints about the fact that hair climb, whipped and confused. How many tears shed on this occasion! Can you avoid these little tragedies? Of course. Just when "communion" with the graft strands should show sensitivity - no sudden movements, such funds improperly and excessively hot water. All this may have a negative effect on the attachment points of strands and the general state of your new hair. Well, and now - in order.

To get started, you must choose the means that will be the most gentle and effective care for the hair. How does the shampoo can be washed Naroscheny hair? What a balm or a mask to use? It depends on this "service life" of your hair. Of course, the best choice would be the professional line, which will be most suitable to the type of your new hair. This tool will not destroy the structure, and help preserve the beauty, freshness and shine strands on long enough.

If the opportunity to acquire professional cosmetics you do not, you can use detergents for normal hair. But to use a shampoo designed for dry or oily hair, you should not. The first strand will overdry and the latter because they contain in their composition softening agents may provoke loss of extension hair. If you purchased a concentrated shampoo, do not forget to dilute it before using a small amount of water. But it is better to opt for a suitable composition.

When caring for hair graft is unacceptable to use masks and other means to strengthen the hair roots - they can break the capsule, fixing locks. Air conditioners, masks or balm should be applied to the hair, departing from the attachment of at least a few centimeters. To give extra shine, you can use special formulations - liquid silk or silicone.

Washing - step by step

Wash your hair extensions should be very careful. In order for this process does not become a torture, and did not lead to "catastrophe", should learn a few simple rules:

  1. If you do not want to mess up your curls, you need to carefully comb them before washing.
  2. Wash hair Naroscheny recommended standing, without tilting the head forward, so that the water flowed freely through them. In this position, the hair is much less confused. This is due to the fact that they have a lamellar structure. Improper wash scales begin to open and cling to one another. As a result, it loses its elasticity and shine. So it's best to take a shower instead of wallowing in the bath.
  3. Must be carefully selected the shampoo to the hair along the entire length, but in no case do not rub it into the roots. This can deform the fastening. Movement must be careful moving. How to keep the cleaner on the hair? Not too long - one minute would be sufficient. Then carefully rinse hair.
  4. Using a mask or balm, proceed by analogy with the shampoo. Apply gently without rubbing. Then thoroughly rinse your hair.
  5. Wiping the head, do not tighten your hair in a towel - because of this strand is often climb - just gently blot the hair.
  6. Combing wet strands should not be. They, due to their hygroscopicity, become more vulnerable it is wet. First, you must dry the roots and the attachment points. Drying should also be careful not to pulling.
  7. Slowly comb strands, not forgetting, at the same time, adhere to the roots. Start at the bottom, gradually rising higher and higher. The direction of movement of a comb - in the course of growth, that is, from top to bottom.
  8. Grooming strands, remember that before going to bed should be done laying of extension hair. Strictly speaking, this procedure is called stacking - not quite right. Simply braid them into a braid. So they will not be confused. Stack to be very careful - netting should not be tight.

Rules for the care of hair graft

In order to let your hair gives you only joy, you need to remember and follow a few simple requirements:

  • All shampoos and other means of hair care products should not contain additives or impurities. It allowed only a neutral pH. You can wash your hair for sensitive or normal hair.
  • Use a comb with a few teeth only and without rounding on the ends - they lead to the fact that the hair whipped and climb. Combing should be very careful.
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair. They must be thoroughly dry and comb. Otherwise, they are confused and hurt. You do not want that, right?
  • Within 48 hours after the build-up head to wash prohibited. Do not hesitate to ask additional questions craftsmen that build the hair, how to care for graft hair in your case - a shampoo, a mask or balm is better to use what other means of care they recommend, and so on. D. The master must have instructed - because each method has its own particular capacity. Some methods do not allow access to the sauna, steam room and do not recommend cruises, and some refer to such "cultural activities" loyally.

If all these challenges do not scare you, then you can safely increase the hair. How many can only dream of it and envy girlfriends? You just have to take care of them properly, and then they will delight you and the people around them for a very long time. And next you'll be delighted to hear a whisper: "What a Girl luxurious head of hair! ". Do not you dreamed about it?

 Care for hair graft - women's secrets

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 tape hair extension reviews


  • What is the capacity Hair Talk
  • Pros and cons of tape hair extensions
  • Correction tape capacity
  • Care belt capacity
  • Advantages of tape capacity

Long hair has long been considered women's wealth. "Spit - a girlish beauty" - the saying goes. But not all the fairer sex have the patience to grow lush and thick hair beautiful curls. Today invented a great way to "lengthening" of hairstyles - buildup. In this article, we will focus on building up the hair in a band. It is called the Hair Extensions hair talk. This cold buildup, which may be conventional and micro-buildup. What materials it requires and what is its cost, we will now describe.

What is the capacity Hair Talk

The whole procedure Hair Talk takes about 50 minutes. Prepared hair collected into strips having a width of 4 cm. To these tapes "settled down" on their own hair, special equipment is not required. Keep tape hair extension will be about 2-2, 5 months, preferably after making the correction. In addition, if the tape capacity for care is truly at the locks should be extended manufacturer warranty of 6 months.

