Folk remedies for hair loss

Due to the constant use of various chemicals for the "care" of hair, hair loss problem becomes acute in front of many women. Not every girl uses a hair loss home remedies that do not harm the scalp. Moreover, the habit of ladies XVIII-XIX century, cover your head from the sun and wind, faded into the background, and sometimes even in the dead of winter girls let themselves go without a hat, which, believe me, very bad impact on the roots of your hair.

Nevertheless, the very problem of hair loss, though not as common, but there was a very long time. Already in ancient treatises, which many centuries old, could read some old recipes from hair loss and to return them strength and shine. In China, for example, the hair styling starch used decoctions of rice and extracts from sugar cane, causing the hair to become brittle and dry. Hairstyles while wearing heavy, which also did not help to save their strength and beauty, for damaged roots. This had to methodically comb hair every day, or else because of the amount of styling products, the ancient Chinese woman risked losing it for good. And it was the hair, according to ancient legend, the mystery of the mysterious power of women, her erotic appeal and therefore hair care became like a ritual.

Recipes for strengthening hair

Here are a few popular recipes for hair loss:

  1. Catering hair. To prepare the broth, pour 200 grams of chamomile flowers and marigold (Calendula) 1/2 liter of hot water (but not boiling). Place the flowers in a porcelain or earthenware pot and slowly along the edge of the container, pour the water, so it is gradually heated to create the desired temperature. After that, cover the container lid and wrap the warm material. Infuse the mixture should be 2 hours after which it can rinse your hair or just dip your head into a large container of broth. With the latter method, be sure to add the broth juice of the aloe leaf. Aloe juice to be added as soon as you fall through the sheet, long-term contact with the air, the plant loses its useful properties;
  2. The following recipe is intended to give the Chinese women's shine and strength to your hair. The infusion is prepared in much the same as in the previous recipe, but instead of chamomile flowers, take dry nettle leaves. Dip and head massage as well as in the first recipe;
  3. Endowing hair mystical features oriental beauties rinse hair infusion of nettle and ginseng extract from the seahorse. It was believed that the woman so enhances their sex appeal.

All of these recipes for hair loss should be used at least once a year for a week. Be sure to use recipes to clean hair.

The problem of hair loss

Nowadays, she is familiar to many. Check the condition of your hair yourself: if during the day you lose your hair less than 100, then everything is normal and nothing to worry about you do not. You can count them after every brushing, have fallen hairs on the tip will small white seal, while the hair of the seal bummer not. If every day you will lose more than one hundred hair, then immediately proceed to the treatment of folk remedies for hair loss - the sooner you start, the faster your hair will become stronger. There are several causes of hair loss:

  • unhealthy diet;
  • lack of calcium and vitamins in the body and scalp;
  • perms and hair coloring;
  • frequent use of the dryer;
  • the wrong hair care.

In order to stop hair loss in the first place eliminate all adverse factors. To start pay attention to your food, to adequate hydration of the scalp, as well as mitigation and strengthening hair. To do this, use special shampoos and conditioners suitable to your hair type, as well as traditional recipes from hair loss. After rinsing, leave beauty balm for the hair for a few minutes. When applying shampoo or balsam hair is not put excessive pressure on the skin, and try not to hurt her fingernails. Thus, you gently massaged beneficial effect on the scalp, to strengthen the blood circulation, and thus accelerate the growth of hair.

For hair care it is not necessary to use expensive cosmetics. Almost everything you need to care for your hair, you can make at home. If you are concerned about hair loss treatment folk remedies will be the best solution for you.

