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  • How to determine hair type?
  • Care for dry hair
  • Care mixed and damaged hair

Well, the women who does not dream of brilliant, flowing and silky to the touch your hair? Unfortunately, nature is generous not all. It seems to be not the cheapest shampoo and conditioners use and balms not neglect ... But there is no result. What is the reason? The answer is very simple - hair requires extra care and nutrition. They must be periodically indulge. How? It's very simple - to make nourishing hair mask. For example, the mask for dry hair normalize water and lipid balance of your hair, nourishes their minerals and vitamins.

Of course, the mask for very dry hair - not a panacea. And it is possible that the reason for this state of hair lies not only in the wrong care, and the need to look for it in some illnesses, hidden or obvious. Since our hair, as a litmus test to become a kind of indicator of the state of the whole organism. But even in this case, a mask for dry hair will not hurt you and be sure to have a beneficial effect on the hair.

Of course, if you can afford to visit beauty salons, there is no problem - all professionals in detail tell, show and do. But what about those who, for whatever reason, this is not possible? Accept? Perhaps surrender without a fight is still not worth it. After all, to get a "hair of your dreams" is not so difficult. And the extra costs for this would be required. All you need - this desire, patience and a little time. Very little. You do not refuse to go to shower and brush your teeth only on the grounds that it takes you 40 minutes a day, right? So with the masks.

How to determine hair type?

Here, as physicians, should be the main principle of "do no harm". So before you start to mix everything and to put "it" to your hair would be nice to find out that it will be useful, and that can cause harm. Interestingly, one and the same product in one case can help, and in the other - only worsen the situation. So do not rush to use a mask for dry hair, making sure that your it really is

And what they do there? Conventionally, the hair can be divided into four types:

  • dry;
  • fat;
  • mixed;
  • normal.

How do you determine what type of your hair? It is easy - just look closely to your hair. Dry hair seem a bit rough. They do not shine, broken, tied in bundles, and often still are cut at the ends. When combing your hair strongly electrostatically charged and "stand on end" - most likely, this is your type. Lay such hair is very difficult - hair simply falls apart.

Mixed hair. This type of hair - the most whimsical of care. The roots of the hair, as a rule, fat, and the tips are very dry. Therefore, the mask should be combined. There is another problem - women with hair completely once a month is necessary to shorten them to 1-2 centimeters. This procedure will maintain healthy hair tips - because of it they will not be split.

 mask for dry hair

Care for dry hair

Dry hair requires an intensive and regular care. Nourishing mask for dry hair should be applied at least once a week. What this approach hair? How to treat them? Open the refrigerator - certainly everything you need you already have. The simplest and at the same time, are very effective products such as yogurt, sour cream, honey, mayonnaise, onions and egg yolk. So, a few simple recipes.

Kefir Mask

Do you love yogurt? Imagine your hair too! Before going into the shower - about forty minutes - remove from the refrigerator yogurt, a little warm up and gently apply it to the hair. Close the head of a special cap. However, if you do not have this, fit a normal plastic bag. Wrap a towel or on top of a warm scarf. Wear this "tower" should be about half an hour. Then remove all this, once again, apply yogurt and head massage 5-7 minutes. Rinse with water - do not use the shampoo is better. This mask for dry hair is recommended as a therapeutic and preventive procedures. Do you need it for a month, every other day.

Egg mayonnaise-mask

This mask is suitable for very dry hair. You will need:

  • egg;
  • Castor oil;
  • mayonnaise;
  • honey.

Break the egg, separate the yolk and put it in a small bowl. Add two large spoons of mayonnaise, one small spoonful of honey and two tablespoons of castor oil. Stir everything until the condition of slurry and apply the mixture on the hair. After that, everything just as in the previous recipe - cellophane, a towel, a half-hour wait. But the need to wash with shampoo - a fat mayonnaise.

Onion Mask

Do you love the smell of onions? Well, well, do not be so pucker! The smell perfectly neutralized if, to feed the hair, then rinse them with water and tea tree essential oil. Onion smell will disappear, and the benefits will be! Besides, it is not necessary to make such a mask just before going to work. You also are "lazy" days? Here them and should be used. You will need:

  • onion;
  • honey;
  • olive oil.

