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  • Visible to the root
  • Why exfoliate tips and how to cope with this problem

Caring for split ends - is not easy. But how nice to have a beautiful and shiny hair! They - the weapon and a source of pride of every self-respecting woman. Girls are well aware that the elegant and stylish hairstyle for the lack of bright makeup. A correct installation will help to make a few extra wrinkles invisible under the eyes. But what about the fair sex, when the hair becomes a major problem, rather than merit?

We're not talking about a complete change in the structure of hair. It is known that almost every blonde dreams of becoming a woman and vice versa. It's no secret that all holders of curly tresses buy irons for alignment. At the same time pryamovolosye beauty stand in line for curling. We are talking about something else entirely. What if the hair is whipped?

Almost every woman at least once in his life faced with a problem until recently when healthy and shiny strands suddenly start very thinner. Razdvaivayas at the ends, they strongly resemble a snake's tongue. Not a pretty sight, is it? Especially if you do not know what to do in such an unpleasant situation. In order to answer this question and begin treatment as soon as possible head of hair, you must first find out the reason.

 hair cut by what to do

Visible to the root

Few women realize why the ends of the strands are cut by people. It is understandable. This was discussed in high school, when girls more concerned with the length and color of hair, but not its structure. What today are cosmetics manufacturers, offering ladies shampoos and conditioners for all ills. Well, we catch up, to ensure the proper care of split ends.

The outer part of each of filaments composed of small flakes of keratin, which fit snugly to the core when hair is completely healthy. As the defenders of your vegetation are the sebaceous glands of the head. They secrete a natural lubricant that protects the scalp from negative influence of external factors. Because of this your locks shine, do not break and look very beautiful.

However, the adverse circumstances, which will be discussed below, can turn even the most luxurious hair in straw. As a result, hair is very much whipped, lose their luster and break. Scientifically speaking, in the case of damaged lipid shell of the rod, which is why exfoliate dehydrated flakes. It is not only incomprehensible sounds, but looks awful from the outside.

In some cases it is necessary to cut off nearly at the roots to give himself up. Such extreme measures are necessary if the tips are broken and no makeup is no longer helps. Many of the girls are willing to spend their savings on beauty salons, just to do everything possible that the hair is not whipped. Remember, only in the early stages you can achieve any improvement.

 what to do if the hair is whipped

Why exfoliate tips and how to cope with this problem

  • Genetic predisposition

If the hair is whipped, the blame for this can be genes. Look at the state of the shag your parents. If mom or dad has a problem, then the chances are that you will inherit this gift. Terribly frustrating when tips exfoliate, but unfortunately, you can not argue with the DNA. Therefore, take your inheritance as a fact.

What can you do in this case? First, do not spare money on quality cosmetics. Make a mask every week, use balms, conditioners. Second, visit a barber at least once a month to cut posechennye tips.

  • Chronic diseases

Often women buy very expensive shampoos and conditioners for dry strands, rather than go to the doctor for an appointment. But the brittle hair and split ends - is the first sign of serious illness. After all, the general state of the organism depends on the appearance of your hair. Curling hair dryer and also causes irreparable harm, since any thermal effect is very spoils your vegetation. But more on that later. In the meantime, call your physician and make an appointment.

  • Immunosuppression

Sometimes hair starts very strongly split after taking antibiotics or other drugs that negatively affect the immune system. To help deal with this problem can again doctor. The specialist will prescribe you the probiotics immunostimulyatoryi other medicines, reducing the body's vital functions. Independently, you can only lightly to treat hair using rinse decoction of herbs.

  • The lack of vitamins

You do not forget that in the winter and early spring, you should take a multivitamin? If not, the split hair and brittle nails you about it exactly remind. In this case, all in your hands. You will be a regular intake of vitamins, matched to suit your age, health status and season. Do not forget to constantly eat vegetables and fruits.

  • Weather factors

It may be cold and scorching sun and dry air and wind. With the devastating nature of the properties are mainly facing the fair sex, who do not want to wear a hat. Therefore, if the hair is whipped, obzavedites headdress. In the hot season, always wear a cap or hat.

In the wind, try to collect hair in a pigtail, a tight ponytail or bun. No one will argue with the fact that with luxurious blond locks, emerging with every movement looks more spectacular than a girl with a hat on his head. But the health of the hair for you to be more important than the views of outsiders.

