hair fixation spray

All women want to be beautiful, attractive. What did not come up with the woman at different times, to attract the attention of men. There was a time when women did stunning hairstyles several meters high and weighing several kilograms. While hairstyles recorded using hay, metal structures, overhead hair. Through the pursuit of beauty and appeared various cosmetics, facial care and body, as well as tools for hair care, including and irreplaceable in today's world hairspray.

And the history of modern hairspray is. In the 1950s, it was popular hairstyles in the style of E. Presley, who were very intricate and complex. While hairstyles to save people wore on his head a special hairnets. And then something chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf founded in 1956 an indispensable tool, which was awarded the title of "liquid hairnet". That is, it is in the Schwarzkopf hair spray and began to exist. Since then, hairspray is, perhaps every woman.

His popularity has earned the nail in that it helps to create the perfect style. After hairstyle should also correspond to the selected image as cosmetics and clothes. And with varnish to create the desired stacking is not a problem. But the fixation of hairstyles - not the main function of the varnish. No, of course before so it was, but modern hairspray hairstyle not only support, but also to strengthen the hair, provide them with amino acids and vitamins to protect against adverse environmental influences. Also, now you can find liquid hair spray, dry, color, toning, and the like.

Now let's see some hairspray better how to choose paint, how to use, what types of paints are and what the difference between them.

Select hairspray

So you've decided to buy a hairspray, and store a whole bunch of different varnishes! How to choose the hair spray that is right for you? Let's understand this.

Before you purchase any paint you need to pay attention to its composition .  It is important that the composition varnish was no alcohol, because it adversely affects both the own hair and the scalp .  The core of any varnish solution are synthetic and natural gums, as well as ethyl alcohol or non-alcoholic solvent .  It is these components and fixation of hair .  In addition, the varnish contains plasticizers that are responsible for the softness of hair, different film forming and propellant charge lacquer spraying .  Also in the lacquer must be present components such as glycerin, panthenol, betaine, benzophenone - they restore hair structure .  Glycerin is required for humidification, betaine gives hair a healthy shine, benzophenone protects hair from the negative effects of the environment, and panthenol nourishes and restores hair .  Also, do not be amiss if a part will be present vitamins B5 and E, amino acids and natural ingredients of herbs, such as aloe extract, which gives the hair flexibility and obedience, and also provides the hair with extra food .

It is also worth noting that lakes are weak, medium, strong and superstrong fixation .  That is, the strength of fixing reflects the ability to fix her hair lacquer at some time or other .  That is, weak nail fixation can not hold a hairstyle intricate long time, while the nail fixing superstrong with this problem, of course, handle .  The strength of fixing depends on the number of members of the varnish polymers - the more, the more durable will hairstyle .  Of course, the notion of the power of fixing different at different firms, so the comparison of different companies of the same nail fixation can be seen that one firm fixation lasts longer than the other .  Therefore, the strength of fixing varnish have to choose by trial and error .  And when choosing a varnish it is worth remembering that the thin soft hair is quite enough and varnish weak fixation, especially if the hair is not too long .  A tough unruly hair lacquer suitable only superstrong fixation .  Lac weak and normal fixation can be used for everyday styling rare and not too thick hair .

Correctly chosen lacquer can not only save the hair, but also a beneficial effect on the hair. Therefore it is necessary to pick up the nail of your specific hair type. That is, if your hair is colored, it is best to take the paint, restoring color. If your hair is damaged - need paint, restoring hair structure. In addition, in the summer is to acquire varnish with sun filter.
And another piece of advice: choose hairspray odorless or with weak smell as strong flavor is able to drown out the aroma of varnish you use perfume.

In addition to the above, we can add that when you choose a hair spray - reviews girlfriends and family, women's forums, stylists can help you make the right choice . Now let's look at what kinds of paints, besides the usual there.

Colored hairspray

Which of the fair sex at least once in his life experimenting with hair color? Such, perhaps, is not even .  But it so happens that hair dyed hair color you realize that you do not have a new color is .  What should I do? Again, go to the cabin and repainted? Or wait for the paint itself gradually peel? Neither one nor the other is not the best option .  So what do you do? The answer is simple - use a painting hairspray, or colored hair spray .  This varnish is also sold in spray cans, but in addition it is able to commit to paint the hair in a particular color or shade .  This varnish will help you experiment with color, and due to the fact that such a hair coloring is washed away with the first washing the head, do not have to worry about that you again have to repaint .  In addition, thanks to the colored lacquer for the hair, you can create a bright, original image for one day, perfect for parties .  Suffice it to spray paint on such individual strands of hair - hair and bright festive ready! A variety of colored lacquer is hairspray Glitter - gold, silver or rainbow .

