Can I wash my hair every day

Every woman wants to look well-groomed and attractive, and a man with dirty hair looks rather repulsive. That is why the question - is it possible to wash your hair every day - so often excites the minds of our contemporaries. He summoned primarily to the fact that most people have heard of the protective function of sebum, which is destroyed during washing.

Of course, this may seem dangerous at first glance. After all, without a natural protective layer of the hair becomes vulnerable and may even start to fall. However, worry about it not worth it, because the human body is a true "opportunist." In place of the washed off sebum immediately come new protective layer. This is certainly taken care of the sebaceous glands.

However, not only due to sebum and its protective function question . Can I wash my hair every day. Most people are afraid of dandruff than worry about protecting their hair. But dandruff and oily seborrhea - a fungal disease that is easier to buy someone else after fitting headgear or use another person's comb. From frequent washing of the head of these diseases do not show up. Although cause some peeling of the skin can be. But only on the condition that you will choose the wrong tools for hair care.

What can wash your hair every day?

For those who choose daily shampooing, it's important to understand what it means to be used. Therefore, the main task of every person, learn to read the label and packaging. On gentle shampoo that does not irritate the skin, be sure to indicate that they are for daily use.

Moreover, part of these resources must include a variety of useful components. For example, it can be all sorts of nourishing oils (jojoba, tea tree and others) and vitamin supplements. Also for the daily shampooing are perfect for baby shampoos that do not contain corrosive ingredients, and therefore can not adversely affect the condition of your scalp.

In addition to selecting the right tools for direct washing should also take care of moisturizing balms and masks for hair. After all, they have to face each day with an aggressive environment chlorinated tap water. Therefore balm must be used every day, nourishing mask at least 1 time per week.

 whether it is possible to wash and dry my hair every day

Dry or not dry?

Daily shampooing before work often forces women to use the hair dryer. However, everyone knows that the appliance can dry up their hair and thin the structure. Also, no one doubts that the daily use of the hair dryer can lead to flaking of the skin, which is often mistaken for dandruff. That is why the question whether it is possible to wash and dry my hair every day, there is almost every working woman.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Can! But only under the condition that the distance during drying between the hair and the hair dryer will be at least 20-25 cm. In addition, it is desirable to use a gentle treatment, i.e. only hair blow warm or cool air. Of course, if necessary, hot and dry jet head. But should not be abused! In particular, if your hair is naturally very thin.

Naturally, the final decision on whether you can wash your hair every day, have to take on their own. However, remember that there are cases where this procedure is to abstain. In particular, this refers to the days when you feel slight discomfort. Even light cold can develop into a serious illness from mild hypothermia, which is always accompanied by washing and drying the hair.

 Can I wash my hair every day?

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 type face and hairstyle

How many different hairstyles in the world? Thousands or even hundreds of thousands. And how do you choose something suitable for yourself? First you need to remember that the type face and hairstyle are inextricably linked. If the hair does not fit your type of person, it would look ridiculous and rude, but because every girl wants to look beautiful.

Types of hairstyles:

    Asymmetric flowing hairstyles

In these hairstyles hair directed from the top side in the direction of natural growth. Asymmetrical hairstyles can be worn on the hair of any length, they are suitable even for men. The only disadvantage of such hairstyles for long hair - they will have to shorten the front, as the asymmetrical haircut implies a bang.

    Concentrated hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable only for long hair. All hair combed to the top of the head, including the hair and the bottom of the head and neck. To keep longer hair, you should use the locking means. Otherwise, you risk losing the shape of hair very quickly.

    Back hairstyles

This is one of the most popular types of hair among women, among men. Run reverse hair on the hair can be of any length, but it looks spectacular still short. At the back hair all front and side hair combed back. It is quite possible to do yourself at home, but you can contact the salon to the master.

    Front hairstyles

Front hairstyles require a certain length of the hair at the bottom of head and neck. The fact that in such a hairstyle all the hair combed forward over his forehead, and thus the length of the hair should last at least until the parietal area, from where they go to a small brief bangs. By itself, the hair is beautiful, but require daily installation and therefore is not common.

 types of faces and hairstyles

Shape and silhouette hairstyles

Shape and silhouette - is unimportant characteristics hairstyles. Choose a fashionable hairstyle and relevant possible for any person, no matter what his type face and hairstyle initially. This may be asymmetrical haircut, reverse, or even concentrated most importantly - give it a fashionable shape.

People with perfect and regular features very little, as actually and people with pronounced shortcomings appearance (for example, severe facial asymmetry).

But there are minor flaws everyone. Sometimes they are so small that they are difficult to discern. But the wrong-chosen hairstyle can easily emphasize the shortcomings of the exterior, while the expertly chosen haircut will smooth them and emphasize the virtues that have any of you. Well, not to make the wrong choice, you must know your face type.

 hairstyle and facial type

Hairstyles for different types of faces

Hairdressers, makeup artists as well as when you create your image distinguish 6 types of face: oval, round, square, rectangular, diamond-shaped and triangular. On this basis, they offer some cutting and styling that will suit you and accentuate the natural beauty.