  • The bad comb

Terrible steel comb with plastic tips - it can also damage your hair. Sometimes wooden teeth formed burrs, which may interfere with the process of brushing the outer surface of the hair. But do not sin only on wood and iron combs.

The cause of split ends can be ordinary plastic "massazhka", which is used by almost all women. Remedy - determine the degree of safety and a comb to acquire higher-quality accessories. So, if you do not feel combing discomfort, then claims to the scallop or brush should not be. Look for another reason, why are cut hair.

  • External action

In the seventh place to place loved by many women fleece, because of which immediately break the rods. In this case, you consciously and often disclose personally comb the hair scales, deforming them. Not the last role is played by combing wet strands in haste and excessive contraction of the head of hair barrette. Much less damage causes regular gum. However, in constant contact with a foreign object the hair starts to break down. Moreover, it is the point of contact.

Remember once and for all, wet hair and comb - a deadly duo. If you do not stop to scoff at him, waiting for you baldness. But what to do when, for example, not enough volume? To begin cure hair. In healthy she will be shiny and fluffy, like in advertising shampoo. More often change hairstyles, accessories are not squeezed to your strands in the same place. And remember, as "Our Father": never brush is not dried before the end of the hair! Otherwise you will not see a luxurious head of hair as Prince William personally.

  • Results hairdressing works and the human craving for perfection

The fact is that much more damage frequent cause of female hair coloring, permanent use of the goods of poor quality styling (paints, foams, mousses, styling). And, of course, it is - everyone knows perm. Of course, to be beautiful - it's great. But sometimes women in the pursuit of attractive little overdoing with experiments on his body, and hair as well.

And, of course, are a natural result of weakened hair, bifurcated at the ends. How to cope with the problem? It all depends on you. If you remember the simple, short word "measure", then save your chic curls. No? And will run on the hairdresser, but now in the recovery process and to "hot scissors".

  • A hot hair dryer, curling irons for styling hair for smoothing irons

They are also detrimental to our hair. And sometimes even considerably greater than the previous section causes the hair. Why is that? Yes, because all of these wonders are a hairdressing salon equipment in our free disposal. Therefore, we can experiment with their own style as you want, when we want. Do not take the phrase "Beauty requires sacrifice" in the literal sense. And limit the thermal effect on the hair.

If you need to dry hot head, use only the power dryer. When you will not take your time, do not torment and so damaged strands. In an extreme case, blot the moisture with a towel. We should not rub, squeeze or pull hair.

  • Length

Part of the section exposed hair regrown below the shoulder blades. Firstly, the natural lubricant produced by the sebaceous glands, barely enough for the roots. Secondly, the fair sex is often "forget" to trim the split ends to hair even longer.

Ladies, believe me - neatly cropped bob look is always more attractive than come up to the waist, but very section. So do not forget a bimonthly update hairstyle. Not a haircut, alas, did not happen. Split ends of most long-haired - a clear confirmation.

  • Water, shampoo and frequent washing

Implacable enemy of healthy hair is also hard water. It does not benefit and the use of poor-quality shampoos, conditioners and masks. If you have it, and wash your hair too often (every day), the split ends you can not avoid. All is simple: buy a good shampoo, wash your hair less and softens water (mustard, lemon juice).

  • Lifestyle

At the last place is the most serious cause of split ends in modern business woman. This is - the wrong lifestyle, low physical activity, napping, eating starchy foods, sweet and fatty, lack of fluids, alcohol and stress. Do you recognize yourself at least a few of these items? Then it's time to deal with their weaknesses.

Put aside the newfangled shampoos for split ends, take a vacation and enjoy a strengthening of the overall condition of the body. Night's sleep, get active, quit smoking, stop and treat stress using chocolate and pastries. In short, start to live again!

Today, many of the fair sex puzzled by the problem section of hair. But this beauty is not thinking about how to deal with this nuisance. As you can see, become the owner of a chic shag quite simple. The main thing - the right to be treated to pass examinations, use a good make-up and do not forget to cut off split ends. Sostrig them, and your problem will be on the floor of a barber shop. Because fully restore the damaged strands fail.

It is best to use a so-called hot scissors. This procedure helps to solder the ends of her hair, so that they do not continue to split further. It should be a pleasure not cheap, but the result will exceed all your expectations. Of course, this method is not a panacea. Therefore, if you want to have healthy and shiny hair, go to the hairdresser and lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, proper diet, choose and more sleep!

 Whipped hair: what to do and why it occurs

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