When selecting colors for a festive hairstyle should remember that bright colors - blue, red, green, purple - looks best on light hair. But hairspray Glitter can create hairstyles for any hair.

Dry hair spray

As the French say, to create the ideal image is necessary in order to have 2 components of the image - shoes and hairstyle. If the first special problems do not happen, then the daily beautiful hair requires time, patience, skill and professional tools for hair. And in this issue will help fine dry hairspray. This varnish is able to create a neat haircut and maintain it throughout the day. Dry paint has no fragrance, does not spread under the hot sun, and does not stick hair. Apply a paint can on wet and dry hair. And if there is a need, then dry the varnish can be applied several times a day.

Neutral paint, as you know, not everyone is suitable - for many it causes irritation of the scalp, the hair often stick together and original styling is sometimes deformed. It is in connection with the existence of such problems and was designed by the dry lacquer. Dry lacquer hair not peculiar matted locks, as well as the rigidity of the hair, and it dries quickly and perfectly captures the hairstyle. In addition, a dry lacquer good care of hair. So, if after shampooing apply to wet hair, dry the varnish, then dry their hair dryer, comb, dry and re-apply varnish, the hair will become healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Use dry varnish is very simple - it, as conventional paints, should be sprayed on the hair at a distance of 20-30 cm. If you want to increase the amount of hair, you should spray the paint on the basal part of the wet hair, the head should be lowered down, then hair should be Combing dry hair dryer.

Liquid hairspray

Often, when creating a complex hairstyles require reliable fixation. But what if conventional varnishes are able to keep such a hairstyle only if they are applied in large quantities, which is fraught with the rigidity of the hair. But both want to hairstyle has not only retained its shape, but also to the hair look natural and soft. With liquid hairspray, this problem is solved! Liquid paint (aka - gel spray) has super-resistant latching, and using such a lacquer hair remains soft and mobile. In addition, liquid paint does not pollute the hair does not stick and does not weigh them. Also, an undoubted advantage of the varnish is that when combing the hair is not formed "dust" from him, as well as its economical use.

Use liquid paint can be for different purposes - for straightening hair, to increase, to create the effect of wet hair and just to lock hairstyles. In addition, the liquid lacquer is well-suited for a wave of mild or severe hair that are difficult to curl.
But liquid varnish has one drawback - it is quite a long time to dry. But the result is worth the time!

 colored hairspray

Professional hair spray

Professional varnish may be either a conventional spray, or dry, liquid or colored. It all depends on the components that make up the varnish. As a rule, professional hairspray much better than any other varnishes. This nail perfectly captures the hair without leaving matted strands, without weighing it down, without polluting the hair and making it soft and manageable. A distinctive feature is the presence of a professional polish is not a small amount of useful components for the hair - of different extracts of herbs, vitamins and other substances that strengthen the hair and treat hair even on hot sunny days. Using this varnish can restore hair natural firmness and elasticity. Also, a professional hair lacquers tend to keep laying in all weather conditions.

How to wash off the paint from hair?

Any lacquer, including professional, can inflict damage to hair by subjecting them to constant exposure varnish. In order not to harm the hair lacquer should be every day before going to bed to remove paint from the hair. If a little hair lacquer, it is enough to just carefully combed hair. During this procedure, the film of varnish covering the hair, the hair is destroyed and can "breathe." If the varnish is not removed from the hair, then over time the hair will lose their healthy appearance, become dull and lifeless, and the tips begin to split.

But it so happens that the hair too much varnish and combing do not help get rid of it. What to do then? One solution - you need to wash it off. In most cases, you just wash your hair with regular shampoo, but sometimes there are such paints, which no shampoo or soap can not cope. How to wash off the paint from the hair in this case? A good solution would be the addition of baking soda shampoo. Moreover, such a mixture should wash your hair 2-3 times, then only the hair will return to its previous state, and the varnish is completely washed away.

If you washed your hair, but it seems that some small amount of lacquer on the hair left, you can dilute acetic water so that it is slightly sour, but not too much, and then this water to rinse hair. By the way, rinse with acetic water will help get rid of dandruff, if any, and the hair will be more soft and shiny.

How to make hair spray yourself?

