how to wind the hair on curlers

You have straight hair? But both want to be curly, is not it? This problem is quite common, but, thank God, is solvable. Their beauty is easy to emphasize frizzy curls, what can help curlers. If you choose to emphasize their natural beauty with beautiful curly hair, then you just need to know how to wind the hair on curlers. For beautiful curls curlers needed size. The modern market can offer a huge number of different both in form and size rollers. There are plastic rollers, metal, plastic-coated, foam and elektrobigudi. And fixing rollers also are varied. The most popular among women are rollers with a rubber band.

What good curlers? Yes, the fact that they absolutely do not harm the hair, unlike a perm and hot tongs. Of course, curling hair with curlers have a small disadvantage - for the first time, it takes a lot of time. But over time, if you do perm regularly, you will learn quickly to wind hair.

Of course, each of the types of rollers on the art to use them widely. But all kinds of rollers combine several rules. So, do not be too hard to dry hair before curling since over-dried hair is quite difficult to reel in curlers, and curling to dry hair quickly lose shape. But you can not twist too wet hair, as they may unnecessarily to steam, which is also not conducive to high-quality perms. And the process of lining the hair in curlers and a further drying takes too much time. If the hair is too overdried, they should be sprayed with water from a spray before curling.

What is important to know before you perm?

So, what you need to know before you wind the hair on curlers? Let's understand this. First you need to prepare the necessary tools for curling. First of all you will need, of course, themselves curlers. Also needed are two mirrors and a comb with a fine long handle. Also, it does not hurt to have a handy spray bottle with water. The presence of two mirrors is necessary in order to be able to wind the hair at the nape. With the help of a comb with a thin handle is easy to separate the individual strands of hair, and the need to spray if your hair overdried. When you wrap the hair in curlers each strand must be carefully comb, especially if used rollers - with bristles as bad hair combed simply wallow in these bristles and release them from the curlers is quite a problem for a long time.

To perm last longer, you can use special fixers, followed by wet hair before curling. Such fixers hair fall easy plenochkoj, as well as strengthen and protect them. When choosing a fixative should remember that it should be suitable for your hair type, as incorrectly selected fixer not only improve the quality of the wave, but on the contrary only harm the hair. So, if applied thin hair fixative having a very slight degree of fixation, and the hair is well preserved, while the fixers with a strong fixing a weighted hairstyle and she will quickly lose shape.

How to cheat hair in curlers?

Technique wrap hair curlers is not something unimaginably difficult. There are several rules of hair wrap:

  • With the help of a comb (what is needed - we already told you) should separate strand of hair, equal to the width used by curlers. To separated strand does not collapse at the hands waving it lightly sprinkled with water from the sprinkler. Screw lock is with the ends and attach them to the middle of the wrapping rollers and curlers inwardly to her hair wrapped evenly. And so to the very roots of the hair, and it is not necessary to wind the hair too tight, so as not to hurt. So be screwed all the hair, then you should wait for the complete drying of the hair and then remove the curlers. Combing hair should be no earlier than a quarter of an hour after curling - so long curls maintain their shape.
  • If your hair is thin or unruly, which at a minimum moisture lose laying, before winding strands to it should apply special gel or foam for packing. Modern hair styling, not only help to keep the hair much longer, but also strengthen the hair. Choose Styling should be according to your hair type.
  • If you decide to use elektrobigudi, be aware: all too often can not use them. In addition, elektrobigudi should cheat extremely dry hair.
  • The hair on the forehead should be screwed onto the larger rollers than at the neck and sides of the head.
  • It is important that the tip of the strands evenly lay on rollers, because otherwise the tips will turn sloppy and it will spoil the whole hairstyle.
  • Strands should be strictly cheat at an angle of 900 to the roots of the hair with a gentle tension strands.

Types and features winding curlers hair

Well, here we are done with the technique of winding the hair on curlers. Now it's time to learn about what types of rollers, there are, and how to wind the hair on curlers or that kind. To date, the most common are a few types of rollers, including elektrobigudi, with pin curlers, rollers with rubber and foam rollers.