 Folk remedy against hair loss

Folk remedies for hair loss

  1. Frequent hair loss, it is recommended to wash your hair decoction of birch leaves;
  2. It is alleged that the starting baldness need to drink a decoction of buckthorn sea buckthorn. Prepare it as follows: 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn berries pour 2 tbsp. boiling water, leave for 3-4 hours in a tightly sealed container in a dark place. After that, the broth should be strain and drink one glass 2 times a day, before meals, as well as every day rubbed into the scalp at night.
  3. Another homemade recipe for hair loss - to make 1 liter of boiling water 20 g of sweet flag root, burdock root 20 grams, 10 grams of marigold, 15 g of hop cones. The broth should be to insist 2 hours, then strain and drink one glass at night.
  4. Try also rubbed into the head alcohol tincture of castor oil, which prevents hair loss.
  5. If your hair is dry, after washing rinse them with water and lime colors. To do this, 1 liter of boiling water with 1 tablespoon to insist lime color.
  6. Many folk remedies for hair loss include burdock root. Infusion or decoction of the root of this plant is rinsed and rubbed through the day hair after washing. You can also use an ointment from burdock root, for its preparation, take 200 g of butter rubbed with the roots of plants.
  7. A great popular recipes for hair loss is also considered the use of burdock oil. In fact, it is the infusion of burdock root in olive or almond oil (but sometimes its preparation you can take sunflower oil).
  8. To strengthen the roots of the hair, turn in your diet fresh onions. Some home remedies for hair loss can be prepared on the basis of an onion:
  • From green onions make pulp and apply on the hair before washing the head. Then cover with hair polyethylene and tie your head warm scarf. Wait for half an hour, after which the mass rinse with warm water shampoo. If you have oily hair type, add the onion mush little alcohol;
  • To accelerate the growth of hair, use onion juice mixed with honey. The mush of onion, mix with a spoon of honey. After rubbing the mixture, wait 30 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water. Better yet, use a rinse warm infusion of birch leaves. If your hair is very dry, then a paste of onion, add a little (1 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil). Then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with infusion of birch;
  • With the active hair loss, try to rub into the scalp onion juice with cognac and a strong decoction of burdock root. In one tablespoon of brandy, add 4 tablespoons of onion juice and 6 tablespoons of broth burdock root. After use, always wash off the mixture with water.

Medical mask hair loss

By using different shampoos and conditioners your hair does not get enough nutrients, so we recommend using recipes masks against hair loss.

After applying the mask is required to rinse hair decoction of herbs. So your hair will become shiny and silky. There are different recipes masks, including for accelerated growth of hair. No shampoo is not able to recover well and strengthen hair as homemade mask and herbal teas. Hair masks are designed not only to restore and power, but also for the overall maintenance of the hair. Therefore, use of such folk remedies for hair loss can be, regardless of whether you have problems with hair or not.

To achieve maximum benefit from the masks, you must apply them at least once a week, but no more, because too frequent use can negatively displayed on your hair. It is not necessary to use different masks to select the most suitable and go through the entire course. Only after that is to try some new recipe mask against hair loss. If you liked the course and acquired the proper hair shine and strength, then you can apply it once every 2-3 months.

The hair mask can be added to various components of your choice. Apply such popular recipes for hair loss as follows: composition rubbed into the scalp and hair for about an hour before washing your hair, then wrap your head with a towel and then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Below, we present the best recipes from hair loss and healthy for the scalp:

