hair with clips

Imagine that, after seeing nice man, you're cute swung his head and your hair beautiful waterfall streamed behind you. What is the most common reaction of men is a miracle? First tetanus, burning eyes, and then, finally, the desire by all means to make your acquaintance. Aha, you say, is good for those who have long hair. But what about those who are short, but still rare: to stand on the sidelines and watch other people's happiness?

Not at all. In our time, have a thick long hair can be absolutely any woman - even one that is not endowed with it by nature. And it is not about building up and, moreover, not a wig. Just have a wonderful tool - false hair with clips that will help you always look your best. For they do not need to pay money ungodly medical benefits, they do not need to fix the clock in the cabin. Just come to the mirror and fasten flat between strands of his hair by using special clips. The result is a long, thick hair, and attachment points are completely invisible under natural strands.

Artificial - enemy of the good

Dispose of overhead strands in the pleasure and not be afraid that they deteriorate, it is possible only if you buy natural hair with clips. Artificial lose their "marketability" immediately after washing. Moreover, when curling they can burn, and they are generally dye bojazno - results can be unpredictable!

Suppose you change the color of hair and want to dye her hair with clips to match the natural strands. If you are dealing with natural hair, dye it is no more difficult than their own. The only difference - it is necessary to keep the paint for 10 minutes less. It is quite another thing, if artificial strands: none salon does not undertake the painting of hair and deciding to do it yourself, you just spoil them. Therefore, acquiring overhead strands of natural hair barrette, clips, make sure they are not made of synthetic fibers.

On the other hand, many women with great hesitation to the idea of ​​natural hair: they simply unpleasant thoughts put on the head of "someone else's hair." For those who doubt it is worth noting the following: the fact that the strand natural - does not mean that yesterday they were cut from an unknown woman, and now they have fastened on your head. The fact that natural strands overhead through several stages of chemical treatment. Of course, the hair cuticle is destroyed at the same time, and if you do not spend a lot of effort to restore it, the product will be like in the hair, and Bast. That's why every manufacturer toupees covers "raw" silicon or silicon layer to restore shine and silky strands.

So absolutely do not neglect the natural false hair: not only do they look shiny and well-groomed, so they can still be called a completely new! In fact, after several chemical treatments last from their owner left, and spirit. Especially since the natural hair with clips can be used as well as their own: to wind curling, straightening ironing, hair dryer stack.

 overhead strands of natural hair barrette clips

Strands love kindness, good care and a mask

When it's time to wash the false hair, use a good nourishing shampoo. It is best to carry out this procedure in the basin, the optimal water temperature - 20-35 degrees. Just add water, shampoo and leave it for 10 minutes strands. In no case do not rub or twist hair: it will not wash! Just after time pull the locks and put balm on them. After rinsing, place them on a towel and pat dry.

There is a little secret: the overhead strands of hair are not very fond of, and therefore try to dry them in a natural way. You can put them on either a dry cloth and can be hung on a clothesline using clothespins. Once the hair is completely dry, you can start scratching. Doing this is a comb with a few teeth, starting with the ends and working your way to the bottom. If your hair is electrified, it is necessary to place his hand slightly wet and then continue combing. If you suddenly formed confusion - in any case not derite hair comb, so you just spoil them! Carefully disassemble the nodules hands, but rather use a special spray for combing (this, incidentally, is required for your hair).

And please do not forget that the hair on clips - it is still cut strands, nutrition and hydration they just need. Use revitalizing face masks, and other means of hair care products, in order to please you false hair as long as possible. After all, if we talk about the care of overhead strands, then there is only one rule: everything that is good for your "native" hair, good for the overhead.

And finally, do not forget an important detail: clips for hair, too, must be of high quality. To pull the strands before purchase if the hairs do not fall out, the clip good quality, if the opposite - make a purchase elsewhere. After all, if you put on the overhead strands of impeccable quality, nothing will prevent you shake your head and languidly to charm his companion waterfall chic hair. Believe me, it's worth it!

 Hair clips: beauty in 5 minutes!

 Masks for split ends

Who cares about health, this man's hair is not sechёtsya. (proverb)

Think of how often you see the following picture: there is a pretty girl, slender as a birch, dissolved hair from the waist up, wearing haute couture. And, it would seem, well, there is no chance for men to resist her beauty. But no, something interferes with the stronger sex folded in neat stacks, something in her appearance repels. Only a closer look closely, you realize that the entire blame fluffed, the section of hair. Perhaps from a distance it looks luxurious hair and sexy, but that is to come closer, and the impression sharply deteriorates. Loved electrified locks with split ends ?! Oh, I see the beauty did not know that the hair grow a little - it is necessary to take care of them! And if you do not want to get into the same position - term loans and start making a mask for split ends.

Why hair "sick"?

And why are cut hair? It is sometimes just too lazy to take up all these medical masks from split ends! Why should they not peacefully grow themselves and not to pester her mistress the need ongoing care? Maybe so would it have been if not for one fact: every millimeter of our hair live their own lives, and on the conditions in which he "grew up", it depends on the "behavior" in the future.

Think about it: at the roots of hair is always healthy and strong, those that go beyond growth - more subtle, well, all the tips are cut and break. Is it because what they (the tips) had the "honor" to take over a maximum zavivok, dryers, hairdryer, straightening laundries and so on and so forth? Of course, it would help mask for split ends of hair, that's just most of us ignore such a withdrawal, considering that, coupled with the usual shampoo balm-conditioner is enough.

