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"What charming curls" - not once heard cheers holders of curly hair. Only nobody imagines what a great work requires care of these luxurious curls. After all, no girl wants to go to the "jack" on the head! Shampoo for curly hair - a good assistant any fashionista with funny curls.

Problematic curls

Most often curly hair desiccate almost the entire length, but the roots are still getting fatter. Since the liquid does not penetrate therethrough, and the moisture in them are left. Also, do not forget that curly tresses are very susceptible to bleach and artificial heat. Therefore periodically scalp begins to peel and itch. Do not be nervous about this without good reasons: discomfort often arise because of the sensitivity of the skin, not because of the fungus appeared.

Curls easily injure wrong brushing - as a result of a portion of the hair is cut and tangling. Damaged strands hang back and touching healthy, mechanically inflict damage.

 shampoo for curly hair

Terms of care for curly hair

Lush hair requires more care. Hair should be washed with shampoo for curly hair, and it should be done slowly, repeating the procedure twice. With the first wash with hair be washed off the accumulated dirt. Repeat procedures accompany massage movements: so you will improve blood circulation in the scalp, causing hair follicles get good nourishment, and dead skin cells, so that you remove, will give your skin a chance to breathe.

Do not forget to use the balm after washing: having an acidic environment, it neutralizes the alkaline environment of your shampoo, thereby mitigating the stress resulting hair. In addition, this additional moisture of your skin, and comb the curls after its application much easier.

For curly hair is contraindicated use of "two in one". Irons is an additional over-drying. By the way, it should be noted that the dry curly hair should be no less carefully than the wash. Forget about the fact that they can rub the towel, as a result of the outer layer of keratin hurt, they get confused and posekutsya. You are doing the right thing, if you simply wrap your head with a towel. Giving them dry, the host of combing. The best option - a comb with a few teeth. By the way, its size should depend on the length of the hair: the longer they are, the bigger the brush should be selected. Combing start from the end, while holding the bulk of the strands (you can hold them by the hand to the tail).

Visited the tips should be cut at least once every 2 months (guided by how quickly grow locks) 1 cm. And remember that shampoo for curly hair feed, but do not restore the damaged structure, and are not opposed to further delamination hair. Good help haircut hot scissors, during which dissected tips like "sealed." The moisture will stay in the hair, and they are no longer split.

 shampoo for curly hair

Shampoos for curly hair

Means for lush locks must be selected with the orientation on the type of the scalp. If you have normal locks, you can choose any good shampoo for curly hair. But in any case, the composition of study funds to purchase, read what is written on the packaging and analyze the suitability of this means to you. Natural shampoos are always better than a fully stuffed with chemical components. And a nice, enticing smell can indicate to you that the synthetic product, and therefore not very useful.

  • Shampoo Curl Definer of Londa

This tool provides the curls exactly the care they deserve. Fats contained in the hair, often off the tips of twisted curls, as a result of your head of hair lacks elasticity, shine and moisture. In part this means there microcapsules with extracts of ginger and olive leaf. These components are activated by rubbing shampoo into the hair and scalp. That is why it is important to apply the remedy is massaging.

Begin to rub shampoo into the head of the frontoparietal area towards the occipital. Through massage you can not only relax, but also to strengthen the blood flow, which will improve the nutrition of hair follicles. The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance.

This means for curly hair today only good reviews. The women claim that their locks after the first application silky, softer, acquire elasticity. The tool retains the moisture in the hair and enriches them with the necessary elements.

  • Shampoo Gliss Kur Total 19

Company Schwarzkopf is a whole line of skin care curly hair. Here there is a mask, and balm, and air conditioning. Hair will become quite beautiful shine, curls will be more accurate form. As part of the means of UV filters are present and feed ingredients.

  • Professional Shine Curl by L'Oreal

Now we are talking about professional shampoo for curly hair. At the heart of the system means Nutripulse with grape seed extract to nourish and moisturize curls, ceramides bio-mimetic, helps to restore the structure, UV filters, protect from sunlight. Additionally, shampoo enriched with vitamins.

Cleansing is quite soft and gentle, this shampoo for curly hair, many women respond enthusiastically: ease of foaming, pleasant scent and the end result is nice feast kucheryashek owners. Apply it to damp hair should be - should be massaged means foam, hold for a few minutes and rinse properly. After the first use, you may decide that it is one of the best shampoo for curly hair. Indeed, the French manufacturer of this product is of high quality.

