how to put a square

As time goes by, fashion changes on clothes, makeup and hairstyles, but always fashionable haircut square. And it is justified, because it does not require special grooming scrupulous care for all hair types and looks. And how many different packings, which give a special style, it can be done on the square - both festive and everyday. We offer you several options of how to put a square.

For installation you will need the most basic tools that have every fashionista:

  • Mousse.
  • Mousse.
  • Hair fixation spray.
  • Round hairbrush.
  • Comb with frequent teeth.
  • Curler.
  • Hairdryer.

The first way: the square back

This method is suitable for everyday use and for festive events. Running such elementary styling, and very quickly. It is necessary to apply the foam to damp hair, distribute it evenly over the entire length of the hair from the roots to the tips. With circular comb dry hair dryer provide designated one by one, slowly combing them back. Hands correct strands so that they were neat and secure hair with hairspray.

 how to put a square

The second way: a square with side parting

Too simple option for everyday styling that is best suited to short hair. And most importantly, that this option does not take much time. So if you take the time to work or school, and you kept asking how to put a square . Think of the square with side parting.

On damp hair, apply mousse and dry them not too hot dryer. A comb with frequent teeth gently make a side parting, and divide the hair. Most zacheshite hair behind her ears, and the rest let loose strands cascade down over. Ready to fix the hair with hairspray so that it lasted all day

The third way: the square on curlers

This installation will be the ideal option if you are ready to enter into the light, but the time for hair is not so much. Apply a little mousse to damp (not wet!) Hair, screw them on medium or large curlers and a good dry hair dryer at medium temperature. It is necessary to wait until the hair is completely dry. To do this, we should wait 15-20 minutes after drying. So you can be sure that the hair got stronger and the waves will not collapse immediately. After a specified time, carefully remove the curlers and separate the strands with your fingers, starting from the top. Place curls nice and secure hair with hairspray.

 how beautifully laid squares elongate

The fourth way: Express installation

The modern pace of life is so fast that sometimes time is not just styling. And what to do if you want to go to a meeting? How beautifully laid squares elongated with minimal downtime? To help you come Express installation. This method does not take more than 15 minutes, but the result will surprise you.

Apply on the hair slightly important small amount of foam volume to the hair from the roots. Lean forward to free hair hanging down and dry them with hot hair dryer, whipping strands with your fingers. Then, lift your head and gently flatten curls. Do not forget to fasten the folding hairspray.

Fifth Way: bulk packing

Well, when nature are thick and strong hair, which may please the volume. But for those whose hair is no different these features, there are volume styling, which visually make the hair thick and lush. This will require quite a bit of time and effort.

Wash your hair and wrap them in a few minutes with a towel. Then apply the foam to damp hair for volume and spread it evenly from roots to ends. Hair zacheshite entirely on one side and dry with hot dryer. Each dried strand is shifted to the opposite side. Once all the curls dry, lean forward, shake your hair and sat up straight. That's all hair ready. It remains only to fix the volume and sprinkle with strands of varnish to fix the styling.

 how beautifully and carefully put a square elongated

These five easy ways to help you laying a square look irresistible in any situation, even if the time to pack no more than half an hour. And do not worry, if something did not happen. Over time you will learn how to style this haircut is perfect, and a lot faster, so you have time left!

 How to put a penalty nice and fast? 5 Easy Ways

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 dye gray hair


  • Why are we Sede
  • How to choose paint for gray hair
  • Natural hair colors and gray hair
  • Useful tips

Most women 35-40 years already know what the paint gray hair. But sometimes it happens that the gray hairs appear at a younger age. It is not necessary on this occasion to panic. First you need to identify the causes of premature graying.

Our hair has a certain color because they contain pigment - melanin, which is produced by the hair follicles. One kind of pigment - eumelanin - responsible for hair color from brown to black. Another - pheomelanin - colors hair in light yellow tones and all shades of red. The more melanin identified bulbs, the more intense will be the natural hair color in humans.

Why are we Sede

Gray hair appear when the amount of melanin begins to decrease and, accordingly, the hair gradually lose its former color. It stops the development of a coloring pigment, for several reasons:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • stress, strong emotions;
  • poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle.

Often the appearance of a "silver" hair is caused by health problems: malfunction of the thyroid gland, anemia, borne viral diseases, inflammation, kidney disease, hormonal disorders. Poor environment also affects the appearance of gray hair. Under the influence of external negative factors, hair stops producing melanin and this rapidly turning gray.

