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Owners wavy hair - this is the happiest woman in the world! World hairstyles for these women just endless, you can improvise in any direction, and then a flight of fantasy unlimited. This is particularly true of medium length hair. After all, you can create any image - from a strict teacher to the sexy minx. Allow hair to play with the structure stab high on the back of his head and went down the graceful curls ... The most interesting thing is the average length of the hair you can wear different hairstyles at any time.

Knowledge of at least the elementary rules of styling wavy hair medium length will become a magic wand - one wag, and you get a beautiful stranger, another - and there is a girl-hooligan. Easy mess on your head will attract the attention of men, but strictly directed wave can make treats you more seriously.

Using modern means of hair care products, including the reinforcement can work wonders and literally transformed "by eye" - in the morning a strict boss, in the evening - sexy beauty that intrigues and fascinates. But before work, after a passionate and romantic nights can be quickly put in order the hair again to appear before all in a familiar form. You agree that not everyone is given the opportunity to change during the day to change to suit your mood and experience the real pleasure of compliments and a look of surprise. But before you learn how to style your hair, you need a haircut - it is the foundation of your beauty and originality.

 haircuts medium length wavy hair on

Trendy haircuts for medium length wavy hair

Graded haircut

This is all the rage, the most versatile and practical hairstyle. With it, you can "play" with the help of varnishes and mousses. Do not be afraid to experiment and bright solutions - just so you can stand out from the crowd. Avant-garde and decisive, spectacular and eye-popping - that's how you can describe graded haircuts.

Haircut "Bob"

Constant hit many years. However, if before this haircut was done primarily on the straight hair, now more and more to this style of resort owners wavy hair medium length. A little fuzzy, a little sloppy, original and sophisticated - this haircut will be noticeable! And if you play a bit with the color of the hair and make it a combination, we can expect a shock effect.


The current trend. It would seem - the average length of the waves ... What can there be an asymmetry? Nevertheless, it is this hairstyle can make you a lot of different images. Femininity and beauty can be seen in everything - flying tips in flowing waves in oblique bangs. And you can make outrageous asymmetry quite simple - it is necessary to ruffle casual gesture hair and secure with wax - everything!


The most popular and simple haircut is considered stage - easy to maintain, easy to maintain shape, and hair like themselves take the correct form. However, it should pay attention to one caveat - if you hair is thin in structure, it can lead to a cascade effect poodle.

Four of a Kind

It would seem that it is absolutely unacceptable haircut for wavy hair, but it is more likely to offer hairdressers. The rigor and restraint of the classic bob gently changes the waves and bangs to a hairstyle can make any at all - direct or oblique, thick or thin.

Owners wavy hair can make a ladder, and - a permanent and unchanging hairstyles. It looks great on thin hair of medium length, giving them an even greater amount, raises them, making light and airy.

 wavy hairstyles for medium length hair

How to create a desired image

Going to triumph, put her hair in a strict hairstyle. It does not suit curly hair, but the large waves, shimmering and flowing, will be quite appropriate. Taut, while longer wavelengths can be done with forceps and styling.

We decided to go to a party or visit the waterfront? Then create with a real miracle - tousled locks will give you a natural and easy. This applies to youth style and will feel fashionable and stylish.

You prefer natural style? Do not like the complex manipulations? Then just dry your hair dryer wave pre causing them anchoring foam or mousse - negligence and fantastic natural guaranteed. And drying is required not to carry out a complete result - better to leave your curly hair a little wet.

I love the small waves? That's right, especially when one wants to change its image and become more fervent and "messing" - take the tongs and turn your tresses into small curls. Others will turn around and sigh, envying you.

Haircuts for wavy mid-length curls diverse and varied, hairdressers and stylists love to work with this type of hair - here is where carousing fancy! Do not be afraid to experiment, he gave his master, and perhaps the result will exceed all your expectations. Do not forget the proverb - "Hair - no teeth grow back," boldly go to the stylist, and you will be able to change a few strokes of scissors and a way, and life!

 Haircuts on the wavy hair of medium length - always fashionable and stylish!