  • Shampoo Eugene Perma

The line "Soft curls" is designed specifically for curly hair. Underlying funds are taken components of sweet peas. The shampoo has a pleasant smell, but the seeds of this plant contain proteins that seemed to envelop the hair, giving it a healthy and luxurious look. A great advantage can be called what it means prevents the appearance of fine disobedient vortex.

  • Shampoo Brelil

The tool is designed to care for curly hair. The present composition of the essential oil of eucalyptus extract and orange peels. These ingredients nourish the hair and form a protective plenochku them. Small curl after use does not constitute, curls look more carefully. In principle, this is a good shampoo, which is perfect for curly hair. Apply the product should be damp strands.

  • Shampoo Cutrim Curlism

It is good because it will give strength to the hair will return them to the natural elasticity and shine. The structure of funds include: vitamins, extracted from blackcurrant seed oil (a source of moisture and nutrients), pearl protein, which enhances curls, wheat protein, which takes care of the curls and strengthens them.

  • Shampoo MoltoBene B

Universal means suitable even for highly curly hair. It may highlight your hair, and help them straighten. Tool locks intensely moisturizes and nourishes them. Note that in the shampoo includes UV filters to protect hair. This is definitely one of the best remedies for frizzy curls.

  • Shampoo Senscience curl

The tool retains moisture well, nourishes the hair with nutrients, In addition, due to it curls looks neat, you get rid of unnecessary unpleasant volume. This shampoo for curly hair is constantly very good ratings, many women say that it fits wonderfully colored curls. Apply the product to be on the wet strands.

We have considered only some shampoos that you can choose to care for curly hair. Of course, there are other professional products for kucheryashek - they can advise you master hairdressers. Today you can easily buy anything in order to make any hairstyle popular with even the most unruly curls. And one small recommendation: If the shampoo comes in a series with other products, use all the tools offered, as well you will achieve maximum results. Be beautiful!

 Shampoo for curly hair: choose it is not a problem

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 shampoo for hair straightening

What woman has not dreamed of having a beautiful, long, luxurious locks. What you just did not come up: chemistry, curling irons, curlers and stuff, stuff, stuff. But what about those who have by nature is the owner of curly hair? They, too, want to change their way of doing trendy hairstyles, fashion styling, and just go with straight hair at least occasionally. To help the women of fashion comes shampoo for hair straightening.

Why curly hair?

As we know, the hair is not only a definite chemical composition and their structure. If you take a few hairs, cut them and put under the microscope, we can see that the cross section of a certain shape. It is the shape of the cross section for the most part will depend on: whether to form curls or hair will stay straight. The round shape cross section of the hair, so it will be straighter and stiffer. If a semi-elliptical cross-sectional shape and the elliptical, the hair is most often curly like a lamb, and short. Hair with a round cross section often direct, rough and long. For the cross section of the oval characteristic soft and silky or wavy and curly.

Shampoos for alignment of hair

Shampoo hair straighteners sold in almost any store that sells cosmetics. All of them promise to make hair smooth and silky, but is it really remains to be sorted out. Let's take a quick overview of the different means of care for curly hair, and after come to any definite conclusions.

  • Take Home Smoothing kit (Paul Mitchell)

The manufacturer is not just shampoo and indelible serum and leveling air conditioning. This toolkit is designed for leveling and smoothing the hair surface. Through the use of these products, hair becomes more flexible and obedient in the packing, get healthy shine and a pleasant silky.

Shampoo Super Skinny Daily contains algae extracts, henna, Roman chamomile, jojoba oil and aloe vera. In addition, the formula is so gentle shampoo that you can use it as a daily and hair care. The product is suited to any type of hair. The serum makes hair shine, glues split split ends. Thanks to a strong concentration of resources is spent economically. If you like to use irons, these hair care products you will be an excellent assistant, since they protect the cuticular layer by heat treatment.

  • Sexy Hair Shampoo

Another American shampoo straightening hair. The tool has a soft cleansing effect. Natural extracts moisturize and nourish the hair, making them soft and fluffy. This product helps to fight split ends and straighten curls. As part of shampoo eat honey, milk and panthenol. With regular use of shampoo hair becomes silky and smooth, and the extra curls straightened. The result is noticeable after the first application.

A small amount of shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaging shampoo massaged into the hair and then rinsed off. For maximum effect, use and other products of this line.

  • Smooth Shampoo

The manufacturer of this means is the company Zone Concept. Shampoo moisturizes, straightens the cuticle, thereby contributing to hair straightening. The composition contains a mixture of rice, olive and almond oil that makes hair silky and shiny. The protein content of silk clean electrostatic voltage, and other plant extracts protect hair throughout.