You may have noticed that, after some styling hair is very bad comb, become stiff, and the hair becomes heavier and loses its volume? Or you met such unpleasant problem as an allergy to the components of hairspray? Nothing in this surprising, because in any Styling is the mass of chemicals that can irritate the scalp, especially if the skin is sensitive. But both want to make a good beautiful styling! But what if hairspray excluded? Quite simply, hairspray, you can do it yourself, and it does not contain harmful substances. So, let's talk about how to make hair spray at home.

Use hairspray home will not only save you a good idea, but will minimize the risk of allergies. Also, you can avoid over-drying the hair, which occurs after prolonged and very frequent use of purchased varnishes. We give you three recipes for hair lacquers:

  1. Sugar varnish. This varnish is still used by our grandmothers. It is prepared as follows: 0, 2 l. purified or boiled water should take 2 hours. l. Sugar, who is pre-grind. Sugar solution should be put on low heat, bring it to a boil, stirring constantly, then remove from heat and cool, then pour into a storage container varnish. It should be noted that this lacquer is a minus - Sugar makes hair more rigid and more brittle. However, the same is done with the hair using purchased varnishes strong hold. But unlike purchased lacquers, varnish have diabetes this shortcoming - the only one.
  2. Rye lacquer. Break into small pieces 0, 5 loaves of rye bread, pour 2 tbsp. warm water and bring to a boil over low heat, then remove mixture from heat, cool and drain. Then poured into the varnish storage container varnish - and they can already enjoy.
  3. Lemon lacquer. One medium-sized lemon peel and squeeze the juice out of it, then add 0, 2 l. purified or boiled water, dipped in liquid lemon peel so that it completely covers the rind. The composition thus obtained should cover and put into the fridge for 5-7 days, after which the lacquer is poured into a container with a varnish spray nozzle (atomizer) and the rind is discarded.

So now you know how to do hair spray at home. As you can see, there is nothing complicated there - all the ingredients are very cheap and readily available. Let's hope that these recipes will be useful. And now let's look at what firms Coatings offers us a modern cosmetic market, and some of them - the best hairspray.

Review of the popular brands of hair lacquers

According to many opinions of women, we decided to find out what hair lacquer is best preferred. For this we look at the most popular brands of paints. Let's get started.

Hairspray Schwarzkopf. The world-known firm Schwarzkopf female attention is a series of styling - hairspray Taft. The series includes:

  • Taft Power - super fixation and strengthening of the hair;
  • Taft Ultra - strong fixation for 24 hours;
  • Taft Complete gives the hair shine, volume and softness;
  • Taft Sensitive - designed for sensitive scalp;
  • Taft Looks - a series of tools for styling;
  • Taft «The strength of the volume";
  • Taft «Shining diamonds" - gives the effect of shiny straight hair for 24 hours;
  • Taft «smoothness and radiance."

Select hairspray Taft, suitable to your hair, is quite simple - the company is a huge range of paints for different types of hair - for thin, dry brittle and fractious for curly hair. The company also offers hypoallergenic hairspray Taft Sensitive, which has no odor. This varnish has been tested by dermatologists, so it can be safely used by anyone allergic to paints normally. Offered by Schwarzkopf hair spray does not stick and does not aggravate the hair, excellent job of fixing the hair, and can be easily removed from the hair. The best of a series of hair lacquers, varnish Taft woman recognized Taft Power «Tenderness cashmere." In addition, the company manufactures and Schwarzkopf professional hair styling products that are ideal for different kinds of styling, and does not dry the hair - Schwarzkopf Professional Osis.

Hairspray L'Oreal able to return in an instant hairstyle form in all conditions. Lac using innovative formula "shape memory", thanks to which it became possible to return to form hair. In addition, the varnish for the hair Loreal also characterized by positive qualities such as resistance fixing and healthy shine. Also, paint does not dry the hair and contains a reinforcing component. The best varnish Loreal women was recognized lacquer "Maxi volume."

Hairspray Syoss. This varnish is recommended by many professional hairdressers. Varnish has a pleasant smell, the hair does not stick together and keep stacking up to two days. In addition, the nail completely invisible on the hair - they are natural, soft and docile, if varnish is not used. All hairsprays Syoss protect hair from sunlight and moisture.

Hairspray Wella contains in its composition of pro-vitamin B5, vitamin complex and UV filters. Lac provides a reliable long-term fixation of hairstyles without gluing, moisturizes the hair, strengthens them and gives them smoothness and shine.

 Hair fixation spray.