braiding spike

Beautiful hair has always been considered a real decoration and pride of women. With their help, you can create amazing hairstyles always look irresistible. The advantage of long hair - it's a huge selection of pilings and opportunity every day to show their personality, experimenting with hairstyles.

The attractive weave spike?

Today invented many types of braids, which are suitable for different hair types. But in order to learn how to weave, you need to know the basic rules and techniques. One of the most popular and beautiful is a pigtail spike, from which you can think of a lot of different hairstyles. Despite the apparent complexity, braiding spike takes little time and is quite simple. The result is a beautiful and unusual.

It is best to look at the braid of thick glossy hair. And if they are still golden, the hair actually resembles natural ears. However, brunettes spike is also very. A feature of this hairstyle is the fact that the light reflected in all directions. This creates a glow effect. Because of this subtle weaving braid is very convenient, because the hair is not knocked out of the spit in the windy weather.

Making locks more free, you can visually increase the volume of hair. However, as a rule, spike - a tight braid, which is the perfect hairstyle for every day. For special occasions it can be decorated with studs and rhinestones along the entire length, adding laying brilliance. But before you begin to experiment with additional decorative elements, should examine the general procedure of braiding spike.

How to weave braids spikelets

First you need to comb all the hair back and highlight two thin strands. The thickness of each should be about two to two and a half centimeters. Strands taken one with the left temple and the other from the right. Crisscross them - the right strand over the left. Then, pressing his right hand the resulting combination, add the left hand from the left strand new strand, the amount of which should also be 2, 5 cm. A new strand of the left need to cross on the right and do the same thing on the right. Repeat these steps should be up to the neck, gradually pulling all the hair that fell on the back. Fasten your hair is beautiful rubber band or barrette. When braiding ribbons spike rarely used because they are visually deformed hair, and it loses originality. But if the hair has highlights, the spike is the perfect type of braids. It will look elegant, even if you do it for the simple exercise.

The second method of weaving spikelets - a variant of the three strands. It starts weaving, as in the usual spit and then woven into new continuous strand. This will help make the braid stronger, which is very important during windy weather.

You can also experiment with rare interweaving. That is a spike in the plot is interrupted and then resumed again. However, this hairstyle is suitable only for special occasions when all carefully recorded varnish. The third method is useful to those who do not have much experience, as usual, first woven braid, and then pounce on her locks. The result is that the spike is not hanging in the air, and is under a basic braid.

 weave braids spikelets

Options pigtailed hair spike

Now the spike can be not only the basic hair, but simply an element of installation, which will emphasize the beauty and individuality. For example, girls with a square type of face is very small spit of bangs, creating a hair hoop. Especially beautiful it looks, if there is highlighting. In this case, it is possible to gather strands of a single color, preferably white. Then it will shine brighter and stand out. Choosing a hairstyle for a special occasion braids, weaving spike would be a graceful and firm foundation and installation options you can think of a great many.

One of the most popular is the spit-cap completely covering his head. However, it can only do girls with long hair. If there is no time to wait for locks grow back, you can use the alternative. Leave a few strands, with which you can make a kind of grid on the head, and then slide the hoop spikelets of fixing it. At the intersection of the grid can be set shiny crystals, giving the hair a piquancy. At the very kosumozhno put a bow or a small flower, depending on the style of clothing and their own preferences.

Another nice option is the interweaving strands untucked. That is, creating a new strand in spikelet, you need to fix them, releasing a little, creating a hanging curls. In some places you can even weave a strand, and once it is fully released. Thus, we can create the effect of a certain negligence. However, it looks very elegant and suitable for the most exquisite evening dress.

Decorating with pigtail hairstyle spike

Weave spikelets not take much time, and make it possible for 5-10 minutes depending on the length of hair. The larger the amount of time spent on the creation of a solemn laying. Now there are so many rubber bands, pins, hoops and studs, which are ideal for any style. For example, if the braid wound around her head, then its length is to stick pins with small flowers, creating a graceful wreath.

Original version ornaments pigtails spike is to add to each weaving pins invisible, which put on the beads. On white hair look best black, blue, pink and red beads, and black - all shades of white, beige, yellow and silver. You can make a continuous series of pearl. But if there is time, it is best to create some pattern.

Spike is a great hairstyle for every day, because for a long time can keep their shape and little exposed to various influences. In addition, it is an ideal base for the festive hairstyles. If the show imagination, it will look much more beautiful than the banal curls made curling.

 Nice and neat hair: braiding spike

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 what color to paint the hair

At all times, women want to look beautiful. And that can make a big attraction in the female image, if not well-groomed shiny hair saturated color. Today, bright and resistant hair color can be achieved with the help of paint, which today abound. It remains only to choose the one that will be enjoyed and will approach the cost.

So, if you do not like the natural color of your hair, and you are firmly decided on a painting, you need to consider some points.

To get started is to decide what color to paint the hair. To do this, you need to know to what color type you are. After all, a properly selected shade can transform a woman's appearance, make it brighter, more attractive. But if you choose the paint, not suitable for your type, you risk add yourself a few years, or to make visible some of the defects of the facial skin.

There are four tsvetotipa: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring - warm honey

 what color to paint brown hair

Girls of this type have usually lighter eye shades: green, blue, brown. Natural hair color from light-light brown to light brown. Skin color in warm colors: yellow, beige, golden.