  • Shampoo Farmavita Smoothing

Shampoo Farmavita Smoothing for thin, dry and unruly hair. Means gently cleanses and softens with the help of glucose and green tea extract. After shampooing the hair is very light, smooth and shiny.

The present composition of green tea extract, which has long been considered an excellent antioxidant, in addition, it has cleansing properties. Recent pharmacological studies have shown that the tannins contained in sufficient quantities in green tea helps fight free radicals, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is also an anti-bacterial agent.

The latest scientific development - terpolymers. They save the hair from the harmful effects of hot air coming from the dryer, and the installation will be held for a longer time. These elements play a significant role in straightening unruly hair.

Glucose will control the amount of hair and moisturize them, and glycerin softens the hair and makes it more fluffy. Shampoo hair straightening should also possess and UV-filters which are capable of protecting against excessive solar radiation our hair. This shampoo such filters are present. Apply shampoo to wet hair should be, how to rub massage movements in the head. If necessary, repeat the procedure twice.

  • Shampoo "Perfect smoothness"

Straightening shampoo Italian manufacturer (KEMON). The hair becomes smooth, soft and shiny, easy to comb them, the effect of static electricity after using the shampoo completely neutralized. If you are faced with the question of which straightens the hair shampoo, it is a tool that can be your answer. After using APLOMB SHAMPOO the hair is well-groomed, smooth and shiny. The line also provides means caring gel, which in combination with shampoo will give a stunning effect.

Apply a small amount of shampoo on wet hair, then the blowing well on his hair and wash off with plenty of water. If your hair is too long, repeat the washing procedure twice.

  • Therapy Shampoo Gee

This shampoo smoothes and straightens curly or wavy hair. After using this tool easy to comb hair look healthy, shiny, lush and soft. The composition contains rice protein, enzymes, and liposomes. Suitable for hair that is chemically treated.

  • Shampoo HS47

This shampoo for unruly hair, giving them rectifying action. As part of the flower contains milk and cottonseed oil. Shampoo restores the elasticity of the hair, their softness and shine. Use a tool like any ordinary shampoo.

  • Shampoo SYOSS Shine Boost

This means a professional formula that is designed to provide your hair shine and smoothness. Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes dull, dry hair. Women say SYOSS Shine Boost pretty easy to foam and quickly washed off. Glitter is not as huge as it is stated in the advertisement, but pleasant enough.

  • Shampoo "Asian smoothness"

Gliss Kur Shampoo helps to straighten unruly hair, adds shine and restores elasticity. The present composition of natural ingredients and extracts caring. Duration smoothing effect is about 24 hours. Also restores the structure of the shampoo nourishes the hair, and is saturated with moisture.

  • Shampoos Barex sht

You can select based shampoo magnesium and silicon. Fluffy hair reduction will promote the active silanol, in addition, it will protect them from moisture. In general, hair becomes more manageable. Means gently cleanses and nourishes the hair.

Owners curly and curly hair can choose a shampoo with flax seed oil, which has a reducing effect, deeply nourishes and softens the hair and makes them shine and silkiness. Flax seed oil is a source of vitamin F.

And then, and other means to apply a small amount of a few minutes to the hair foams and washed off after a time.

 Shampoo the hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening

Such comprehensive care is required in the event that the hair does need extra care and moisture. Also, if your goal - to straighten hair without chemicals, it is a tool that will help you achieve the desired result.

Keratin hair straightening - shampoo, creams and serums that are part of the complex subject to a pro hands and often done at the salon. As a result, curly hair is almost completely straightened (the degree of straightening depends on the structure of the hair). In addition, you can moisten the chemically damaged hair. None of the assets of this line is not aggressive chemical components. This product is suitable for all hair types with any degree of damage.

The effect of such a procedure will last up to three months. You do not have as much as before, shear split ends as keratin straightening seals them. Colouring hair before this procedure is also acceptable, and the color will last much longer than usual after staining.

Shampoo for keratin hair straightening deep cleans, removes the remnants of different chemicals that have accumulated on the hair, the hair is preparing for further care. This shampoo is specially designed, it is designed for use in front of means, which is composed of keratin. With this shampoo is not only cleansing the hair, but also their preparation of the outer layer to further procedures. It is better to turn to professionals who do all the chain with great skill. The main condition: do not use styling not wash your hair and do not color my hair for 72 hours after keratin straightening.

What shampoo hair straightens name of your type, we do not say. For some, the proposed remedies can be quite effective, while others may remain enthusiastic. There can only be determined by trial and error. In any case, you can always be yourself, with curly hair or straight. And that, believe me, worth it. Be adorable!

 Shampoo for hair straightening

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