Take a small onion and grate it on a small grater. Sweeten with honey mask and add a little olive oil. Four tablespoons onion mixture you need to take one teaspoon of honey and the same amount of oil. Carefully rub all the hair roots, cover the head and see your favorite TV series. You can wash off after an hour.

 mask for very dry hair

Care mixed and damaged hair

What about those who have a mixed type of hair? What kind of mask to choose? The answer is very simple - you have to alternate between a mask for oily and dry hair. Try to "feed" your hair once or twice a week. And do not forget to dry the damaged shear off the tips.

A little different is the case with damaged hair. Even if you are very lucky, and the nature you have normal hair, for various reasons, they may be damaged, weakened and become dry and brittle. How to recover them? Your lifeline - nourishing mask for dry and damaged hair.

Glycerin mask

This mask is recommended for dry and (or) damaged hair. For its preparation you will need:

  • glycerol;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • egg yolk;
  • water.

All carefully mixed and applied to washed with shampoo, wet hair. Then everything is as usual - polyethylene, towel, 30-35 minutes of waiting. Rinse with warm running water.

Fruit Mask

When you're that tells you a doctor? "Eat more fruits and vegetables," right? And the hair - "dessert" they are also useful. To prepare the fruit cocktail for damaged hair, you will need:

  • banana;
  • avocados;
  • melon;
  • germinated wheat;
  • yogurt;
  • Vitamin E capsules (10% oily solution).

Cut the banana in half. One half can be eaten, a second place in a blender. Add to the quarter-avocado, a little melon, a spoonful of yogurt and pounded wheat grains. Pour Vitamin E do? Turn the blender! Rub this cocktail for damaged hair in the scalp massage. Keep 25 minutes, then rinse with water.

"Hair influences how is the day, and as a result, and the life ...". With this statement the famous Sophia Loren's hard to argue. Oh, she knew what to talk about! But for all - and the most luxurious, and very simple - hair is first necessary to hair healthy and well-groomed. Nourishing mask for dry hair, for damaged or fatty, for mixed and even normal - a magic wand that allows a woman to always look "a million". A need for this so ... Let's try a little?

 The mask for dry hair - effective treatment and prevention

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 dry and brittle hair


  • Solving problems
  • "Fighting"

Unfortunately, nature is generous not all. Someone, it rewards smart shock of thick, shiny hair. And someone with this eternal problem. And you look with envy at the girls touting various shampoos, and think that this effect will not ever achieve. But is it? Of course, brittle and dry hair requires more attention and care. But this does not mean that a beautiful hair you should forget - it is possible to restore them.

To defeat the enemy, you need to know it in person. Otherwise difficult to find effective methods of struggle. Therefore, before seeking treatment for dry and brittle hair and make caring for them is really the best, you need to figure out the reason why this happened to them, "trouble." And there may be several options. The first reason may lie in heredity. It may be that you are genetically predisposed it to this type of hair. Well, this is not your fault - you can not argue with nature. Then there is only your hair to ensure proper care and nutrition, and this problem can be solved.

But other reasons may lurk in your lifestyle and habits. And, as practice shows, in most cases the way it is. For example, you are wrong to care for their hair - using unsuitable shampoo, wash your hair too often, abusing a hairdryer and curling - it will certainly affect their condition. Or are you - a lover to change the image and often experiment with hair color, make elaborate hairstyles that require a secure fit and, as a consequence, use, lacquers, mousses, masks and mousse. Such experiments also did not pass unnoticed.

Also, hair can become too dry due to different diets hobbies or simply as a result of malnutrition. And finally, the last, the most unpleasant reason - health problems. Hair is very sensitive to all the "problems" in the body. Therefore, if the problem appears and you have relatively recent, it may signal that there was a failure. Dry hair can be caused by disorders in the thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, or lung inflammation.

 mask for dry and brittle hair

Solving problems

So the first thing to do if you notice that your hair suddenly became very dry, brittle and difficult to comb - is to consult a doctor. Most likely, you will be assigned a blood test and its results to draw conclusions about the state of health. All right? Very well! Then we seek out and eliminate other causes dryness. Namely - comprehensive care to start correcting the diet.