And, of course, gray hair may be the result of myocardial stress. Science knows a lot of facts when a person seats per day or night, having gone through some tremendous shock. The fact that in stress situations human nerve cells produce neuropeptides. These are compounds that can penetrate the hair shaft and break the bond of melanin and protein. As a result of such interference coloring pigment is destroyed and the hair becomes gray.

Hair graying can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Man, abusing alcohol, suffering from chronic fatigue, lack of sleep are also at risk of permanent early gray hair.

It plays an important role and proper nutrition. If your diet is a shortage of vegetables, fruits and fish, it also leads to early graying. With a shortage of melanin needed in large numbers to eat green beans, bananas, nuts, pumpkin seeds, apples, parsley and liver.

Finding the first appearance of hair graying, do not panic or dejection. Early graying is not a sign of aging. And, moreover, the process of complete transformation of gray hair, it may take many years, as the development of follicles melanin is reduced very slowly.

 best paint for gray hair

How to choose paint for gray hair

Staining of gray hair, which will sooner or later have to resort almost all women, is not easy. The first question that arises is: what kind of paint to give preference to - natural or chemical? And this is not an idle question.

To choose the right paint for gray hair, you need to understand that a gray hair. In a nutshell, it's the hair, devoid of natural pigment. The most difficult to give in coloring gray hair hard, so-called glassy gray hair, close fit different hair scales to each other, through which the coloring pigment barely penetrates.

Accordingly, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to make the surface of the hair cuticle looser. A handle this can only sufficiently aggressive paint with a high content of ammonia and an oxidizing agent, which, in turn, is not the best way affect the hair. In short, the need to paint resistant gray paint.

Now on the market a wide range of colors from bezammiachnoy brands and cream paint. Manufacturers are positioning their products as absolutely harmless to the hair and thus promise a full gray coverage. How true these claims? Paint is actually quite good, but the absolute gray hair, they do not solve your problem. Such dyes can be recommended to women who do not have a lot of gray hair.

Most ladies have difficulty with the choice of colors. Experts believe that the focus should be on your natural color. And, of course, do not buy too bright paint colors and very dark.

With a high percentage of gray hair may come to the aid of coloring shampoos and conditioners: silver, pearl, platinum. This is a very good solution, because the use of sparing resources preserves the health of hair.

If you want to dramatically paint the gray hair, take into account that the tone for gray hair may be a surprise. You, for example, decided to be painted in dark chocolate color and turned brown. Why is that? Yes, because the pigment in the gray hair always looks much brighter. To avoid disappointment and do not expose your hair extra load, try a strand of gray paint in the desired color, it will help you choose resembling paint.

If you can not cope with the problem, it is necessary to apply to a good master, who will select the correct ingredients for coloring, taking into account all your individual characteristics: type of hair, their structure, the percentage of gray hair, her character, etc. Accessing professional save a lot of trouble, in particular, from the brittle, overheated hair, a yellow shade of gray, lesions on the scalp.

Natural hair colors and gray hair

The most famous natural dyes - a good all familiar henna and Basma. Henna pure gives red shades and copper in admixture with basmoj can achieve all shades brown (from light to deep) and even in the hair dye radical black.

Although these natural coloring dyes called a very simple and easy it is impossible, and the palette of colors, to put it mildly, limited, many women in preference. The main advantage - a beneficial effect on the hair. Henna and basma make them healthier and stronger, suspend loss, glossed.

It should be borne in mind that natural dyes can not fully paint the gray hair, do not differ resistance and quickly washed away.

 resistant hair dye for gray hair

  Useful tips

If you dye your hair at home, I think, some of our tips you will definitely come in handy.

  1. Before you paint the hair new paint, perform the test on an allergic reaction: a small amount of coloring agent, apply to the skin behind the ear and leave for several hours. If any negative feelings does not appear, you can start coloring.
  2. The first appearance of gray hair is quite enough use coloring shampoos to match your natural color. To paint the gray hair remedy should be kept a little longer than with conventional tinting.
  3. In the case of cream paint or other paint bezammiachnoy exposure time is also increased.
  4. Avoid red and purple hues in the gray coverage.
  5. Apply the paint with the necessary temporal area, where most gray hair, then go to the parietal area, and finally, on the occipital.
  6. In order to have gray hair attractive appearance, it is necessary not only right to paint it, but also to find appropriate means to care for them.

The appearance of gray hair - is not the reason for the disorder. Timely stain resistant paint quality, proper care will make your hair healthy, shiny, well-groomed. A stylish haircut add charm and make you even younger and more attractive.

 Paint for gray hair

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