how to wind the hair on curlers

It often happens that a woman visiting the barber shop is not enough time, and every day want to look well-groomed and stylish! In this case, the ideal solution would curlers. Why curlers? Of course, you can use curling irons, hair dryer or ironing, but do not want to spoil the hair, and the hair will not stay as long as you would like. We'll tell you how to choose and how to wind the hair on curlers.

Select curlers

The first step is to decide what to choose curlers in order to get exactly the hairstyle that you need. Thanks to the huge choice it has become very easy to do. It should be considered when choosing the curlers, the material from which they are made. Metallic curlers in time lead to a cross-section of hair. Wooden models rather quickly contaminated and must be changed at least after every ten uses. The best choice would be plastic curlers or products covered with plastic.

Velcro rollers are ideal for short hair. In addition, they create beautiful waves and give the hair volume at the roots. Another plus curlers sticky - no fastening, because they keep the hair by small hooks. Less them that their use on long or wavy hair undesirable since they entangling them, and this leads to hair breakage.

Termobigudi known for a long time, but have been used successfully in our days. Their main advantage is that the time curling is greatly reduced due to the heat, but the hair does not dry and does not deteriorate as in curling curling. They are suitable for all hair types and for any length.

Boomerangs - a foam rollers, into which to give them flexibility inserted soft wire. Like the Velcro rollers, they do not require fixing, which often spoils the hair, leaving them room. Foam rollers are very soft and do not hurt the hair, the only negative - badly kept short and thin hair.

The latter type of existing curlers - classic, plus which is their versatility. All diameters and with different kinds of attachment are suitable for any hair, regardless of thickness, length and thickness.

Curler also differ in size. The smaller the diameter, the smaller will be the curls. When choosing a need to focus on the length of the hair, the longer the hair, the greater the diameter of the rollers should be selected.

 how to wind the hair on curlers in pictures

How do packing?

To get a nice and neat haircut, a little will find the right hair curlers, you must also use them properly. How to wind the hair on curlers? Perm is best done on clean hair. At the same time, you can use hair styling products such as mousse or foam. The amount of mousse or foam is selected depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Before curling hair should be slightly moisten, and if the hair is too wet, it will be better to dry them a bit.

Combing hair should be in the direction in which will be screwed curler. Highlighting small section of hair, comb it is necessary to try and align. Gently pull the lock and, holding it perpendicular to the head, to start cranking. After all the curl will be screwed, lock it. The first wound bang, then the crown and nape; temples and the area behind the ears are wound in the last turn. Moreover, different zones are wound in different directions, will be faithful to wind the hair in the direction of their growth.

If you still can not make beautiful and neat hair, then you can see how to wind the hair on curlers in pictures on the Internet, or purchase special video tutorials.

To remove the curlers should carefully their unwinding when hair is completely dry out, do not pull them or pull off, it can straighten curls. Untwist them better in the reverse order, ie, starting from the temples and finish bangs. After remove the curlers, the hair need to carefully comb and place, if desired hairstyle can be fixed using hairspray.

Easy to use and maintain healthy hair curlers do the best means of creating great hairstyles at all times.

 How to cheat hair in curlers?

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 Banana Hair Mask

As you know, bananas are rich in vitamins and natural oils that are useful to the body, so it is recommended to use in a variety of diets, child nutrition and in the treatment of various diseases. Used bananas and to restore the damaged, brittle, dry or oily hair. For this is the banana hair mask.

Bananas are rich in vitamins saturate hair potassium, carbohydrates and make them healthier, stronger and more resilient to adverse external influences. Natural masks of all the ingredients, including bananas, along the entire length strengthen hair damaged by frequent blow-drying, temperature changes and other factors. Therefore, besides the usual hair care, especially long, it is necessary to use a mask, which is preferable to cook yourself.

Of course, today almost every beauty salon or shop offers all sorts of masks, the selection is huge. But if you are constantly ready to buy masks, their effect can be to wait for a very long time. You can buy, for example, and finished the banana mask, but it is not made of natural banana and of its "canned" ingredients .. How strong is the effect of using a mask, you can only guess, although it is better not to experiment on their health and hair.

Only products made from natural mask really cure and strengthen even the most damaged hair. We just do not forget to do these masks regularly (at least 2-3 times a week), used in conjunction with them, strengthening shampoo suitable for your hair type, and do not be lazy to create new versions of masks.

To begin, it is necessary to try to choose one of the following masks. Try to make it a few times and see how effective it is. And if you like a mask, you can do it in the future.

Mask of bananas with egg yolk and honey

For hair growth is best to use a useful mask of banana, egg yolks and honey. We need to take all the necessary ingredients, stir well with a blender. Apply mask on your hair, spread across the length and close the towel. Then leave for 20-25 min. After removing the towel, wash and rinse hair decoction of chamomile or use balm-conditioner.

Mask of bananas with wheat and honey

The hair, which became brittle and dry, must be further strengthened with special masks. To restore the old structure of the hair healthy, you can try to make a banana mask with honey and wheat. This mask not only strengthens the hair, but also make them obedient, shiny and healthy, as will fill the missing amounts of vitamins C and E.

With the blender need to beat 2 tbsp. spoons of honey, banana, 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons of sprouted wheat grains. Mix well all the ingredients. Apply the best immediately after preparation. Spread an even layer of the mask on the entire length of hair, cover your head with a towel and soak for 15-20 minutes (until the mask is completely absorbed). Mask rinse with warm water, rinse thoroughly and wash your hair with shampoo again with the balm-conditioner.

Mask of bananas, lemons and honey

If your hair every other day become greasy, sticky, unattractive, with an unpleasant glitter, an urgent need to take action, and in addition to the usual shampooing add a mask. To prevent rapid loss of hair a fresh appearance, perfect banana mask for oily hair.

Make it pretty simple. It is necessary to take a lemon, a tablespoon of honey and a banana. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, mash bananas and mix all ingredients. The resulting mixture was put on hair, close tightly with a towel and wait 20-25 minutes. Wash the head with water, apply shampoo and wash your hair again.

The mask of banana and avocado, egg yolk and olive oil

The mask is suitable for dry and brittle hair. To make this banana mask, it is necessary to shake up overripe banana and avocado with a blender. Stir with a lot of egg yolk and olive oil (1 tbsp. Spoon). After that, the mask must be applied to the hair, tightly wrap the head with a towel and leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove the towel and wash your hair thoroughly. It is advisable to rinse the mask after applying hair conditioner or a decoction of herbs (chamomile or others.).

For banana masks can be used not only the egg yolks, honey or cream. Ideal with banana yogurt, yogurt, yogurt and various oils (olive, vegetable, burdock, and so on). It all depends on your imagination. The main thing is to comply with the procedures for applying the mask: Apply the mixture hold at least 15 minutes, covered his head with a towel (you can pre-put on his head a plastic bag, to enhance the effect) and then rinse thoroughly hair. To make the hair shine and smoothness do not forget to use special balms, conditioners for hair.

 Banana Mask for hair at home

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