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 thermal protection for hair

The most natural and best decoration for women are pretty well-groomed hair. But the condition of the hair also depends on the care of the scalp. Therefore, the health of the hair and the proper care of them must always be given due consideration. This means that it is necessary to minimize the traumatic factors. There are three types of hair damage:

  • Mechanical - this is when the hair is often hard to comb brushes are subject backcombing and the like;
  • Thermal - when the hair is strongly desiccate a result of improper use of irons, heated rollers, forceps, hair dryer;
  • Chemical - is when the hair is exposed to frequent bleaching or coloring, a chemical wave.

If you style your hair is often hot, make sure you use hair products with thermal protection. But their application should be remembered that the heat treatment is particularly harmful to wet hair, so it can start only after the drying of the head.

Exposure of the hair tool is heated above ambient temperature refers to hot packing. Without this woman can hardly do without. But the best way to protect your hair from the effects of hot air, and that would be a better thermal protection for the hair, try to find out in this article.

Blow-dry is considered the most secure, because it operates at a distance. Therefore, it should hold no closer than 15-25sm from the head. Previously, the problem of harmful effects on the scalp was solved only with nourishing and moisturizing masks and balms, but now used for thermal protection of the hair. In these cosmetics include such ingredients which are activated by heating and successfully neutralize the harmful effects of heat.

Heat protective agents are divided into those that can be washed off with water - these include air conditioners, shampoos, conditioners and leave-- sprays, balms, lotions. Both these species protect hair from the roots to the tips, and give more volume and styling. Ingredients in these cosmetics are vitamin E and B5, green tea extract and natural proteins. For dry and damaged hair is best to use a nutritious and firming serum. Kerastas Company, for example, offers protection teploaktivnye oils and intensive mask.

Thermal hair is very effective if you have curly hair, you often use iron; their alignment, thermal protection for hair required when using a hair dryer, curling iron or heated rollers. All of these tools are produced by various cosmetic companies in the form of sprays, gels and balms.

When using the ironing experts recommend to be sure to wash your hair, or hair may suffer more in the interaction of high temperatures with the remnants of cosmetics. Then lightly dry the hair dryer, and a means to cause the hair with thermal protection which can reduce the effect of high temperature on the scalp. But in any case be heated ironing above 130 ° C is not recommended.

Thermal hair by ironing issued in the form of cosmetic products as smoothing emulsion, balms, special funds marked "for ironing" . In the professional cosmetic series with thermal protection means for the hair dryer or by ironing are also available in the form of a styling cream with UV filters. Thermal hair literally locks moisture inside the hair shaft, keeping its elasticity and shine. But besides that hair requires extra care, so regular use moisturizing and nourishing masks, shampoos and balms for the head.

Thermal hair Estel

Cosmetic company Estel produces thermal protection spray for hair series AIREX, that provides an easy grip and does not weigh down the hair. It contains silk proteins. Spray can be used on both dry and wet hair. It gives hair a brilliant shine.

The company also produced thermal protection for the hair in the form of a fluid-glitter. It consists of reducing active substances that microfilm across the surface of hair, perfectly protecting it from overheating. Hair acquire a great shine and silkiness. Before laying the necessary to put a few drops of fluid-glitter to clean damp hair and dry hair dryer. Thermal hair Estel will make your hair beautiful and obedient.

Production of Wella

Thermal hair Wella Flat Iron Spray. Spray strong fixation protects the hair while using utjuzhkom. It supports the hydro-lipid balance of hair and enables easy sliding ironing in the process of straightening. Mild formula gently spray affects the hair, giving it flexibility and a silky shine. With thermal protection for hair Wella you provided good care, because the spray contains pro-vitamin B5 and UV filters. Apply it to dry hair over the entire length.

As the thermal hair Vella used and cream strong fixing High Hair Sleek Wonder. It tames unruly curls from the roots to the tips of the hair, leaving it straight, even at high humidity. Multi-active formula, which contains pro-vitamin B5 and UV filter protects hair from harmful effects of high temperatures in the process of laying a hairdryer.

Thermal hair Vella - this spray to create curls forceps High Hair Curl Artist. It gives elasticity and curl is used in conjunction with tongs or heated rollers. Hair take a beautiful luster and stable fixation. The spray has an antistatic effect.

Hair cosmetics company L'Oreal

Thermal protection is provided Loreal hair styling products from the series tecni.art. They are used for styling hair dryer or ironing, give hair shine and volume, perfectly capturing the hair for a long time. It provides good thermal protection for the hair Loreal Supriya Smoothie. It smoothes nourishing cream that gives hair shine and silkiness. Ceramides help to strengthen hair from the inside, and moisturizing ingredients leveled cuticle.