Foam rollers - the most simple in their application, they allow not only easy but also very quick to curl hair. But this kind of rollers has one big disadvantage - locks stranded such curlers will not last long, so it's better to choose a more stringent curlers.

Elektrobigudi certainly very comfortable, but with frequent use spoil the hair. Elektrobigudi equipped with heating rods, which must be mounted on rollers. The heating elements are heated rollers, then they can wind hair. Very often elektrobigudi equipped with bristles. In this type of curlers in any case can not cheat wet hair.

When you wrap the hair using rollers with studs standard technology used winding, but after the strand is wound on the curlers should take a pin and stick it obliquely in curlers so that the lower end of the pin close to the head.

Curler with a rubber band is used as well as all other types, but wound in curlers strand attached eraser. To do this, pull the cap, which is attached to an elastic band, and move it to the opposite end of the rollers so that the hair was fastened with a rubber band on both sides.

How to wind long hair?

So, the general principles of the use of curlers and their species we examined. Short hair in curlers cheat quite easily, which is not the long hair. Let's see how to wind the hair on curlers - long hair requires more time and skill.

In general, the technique of winding the long hair on curlers is exactly the same as the winding short and medium hair .  Also when winding the hair on curlers long hair should comb, moisten a sprayer, to separate the thin strand and, starting from the tips, wind them on the curlers, holding a strand perpendicular to the head .  Here it should be noted that the lock should be separated much thinner than when winding short hair, or long hair can simply do not fit on the rollers that will not give good results .  Moreover, when winding the long hair necessarily use styling - mousses, foams and the like .  It can be used for these purposes and beer, and gelatin, and sugar .  In general, any means of laying you will enjoy - or purchase-prepared for folk recipes - you decide .  To dry long hair can be stranded as a hairdryer and natural way .  To wrap the long hair do not choose hair curlers with a rubber band, as gum may leave marks on the hair, resulting in messy curls are obtained .

Well, that was our little tour around the world curlers. We wish you choose the right curlers and from the very first to get the most good result!

 How to wind the hair on curlers

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 elyuminirovanie hair


  • What is the procedure and who need it?
  • Carrying out the procedure in the cabin
  • Can I hold elyuminirovanie hair at home?
  • Means for hair elyuminirovaniya

The desire of girls to be beautiful does not depend on the time or the weather. Women looking for any ways and means to become even more attractive. The views on beauty change with the era, but healthy and beautiful hair always remain a major plus. Unfortunately, the use of hair dryers, coatings and foams, lightening and coloring very bad impact on the state of our hair. Modern beauty industry offers us a new way to change beyond recognition - elyuminirovanie hair.

This process preserves the structure of the hair, and even improve it. Dye envelops each hair with a soft film, and why there is the effect of a mirror shine. Elyuminirovanie - it is absolutely safe dyeing without the use of peroxide and oxidizers. Action colorant based on the laws of physics. In this way, the color strongly penetrates into the hair structure and gives it a brilliant shine, the shell of the hair is not damaged.

The range of colors is divided into four groups. They range from red to natural natural colors. Intense and bright colors combined in groups «Rige» (red and semitones). The group «Deep» for deeper tones. And for light and dark shades - the group «Bright» and «Light». Recently, a variety of colors replenished with new unique tone - blue. Now you can paint the hair in soft blue or bright blueberry color. And if you want to carry out the procedure only for the recovery, you can use a colorless elyuminat - «Clear».

 elyuminirovanie hair at home

What is the procedure and who need it?

Elyuminirovanie hair has the effect of restoration. Dye restores the structure of hair and treats. Due to its gel-like structure means good hair colors, it has a pleasant fruity flavor. Apply the product using a bottle with an applicator, which means uniformly paints over each curl.

