types of braids and how they weave

Fashion so fickle and changeable. But every girl or woman yearns to be unique. What can help stand out from the crowd and be different every day? Of course hair. And if the hair - braids?

Today braids are very popular among fashionistas. Knowing what are the kinds of braids and how to weave, will create the most original images. We will briefly look at some types of braids, and outlined the originality and singularity of each of tangles:

Wiring (side braids)

Materials needed for weaving braid hairpin, covered with gum.

Phased implementation:

  1. You make a front parting exact pick and choose finish it in the middle of the crown. Keep doing parting at the back, keeping the middle.
  2. Hairstyle will do in stages, first on one side, then the other. Zacheshite hair parting to the left of the head. Front separate small strand of "A", a thickness of about 2, 5 cm., And go to the parting of the temporal part. Torsion of the strand 3 times, the direction of the face, harness hold your right hand.
  3. Separate left hand second strand "B", which is under clutched in his right hand strand. A strand of size should be equal to the previous one and held on the parting-to-face over the head.
  4. Sandwiched in the left hand strand "B", twist three times, directing from his face. Crosshair with a strand of "A", located in the right hand and pass it under this strand. Hands are reversed.
  5. Put your right hand in both strands, hold your fingers, crossed strands and separate them, then twist. Press the locks, so they do not unwind. At this time, separate new strand of the left hand as well as the previous one. A new strand 'C' cross and twist a strand of "A" under the strand "B", which is at the top. Hands swap, connect the strands of the "A" and "B" into one and carry them both in his right hand.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5, inclusive, up to the neck.
  7. Already from the neck are building harness-braid along the entire length of hair. And intersecting the two strands twisted in one direction. Secure the end of the spit gum.
  8. The same is done on the other side parting, gradually completing items 2-7 in reverse order.
  9. Wrap the ends of the braids into a scythe and bottom pins to fix.

Kos "Fishtail"

Suitable owners of thick and straight hair.

Materials needed for weaving braid covered with gum.

Phased implementation:

  1. Zacheshite hair back. Separate the two thin strands of hair, about 2, 5 cm, one on either side of the temple.
  2. Cross the right strand over the left.
  3. Hold the strands of his right hand, and the second grab a new strand of the left, the same size as the previous ones.
  4. A new strand crisscross on the right. Left lock to be on the right, press to lock the left hand.
  5. Grab a new lock on the right side. Crisscross it with increased left, you must apply on top. Also, we press right hand to lock.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 up to the neck.
  7. Next fishtail braids similarly, pulling the strands of the common head of hair and their cross your in the middle.
  8. Secure the ends of the spit gum.

 types of braids

French braid

This spit of their execution is very similar to the classic braid, but in this case every time you need to weave a new strand.

Materials needed for weaving braid covered with gum.

Phased implementation:

  1. Gather all the hair in the front. On the back of the head hair is braided later.
  2. Divide the hair into three sections. Braid braid the traditional way.
  3. Before you start to drag a lock on the left, grab an extra strand, which is next to the main one.
  4. Also do the right strand. And alternately perform points 3-4, capturing each time new locks.
  5. From necks again start to braid a normal braid. The tips of the tie gum.

Tip hairdressers: to spit turned a neat and uniform strands, try to separate them in the little finger nail. In this case, the nail of the little finger is playing the role of a tooth grebnya.Esli you want a tight braid, it is worth taking a thin strand of hair and braiding to pull them down. But most importantly, you must comply with uniform tension throughout the work. Then braid is smooth from start to finish.

Spit "eight"

This hairstyle can be made of very long hair.

Materials needed for weaving braid: 2 covered with rubber bands, tape, pins.

Phased implementation:

  1. Gather all the hair back into a ponytail at the neck, and tie a rubber band.
  2. Normal braid braid, the ends to tie a rubber band.
  3. Take the tape twice the length of the braid and tie a bow on the upper gum. The ends of ribbon trim. Bow to be under the oblique.
  4. Capturing plait in the middle of the right hand, twist it to the right in a half-turn and left-hand upper part of the braids pull up and left. You will feel like twisted braid. The resulting loop positioned so that the center of it is level with the upper band. Attach a loop pins.