New Series Force Vector - this is the best heat protection for hair, having increased brittleness and fragility. After application of these funds are restored and hair become silky and attractive. They are applied to clean and dry hair.

Protective products for hair GA.MA

Company GA.MA, caring women, manufactures thermal protection for the hair in the form of a spray GA.MA Protect-ION, forming a protective film on the entire surface of the scalp. It also restores the hair structure and contains silk proteins. Used to curling irons, hair dryer and ironing. Thermal GA.MA hair as a spray can be applied both to wet and dry hair.

It should only remember that when re-applying ironing should once again use the thermal protector spray for hair.

Hair styles

 thermal protection for the hair on ironing

The hair can be divided into three types: straight, curly and slightly curly. And how often it happens, the owner of curly hair to straighten his dream of curls and smooth hair holders nights sleep in curlers. And in this case, the thermal protection for the hair will be most welcome.

Curly hair itself is quite dry - this is due to their structure, so to care for them should be to choose the right shampoo, conditioner and hair spray - heat protection, which is designed specifically for this type. For curly hair it is best to use creams or sprays, as mousses and foams contain alcohol, causing the hair to become even more dry.

Before you put the hair utjuzhkom should wash his head, and then apply the thermal protection spray for hair. Dry hair and then use the silicone, spreading it evenly over the entire surface of the scalp. And only then begin to level the hair utjuzhkom. To strongly not to damage the hair, using heating tools should be no more than once a week. This includes, and heated rollers.

Straight hair in women are more common than wavy and curly. They have their advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of straight hair - is the lack of volume and complexity in installation. And they quickly zhirneyut. The correct shampoo roots improve nutrition, enhance hair growth and improve the condition of the scalp. If your hair is damaged, or have dry, then they are best suited detergents and heat protection for hair with hydrolyzed keratin and wheat protein, as well as various minerals and vitamins. Owners of fine hair better to avoid indelible balms, because they are heavier hair, depriving them of their volume.

Choose a suitable thermal protection spray for hair, which is perfect for you or a nourishing cream with ceramides to help professionals in the beauty salon. They also advise medical shampoo, conditioner, mask, styling products, focusing on your hair type, the structure and condition.

For better and less aggressive action of auxiliary tools use modern hair dryers, curling irons and irons with ceramic coating and thermostat, ionizing hair. This will not so much overdry them and styling will look great.

Once you have decided on the thermal protection for hair to buy these funds can either be in a beauty shop, or via the Internet. There you can read about hair thermoguards reviews left by other users.

Tools for hot hair

With the help of hair straighteners (ironing) can be given any form of hair. Ironing can be narrow or wide plates, and they resemble tongs. Most of them have a temperature regulator. It is best to act irons with ceramic coating to promote easy sliding. The coating may be plates and tourmaline. When installing via rectifiers thermal protection should be used for hair Estel, Loreal, Wella, GA.MA and other similar means.

Stylers and hair dryers with a brush attachment to combine several functions. They combined ordinary and brushing hair. Stylers are indispensable in cases where need quick stacking. They have a few high-speed and temperature conditions, additional nozzles. Before applying the styler Heat protective agent should be applied and the fluid styling. In this case, any suitable thermal protection for the hair - you can buy it in a store cosmetics after consultation with a specialist.

Tongs for curling hair or use almost all women. They are elongated hollow metal object with a heating element inside. Outside there is a clamp to fix the strands. Curling can be different sizes and allows to obtain large, small and medium-sized curls. In addition, there are single and double spiral curling triple parallel bars and other varieties. Yet they are divided into vertical and horizontal English curling. All of them are equipped with several attachments to a woman she could experiment with hair. In this case, be sure to use a suitable heat protection for hair reviews about which you can gather with their friends and acquaintances.

Such an invention of mankind as the electric and heated rollers to save time during installation. The heating elements may take from 5 to 20 minutes. Modern elektrobigudi have not burn the edges. They also can be used ceramics. This allows you to make the process more gentle styling hair. In the form of additions to the set may be rollers with velor cover.

We will introduce you to the different information and which option is best suited for your hair to decide, of course, you. But we hope that by taking into account our recommendations, you will make the right choice.

 Heat protective products for hair

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