Express hair from Angelohair - it is similar procedure, but she carried on a different principle. Feeds are less noticeable, but the correction tape hair extensions made of this technology, it is necessary to do in 2 months, or remove the locks at all.

Micro-tape hair extension does not require any chemical or thermal effect. The micro-tape, elastic and transparent, is attached to the customer's own hair in the direction of their growth. You will need a little more than half an hour. A method of micro-tape capacity is suitable even for owners of fine hair.

To remove the tape hair extensions, you will need a master, and 15-20 minutes of personal time from a lock of hair comb will not.

What are the pros and cons from the tape hair extensions?

 Hair Extensions hair talk

Pros and cons of tape hair extensions

Many masters say that today the technology of tape hair extensions - the safest way to "extend" hairstyle. Happy with it, even a woman whose hair is too thin, and no capsule method is not suitable to them. In addition, its cost is low, so many available tape capacity. But it is worth remembering that the quality of it depends on the professional who performs the procedure.

Tape hair extensions has its disadvantages. For example, hair extensions are not allowed to wear certain hairstyles. There is in this building, and other disadvantages, but this - the most basic. Another drawback of this building - a rather expensive hair care. If you want to have a beautiful and well-groomed head, but at the same time trying to save wherever you can, do not expect that your beauty will be long. Alcohol-based tools will be most negative impact, as they may dissolve the adhesive layer. With good care and high-quality workmanship and materials, hair extensions can last up to the first correction of 2-3 months.

Among the advantages are the following points:

  • The speed of the procedure (just over 30 minutes on average);
  • Safety (absence of temperature and chemical exposure);
  • Duration - subject to periodic maintenance and technology, the need for correction, your locks will last up to one year;
  • Hair Removal is quick and easy;
  • Micro-capacity suitable for damaged hair;
  • This cold capacity without damaging the hair;
  • The materials needed to build, relatively inexpensive;
  • Its cost compared to other types of building below.

  Correction tape capacity

Correction tape hair extensions must be done so the master, who conducted the initial procedure. Locks to be transplanted closer to the roots of our family hair! Of course, if you have built up your hair in a band and work of the master is very dissatisfied, do not risk it again. Look for someone who can build them more efficiently.

How to make a withdrawal at the tape hair extension? The procedure is painless and harmless. Removing the tape in the building involves the use of a special spray, which included alcohol there. This technology generally involves the maximum safety and speed of implementation. So, the procedure for hair extensions takes less than an hour. Plenty of time for withdrawal is also not required. How it should be? If you use a special tool to Hair Talk, the removal of the strands will take 20 minutes.

 micro tape hair extension

Care belt capacity

To build lasted due time, it is necessary:

  • Use only soft comb with a few teeth;
  • Combing the hair is not more than 3 times a day;
  • Brushing her hair, collecting them in a ponytail with one hand and gently start from the end, slowly climbing higher to the roots;
  • Ensure that the attachment points are not entangled strands together;
  • Be sure to comb the roots, or can organize a "nest";
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair, only dried and combed.

How to wash your hair with such a capacity? You can only use a shampoo with a neutral pH. It should not present any additives and impurities. Each wash shall be accompanied by copious rinsing. Use plenty of balm.

It is better not to use the dryer when drying hair. Especially if the capacity has been done on short hair.

Do not over-dry hair. Pre specify whether it is possible to visit the baths and saunas. If so, be sure to use a hat or a towel as protection of extended strands.

When laying the hair you can use hair curlers, tongs and hair dryers. Attachment points touch is strictly prohibited. Styling Pick up without various additives and neutral pH. Style your hair should be very careful. Sophisticated options for hairstyles trust exclusively masters, able to work well with hair extensions.

Advantages of tape capacity

Tape hair extensions looking great. Artificial strands are indistinguishable from the real thing. In addition, the tape method does not require adaptive haircut because tapes themselves are very thin. Tape capacity building and short hair. If your hair is thin and need extra volume, tape technology will help to address this issue as well as possible.

Another advantage of the belt extension - its low cost. And this despite the fact that, adhering to the recommendations for the care, observing safety rules, visiting time correction procedure you will allow to serve the new "curls" long enough. Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but the technology allows you to build easily do without them. It will justify yourself as much as you want, if you pay enough attention to the hair.

Below, we provide a list of useful recommendations that will help to maintain a stylish hairstyle:

  • Do not wash your hair extensions in the first 24 hours after the procedure, otherwise mounting might soften, and the hair will fall out;
  • Before you wash your hair, untangle them, fixing should be separated from each other;
  • Due to the fact that the structure of the hair from the porous, they absorb moisture, because wet are more vulnerable. It should first be dried fastening to avoid loss of strands;
  • Before washing should be carefully comb to remove so small and dirty unraveling the tangled hairs;
  • Do not make the hair tight, it causes pressure on the hair roots;
  • Against the growth of natural hair extensions should not be combed as kutikulnye layers may mate and matted locks;
  • Wash your hair at least 2 times a week to sebum not destroy an adhesive layer;
  • It is better to use the shower as the water will flow in the direction of hair growth.

All other components of care, choice of shampoos and conditioners, possible procedures that support healthy looking hair, should be coordinated with the master capacity.

 Hair belt: technology, pros and cons

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