If the structure of your hair stiff spending elyuminirovanie is not necessary - it does not give the desired results. The healthier your hair is, the worse will take color. The most successful procedure elyuminirovaniya will be for those who have very damaged and dry hair. This painting will give them rich color, and most importantly, create protection from the negative effects of the environment. Elyuminirovanie hair will not help you hide the gray hair, this requires prior staining or discoloration.

If you plan on using a procedure much to lighten your natural color, without prior staining you just can not do. For a start will have to discolor the hair dye with an oxidizing agent - otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired shade. If the color is manifested in the hair, you do not like, it can be washed the same day using a special drug. The effect of the procedure lasts a long time - about four months. Upon expiration of the need to repeat staining.

Elyuminirovanie recommended for women who often use resistant and toning paint, damaging the hair structure. Especially useful it will be a girl with blond hair and artificially bleached. And the abundance of extravagant shades will please fashionistas who want to buy without much harm bright red, violet or green. This is not only damaging, but also improve your hair!

In order to permanently save the result, it is necessary to use special shampoos and balms. Means for elyuminirovaniya tends to accumulate in the hair (as well as henna or Basma), with each procedure so your curls will become more healthy and beautiful.

Carrying out the procedure in the cabin

  • Procedure elyuminirovaniya hair lasts a couple of hours;
  • Master carefully prepare your hair, wash them with styling and grease;
  • Then apply a special preparation for alignment structures to ensure uniformity of color;
  • And only now the wizard will proceed to the main stage: on the hair will cause elyuminat, which must be kept at least 30 minutes;
  • Then rinse the head of a special shampoo and applied to the stabilizer, provides long-term staining;
  • And finally processed hair conditioner.

Such lamination - fun is not cheap. The price of the procedure will depend on the length of hair (from 2 to 6 thousand rubles). After 2-4 months the hair will need to be re-staining, the need to handle the entire length and not only the roots.

 what elyuminirovanie hair

Can I hold elyuminirovanie hair at home?

Due to the high cost of many girls want to spend it at home. However, it is practically not possible. Firstly, you can not determine which color your hair is needed, how it will look. Secondly, a uniform paint application plays a very important role. You do not want to remain on the hair unpainted spots? And in order to do the right thing, you need to have the skills of professional hairdresser.

Besides elyuminirovanie at home it is difficult for the simple reason that the funds for the procedure virtually enter the free market. But if suddenly you find the right components, proceed carefully and accurately. Who knows, maybe that's all you get to do at home?

Be prepared for the fact that the dye is very strong - will be painted not only hair but also the scalp, and nearby locations. Therefore, pre-purchase a professional tool for removing paint. So do you need a special brush, which fits over the bottle with the means. It will help to carry out the procedure at home more carefully.

  • First you need to thoroughly clean the hair with a professional shampoo;
  • Now, apply the lotion to align the structure to lay down uniform color;
  • Next, we use a special elyuminat. The paint should be kept on the hair for half an hour, rinse with a special shampoo;
  • After using elyuminata at home must be applied to the hair fixing balm, performing the function of a stabilizer of color.

Means for hair elyuminirovaniya

  • The main manufacturer - «Goldwell»;
  • Proof paint - «Topshic», «Topshic effect», «Topshic neutralights» with the system EQ color. They have long deserved recognition in the market of professional cosmetics. With their help, you can adjust the intensity and brightness of color, paint over and uniformly cure damaged hair;
  • Elyuminirovanie hair also can be carried out using toners «Colorance color» and «Colorance lowlights». The basis of this balm is silk. It helps to restore damaged or brittle hair, "glues" dry and split ends. This tool does not destroy the natural pigment;
  • «Ellumen» - ultra brilliant paint without peroxide. The effect of all drugs of this company is harmless and is based on the principles of physics.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair - every girl's decoration. And keep them as such will help you elyuminirovaniya procedure. Staining without harm and the risk will be for you a good opportunity to change its image at a time, without fear of the condition of the hair. Take the money and do (at least the first) procedure in the cabin. Re-staining can spend at home with the help of special tools. Believe me, the effect is worth the money!

 Elyuminirovanie hair. At home or in the salon?

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