Then twist the braids half, which remained on the half turn and fold it to the right side, beneath a bow. Thus was formed the second part of the Group of Eight. Enshrines the braid under the bow on the right side.

And that's not all types of braiding, which can be used.

The ability to braid braids and cornrows opens up limitless flight of fantasy to create fascinating images. Even the most simple classic braid of three strands can complement your look and make it surprisingly attractive. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment. It may not succeed the first time, do not give up. Train on themselves, children, friends. You can even arrange a home "gatherings" and to weave braid each other. Who knows, maybe you have a real talent. Be of good cheer!

 Types of braiding. Beautiful hair - it's easy!

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 hair magnets to do

Many women are faced with a situation when their hair starts magnets. This problem becomes more significant with the arrival of cold weather. In late autumn and winter indoor air is drier and the hair is prone to dehydration, and contact them with any clothing or headgear is an action of static electricity, after which the head is similar to the dandelion.

Naturally the question arises: hair magnet do that? In such cases, you should not fundamentally solve the problem, it is better to use a few tips on hair care:

  1. Change the plastic comb to a wooden, with a few teeth, or with natural bristles.
  2. To hair is not the magnet, wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo for dry and damaged hair. The more you moisturize your hair, the more obedient they will behave. And all shampoos that give hair volume, only increase their dryness, which promotes electrification.
  3. Use balms-conditioners and conditioners for dry hair. At their regular use static hair is greatly reduced, moreover, they provide an easier combing and give hair shine.
  4. After shampooing, apply to damp hair indelible means: foams, creams, gels, lotions, oils and serums. They will not give pushitsya hair and magnets, without weighing it down, and without creating a visible effect of "dirty hair." Only apply such funds need not starting from the roots, and retreated about 5 centimeters.
  5. Going to school, work or an important event, put in her purse conventional antistatic agent, which can sprinkle your hair immediately after removing the cap or hood. Antistatic spray should be at arm's length, or to put it on a comb and comb her hair. The immediate effect is guaranteed in this case. Do not apply too much, because it's still chemistry.
  6. A good assistant can become wax hair. It not only will help not only to remove static, but also protects the hair from harmful external factors. The main thing to pick up high-quality wax for hair.
  7. An indispensable tool for removing static electricity becomes a special spray for hair. This spray can be purchased at any store that sells shampoos and conditioners for hair. You can use varnish with a strong fixation, this method removes static good, but also pollutes the hair quickly, so this option is best used in extreme cases.
  8. Try to use less than a hair dryer, irons and stylers. Let hair dry naturally, then the problem is much become obsolete.
  9. Two - three times a week to do a nutritious and restorative hair mask. They can be purchased ready-made, but you can prepare yourself at home.

 Magnets hair to do

Hair masks

  • The mask of oils

Mix 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil and the same amount of almond oil. They add 2 drops of oil of rosemary and sage. Heat the mixture in a water bath, after this to the hair from root to tip. On top put on a shower cap and wrap head with a thick towel. After a half mask can be washed away.

  • Honey mask

Wash your hair, then apply honey on your hair, distributing it over the entire length. Wrap head with plastic, and on top of the towel. For best results the mask should remain on the hair for at least 8 hours, so it is recommended to do before going to bed. In the morning, rinse the hair with warm water.

  • The mask of mayonnaise

One egg mixed with 30 grams of mayonnaise and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Stir until until a homogeneous dough. Gently apply on hair received mask and wrap head with cling film. On top of wrap a towel and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse your hair well.

  • The mask of lemon

1, lemon juice strained pour into water in a ratio of 1: 1. The just-washed hair along the entire length, apply lemon water. Do not rinse.

Regular use of masks makes your hair smooth, shiny, and you will no longer ask: magnet hair, what to do?

Using one or more of the methods described above, any woman can have beautiful hair that will not be a magnet. After consistently and correctly caring for your hair, you will achieve a positive result.

 Magnets hair, what to do? Simple secrets of hair care products

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