    Oval face

It is an oval face shape is considered ideal for absolutely any hair. The purpose of the master - with the help of hair to create just the perfect oval. For this purpose, hairstyles with bangs and without it, fleece, shearing opening the ears, or on the contrary, symmetric and asymmetric hairstyles, etc.

    Diamond-shaped face

Diamond-shaped face or the face "diamond" is easiest to bring to an oval shape. Girls with this type of entity are characterized by a narrow forehead, high cheekbones and a narrower chin. The main task for the diamond-shaped face hairstyles - hide the cheekbones and make them visually more narrow, or as an alternative to "expand" the chin and forehead.

For diamond-shaped faces are recommended hairstyles without bangs, allowed only a small sparse bangs combed to the side. The short hair cut at the level of the cheekbones a little better combed forward to conceal wide cheekbones. But combed her hair back, revealing the face is not recommended. It only emphasize the shortcomings of face shapes.

Experts do not recommend to owners of diamond-shaped face wearing too short haircuts. Optimum wear medium-length hair parted in the middle and to avoid, as well as with the amount of hair on the crown. It will spoil all the impression of hairstyles, and will look ridiculous.

    Round face

For the face of this type are characterized by soft lines go from chin to cheek, which then also smoothly into the hairline on the forehead. Round face seems perfectly flat. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle for a round face, you should give it a slightly elongated shape, which is closer to the shape of an oval.

To achieve this effect, you can use a lush and high enough hair, preferably with a small bang, which can be both direct and oblique. Ears and you can be left open (if the haircut is short) or close the hair. If the ears are still open, the hair should be voluminous top and narrow chin. Another way to hide excessive roundness is oblique poluprobor.

Experts recommend for round face hairstyles with bangs oblique, covering most of the broad forehead. It is important that the bang was just a scythe. Thus, you make asymmetrical hairstyle that is very chubby girls. Also suitable for a round face shape hairstyle with curling hair of medium length. But in this case it is necessary to avoid parting, preferring oblique. It is not necessary to open the cheekbones - on the contrary, it is better to cover the locks of hair to hide the tabs and create the illusion of an oval face.

But from the hair without bangs should be abandoned, as well as from the slicked-back hair, which open the entire face, thus emphasizing all the shortcomings. Low, non-positive hairstyles with closed ears, parted in the middle and all sorts of horizontal lines only further emphasize the roundness of the face.

    Rectangular face

Rectangular face has an elongated shape, a high forehead, a long chin. All this creates the effect of a long and narrow faces. To bring that person to perfect oval shape, it is necessary to mask the forehead by a long, straight bangs, which reaches the eyebrows and the hair length is optimal to leave to a level just below the cheekbones or to cover his ears.

People with square face ideal parting and styling the hair ends inside. This will smooth out the sharp ridges and visually make the face a little bit shorter. Excellent volume will look at the temples hair, framing a face and hide the side of the chin.

Experts recommend that holders of a rectangular face wearing a thick half-long bangs. If you want to have long hair, it is best to make the cut-ladder, which may temper candor cheekbones and create an oval shape of the face. Also suitable hairstyle sporty, provided that the forehead will be masked long bangs. But too long straight hair can ruin everything and to strengthen the long faces. The same effect will result in too short haircut, in which the ears are still open. It is necessary to refuse high bouffant hairstyles and in which many vertical lines.

    Triangular face

Triangular face characterized by very high cheekbones and narrow chin. To bring that person to the oval shape, it is necessary to make softer sharp transition from the cheekbones to the chin, and the contrast of sharp transition lines with an emphasis on skulnye projections characteristic Slavs.

To solve this problem you need to choose a hairstyle, which is the widest part will be located just below the earlobes (1-2 cm below). To mask a wide forehead need to give preference updo with a fairly thick bangs. The ears can be left half open or hide completely.

Experts recommend that people with a triangular type of person oblique long bangs to her eyebrows, covering most of the forehead. Even if you choose a short haircut, the hair should certainly cover the upper part of the ears. Hair during installation can be a little comb, thus visually stretching the face.

For a triangular face good fit updo with a thick straight bangs, provided that the side hair is combed back. Combed curls and straight bangs will give contrast and detail lines hairstyles and contrast well with the triangular shape of the face. But bangs short and slicked hair only accentuate the angularity of this type of person, so it is not recommended to make such hairstyle.

    square face

People with square face identifies a very wide and heavy chin and a large, wide forehead. In general, all face seems rough and angular, so simulating the hair, to hide the corners. It is best suited for this asymmetrical haircuts and styling.

Experts advise contours with light waves that hide the rough lines of the face. Bangs are best divided, step back a little from the imaginary vertical lines of the face. Strengthen hairstyles asymmetry can be due to the difference in length of hair - both on the right and on the left side. Crossing the line in different directions parts hairstyles completely hide the angularity and roughness of facial features. But the thick straight bangs accentuate a wide chin and angularity of the face as a whole.

As you can see, hairstyle and type of person is very closely related, so before you go to the salon in order to make the most fashionable hairstyle, think, and whether it will suit your face type. After all, even the most fashionable hairstyle will look ridiculous if it is not you.

 Your type of person and pricheska.Kak not to be mistaken with a choice?

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