Well wonder that over time, each of us can be a problem brittle hair. After all, in spite of the desire to have a beautiful, healthy hair, we are simply unable to give up all these pilings and regular stains, but time and desire to do all sorts of masks there is simply no split ends. Hence smoothly move on to discuss the reasons why "we have brought the hair to such a life":

  • Frequent washing. Firstly, having a normal or dry hair, frequent washing can be enhanced by the sebaceous glands, causing the hair will become greasy. You know, it's like a vicious circle: the more often you wash, the more quickly they become greasy and unkempt. Of course, no one forces you to go with a dirty head, and wash it twice a day is also not advisable.

    Second, not all shampoos sold in stores, the same useful. Well, you can buy a very expensive shampoo and horrified look on after drying - hair dull, unruly, electrified. And you can choose a product with which the daily shampooing and not a problem (thank God, now there are). A little secret: if you are too lazy to be creative and make homemade mask for split ends, then you may buy in a drugstore or stores. Just apply it after washing instead of balm.

  • Frequent staining and discoloration. Of course, the market can find a lot of tools for painting, not bringing little or no harm to the hair. That's just the demand for permanent ink containing peroxide are not falling, many women can not deny myself the pleasure of the combination "cheap and cheerful". And "good" - not in the sense of "quality." And what to say about bleaching: how many owners of dry, brittle hair again and again in disguise blondes? Best way to destroy the structure of hair and you can imagine!
  • The constant use of hot air for drying and styling. Why all the best in his life (in this case a beautiful blow-dry) is harmful and unpleasant (and the lack of a long dry form hairstyles) useful? Heat destroys the integrity of the hair flakes, from which they take on the form of dry, split ends and unkempt curls. Reconciled with the need to rest your hair: after all, you are the same weekend! Why your curls at least sometimes translate the spirit dries the hair dryer and without doing without ploek-irons. A beautiful styling reserved for a special occasion.
  • Hard combs. Oh, how wonderful it was to tear out hair combs awful hard, especially after shampooing! And how will! Sometimes it seems that only a girl with a very thick hair can afford the "luxury": tear up the tangled hair from the roots common rigid comb. Nevertheless, the owner and thin, besides dry hair too lazy to disassemble your curls into strands and use the "correct" comb. Hence the result - always sekushchihsja fringe, groomed ends, thin sparse hair. Urgently to save their hair, make homemade mask for split ends, or soon will run to the store for a wig. It is necessary to you?
  • Frequent fleece. There are many lovers of lush hair that just can not imagine life without serious bouffant hair, and do it daily. This is where the expression 'hair stand on end "acquires real meaning! Why bouffant harms the structure of the hair? Here no comment: it is clear that the fleece - it's just a desecration of the health of the hair, the best way to get it to split and break. And if you are so sparse hair, without bouffant hairstyle does not create, it was saving this "knight's move" for the most exceptional cases. I do not want you to lose even that, and so is not too generous nature has given you?
  • Diseases, weakened immunity. In a healthy body healthy mind, and along with healthy hair. You probably know the saying: "A talented person is talented in everything." The same can be said about health. If a person is sick, and nothing feels fine, then hair, and his skin in good condition. And if the immune system is weakened, the state of health is poor, and the hair hanging dull, lifeless locks. If so, then immediately get down to their health, and at the same time do not forget to mask against split ends - in your case they are needed! For any woman, even if she is sick, she wants to remain attractive.

 hair mask for split ends

The mask, the mask - I know you!

It's hard to make a beautiful hairdo and amaze everyone with its elegant appearance, if you have a weakened, split hair. The best thing you can do for yourself in this position - it is a regular on the mask split ends. You should not complain about the lack of time and the fact that the money in your wallet "enough to swear." Homemade recipes are simply created to spare your family budget and not to take a long time on the important things.

  • Egg yolks and vegetable oil

If you are the owner of dry hair, to give them a healthy shine, try their "sweet-talk". Just rub one egg yolk with two tablespoons of your favorite vegetable oil, add to a teaspoon of honey and brandy, and you have a wonderful mask for split ends. Lightly massage rub mixture into the scalp, put on the whole length of the hair, wear a hat and wrap head with a towel. Thirty to forty minutes to wash off.

  • Egg yolks and onions

This mask is also well suited for dry, injured hair. To one egg yolk, add a tablespoon of juice of onions and whisk well the resulting mixture. Now, add one tablespoon of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of honey. Apply on the scalp and hair, hide cap and towel, wash off after forty minutes.

  • Herbal mask for split ends

You'll need six fresh or dried leaves of raspberry, black currant and mint. Chop the leaves, pour a mixture of half a cup of cream, add two tablespoons of potato starch. Mix well and apply the mask on the scalp and hair. Keep at least an hour to wash off. The effect you simply amaze: the hair will shine like after the "salon" of care.

  • Kefir Mask

Next mask for split ends is applied in the evening before going to bed, and left until morning. In order to get rid of the section of the end, enough to make the mask for two months, once a week. All we need - a warm yogurt, which must be applied to washed hair. In the morning rinse and dry the hair naturally.

  • Masks for the lazy

If you can not stand to make any mixture, and sit with the bag over his head just too lazy, we can make you happy: for you have a homemade mask for split ends of hair. They not only take a lot of time, but will leave the house without the ridiculous towel on his head. Just find the strength to buy burdock and castor oil, they are sold in any drugstore. Every day, put on the tips of the hair a little oil, alternating them every day, and a month later you will rejoice the first results.

Needless to say that the beautiful hair - is, above all, healthy hair. It does not matter how cool your shampoo and what they say about it in advertising, "shine and strength of healthy hair," you will give daily care and attention, not only beautiful bottles with a foaming agent. Reduce the amount of chemicals used, cease to injure hair, make a mask from split ends - and you always forget about the problem of dry, brittle ends. And then nothing will prevent you walk down the street, taking his mind completely of all males - your hair can help you with this!

 Masks for split ends: help herself

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