In your menu must include oily fish, liver and seafood. Try to eat more vegetables, especially the red and green colors, do not neglect dairy products, eggs and legumes. And be sure - even if you are struggling with being overweight! - Include in a diet a little oil and butter. And, of course, drink plenty of water - for those wishing to "get" a strong and beautiful hair is a prerequisite. With power understood, now - care.

Dry hair needs a special, gentle treatment - to restore them, need to act subtly. First, you must use only the masks and other means, which is labeled "for dry hair." Look at the label - the pH level should not exceed 6. If possible, it is best to use professional series. It must be remembered, and that frequent washing and dry out the already dry hair. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hair no more than twice a week. Soaping it, avoid sudden movements and do not pull hair. Make a head massage - it stimulates the sebaceous glands. The head should be massaged with fingertips. Never do it nails - you can injure the skin and damage the hair.

By the way, periodically replace the shampoo is quite possible - and very useful - "grandmother" ways. After all, a long time ago and no shampoo was not at all, and his head, of course, washed. Yes, and most of the hair to be healthy - their treatment was not a widespread problem. For example, for dry hair is very useful plain yogurt. Just do not pour it on his head at once, from the refrigerator and heated to 37 degrees - that such a simple mask is obtained. Apply it on your hair and gently rub into the scalp. Put on a shower cap and wrap top towel or a woolen shawl. Wait about half an hour. Then add a little sour, massage your head and wash all with warm water. The hair will be clean and shiny.

After washing, you should not rub the hair with a towel - they are even harmful. Just gently pat and then he had built in his head, "turban" - it absorbs moisture well. If possible, do not use a hair dryer - let the hair dry naturally. If you are somewhere in a hurry and do without drying is not possible, use a medium or cold mode. Keep hair should be at least 30 centimeters from the strands. A stream of air should be directed away from the hair roots to the ends. Combing the hair only after they have dried. It is better to use a wooden comb, and then care would be.

Try to give up varnishes, sprays and gels for fixing. Chemical substances and alcohol, their constituent, is not helpful to your hair. And, of course, no paint or perm - give this at least for a time, and start using the mask. Another point: if the tips of the hair dry and brittle, you need a little trim every six weeks. All this - the basic things, and now is the time to move to action.

 dry brittle hair


There is a huge variety of tools to help restore your hair and restore their lost beauty and brilliance - compresses, masks, various rinsing ... How not to make mistakes, to understand all this abundance and begin the right treatment? There are two ways. Firstly, you can go to an expensive, prestigious salon and get professional advice there. You just need to take care of them this instruction.

The disadvantage of this method is one: and itself visiting the salon and all recommended funds - be assured - "costing a pretty penny." What to do if you are not ready for such spending? Then pay attention to folk remedies. Especially since even professionals admit that the "old wives' masks and packs no less - well, except that after you use them you will not have beautiful bottles. What is suitable for dry and brittle hair? Recipes lot. Here are just some of them.

  • Oil compresses

Dry hair is very useful treatment with oil compresses. They need to do at least once a week. Take oil - suitable olive, flax or burdock - and heat it to 45 degrees. Add a little lemon juice and stir. Gently massage movements, rub the oil into your scalp, and then spread the remaining over the entire length of hair. The head is necessary to wrap up the heat and keep a compress for about two hours. Washes away all the usual shampoo - that's the whole care - see, everything is very simple.

  • Vegetable Mask

Coping with brittle hair, and help accelerate the growth of their vegetables. To create a mask, you will need the cabbage, spinach and, as an additive, lemon. Squeeze the juice of all the ingredients and mix it in equal proportion. Apply on the scalp and hair roots, rub. Leave for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with water.

  • Egg wrap

To make it, you will need:

  • egg yolk;
  • bow;
  • honey;
  • olive oil.

Squeeze the juice of the bulbs - you should get one tablespoon. Add the egg yolk and a big spoon of honey and butter. Mix, apply the mixture to your scalp and massage. Put on your head plastic bag on top - a towel. Keep this mask should be at least an hour. Thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo, and then rinse with water with lemon juice.

As you can see, there are many ways to solve your problem. Dry brittle hair - is not a sentence. The main thing, do not despair, do not give up, and to provide them with adequate care using effective masks. Of course, the fight against this "disease" requires you patience and some effort, but the result is worth it, believe me. It will take quite a bit of time, and you can be proud of their hair.

 Dry brittle hair - how to bring them back to life

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