So the girls fit all shades of light brown, with golden shimmer, honey, bright warm copper or blond. If you wish to dye hair red, do not choose too light tone, they will make the skin too pale. And if you absolutely do not want to be a blonde, you can choose for themselves the bright shades of chocolate or brown, lighten a couple of tones individual strands. If you do not want to radically change the natural color, then you can dye your hair shading tools that give hair shine and richness.

For spring tsvetotipa contraindicated in cool shades of paint. No need to use white, platinum and silver. The black color is also not suitable spring girls, he will make the face unprepossessing. Better to stick to colors not contrasting with the natural color of hair.

Summer - the cool freshness

 dye your hair

Dark gray or light blue eyes. Hair from white to dark-haired. A person with fair skin that has pinkish gray or bluish tinge.

Such women are perfect ash, platinum blond or snow and all the other colors, silvery. Summer Description You can dye your hair in light brown tones, avoiding too dark. If your skin has a pink hue on the cheeks or constantly appears blush, it is not recommended to use paint with a red tint.

Many of the girls have a natural tsvetotipa dimly gray or blond hair color. Very often, they have a question, what color to paint brown hair, to spice things up. This problem can be easily solved by the paint bright chestnut, almond or light walnut. These colors will give your hair a rich depth. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not shade too dark, it can wear out old girl.

Autumn - gold leaf

 what color to paint red hair

Shades of eyes can be light green, light blue, dark blue, hazel or dark brown, or black. Hair from dark to light brown burning brunette. The complexion is brighter than that of the spring-type dark beige, gold, bronze. Autumn suit dark brown, chestnut, chocolate tones, as well as black. Girls of this type can be dyed hair and brown warm colors and avoid too bright colors, against which the facial skin does not look natural.

Autumn girl is very deep red color, various shades of red (mahogany, pomegranate, mahogany and others) and monochromatic black or as highlighting strands of red, brown and chocolate colors.

Winter - Snow Queen

 what color to paint dark hair

The eyes can be different colors: blue, dark blue, gray, green, brown or anthracite. Colours hair from brown to black. The skin is very bright and has a white or bluish tone.

Winter Description recommended to dye hair dark brown, gray or black. Girls who prefer distinctive style, it is possible to make black hair blue or silver strands. Platinum blond and rich black look just perfect with light skin, without any flaws. Winter girls with white complexion is better not to use honey and warm golden hues of paint.

Selection of paint color

Staining also helps fight age-related changes of hair. It is important to choose the right color to paint the gray hair. There is one rule: the older a woman gets, the lighter should be tone paint. If gray is only beginning to emerge and its amount is insignificant, it can be used for coloring paints sparing types or occasionally applied to the hair toning balm. Such tools should be selected based on the natural color of your hair, they should either be identical to the natural, or one tone lighter. And the ladies who have a large amount of gray hair will have to find a more effective resistant paint for the hair, well think about the color, which is obtained by staining.

Selection of the desired paint color is also dependent on the color of your hair. Being a natural blonde, you need to refrain from a pure white color, better to choose a blonde, with any shade. From this will benefit your appearance. If your hair color is dark brown, do not need to be painted in the colors, much lighter than natural. Paint, with red shades, can afford to use only women with very fair skin almost transparent, otherwise it could have the effect of unhealthy blush.

Application to the hair dye colors such as plum, eggplant and the like, it should be washed off a bit earlier to avoid making the result too bright unnatural colors.

If you possess the nature of dark brown or black hair, you can lighten them for a couple of tones and highlights to make easy. Hair coloring in colors like dark brown, coffee or chocolate can add you a few years.

 paint blond hair

Care for colored hair

After coloring the hair need special care. Ideally, better to use shampoo and conditioner company producing hair dye you used. And, once a week should be applied to the hair restoring mask. Do not wash your hair dyed in chlorinated water, and dry the hair dryer often use utjuzhkom. Your hair is so suffered considerable damage, not worth even more of their ports.

If you dye your hair a dark color, the roots need not paint too often, except if your natural hair is not very bright. Besides, paint dark colors are more gentle than a variety of brighteners, and gives the hair volume and visual splendor.

Transformed into a brunette can afford even the most daring makeup. While the blonde did not have the opportunity because the bright colors and shades of lipstick can look defiantly in combination with blond hair. Another advantage of dyeing the hair in a dark tone is that this procedure can be carried out at home.

If nature has endowed you have blond hair and you want to, but do not dare to radically change their color, use to start coloring shampoo or balm. This means only the top fills hair and rinsed off quickly enough for one or two times. And when painting resistant paint, remember that it penetrates deep into the hair and held long enough.

Do you dream to become a pretty blonde? Now it is not a big problem. It is better not to spare money and go to a specialist, otherwise you risk getting is not the same color, which want to see and spend a lot of manpower and resources to restore the desired result, and then you still have to go to a salon and have to pay a large sum. After all, as you know, avaricious pays twice. Be prepared for the fact that the regrowth tint will have no less than once a month, if you do not want your head looked neuhozheno. Clarification of hair is also very thin and brittle. To keep them in good shape will have to use all sorts of specialized care for the distressed, damaged hair.

Choosing a red hair, be prepared for an increased interest on the part of others, to the person. After all, it is always in a bright spotlight. Try to avoid unnatural colors, choosing the color is closer to natural.

For those girls who have not yet have the courage to change my natural hair color, a good option may serve as highlights. This procedure is also required to be done in a salon. It will not bring impressive changes in your own hair color, but it will help to understand the score for the shade or should try something else.

Whichever color you choose, in the end, the principal remains the fact that it is right for you, makes you attractive and happy.

 In what color to dye your hair?

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