  1. The mask of castor oil with the addition of rum. To make it, mix a tablespoon of castor oil and a tablespoon of rum. Amounted to cover his head for an hour before shampooing.
  2. The mask of egg yolks with cognac. 2-3 tablespoons vegetable or olive oil mixed with two egg yolks, add to the mix 1-2 tbsp. spoons of brandy (this will provide increased blood flow to the skin surface, and hence promotes the growth of hair). Gently apply the mask on the scalp from root to tip, and then massaged to distribute the mixture over the entire head and wear a towel on his head. An hour later, the mask wash shampoo;
  3. The mask of aloe (agave) - perhaps the most popular folk remedy against hair loss. There are two versions of this recipe. First, a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of aloe juice, add the crushed clove of garlic and egg yolk. This mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair infusion of chamomile or nettle. The second recipe: Mix a spoonful of carrot juice, egg yolk, 1 tbsp. spoon of aloe juice, a spoonful of brandy and a spoonful of castor oil. This mixture also keep half an hour and rinse with warm water;
  4. Nourishing Mask for hair treatment. Mix equal parts of grass mother and stepmother, birch leaves, marigold flowers and hop cones. All this is to pour boiling water, to insist, to filter, and then rub into the scalp.
  5. Medical mask of quince. Cut out the core with the seeds from the fruit and pour her a glass of water. Slightly boil this broth mixture and rub into the scalp. Be careful, this mask will dry your hair.
  6. Mask with essential oils. Take 15 drops of tea tree oil, 15 drops of rosemary oil, 15 drops of cedar oil and 100 ml of aloe juice (can substitute tincture or essence, bought in a pharmacy). This mixture insist in a dark place for a week, shaking every day. This mask should be rubbed into the scalp and hair after each washing hair.
  7. Cherry mask. Suitable only owners of chestnut hair and brown as little stains hair reddish hue. An hour before washing your hair, rub in hair glass of cherry juice, then wash your hair in the usual way;
  8. Yeast mask. Take half a pack or a pack of wet dry yeast, mix three tablespoons of warm water until dissolved. Stir this mixture with the egg white and rub into the scalp. When the mixture is completely dry, rinse hair with warm water and shampoo.

Home Shampoo against hair loss

Shampoo cooked at home and using natural ingredients can also serve as a good hair mask. Here are recipes for homemade shampoos for hair loss:

  1. Mustard shampoo. Dissolve one tablespoon of mustard to two liters of warm water and wash your hair with this mixture. It is ideal for oily hair and promotes the accelerated growth of the hair;
  2. Egg shampoo. Take a tablespoon of any herbal shampoo, 1 egg yolk and rub this mixture into the hair, after 3-5 minutes you can wash off with plenty of warm water. Around you can also cook the egg-Oily Shampoo: one egg yolk with 1 tsp castor oil and olive. Ready-mix is ​​especially useful this Shampoo for dry and brittle hair;
  3. Tansy shampoo. 1 tbsp tansy pour 200 ml boiling water, leave to infuse for 2 hours. Strain the resulting shampoo to wash their hair. Besides that this infusion helps with hair loss, it also removes dandruff;
  4. Kefir shampoo. Kefir, yogurt or sour milk create fatty film on the hair, which helps protect hair from the harmful effects of the environment. To do this, take yogurt or yogurt and apply on hair. Wrap head with a towel or polyethylene, an hour rinse hair under warm water. Then rinse the head with a weak solution of vinegar;
  5. Shampoo from starch. Take a handful of dry starch, and sprinkle it over the hair, then whisk them with warm water during washing, and after 10 minutes, wipe with a dry towel. Remaining on the hair starch remove brush or comb dry;
  6. Rye shampoo. A piece of rye bread mash with hot water to produce a slurry. Give it to stand for 10-15 minutes, and this mass rub hair. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with water. This shampoo is beneficial for hair growth on the condition of the hair - density, volume, shine;
  7. Herbal shampoo. Take 10 grams of dried flowers of calendula, 10 g of birch leaves, 10 g of hop cones. Mix the herbs and pour a glass of hot light beer, give the mixture brew for an hour. Strain and put on a slightly heated hair instead of shampoo.

But all these old wives' recipes from hair loss will not give the desired effect if the cause of hair loss in the internal state of the organism. Thus, the health of your hair is primarily dependent on proper nutrition. It is a moderately powered excluded from the diet fatty and spicy dishes. Eat more raw vegetables, fill in your diet yeast, milk, honey, vegetable oil. With proper nutrition and proper care, the body does not make you wait long for the result and thank you by giving you a beautiful and strong hair for years!

 Folk remedies for hair loss

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